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3 Things Consumers Should Know Before Buying Tech Items

Technology grows at such a lightning speed pace these days. New tech products are constantly hitting the market, making it tough to sift through what works well or what will be a nightmare to own. However, there are ways to to harness the power of the internet in order to narrow down the best product that will match your needs and fit your budget. Here are some suggestions for when you are looking to buy that new piece of technology equipment.

1 – Check out a top technology review site:
A great first stop for tech is Their site is so comprehensive, informative and smart, it just makes sense to check out their reviews & notes. They look at everything from TV’s to DVD players to digital cameras to mp3 players and computer gear (software & hardware). CNET provides “Editor’s Top Picks” for many products, and gives a rating (1 to 10) for almost every product currently on the market in tech. There are also customer and site member comments about products as well which can help you gauge whether or not the item is worth looking into or is better off avoiding.

2 – Read customer reviews at retail sites:
When buying a tech item you cant just rely on a few top site reviews of an item, so it makes sense to check on customer feedback as well. The true issues any product has will be seen throughout various customer comments. Recommended stops are, Best Buy, Circuit City. and other sites who include customer comments/reviews of products. You can get a good feel for how the product performs and if customers are generally happy or annoyed with it. Beware that some comments may be a stray bad item purchased or someone unhappy with the store or service.

3 – Use Internet buying power:
The internet offers a vast resource in terms of finding a great deal on what you’d like to buy. is one place to check, but beware of fine print ads, refurbished items and other catches such as high shipping in general on tech there. One powerful resource you can use is’s Froogle to type in the name of the product you want, say “Canon Powershot A520”. Froogle will give you a listing of sites selling the items with their competitive prices. You can even narrow it down by price range you are looking to pay. Top sites in tech to consider are,, and finally is an online community which includes a forum where people will discuss the best deals they have seen for all sorts of items online, including rebates and coupon deals.

All the above said, the internet alone shouldn’t provide your sole means of research. Going out to an electronics retailer can give you an even better feel for the product you are looking for. But realize that many times, a better deal can be had online with the aid of the proper research.

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3 Things You Need to Do to Capitalize on SEO

In order to drive traffic to your website you’re going to need to learn how to capitalize on the process of search engine optimization. You’re going to need to optimize your site to earn a coveted spot at the top of the search engine listings, and you’re going to need to learn how to angle the optimization process to ensure that the webcrawler indexes your site as being relevant to information your customers want to know.

In order to capitalize on the SEO process you’re going to need to do three things:

1. Choose the proper keywords. The keywords you choose to optimize your site around are going to be the key factor in the success or failure of your optimization process, so it’s important that you choose carefully. Keyword frequency. The number of times a word appears in the pages of a site is a pretty good indicator of how the site is related to it. If you are listening to someone speak with half an ear and you hear the word “manicure” every five to ten seconds you can make a pretty educated guess that they’re talking about getting (or giving) a manicure. If a word appears over and over again in a site the crawler assumes the two are related, and it will classify them accordingly.

2. Orient your site appropriately. The keywords on your homepage are going to help determine the keywords your site is classified under, but they’re not the only considering factor. The webcrawler is going to crawl through all of the pages on your site, not just your homepage, so it’s important that all of the pages on your site be optimized. Titles and the first few lines of each page. Because a web spider can’t read it pays special attention to the words which appear in the title and first few lines of each individual page, assuming that the title and introduction will be set up to tell the reader right off the bat what they’re talking about.

3. Become a fount of useful information through the use of SEO articles to catch and keep your visitors’ attention while cementing your spot in your current niche. A major player in the success or failure of your business is the usefulness of your site. If visitors come to your site and find only the information they need (and nothing else) they’re not very likely to come back.

On the other hand, if your site is a never ending source of information on all topics related to your niche people will come to your site looking for one piece of information and stay to read more. They’ll come back, they’ll refer their friends to you, and the next thing you know your web traffic will increase exponentially.

Properly optimizing your site is a vital tool in your quest to increase your web traffic, so if you’ve just been skimming through looking for vital information up until now it’s time to get with the program. This is the most vital information you’re ever going to get! Take this opportunity to go to the bathroom, get yourself a snack (I’ve found pretzels and Mt. Dew do wonders to stimulate my brain) and come on back ready to take notes and sink yourself into the extensive SEO process.

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3 Teams the NBA Wouldn't Miss: A Guide to Contraction

I can imagine what most of you are thinking. Save us the heartache of watching “superstars” piddle around aimlessly and contract the New York Knicks! The Miami Heat are everything that’s wrong with today’s NBA, off with their heads! All jokes aside, if you haven’t been watching the NBA this season I can’t fault you. The league and the Players Association went through a drawn-out but ulitmately pointless lockout, leaving some fans disinterested in watching a shortened season with little training camp time. If you have been watching then kudos to you, because the display on the floor has left a lot to be desired.

The disparity between the haves and the have-nots has been stark this year, with each night seemingly providing multiple blowouts. The talent in the NBA isn’t enough to field 30 competitive teams, and that talent gets consolidated into fewer and fewer markets each year. On top of that, Commissioner David Stern claims the NBA lost $300 million last season, after losing $340 million the year prior. If that’s the case, isn’t it time to cut some of the dead weight? Here’s a list of teams that the league would be better off without:

Charlotte Bobcats – The first go-round in Charlotte was unsuccessful, but that didn’t stop the NBA from giving the city another shot. The Bobcats have made the postseason only once since joining the league in 2004, and probably have the least-talented team in the NBA. According to Forbes, they also had the lowest operating income last year at a whopping minus $25.5 million. Heading up their front office is Michael Jordan, the same man who made Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison top three draft picks. The only thing the fans have to look forward to is another decade of futility.

New Orleans Hornets
– The NBA sunk $300 million to rescue this team from George Shinn in 2010, when he discovered it wasn’t financially viable to own a team in this small-market. Attendance issues already plagued the Hornets, and after superstar Chris Paul begged out and got his wish, the mess is only going to get worse. Good luck finding a prospective owner dumb enough to try and breathe life into this dead franchise.

Sacramento Kings
– The Maloofs are all but ready to move the team to Anaheim next year, and it’s hard to blame them. The Kings have been in the bottom four in attendance each of the last four seasons. On the flip side, it’s easy to see why fans aren’t showing up. The team simply isn’t competitive. Their point differential of minus 11.7 is the second-worst this year. This team hasn’t been relevant since the Webber-Bibby days, and drafting an unlikeable malcontent in DeMarcus Cousins and an overrated player in Jimmer Fredette only hurts the rebuilding process. Something tells me the NBA isn’t eager to see a third team flood the Los Angeles market, either.

Yes, I know that eliminating three teams would leave an odd 27 remaining. That’s okay because it’s rather easy to find a fourth team to contract. Compelling arguments can be made for the elimination of the Bucks, Nets, Pacers, Hawks, and Grizzlies just to name a few. I wouldn’t miss any of these teams, and the product on-court and the NBA’s bottom-line would only benefit.

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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Earn Passive Cash Online

It sounds fishy. Sit at home, and earn money… but it’s true! Companies use different websites to get you, the consumer, to go to their website, watch advertisements, fill out surveys and the like. You are sure to earn cash by partaking in these websites:

1) is a website with several different ways to earn passive income online. The best thing is that they pay you for things you already do. Every Swagbuck is the equivalent of 1 cent and there are many ways to earn them. My personal favorites include SwagbucksTV, Shop & Earn and Search & in.The reason why I like this website is because it is hassle free, i.e. they DO NOT ask for highly personal information like credit card numbers or even your date of birth. All you need is a username and password. You may redeem your Swagbucks for Amazon, Paypal and Target giftcards as well as electronics among other nice things. If you personally don’t like anything in the Swagbucks store, remember, you can always sell it on ebay, for instance.

Swagbucks TV: I love this option because it’s so easy. You can either search through their videos on your PC or you can download their app to your smartphone and let the videos play automatically. You may earn up 50 Swagbucks, or 50 cents, a day by just opening an app :). That’s $0.50 * $365 = $182.50. That’s a whole lot better than nothing!

Shop & Earn gives you anywhere from 2 Swagbucks to 40 Swagbucks for every Dollar you spend at an online store like Macy’s or Wlmart. This is great for frequent, or infrequent, online shoppers. Again, passive, easy cash. Just remember to checkout soon after opening the link from Swagbucks itself, if you wait too long, you may not be able to redeem your Swagbucks.

Search & Earn allows you to do just that. It’s like Google just that you have a chance of earning Swagbucks every time you type in a search term, as long as it’s not gibberish, of course. You can search for things just when you’re on the Swagbucks webpage or you can download their toolbar. You do not earn each time you search. You earn anywhere from 6 to 19 cents, or “Swagbucks”, every so often, about every 10 searches, on average, I would say. I sometimes am searching for things without thinking about earning anything and end up earning Swagbucks. That’s always fun :) As a bonus, the search box tells you when a Swag Code is available. A Swag Code is sort of like a Promo code that, when typed into the homepage, gives you a few Swagbucks just for typing it in.

Swagbucks is by far the easiest way of the three that will be mentioned in this article. There are also trial offers and survey opportunities but the three methods mentioned above are by far the easiest and most passive ways to make some extra dough, even if it’s not much. Join here if you’re interested!

2) CashCrate is another great website. One of its more passive features is the “check in” feature, a button you click simply to “check in” to the site. They give you 3 cents for that every day. They have surveys everyday that range from $0.19 to $3.50. Note that you are required to earn $20 before you can cash out. Do not expect to cash out on the first day with surveys alone. It takes time to get used to the surveys you qualify for, which ones pay out the most money for the shortest amount of time, etc. But once you do, expect to make approximately $3.50 a day off surveys alone on CashCrate.

An easier way of making cash on CashCrate is by signing up for free trials. This only works if you are comfortable with sharing your debit/credit card information. I liken it to shopping online. The site you are sharing your information with has the same security guards as the online stores you are used to shopping in. Again, it’s up to your discretion but it is one of the best ways to earn cash, fast.

Additionally, you can Cash Tasks which are simple tasks which you can receive 1 to 15 cents for.These tasks include searching for a specific topic on Google and typing the different search options that appear in the search box.

3) ProjectPayDay exclusively deals with trial sign ups for cash incentives. While their cash incentives seem promising at first – they offer $50 to $60 for trial offers -, they require you to do a lot more than other sites. Most of their offers are not free. This would be fine if it were not for the fact that often times, these sign-ups are non-refundable. Instead of free trial offers, you are paying for one month’s service on a website or shipping and handling for a purchased product. Many of the offers run upwards of $8 all the way up to $150! Even if you only completed $8 non-refundable offers, you may come out losing money as ProjectPayDay requires you to sign up for at least a half-dozen offers before you earn your cash incentive of $50 to $60!

If you are interested in getting paid for free trials, I would recommend CashCrate since you get paid after completing each, individual offer versus a group of offers like ProjectPayDay asks you to. This makes it much easier to know that you are, in fact, making a profit after each submission and it makes it much easier to keep track of all the offers you signed up for (CashCrate is much more organized), which will make it much easier for you to cancel these offers in the future. Also, CashCrate allows you to diversify your payment so you do not have to rely on keeping track of so many offers at a given time. Instead, you can switch from completing trial offers one week and surveys the next. This is also beneficial since offers and surveys are renewed every couple of days so while the best trial offers are being renewed,you can focus on surveys and vice versa.

However, one of the first sets of offers called “Fast First Fifty” on ProjectPayDay may be worthwhile to some as this set of offers provided reasonable, i.e. cheap or free, trial offers which you are guaranteed to make $50 from. You can earn this in one day. Also, Their referral program pays very well and is an excellent and easy way earn passive cash. You can tell your friends to submit their email addresses and names and get $1.50 for each one that does. You can also post your referral link on free classified and have people sign up across the U.S. If you are interested in ProjectPayDay, enter your name and email here.

(1= Worst, 5= Best)

Swagbucks: Easy: 5, Honest: 5, Interesting: 5, Earning Potential: 2, Average: 4.25
CashCrate: Easy: 4, Honest: 5, Interesting: 3.5, Earning Potential : 3.5, Average: 4
ProjectPayDay: Easy: 3, Honest: 2, Interesting: 2, Earning Potential : 1, Average: 2

In Summary, Swagbucks is a lot of fun, CashCrate is the most worthwhile site and ProjectPayDay is the riskiest

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3 Things that Will Make You Have a Negative Outlook

When you begin to take a look around and assess your environment I am sure you will be able to come up with another of things that can make you have a negative outlook. It could be a bad experience in your own personal life or maybe a negative situation took place on your job. When you are hit with negative circumstances you have to sit back and look for the lesson learned or look for the positive opportunities. If you are not careful the three things listed below will make you have a negative outlook.

Negative People

Sometimes we are forced to associate with negative people. Have you ever been around someone that had a negative outlook about everything? For the most part they just talked about people and complained until no end. It you stay around people like this long enough you will eventually become a negative person. After awhile you will make what appears to be a harmless comment and before you know you have become just as negative with the person that you were forced to associate with. If you don’t do something to change this persons’ outlook they will most assuredly change your outlook. I am sure you would rather change theirs than have them change yours.

Negative environment

Things really become difficult when the entire department is negative. If all of your co-workers including your immediate supervisor have bad attitudes your situation becomes daunting indeed. Through it all you must be able to stay positive and look for the opportunity in all of this. There is a chance that you may be able to give a presentation to the entire department about have a positive outlook or about motivation in general. Instead of pointing the finger at people and telling them they are negative just keep your attitude positive and ask your supervisor if you could give your presentation. Sometimes people will feel guilty and begin to make a change. This will also help you to demonstrate your leadership skills.

No purpose

When you start working for a company you probably want to be able to work in an area that gives you great passion. If you are passionate about something chances are you will do a better job and this in turn will give you confidence and increase your self esteem. The trick to having your dream job is to act like the job you are performing is your dream job. When people see how enthusiastic, excited and passionate you are about your current job your name will be mentioned when other opportunities open up. If your dream job comes available and people know you want that job they will think, “he/she is really passionate about their current job I wonder how much more passionate they will be when they are performing their dream job.” They will have no problem promoting you to that area. If you are functioning from a place that gives you no purpose or passion just put the negativity to the side and operate from a passionate perspective and eventually you will arrive at your designated career stop.

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3 Things Not to Do When Losing Weight

My husband and I recently celebrated the first birthday of our first child, and on that first birthday, I made a decision to embark on two quests-to run the biggest 15K race in the country for the first time, and to lose the rest of my baby weight in the two months of training for the race. I am pleased to say that both the training and the weight-loss endeavors have been successful thus far, and in the process I have learned three key things that should NOT be done when trying to lose weight or when training for any sport.

Do NOT step on the scale Monday through Sunday

Tracking your weight every day is not only time-consuming and futile, but it is also detrimental to your overall psychological well-being and morale. Our weight fluctuates every hour and every day based on a number of factors. I performed a little experiment for several days to test this theory, and I found that one day my scale said I lost weight and the next I had gained two more pounds from where I had started. I also experimented with the scale before and after meals, as well as before and after training runs, and found that there was just as big a weight fluctuation. From the amount of water we drink and food we consume to the percentage of moisture absorbed through our skin during the morning shower, our weight is a continual ebb and flow of numbers, and this constant changing of the tide can bring us from exhilarated highs to devastating lows, ruining an otherwise productive day. The result is that self-esteem and the ultimate progress of one’s goals suffer. Most personal trainers will agree that a weekly weight check is not only sufficient but recommended for adequate weight-loss tracking and motivation.

Do NOT skip a meal…Ever!

It may seem that eating fewer meals would equate to weighing less, but skipping even one meal has the exact opposite effect. By skipping a meal, the body is unsure about when it will receive more food and, thus, goes into a starvation mode. The body, fearing for its ability to provide adequate fuel to run, will hold onto every calorie and fat gram that much harder and store it in preparation for the next skipped meal. The smarter option for those who are hoping to lose weight is to follow the opposite of skipping meals by eating smaller, more frequent meals. In one month, I managed to lose six pounds of baby weight through not only exercise but by eating three smaller-portioned meals plus a few snacks in between. Essentially, I eat every two to three hours, but I choose healthy snacks and don’t overdo it at meals. By eating more frequently, I have actually kicked my metabolism into overdrive.

Do NOT ignore your cravings

It is a myth that a person cannot lose weight if they allow themselves to eat sweets. The trick is not to fight your cravings, but instead allow yourself to indulge in moderation. It’s just like raising a child or teaching students; if we continually say “No, you can’t have that!” or “You can’t do that,” the brain will only want more of what it can’t have. Giving into a craving isn’t where weight-loss plans go awry. Weight loss is deterred when the dieter forbids themselves from something they desperately want, and then rather than safely indulging, their appetite knows no bounds. Having one piece of chocolate to soothe and satiate those chocolate cravings is good, but eat the entire candy bar, and you may end up with triple the calories and guilt that inevitably follows a craving binge. To help keep my cravings in check, I like to keep a small candy stash in my kitchen so that I can allow myself small craving indulgences without derailing my entire weight-loss and training efforts.

It is true that losing weight is not simply about dieting. It is a lifestyle change, involving exercising and adjusting the way we eat to be more healthful for the long-haul, but, hopefully, by avoiding these three potholes in the road to success, the weight-loss ride will be a little easier to handle.

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