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3 More Fun Halloween Treats!

Another fun treat set for your Halloween party!

Witch Caps.
You need.
large bag M&M candies in Halloween colors
large bag Starburst candies or Candy Corn.
1 16 oz chocolate frosting
Chocolate cookies at least 3 ½ inch around
Ice cream cones

To make
Frost each cookie and place the ice cream cone face down on each cookie. Cover the rest of the ice cream cone with frosting and arrange M&Ms in random patterns on the cones. You can make a verity of stripes, zig zags or leave them all one color. If you are very creative you might be able to put some other designs such as a round pumpkin on a solid background.

To make the brim of each hat. Separate the starbursts into piles of the same color. Flatten them with the bottom of a clean glass, the using sizes snip 2/3rds of the chew into thin strips making a decorative fringe. Or you can use candy corn placed around the outside edge of the cookies.

A fun replacement for candied apples.
You need.
5 medium pears
5 wooden craft sticks
12 oz white baking chocolate
5 squares of florist’s foam or plastic foam bricks.
Assorted black candies ( like M&Ms and chocolate sprinkles)
Green Jelly beans.
Small Decorative dishes

To Make.
Wash your pears well and allow to dry. Then insert a craft stick in the small end of the pear next to the stem.
In a thick pan or double broiler melt chocolate slowly over low heat. Stir constantly to be sure not to burn your chocolate.
Holding each stick over the pan. Use a spoon to slowly pour melted chocolate over the pear until completely covered. Push craft stick into the foam blocks and allow to stand for 30 minutes or until chocolate is solid.
When cooled, decorate pears with candies to resemble skulls, attaching candies with the remaining melted white chocolate, remelt if necessary. Place foam blocks into decorative dishes and cover with green jelly beans.

Slimy Punch
You need
Green Jello
Lemon Lime soda
Mericheno Cherries
Green food coloring

Freeze mericheno cherries in ice cubes first. This will take several hours to set. You can also freeze it in lemon lime soda or juice as an alternative. Make jello and allow to set halfway. Mix lemon lime soda with a few drops of green food coloring till you like the green color. Pour the jello mix into the punch, add ice cubes with cherries and serve chilled.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid on a Date with a Lawyer

I realize it can be intimidating to go on a first date with a lawyer, so I would like to help you avoid some common mistakes. Generally, lawyers are a much more tolerant group than you might imagine, but there are a few things that really irritate us. Don’t offend your date by doing the following:

1. Tell a lawyer joke. I shouldn’t have to say this, but unfortunately I do. As soon as people find out I’m a lawyer, they want to tell me lawyer jokes. The problem that is that (a) I’ve already heard every lawyer joke and (b) lawyer jokes are not funny. Try this exercise: Think of a lawyer joke that you have heard. Now substitute “businessman” for “lawyer.” Is the joke still coherent? Yes, it is, because lawyer jokes are generally not specific to the legal profession in any meaningful way; they are simply statements of vague hostility. Only tell a lawyer joke on your date with a lawyer if you want to end the date quickly.

2. Ask an asinine question about the law. Your date will understand that you don’t know anything about the law. What is important, however, is that you understand this fact. For some reason, a lot of lay people seem to believe that they are experts on the law. In reality, though, the field of law is as complex as most other professional fields. I heard once of a female lawyer who was on a first date. To get the conversation going, her date asked, “So, how many laws are there?” If you don’t understand why that question is asinine, then you really, really need to avoid asking questions about the law. Instead, try open-ended questions like, “What do you enjoy about your legal practice?”

3. Ask for legal advice. It is a rare Sunday when I can go to church without being asked a legal question by someone. In their non-work lives, lawyers are routinely peppered with requests for free legal advice. Imagine if you were a tax accountant and a friend had you over for dinner, then asked, “Hey, while you’re here, would you mind reviewing my tax return?” That is what it is like for attorneys when friends ask for casual legal advice. If you do ask your date for advice, he/she will probably be a good sport about it, but try not to mix business and pleasure in that way.

I’m sure there are many more mistakes you can make on a date with a lawyer, but these three top my list. Avoid them, and you will stand out as an exceptionally understanding date for a lawyer.

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3 Mind Control Tricks to Make People Fulfill Your Desires

Mind control tricks often go by many names. Some call them hypnotism. Others brand them as persuasive manipulation. But whatever you call these tactics, one thing’s for sure: they can help you get more out of your life.

However, not everybody takes mind control tricks seriously. To most, they are just self-help mumbo jumbo that has no bearing in real life. But that is where they’re wrong. These techniques are in fact very useful in everyday situations.

Can you imagine being able to turn the tide during company meetings, or getting your sisters or brothers to cooperate with you for once? If you’re ready to learn more, read on!

Mind Control Trick # 1: Reward and Punishment.

If you want to get people to do what you want, you must know what they like and what they don’t like. Use this knowledge to your advantage through the reward and punishment system.

Mothers are quite adept at this tactic. If they want their kid to do better in school, for example, they’ll tell their kid that a present awaits them if they show significant improvement in academics. If they get failing grades, there is a corresponding punishment usually in the form of grounding or taking away of toys.

Mind Control Trick # 2: Guilt is a Universal Weakness.

This involves making use of a person’s conscience. This works quite well for most people. If, for example, you want your sister to help you with your assignment, you can tell her that you’ll most certainly fail the subject without her help. No one wants to be burdened with their conscience.

Of course, the degree of your guilt-inducing story will depend on the kind of person you’re dealing with. If your sister doesn’t really care about your grades, you might need to come up with a more potent story – like your mom being tired all the time and needing all the help she can get keeping the family straight.

Mind Control Trick # 3: Use the Favor Bank.

Mind control techniques are disguised in many ways. One of their disguises is the favor bank where you do someone a favor with plans of soliciting help from that same person sometime in the future.

People who owe you a favor won’t be able to ignore your wishes that easily. This is one of the reasons why it’s so important not to burn bridges. Who knows when you might need their help?

Mind control tricks come in different shapes and sizes. They’re not something to be forced and is more effective when you don’t appear too desperate.

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3 Meditation Techniques to Jump Start Your Day

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling stiff or sore, finding it hard to bend over to tie your shoes? This isn’t an unusual condition, especially as we age. Sleep is restful and allows the body to repair itself, but muscles and joints, after eight hours of reclining, are sometimes not as flexible as we’d like.

There’s a way, however, to get over this morning ‘stiffness’ relatively quickly and easily; a few minutes of focused meditation. Proper meditation and relaxation first thing in the morning can ease stiff, sore muscles, and give you a head start on a productive, pain-free day. The following three meditation exercises should be a part of your daily routine, if you want to feel better, and lead a more active life.

Stretch those muscles and then let them relax

If you’ve ever watched a dog or cat when it first wakes up, you’ll notice that the first thing it does is stretch; it stretches every part of its body before it even looks for food. Slow, gentle stretching when you first get out of bed, is one way to ease the stiffness in those muscles and joints. Start with the arms, then the shoulders, neck, and back, and then stretch the leg muscles. Try standing erect with your feet together, and then bend slowly at the waist and reach for your toes. Do this in a smooth motion, avoiding bouncing or jerking, and repeat it five or ten times. Don’t worry if you can’t actually reach your toes at first; the idea is to stretch the main muscle groups in the body, and this exercise targets many of them, including lower back and legs.

After stretching, you now want to relax the muscles, so they don’t tighten up again. A particularly effective meditation technique is to stand in the shower, allowing the water to massage your back, neck, or shoulders. While the warm water is doing its magic on those muscles back there, stand erect, but relaxed with your arms held loosely at your side, and ‘see’ rather than ‘look at’ the shower wall. Don’t try to think or avoid thinking about anything, just stand there and feel the water hitting your body. After two or three minutes, begin to try and visualize parts of your body, especially those that are prone to stiffness or soreness. Then, in your mind, visualize the stiffness or pain traveling along your arms or legs and exiting your body. Sounds farfetched, but it works.

Learn to Breathe

Proper breathing is essential to proper meditation. It is also important to maintaining good health. If you use public transport, this is a good exercise to try on the morning commute. Sit erect with your hands loosely in your lap. Take slow, deep breaths, remembering to breathe through the nose. While you’re doing this, notice the air going in and out of your nostrils. Don’t concentrate on it, just notice it. Feel the flow of air in and out of your nasal passages; and the feel as it brushes across your upper lip. You’re apt, while doing this exercise, to notice some interesting things. For instance, most people pause after they inhale, and then exhale. Another interesting thing is that air doesn’t flow equally through both nostrils, and when you’ve done this exercise for a while, you will notice the difference.

Hear without Listening

The final exercise, which will help to clear your mind and make you more alert, can be done even if you’re driving. In fact, it can be done anywhere at any time. Try to stop listening for the sounds around you and just open your senses to them all. Don’t focus or concentrate on any particular sound, but let every sound wave drift into your ears. You are likely to be amazed at the cacophony of nearly inaudible sounds you hear. That annoying ‘ping’ in your car’s under carriage that you never heard before, for instance. As opposed to ‘trying’ to listen, just ‘hearing’ enables you to pick up more. Good journalists have this ability, often without even knowing it. Kids are also good at ‘hearing.’ With practice you might find yourself able to hear and understand multiple conversations; a handy skill for people who have to interact with crowds at cocktail parties and such.

A word of advice; meditation, contrary to what is commonly believed by many people, is not a process of going into a trance-like state. Meditation is, in fact, a process of opening your mind to the environment around you, and becoming one with that environment, but being fully conscious of what is going on,. Nor is it necessary to utter meaningless phrases, wear special clothing, or have a special place. None of these hurt, by the way, they’re just not necessary. Try these techniques, and see if they don’t make an improvement in your life.







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3 Low-Fat Homemade Salad Dressing Ideas

Shop bought salad dressings are typically high in fat, calories, salt and preservatives, which will quickly diminish the nutritive quality of your salad. But with a little help from pantry ingredients, you can quickly whip up a homemade salad dressing that is low in fat, but high in the taste department.

Homemade Balsamic Vinaigrette

Balsamic vinaigrette is a delicious salad dressing that works well with just about any salad, from a simple garden salad to a more elaborate Caesar salad. It is so easy to make up a batch of homemade balsamic vinaigrette that you will prefer your own homemade version than the shop bought varieties you have been used to. Simply combine one part extra virgin olive oil with two parts balsamic vinegar, minced garlic and freshly ground black pepper. Combine the ingredients and use as a marinade for meat or fish or as a salad dressing.

Ranch Dressing Alternative

If you cannot imagine life without Ranch dressing drizzled liberally over your salad greens, there is still hope. Replace the full-fat Ranch dressing for a lower-fat alternative using ingredients you have on hand in the pantry or fridge. Combine fat-free Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, to loosen the consistency, freshly herbs such as basil or parsley and fresh minced garlic. You can even add a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice for extra piquancy and flavour, if you wish. Adjust the ingredients to suit your personal preference. This Ranch dressing alternative will be an instant hit in your family.

Semi-Homemade Honey-Mustard Dressing

Honey-mustard dressing is a great tasting salad dressing that works well in a number of salads, especially salads that contain zesty, citrus fruit or chopped walnuts. Combine clear honey with mustard (such as yellow mustard or Dijon) along with apple cider vinegar. If you do not have apple cider vinegar, use distilled white vinegar or another type of vinegar you have in your pantry. This semi-homemade honey-mustard dressing can be drizzled over salad, used as a marinade to tenderise chicken or it can also be used to baste kebabs.

Shop bought salad dressings are high in fat, calories, salt and preservatives, which is why it is a good idea to limit your consumption of these products and to try your hand at making your own homemade or semi-homemade salad dressings. Adapt the types of ingredients and amounts you use to suit your preference.

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3 Minute Fiction

She closed the book, placed it on the table, and finally decided to walk through the door. The thick leather bound book lied on the dark mahogany coffee table in solitude, standing out against the intricate wood grain that painted the table’s surface. The cover of the book was blotted with small unidentifiable stains from years of unintentional abuse. The binding was struggling to keep hold of all the pages. Some were hanging on by small shreds of paper, others had been taped back in place. The pages were worn, their edges less sharp than they once were. Over the years the pages had lost their crispness and become softer and more fragile, yet the information they stored was anything but tarnished. Each paragraph retold the events of a day, each chapter a year. There were 86 in all, making the book quite a long one. And strangely, the last chapter was a quite a bit shorter than the others, which were all roughly the same length. Despite the immense length, the book was a relatively quick read for Deborah.. In a way, she had read it once already, and after recent events, it seemed she had all the time in the world to immerse herself in a good book.

She was through the doorway now, the light outside much brighter than the light by which she had been reading the book. It was blinding at first, so it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the glare. Something large in front of her was reflecting the light in all directions. Slowly before her, as her vision returned, a rod iron fence appeared. Standing 20 feet tall, constructed of shiny metallic bars, it glistened in the sunlight. The gate of the fence, which seemed to be locked, was far more intricate than the persistent parallel protrusions that stretched forever in the distance. It wound and spun within itself, the metal danced in circles causing detailed patterns and designs. As more of her field of view returned, Deborah began to notice other features of her luminous environment. There were white clouds that diffused the bright, shimmering light while still allowing a few streaks to stab through. Deborah began to feel a sense of serenity and tranquility in the presence of the glossy-white industrial artwork. Relaxation overcame her, and she sighed to let go of her last bits of stress. “Hello Deborah,” she heard a voice say.

Back through the door, the book still sat alone on the table, alone in a room of darkness. It was faded and old, desolate of any distinguishable features or markings, void of any clues to its content. Its cover was bare except for a single word, a name, Deborah.

The fence gates began to slowly swing open. “How’s life?” she heard the voice say. Deborah thought for a moment, remembering the leather bound book on the coffee table, remembering her life as it once was.

She simply replied, “It was wonderful,” as she walked through the opening gates.

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3 Peas in a Pod

Though out our lives we share our homes not only with our loved ones, but along with our furry little companions that have come to be a part of of families as well. Many times our pets actions will have us laughing so hard that tears stream down our cheeks. It is moments like this that we hold dear to our hearts and it enables us to remember our four legged friends long after we have laid them to rest. Here is a quirky little poem written about our female boxer and two of her pups.

3 Peas in a Pod

Pupper dog, puppy dogs one, two, three.
Haley then O’Malley and Halloween.
Cuddled on the ends and in between.
The silliest dogs you ever have seen.
I looked to my left and what did I see?
Three fuzzy face doggies looking at me.
I’m reminded of something but what could it be?
Snaggle faces, slobber faces one, two, three.
Just waking up from napping all day.
All rested up and ready to play.
You chase grasshoppers and I’ll do the same.
We’ll run really fast, they’ll never get away.
Now all tired out from running around the yard.
We’re heading back to bed to sleep really hard.
Now you might find us funny and a little bit odd.
But all in all we’re just three pees in a pod.

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3 Online Wedding Lingerie Stores to Complete Your Wedding Night

Weddings aren’t just about walking down the aisle, ladies. When your wedding day ends you’ll need to end it with a bang — and that bang should be in the bedroom. Too shy about buying wedding lingerie in a store? Take your pursuit online with three online retailers that’ll give a bang for your buck — literally!

1. Trashy. You’ll love Trashy’s sexy selection modeled by Trashy’s select alternative models. Dita Von Teese, burlesque dancer formerly married to Marilyn Manson, models some lingerie also. Check out their extensive Trashy Collections for some sexy, intimate wedding lingerie, including the Marie Antoinette Collection. The Marie Antoinette Collection are Antoinette-inspired lingerie with flirty ruffles and baby-colored bows, made from sensuous material that’s meshy where it counts. It’s simple enough for wear under a wedding gown, yet sexy enough to wear to consummate the wedding night.

Trashy also has an extensive Bridal Collection line. Pick up some sexy accessories, revealing lingerie, or bust-bearing corsets for your wedding night. These lingerie selections are lacy and pure white, ruffled in all the right places. Expect to spend around $200 if you plan to stock up here for your wedding night. Trashy also has a bargain section where you can get sexy lingerie for under $75.

2. Victoria’s Secret. You don’t need to go to a store to get lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. Modeled by the world-famous Victoria’s Secret models, these sexy selections accommodate all budgets and styles. Check out their Bridal Collection made especially for wedding night wear. Lingerie here is simple, lacy, classy and sexy, with plenty of sleek, meshy lines and babydolls that barely cover your virgin bum.

Want something more colorful? Check out Victoria’s Secret Silk and Satin Collection. From playful blue to sexy burgundy, this line hosts some of the most flirtiest lingerie offered by Victoria’s Secret. For a playful look, try a sexy, satin babydoll. For a more mature look, try a revealing slip that hugs all the right curves. Your new husband will be glad this wedding night won’t be over soon.

Note: prices range from $20 to $100, so choose wisely.

3. Agent Provocateur. How could we forget Agent Provocateur, the definition of lingerie? Agent Provocateur offers a lot more than their revealing bras — pick up a whip or satin mask for added suspense.

Agent Provocateur’s Classic Collections is a bit dark for virginal lingerie, but perhaps that isn’t a bad thing mon ami? This collection is black, sultry, seductive and mysterious, the perfect way to end your wedding night. These lingerie designs are clean, classic and simple, easily worn under a wedding dress. Complete this set with relaxing massage oils, including rose and ylang ylang oils.

If that isn’t your fancy, check out their Manor Range Collection. This collection looks like Paris but wears like silk with maid-inspired designs and sheer fabric. The designs are clean, classy but flirty in certain areas, with detailed patterns falling cleanly over sheer fabric. Wear this collection on your wedding night and chances are it won’t be on for long.

Prices here range from $70 to well over $150. The prices are steep, so make this wedding night investment lifelong.

Ordering Wedding Lingerie? Read This
Before you place your order, make sure you know three things:

– Know your measurements. You want to make sure the lingerie fits every curve on your body. If you don’t know your measurements, take an old-fashioned measuring tape and measure yourself — bust, waist, hips, thighs, and chest.

– Know their shipping policy. If you need the lingerie by your wedding date and it’s looming too close, see if you can get it rush ordered. Call their customer service number or email them. Be warned that it’ll cost more to get that wedding lingerie in time.

– Know who you are. You want to be confident when you wear your lingerie. Confidence is sexy. Try on your lingerie and look at yourself in the mirror. Smile. Pose a few times. Know that you’re the sexiest thing to your soon-to-be husband and he’ll love being with you for the rest of his life. Wear it around the house. Cook with it. Wear it until you feel confident and sexy. Be proud of yourself! Wear it under your wedding dress and know that your wedding night will be the greatest night of your life — for you and him.

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3 Must See Live Shows in Branson, Missouri

My 3 must see live shows in Branson, Missouri include incredible acrobatic performances! Another of my 3 must see live shows in Branson, Missouri showcases the re-enactment of The Civil War in a non-violent fashion. Here they are, my 3 must see live shows in Branson, Missouri. You will go away from each show feeling satisfied, I’m sure!

3 Must See Live Shows in Branson, Missouri Selection Number 1: No Beelzebub or Devil’s Son To Be Found at Magnificent Variety Show

The first night I attended one of the live shows in Branson, Missouri, I knew this was as different a place culturally as I have ever been to. As I was enjoying a pre-show dinner consisting of tender sirloin tips and a skinless chicken breast with a tasty baked potato, covers of some classic rock songs were blaring out of the loudspeakers. One in particular was Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I was waiting for my favorite line from the song to be crooned out, the one about Beelzebub having a devil for a son, but alas, the lyrics were changed instead to referring to the song as being “a hoot”. Should I be surprised the devil’s minions were struck down in song in this Ozark community since this locale is nestled in the Bible Belt?

Branson, Missouri entertainment is definitely not like the more racier Las Vegas fare, as the 100-plus live music shows that are currently entertaining visitors (live shows have been going on since 1959) are aimed at a more conservative values-oriented audience. But that’s okay, for that’s the neat aspect of travel: being able to find cultural differences than the ones you’re used to, and still have a good time, including with my 3 must see live shows in Branson, Missouri!

The Magnificent Variety musical troupe is led by husband and wife team Joe and Tamra Tinoco. They all made more than 300 costume changes during 90 minutes of performing parts of some of the most memorable hits in decade by decade vignettes, beginning with the 1940’s and running all the way through today for the first half of their act, dressing in the styles of each decade and impersonating the musical performers the best they could. Since I grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s, my favorite cover which this must see live shows choice performed was when they imitated Michael Jackson’s Thriller video with all those ghoulish/zombie-like costumes. I also enjoyed their rendition of Y.M.C.A. as the troupe got into various uniforms to play The Village People.

This Magnificent Variety troupe interacted with guests and encouraged audience participation, coming off stage to sing slow love songs to some of the ladies, and for one 1970’s vignette, the performers got some of the audience members to go back stage with them to put on some wacky-looking wigs so they could dance before the audience in costume!

In the second half of their act following an intermission, the Magnificent Variety Show consisted of full renditions of songs from various Broadway plays like Funny Girl and The Phantom of the Opera and ended with a patriotic tribute to America’s veterans and then to America itself. The only thing missing that night without Beelzebub and his devilish son was apple pie for dessert: after all, chocolate cake was served! Nonetheless, the audience made up of primarily middle-aged folks and senior citizens enjoyed themselves thoroughly at this must see live shows in Branson, Missouri.

Magnificent Variety Show: At The Osmonds Theatre, 3216 W. Highway76, Branson, Missouri 65616. 417-336-6100.

3 Must See Live Shows in Branson, Missouri Selection Number 2: The Civil War “Re-Enacted” at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede

As I walked to the entrance from the parking lot of the Dixie Stampede property, Palominos and Quarter horses were next to the sidewalk in stables. These horses are used during a 90 minute show that takes place in a 35,000 square foot arena, with its staging area being about as large as a basketball court or hockey rink in my estimation.

I was greeted at the door by young ladies dressed in Southern Belle costumes and taken to the pre-show area, where me and hundreds of other guests could purchase snacks like popcorn and peanuts and soft drinks in a commemorative cup. We then got to watch the opening act of our live shows experience: A comedian, juggler, and musician named David Lucas, who entertained us with his juggling of various items like 7 rings, 3 large knives, and golf balls which he spit out of his mouth. I really enjoyed it when he juggled some tambourines to the soundtrack of Arabic music, which created a pleasant harmony. He referred to himself as an “Oriental Redneck” (his family roots are Asian) and got lots of laughs talking about his life and show business family. He’s performed before the Queen of England and U.S. Presidents.

We were then ushered into a large 35,000 square foot arena that seats 1,100 people by a Confederate and Union soldier, our tickets determining which side of the arena we would be sitting on: The North or South side. I was seated on the North half. After we were all seated, it was explained to us that we would be helping to re-enact The Civil War as courses of finger food was served to us over the next hour or so by Union or Confederate soldiers (depending on which side we were on), including a fluffy biscuit, creamy soup (the bowl had a handle), corn-on-the-cob, free refills on coffee and Pepsi, a small but complete rotisserie chicken that was super tender and tasty, plus a large and succulent pastry dessert that reminded me of a Pillsbury fruit turnover.

My side’s job was to stomp our feet at designated times and cheer positively at the Union soldier performers in this Branson, Missouri arena, and boo the Confederate side. These live show performers would be determining the fate of the Civil War not by violent means, but by various competitions with the stable horses and other farm animals like little racing pigs dressed in Civil War get ups! In between competitions were comedy skits and even some audience members were used to perform silly things like riding broomstick horses.

Before the Civil War competition began at this must see live shows in Branson, Missouri selection, energetic singing and period piece costumes plus real animals like Texas Longhorns made up a show that focused on the history of America before the Civil War; for instance, we got to hear the players act like pioneers and sing campfire songs and see Southern Belles come down from on high! The Stampede really has this ability to get the audience involved and uses energetic music along with great staging to make for a memorable live shows experience.

Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede: 1 mile west of U.S. Highway 65 on 76 Country Blvd., Branson, Missouri 65616. 800-520-5544 or 417-336-3000.

3 Must See Live Shows in Branson, Missouri Selection Number 3: Unbelievable Abilities Showcased by the Acrobats of China

If you see only one of the live shows in Branson, Missouri, it’s gotta be this offering which is part of The New Shanghai Circus. Before the performances began, we were instructed by the Master of Ceremonies how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Chinese so we could communicate with these stars at the end of the show if we chose to, as they would be on hand for autographs and picture taking.

I’ve never been more impressed with an acrobatic troupe over the course of two hours (including a short intermission), who used pulsating music and various special effects lighting to help underscore their feats of acrobatics, illusion, drumming, and Chinese storytelling with one act employing ballet like moves. I saw things by these gifted performers at this must see live shows in Branson, Missouri choice that I still don’t understand how they could be done. One of the acts involved a girl who stood on top of her head while twirling a four-legged table in the air while another group of young women twirled several plates in the air using long sticks! The guys in the troupe jumped through stacked hoops and also caught each other in the air with their feet after they were thrust upwards, as if effortlessly.

I visited China in 2000, and watching the Acrobats of China made me feel like I was back in that enchanted land, even though I was in Branson, Missouri. Beware: the smell of buttered popcorn in the 1,000 seat arena was so overwhelming I had to get some for myself!

Acrobats of China: 645 State Highway 165, Branson, Missouri 65616. Phone: 877-21-CHINA.

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3 Popular Detroit Bars

Before I decided to get married and settle down with a husband and have 2 children, I used to hang out regularly with my friends at bars in the Detroit area, my hometown. Despite the fact that I’m not a drinker nor have I ever been, I had a great time hanging out with my friends. We met lots of interesting people, including lots of weirdoes as well. Out of all the bars and clubs that we used to hang out at, I have 3 favorites, and even though I no longer frequent these bars, I can’t help reminiscing about the fun I used to have.

B. Boomer’s Bar & Grille

I first discovered this bar, located on Southfield Rd. in Allen Park, one night when a lady I worked with had a birthday party there. Although I didn’t know the woman well at the time, she was really nice and a bunch of people who I knew quite well from work were going, so I agreed to go too. We had so much fun at my co-worker’s birthday party that my 2 good friends and I started going there every weekend after work. We worked second shift at a downriver respite center, and when we got off work at 11, it was the perfect time to go out partying. My friends and I really liked this bar because the staff were nice, the drinks weren’t outrageously priced, and not many weirdoes hung out there. They even had some really delicious non-alcoholic strawberry dacaris. The location was also convenient, and since we worked in Southgate, it only took about 15 minutes to get there.

Wheat & Rye Bar & Grill

Located on Pennsylvania Road in Southgate, Michigan, this bar and pub is located not even 5 minutes from my job at the time. I don’t remember going there with my friends, but I did frequent Wheat & Rye with my husband when we were still dating. The one thing that attracted my husband and I to Wheat & Rye was their food, since my husband didn’t drink alcohol either. Their food is the absolute best, and our favorite was their corned beef sandwiches. The sandwiches were so huge that I couldn’t eat the entire thing during one meal, but I would have enough left to eat for lunch the next day. Wheat & Rye’s chicken wings are exceptionally good, too, and we would order those from time to time, whenever we weren’t in the mood for corned beef.

J. Dub’s

Located on Sibley Rd. in Riverview, Michigan, this was another downriver bar that I frequented with my friends. My good friend’s cousin actually threw her an “adult” party there for her 23rd birthday. I was kind of embarrassed to attend at first, because of all the “toys,” and the cake was really outrageous as well. Anyway, J. Dub’s was awesome, and once we discovered this place, we no longer hung out at B. Boomer’s Bar & Grille too often. B. Boomer’s was still great, but J. Dub’s was so much better with its large dance floor, great selection of music and friendly patrons. Even though I was usually the only black person there, I was never treated any differently. I’d receive many strange stares at other bars where I was the only black, but never at J. Dub’s.

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