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3 Things Men and Women Don't Agree On

As you may imagine there are a number of things that men and women don’t agree on. Some are major and some are minor. It’s a good idea to have some type of comprise in some areas which will hopefully bring about some type of resolution to the situation.


Men and women don’t always agree on how finances should be handled. Normally you have someone that wants to spend and someone else that wants to save. These are definitely opposing points of view. You can have situations where men or women can occupy the role of a no holds barred spender and the same thing can happen with saving. In order for a family to have an effective budget there has to be a certain amount of comprise when it comes to saving and spending. There must be some give and take. Men for the most part are willing to throw caution to the wind when it comes to spending. When they are trying to achieve a goal such as a dream or start a business it is not uncommon for them to put all of their resources into that venture with the hope or promise that it will pay off. Women on the other hand are much more cautious and conservative and sometimes men need the balancing effort of women to keep them from going overboard.


A lot of times men and women get their signals crossed with communications. Men often mistake a woman’s out going personality for an attempt at flirtation. Most of the times women are just being friendly and they are showing this through their actions. Men and women communicate differently when it involves touching as well. Sometimes women will briefly extend their hand to touch a man during the communication and men can perceive this gesture as something other than an attempt to be friendly. Men on the other hand can make attempts to touch but sometimes the meaning behind it is all different.


Men and women are not always on the same level spirituality. If you notice most churches have a ratio of 66% women to 34% men. Women are more active in church and religious ceremonies than men. There is a tendency by men to think that church can make them appear as weak or not a man. Women in fact love it when men go to church with them and actually get involved with the church activities. They also like it when men develop spirituality and develop a closer relationship with God.

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3 Things You NEED to Know to Sell Your Home Fast

1. De-Personalize-Remove all items of a PERSONAL, RELIGIOUS, or POLITICAL nature. This means family trees come down, as do flags, framed pictures of the last supper, all of the framed family photos as well as pet photos. Your wedding photos, baby’s photos and last year’s family reunion all need to be packed up and stored until you reach your new home.

This is done to remove any negative feelings that could be stirred up by religious or political items. Remember, these things are near and dear to your heart, but they may not be to the potential buyer. It is best to keep these items tucked away as to not hurt your own chances to sell your home. You don’t want to be remembered as “That house that had all Jewish stuff in it.” This is an example, by no means am I putting down the Jewish people. Again, remember, it may be your home now but the point is for a potential buyer to come in and feel at home so they will make an offer. The same holds true for personal memorabilia. As much as you are proud of your child’s soccer abilities, the buyer doesn’t want to see that, nor do they want to see your wedding pictures and your six-year-old child’s baby photos. They don’t want to feel that they are visiting your home, but rather they could envision moving in and feeling at home themselves.

2. De-Clutter– I cannot stress this enough-cluttered homes look messy and dirty, even if they are not dirty! Clutter is an overabundance of stuff that usually doesn’t have a proper home and therefore gets shoved wherever it will fit. Do remove all personal toiletries from the bathroom counters as well as any prescription medication and cleaning products. This room should feel like a spa soothing and relaxing, not counters covered in toothpaste, kids bath toys, makeup and perfume bottles. Sadly, this is what I see a lot of!

Do not use a guest bedroom or office as a dumping ground! Streamline and remove anything that does not belong. Nick-knacks are what I think of immediately when I think of clutter. Tiny figurines, kitchen counters filled with canisters, appliances, dishes, plants all taking up valuable counter space. Clutter will kill your sale every time. Statistically 93% of buyers cannot see beyond bad d├ęcor, clutter, dirt, poor color choices and the like. Literally box stuff up, throw stuff out and try to make your home look more like a model show home for a few weeks rather than the really lived-in look.

3. Curb Appeal- Really I should have listed this one first because if a buyer doesn’t like the look of the outside of your home, there is a good chance they are not booking a showing to come inside! Sometimes less is more, so if you have lots of bushes and trees making your home look dark, creepy and unapproachable, you might want to call a tree service to cut them all back. Likewise, if you have not greenery your home will look boring and bare. Invest in 2 large urns and fill them with colorful flowers. You can have some cascading down the side. I recommend having one on each side of the front entry door and if you can, place a filled urn on either side of the garage.

Make sure your grass is cut well and edged and that all hedges are trimmed and even. If your grass is looking less than green try planting some grass seed all over and water well with Miracle Grow fertilizer. In less than 2 weeks new green grass will grow through. If it is a burnt patch, get out the green spray paint! I’m not kidding. In addition to this if you have a porch, add a park bench or 2 wicker chairs and a small table in between creating a cozy ambience. Don’t be afraid to use lots of colorful flowers and remember to water religiously!

Part of curb appeal is not just landscape but it is also the appearance of your home. Pay attention to the condition of the paint on your front door, shutters, and garage door. If it needs to be repainted, sand it and give it a fresh coat! You could also add a simple but stated wreath to the front door and of course a welcome mat.

**One Last Tip!** When having your Realtor take photos to display for the website and/or MLS, ask to check them out before they are posted. Sadly, the majority of photos I’ve seen are less than enticing. You want to look for photos that are light, bright and show the warmth of your home. I see photos of shower doors and small corners of a bedroom and terrible yard photos. You might think, well my home shows better than the photos so who cares. Well, you might care if you knew 75% of all homes purchased were viewed online first! What does this mean? You’d better have some darn good photos to get those buyers in for a look!

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3 Things You Should Know About No Load Mutual Funds

So you’ve gotten past the basics of mutual funds and now you’ve come to the conclusion that no-load mutual funds are a good choice. Before taking advice from a financial adviser, here are some of the most important things to know about no-load mutual funds that could save you from making some costly mistakes.

Advisers Won’t Often Suggest No-Load Mutual Funds

As a beginning investor in no-load mutual funds, a financial adviser is usually your first contact. But no-load mutual funds may not be on the top of their list to promote to you. Mostly this is because these advisers are just like you- they’re trying to make a living for themselves. No-load mutual funds bring in less commission dollars for them than load mutual funds. What this means for you is that while no-load mutual funds might be a better choice for your long term investment, it’s a better choice for your adviser to push load mutual funds. Simply put, the fees you pay for a load mutual fund go right back into the managing company and thus into your adviser’s paycheck. If you go through an adviser, stay firm on your choice to invest in no-load mutual funds as they might try to persuade you otherwise.

Go Straight To the Source For Your No-Load Mutual Funds

Once you’ve decided to actually purchase no-load mutual funds, you will have two main options for purchasing them. You can contact the mutual fund companies directly or use a virtual “supermarket” hosted by large investment companies like Schwab and Fidelity that make it convenient to purchase no-load mutual funds. However, convenience will cost you money. To avoid this, contact the company who manages the no-load mutual funds that you’re interested in and request a prospectus. You’ll find a fee table in this prospectus that details what other expenses will be tacked on to your no-load mutual funds. Generally these fees for no-load mutual funds will fall under two categories- Shareholder Fees and Annual Fund Operating Expenses. This information will save you money in the long run as you begin investing in no-load mutual funds.

Even No-Load Mutual Funds Have Costs

The worst of these fees that no-load mutual funds can take on that you should be aware of is the 12b-1 fee. Instead of getting confused by this terminology, let’s call the 12b-1 the “Let’s Get Bigger” fee. Call it this because it’s money that you’re paying to help the mutual fund administrator with their marketing costs to attract more investors. How does this affect your no-load mutual fund? Well, by letting the amount of shareholders grow, you’re also making it more difficult for the fund managers to do their job, just like one of those guys who can spin plates on sticks. Sure it’s easy to manage 3 spinning plates (or companies in your no-load mutual funds) but when you start to keep up with 15 of them, some are bound to fall to the ground and shatter. Do you really want your no-load mutual funds to do this? Fortunately no-load mutual funds without this “Let’s Get Bigger” fee do exist and mutual fund managers are obligated to disclose this information.

Making the jump to start investing in no-load mutual funds is a big one. Letting financial advisers and large investment companies dictate your investment choices can lead to you paying unnecessary fees. By doing a little research on no-load mutual funds before investing, you can be sure you’ll have a solid investment for the future.

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3 Things We Can & Can't Control on Twitter

can be used for much more than talking about your day (as in “Just woke up”) or discussing what happened on your favorite show. In my opinion, this should be on your list of “don’ts” unless you are in a discussion. And that brings me to the “epiphany” of the moment – the only real value of Twitter is in the limitless opportunity to have delightfully short, meaningful conversations with other Twitterbirds (people using twitter). Everything else is just noise.

This is not a tutorial on how to use twitter – you can Google that and get a million links to advice – correction: 136 million at the time this post was published :-)
3 Can’s:

We can control who we follow: Whether finding people to follow based on similar interests, or with no criteria at all – the proof is in the tweets. If we’re getting 50 tweets a day from someone about something we don’t particularly want to read about, it may be time to unfollow them. Don’t be afraid to. Chances are someone is unfollowing us for the same reason (smile).

We can control what we type: Sending interesting tweets gets and keeps followers. Interesting = useful to others. Responding to tweets we find interesting is also a good idea.

We can use it for highly targeted purposes: Some promote their business (or blog). Some promote events. Some set it to private and use it as a diary for a select group of followers. Some use it to track their reputation – it’s currently the fastest way to find out what a large group thinks of mega-brands. And then there are the “celebretweets” – those who are well-known on Twitter for specific reasons. Example: follow @timferris to find out how to do more in less time, follow @microjobs to find employment, follow @guykawasaki because everyone else seems to (smile) and he occasionally will send something of interest, follow @zappos to see a corporate giant actually use social media without embarrassing himself (he actually sounds genuine).
3 Can’ts

We can’t control the Twit once we hit send. It’s out on the net – which means it can’t be erased. If we hate the boss, the spouse, or life itself – Twitter is not the place to vent. Here are 30 ways to lose your job or professional image by using Twitter.

We can’t afford not to take this seriously. As silly and unfair as it may be, social media isn’t going away. Just like the internet didn’t go away like it was supposed to (smile), Twitter is a microcosm of the future of business. The individual has alot more power with just 140 characters. People have successfully organized small and large scale offline meetings (usually called Tweetups) for charity, for change, and for fun. It’s not all fabulous, though. A number of larger companies are learning to change their policies on customer service – the hard way: people don’t have to take poor treatment anymore. They can send out a negative tweet and make the issue known internationally within minutes. And companies cannot simply hire someone to be “genuine” for them – it simply isn’t tolerated. Brands have taken a beating for this behavior.

We can’t afford to take this too seriously. This is not going to replace other efforts we’re making in business/career/socializing. It will likely enhance these efforts when used properly. We shouldn’t spend too much time on it; we should send out tweets only when we have something to say.

I’m not perfect at using Twitter. But so what.

It’s useful if you stick around long enough.

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3 Things Not to Have on Your Resume

There’s plenty advice on what to have on a resume. Relevant experience, degrees earned, good references. Though, what most people don’t know is that there are bits of information that employers and HR folk cringe at the sight of. Common mistakes can put your resume at the bottom of the pile. So, here are a few things to consider leaving out when you’re preparing a resume.

Leave out those Lines

Nothing may seem more detailed an organized than adding lines to your resume. However, when obtaining those sample resume templates that your word processor gives you, avoid choosing the ones with the lines. While, it’s suppose to give your resume some organization, it can end up doing quite the opposite. Many people don’t know when and where to add those lines and some resumes can end up with too much, by adding a line for every subject, while others can have too little, by clumping unrelated things together and adding a line where they don’t belong. This can make a resume very difficult to read, leaving the reader unable to find the parts that they need to. Avoid the lines and add single spaces or bold subject headings to segregate information in your resume.

Avoid bullet points

While bullet points’ intention is to get to the point and structure your resume, they can have adverse effects. Many people use them to keep their resume on track. What ends up happening is that they condition the writer to make short, indirect, and incomplete sentences. Many employers look for detailed information regarding past work experience to gauge the relevancy of your experience to the job you are applying for. They don’t want you to leave out details. However, bullet points are designed to do that. They want to hear that you, “spent 20 hours at week helping Johnny read Curious George Goes to School, helping him sound out each letter until he could spell the word ‘teacher’ without looking at the page”, rather than you having, “tutored elementary children”. A resume may be the only chance you get with a potential employer, so details matter.

Reduce carbon copies

It’s understandable that you may be sending out many resumes during your job search. However, this doesn’t mean that your employers have to know that. They can often tell when resumes have just been treated as virtual carbon copies sent out to everyone without any particular mention of the job they are hiring for. Many employers want to see your interest in their company and their particular position. After all, that is why you applied. When creating a resume, tailor each one to the specific job that you are applying for. Try to include in your resume’s objective, what your goals are in relevance to the job or company. Try to mention how your work experience is relevant to the position and how it will attribute to the company or position.

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3 Things I Learned from Field Trips

I went to Colorado College. Under the block plan, we took one class at a time, every day for a month, and then took a new class. This allowed us to take field trips with many of our classes, which proved invaluable to my education. Here are some things I learned on field trips that professors could not have taught me in a classroom.

I love science

Biology and chemistry labs didn’t teach me what science was really about. It wasn’t until my ecology professor and field zoology professor took me out into the world to explore my environment scientifically that I realized I really enjoy biology. In part I learned this from a similar experience in high school when my biology teacher made me learn all of the local trees, and then when I moved to a different region of the country I was uncomfortable not knowing the trees. However, spending a day counting pinecones as a part of a real experiment that real scientists are working on taught me that this is something I enjoyed.

Native Cultures still survive

I’d been told this on several occasions, but I still had this idea in my head of people living mostly modern lives on reservations. While in many cases this is true, visiting cultures that still survive showed me that in many cases the religion remains intact, and many cultural behaviors do as well. This has made me much more likely to support uncontacted peoples and has made me into an advocate for them.

Wildfires damage more than just property

When you see wildfires on the news, they talk about how many houses have been evacuated, and how much property damage has been done. They will tell you a number of acres that have burned, but those numbers didn’t mean much to me because they were huge numbers, and I’m not really sure what an acre is anyway. A visit to the Hayman Fire site, years after it burned showed me just how much was actually damaged. It looked like a fresh burn site, but was, in fact, years old. Things were not growing back the way I assumed they would. I didn’t see or hear any animals. In addition, it was huge. It was certainly a lot bigger than I thought it would be.

Field trips have taught me some of the most valuable lessons that I have learned in college. These are things that although professors try to get across to students, they really fail. You have to see some things with your own eyes to really get it. Colorado College taught me so many things beyond the classroom. I am truly grateful that I got the opportunity to experience their block plan.

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3 Things You Need to Know to Overcome BPD in Children

Seeking to find out methods to prevent BPD in Children? Some clues led you believe that your kid might have BPD and needing to know what can you do to prevent things from getting worse?

Usually there are rare cases of children and teenagers diagnosed with borderline personality. Diagnosing BPD in younsters has to be reached with a grain of salt because they oftentimes act and respond in modes analogous with borderline personality since they miss the coping abilities and self-control.

Often and unexpected anger scenes, recurrent attention attracting comportments, and increased affectional impressionability are usual indications of a probable borderline personality in a child. Additionally increased attention seeking in certain situations and severe bashfulness in others can be indicators of borderline personality disorder in teenagers.

If psychotic and paranoia warning signs aren’t present it indicates that your youngster is normal mentally, and the high affectional excitability is merely a personality trait.

Below you will discover three easy to use ideas for preventing your kid from developing BPD.

1) Education

Since a BPD predisposed kid is exceptionally sensible foremost to frustrating aspects, discipline has to be made with a good deal of collaboration, understanding, and consideration.

Whereas in average children a bit rough parenting style will not reasult in any important long-term consequences, this can turn out the opposite manner in overly emotional younsters. Even a moderate admonition may send intense affectional shock waves.

You want to rear your little one with a great deal of precaution and fittings to your child’s personality and affectional responsiveness.

2) Identify your BPD child’s unfulfilled affective wants

If your child is excessively searching other peoples’ appreciation, try to discover the internal demands he/she is looking to satisfy.

Moreover it would be a good idea to identify what could cause your kid’s deprecative manners. Attract him or her in a nice and amiable interaction and pay attention to what your youngster wishes to say, what is the idea behind his or her words.

3) Lower your child’s affective responses

Our leaning to react affectionally to outside and mental stimuli is largely an hereditary feature therefore it really can’t be altered in itself.

However emotions are actually consequences of our interpretations. So if you would change your kid’s attitudes linked to distressing and nervousness inducing situations you’d actually teach your kid how to modulate and manage his/her affects.

And you can reach this mission by simply encouraging and supporting your kid’s self-confidence. A self-relying child will know subconsciously that he or she is permanently in control, and thus is in control of the outside things and his/her affective reactions. Supporting ongoingly your youngster, praising his/her successes, and setting him or her up mentally and affectively prior to forseeable significant challenges are very powerful in raising and sustaining self-confidence.

And if you want to learn more about how to keep more efficiently your child from developing Borderline Personality, download my free e-book “Surviving The Borderline Hellhole” where you will find relevant facts as well as simply to implement tips and strategies.

BPD Children

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3 Things to Know About Dogs and Gas

If you’ve ever spent much time with a dog, chances are you’ve experienced the much dreaded effects of dog flatulence. Unlike us, dogs have no shame about relieving themselves of the discomfort associated with abdominal pressure and distress while in the presence of others. What causes flatulence in dogs, is it harmful, and how can it be avoided? Here are three things dog owners need to understand about dogs and gas.

What causes dogs to have gas?

One of the major causes of gas in dogs is the way they eat. Since they don’t have a fork or spoon to deliver food to their mouths, they must gulp to get it there. In the process of gulping, they swallow a lot of air, which results in a gassy stomach. This is much the same as why we burp after drinking carbonated sodas.

Also like their human counterparts, dogs can get gassy if they eat foods that are fermented, like beans, cauliflower or cabbage. As these foods ferment during digestion, they produce gas that causes bloating and discomfort.

Another common cause of flatulence in dogs is the incomplete digestion of carbohydrates. This is commonly seen when dogs eat low quality foods that are high in grain content.

Can excessive gas be harmful to dogs?

Although gas is a fairly common occurrence in dogs, it can be cause for concern. If symptoms occur quickly and are accompanied by loss of appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, you should take your dog to see his vet right away. In some instances, especially in larger breeds, a condition known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) can occur. According to Purdue University, “The clinical signs associated with GDV are restlessness, anxiousness, respiratory dysfunction, hypersalivation, retching, abdominal distension and frequent attempts to vomit.” Because GVD can be very serious and even fatal, medical intervention is required immediately.

What can I do to alleviate my dog’s gas?

The primary treatment for gas involves changing your dog’s diet. Switch to a food that is lower in fiber and is more highly digestible. You should also feed two or three smaller meals a day instead of a single large one. Consider purchasing a specialized food dish with dividers which deters dogs from gulping and thus, swallowing air. If these solutions still don’t do the trick, check with your vet about over-the-counter medications that may be suitable for your dog. Charcoal-based treats, as well as those that contain yucca can also help alleviate gas.


“Flatulence (Passing Gas) in Dogs,”

Elizabeth Natz, “Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus in Dogs,”

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3 Tips on Choosing the Right Perfume for You

With the bags of fragrances in the market, it can sometimes be catchy to accept the one that is absolute for your taste, personality, the occasion, and added factors. Check out the afterward basal tips that you may acquisition advantageous aback allotment and alike cutting the absolute aroma for you.

1.Determine your budget.

Perfumes are priced in a actual big range, from actual bargain colognes to comfortable artist brands. Determining your account or the money you are able to absorb advanced will advice attenuated bottomward the choices and will save you a lot of time.

2.Know what accurate aroma you appetite and go for it.

Decide on what blazon of aroma you appetite based on what use the aroma would be to you. For instance, is it for appropriate occasions? Is it to amuse or abduct a lover? Is it for accustomed ablution and wear? If you plan to amuse someone, accomplish abiding to analysis on the accurate fragrances he or she likes. If you appetite it to be an accustomed aroma you can abrasion to assignment or school, you may appetite to boutique for a lighter and fresher scent. If it’s for big parties and academic events, accept a aroma that makes a stronger appulse by aggregate able-bodied with your anatomy chemistry.

Other factors like the acclimate or division are additionally important to consider. For instance, if you alive in a actual boiling setting, floral fragrances with a coarse or musky abject generally accompaniment the baking weather. If you’re generally amidst by a lot of bodies in abreast proximity, don’t accept a actual able aroma because not anybody brand perfume. Citrus, sea breeze and added assemble and floral fragrances are generally beginning and rejuvenating, absolute for addition consistently on the go. If you will be out on a date and appetite to heighten the romance, accept a aroma that is a bit stronger but not overpowering. Usually oriental spices activity aplomb and sophistication. Meanwhile, ambrosial blends are absolute for men who like to aroma like a accurate man exuding with adulthood and security.

3.Examine anxiously afore buying.

When you’ve assuredly narrowed bottomward your choices and you’re accessible to go to a aroma shop, don’t balloon to anxiously appraise anniversary aroma you adorned afore accepting advanced of yourself and purchasing. Take agenda that your adenoids can alone handle so abundant and testing 20 perfumes consecutively will prove to be futile. Afore you alpha spraying a aroma on your wrist, aerosol it aboriginal on a agenda or cardboard and adjudge if you like it. If not, move on to the next. Once you acquisition a aroma you anticipate is perfect, alpha testing it on your body. Administer a baby bulk on your wrist or at the aback of your arm. Sometimes the saleslady will action to administer some in her own bark and accept you aroma it. This is a boycott because anniversary of us reacts to perfumes in altered ways. Accomplish abiding the aroma is absolute for you by putting it on your own skin. Wait for a few account because fragrances alpha to abound on you and aroma altered afterwards a while.

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3 Tips for Buying a Replacement Hard Drive for Your Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 is an awesome game console, but it has a hard drive, and hard drives have moving parts, and technology with moving parts eventually fails no matter how well you take care of it. Luckily, Microsoft makes it fairly easy to switch out the Xbox 360’s hard drive, but unfortunately they do so by putting it in a proprietary enclosure. Still, you can shop around and find a pretty good drive for your 360 for cheap. Here’s a few tips for buying an inexpensive, long-lasting hard drive for your Xbox 360.

1. Don’t buy used. It’s never a great idea to buy used hard drives, because you don’t know what the previous owner had done to the drive–it may have already been overheated a few times, and it’s definitely not going to last as long as a new hard drive, even if it was well taken care of. Don’t succumb to the temptation to buy a used Xbox 360 hard drive just because it’s cheap; you’ll actually get a whole lot more for your dollar by insisting on a new hard drive, preferably still in the original packaging from Microsoft. Note that this means that you should stay off of the used listings of sites like eBay and Craigslist, and read product descriptions carefully to ensure that you’re not getting a used or refurbished hard drive.

2. Use online shopping tools. Sites like Google’s Shopping can help you look at the cost of Xbox 360 hard drives from a variety of sources and find the best price. BE sure to take shipping charges into account, and read user reviews of the websites to make sure shipping and return policies are up to snuff–remember, it doesn’t do you any good to find a super-cheap hard drive available if it’s going to arrive at your house broken and unreturnable.

3. Size. Decide in advance how large of a hard drive you want for your Xbox 360: if you use a ton of space, download demos and videos, and store music on your 360, you might go for a 160GB drive, but if you’re not too into that stuff and just use it for save files and the occasional video, grab a 20GB or 60GB drive. You may even decide that you don’t need a hard drive, and use memory cards instead if you don’t use your Xbox 360 that frequently and just need to save game files on it.

Do you have any other tips for buying a replacement hard drive for an Xbox 360? Post in our comments section below.

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3 Tips for a Better Camping Trip

Camping trips are a wonderful thing, but too often they are a wonderful thing only when they are over. Leaking tents, whining kids (or spouses), unplanned and undesired encounters with wildlife, loud and crowded campgrounds, bugs, poorly cooked food, disgusting shower and bathroom facilities, uneven ground, it can be enough to drive any mortal insane. Camping is a great idea mired by a thousand real life difficulties.

Fortunately, you can cut back many of these problems by having a plan. Remember the Boy Scout Motto? “Be Prepared” is a great way of living, especially if you living with only a thin layer of material between you and the great outdoors. If fact if you are a novice camper a Boy Scout Handbook, which can be picked up fairly inexpensively on Amazon or eBay, is a great resource for campers. Of special interest is the check off list of things that you may need to take with you. This is tip number one, have a written plan of what you need and check these items off as you pack them. Double the amount of batteries you think you will need (or whatever fuel you will use to produce light). You can never have too much backup for the production of light.

Tip number two is to have everything you need to sleep well at night. Lack of sleep only compounds the problems as sleepy people are usually grumpy people. Grumpy people rarely see the humor in the kids leaving the lid off of the cooler all night and waking to find all their food spoiled. This means that you need a comfortable sleeping bag, a pillow (or more if you normally sleep with more), and above all a sleeping bag pad, cot, or air mattress. If you or the kids will have problems sleeping in total quiet or if crickets and other critters drive you nuts, bring along a battery powered sleep machine.

The third tip involves food. Unless you are a seasoned camper, or of especially good humor, plan on simple meals. Doughnuts, cereal bars, and other pastries are a great breakfast when camping as they do not need to be cooked. Cold sandwiches are great for lunch. Hot dogs cooked on a good old fashioned stick (the way God intended) is the perfect camping dinner / supper. Potato chips, marshmallows (see the stick above), and cookies can be used to fill in the gaps. This isn’t a time to worry about weight loss, this is a time to have fun or at least not lose your mind.

So there you go, some easy tips to help you have a better and easier camping trip. So pack up the car and the kids and head outside and have fun!

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3 Things to Remember when Planning Family Holidays

Nothing is more exciting than the nearing of the holiday season! It’s the time for celebration and to give thanks. No other time of year provides an excuse to get together and reacquaint ourselves with friends and relations. Few things are more important than being grateful for the time we get to share with our family. It is in these moments that memories are made. Family stories are told and retold, history can be edited or remembered differently, but the main thing is that the family lore is being passed down.

As we age, often our schedules slow down. We have developed the wisdom not only to understand what is important in life, but to relax and enjoy the moment. Unfortunately our children are not there yet. Depending on their age, they may have a demanding school schedule or a time consuming career. It leaves little time for family get-togethers, which can bring more stress to their already harried lives.

Following are 3 things to remember when planning your holiday occasions.

Plan Ahead – Let everyone know as soon as possible what your plans are. If you want to host dinner, then determine the time of day it will be. Discuss with your children the itinerary and describe to them how you see the day playing out. Work towards creating a tradition that everyone looks forward to and can anticipate having a wonderful time.

Be Flexible – As mentioned above, as our children mature they create lives of their own. In addition to jobs or school, that may mean dating, marriage, and children. Realize that with that addition comes, conflict. If there is a significant other in their life it means they may also have to share the holiday with his or her family. Children bring on a whole new challenge. Dishes may need to be altered to feed a finicky appetite, or time of day may need to be altered due to nap times. Although planning ahead will relieve many of the timing problems, it is imperative to remain flexible. If eating in the afternoon instead of the evening is more conducive to all, then make the change. Should weather affect travel, understand that gifts can be opened the next day, and eating leftovers can create a memory in itself.

Remember What is Important – Since I have already stated that we have gained wisdom perhaps I don’t need to repeat myself. However, if we can’t put the pomp and circumstance into perspective then we have missed the boat. Sharing time with love ones, new and old is the goal of any family event. I ‘m not suggesting that setting a beautiful table or serving a wonderful meal is not important. It is, especially if it brings you joy. Yet keep in mind surrounding yourself with family and friends far outweigh any problems you may have with the presentation or timing of the event. So remember the spread you need to concern yourself with is not the dinner, but the love and joy that is spread amongst family and friends.

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3 Tips for Picking the Best Engagement Ring

Shopping for engagement ring can be overwhelming, especially if the big proposal is going to be a surprise. The hardest part will be picking a ring that fits her personal style perfectly, which is really important because the idea is that she will be wearing it forever. These helpful tips are meant to help you find that perfect ring to mark one of the most special days of your entire life.

Tip 1: Do Some Engagement Ring Reconnaissance
To find out all the information you need to know before picking the right engagement ring, you are going to have to tap into your inner James Bond. First of all, you’ll need to figure out what size ring she wears. This will be easiest if she already has a ring you can “steal” from her to have sized at the jeweler. But you’ll have to make sure you are well aware of her style first. Taking a look at the jewelry she already has will be a good start. In addition, if she has some friends that you think can keep a secret, they might be able to provide you with some very useful insights about what she would like. Generally speaking, her style will be either classic, modern, or vintage.

Tip 2: Spend Some Time On-line
Even if you aren’t planning on purchasing the ring on-line, the Internet can be a great place to get ideas for picking out the best engagement ring. You can do a lot of browsing, in the low sales pressure environment of your own home, to learn exactly what is available and what kinds of options you will have as far as cost goes. If you do decide to purchase an engagement ring on-line, you will find that the style possibilities are endless. Many sites allow you to design the ring yourself, from the shape, cut, and color of the stone, to the metal and setting. As with any purchase made on the web, there are a certain set of risks involved. Be sure to make your purchase from a well-established and accredited jeweler with a no-risk return policy.

Tip 3: Know Your Diamond Basics
No engagement ring buying guide would be complete if it didn’t cover the big “Four Cs”, which are cut, color, clarity, and carats of a stone. The way a diamond is cut determines how it will reflect the light. The more masterful the cut, the more the light will be reflected. A majority of diamonds are round cut with a full 58 faucets. The color of a diamond is graded alphabetically, D through Z, based on the amount of yellow present in the stone. Diamonds with a color rating of D are considered the most valuable. The clarity of a diamond refers to if there are imperfections present within the diamond. Diamonds that are rated as “flawless” have the highest clarity, and therefore are more expensive. And last, but definitely not least, the fourth C you will need to know when you are picking out an engagement ring stands for carat. Carats are the units used to measure the weight of the diamond.


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3 Tips for Dealing with Romance and Finance

If you’re currently involved in a romantic relationship but are worried because of financial concerns, you absolutely must take action now. You absolutely cant let your financial problems cause problems in your relationship. In this article, we will discuss the 3 main rules of for dealing with romance and finance. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

1. Keep love and money separate. Money is one of the chief excuses people have for staying together in unhealthy relationships. Yet money issues are one of the top reasons for break-ups! So a lot of grief can be avoided by keeping love and money separate. While it seems obvious, this is one of the most overlooked areas of relationship. Separate love from money whenever possible, even to the point of splitting the restaurant bill. If you work on separating the finances, it will be much easier to separate from the romance. Start today.

2. Back away from current comingled financial contracts and entanglements. If you are already a joint account holder with this person, then one of my main tips is to not entangle your finances. For instance, did you buy a time share together? If so, sell it off, even if you hate to lose money as it just isn’t worth it. Financial dependence breeds resentment, and eventually hostility. A lot of us want to find someone who can take care of us. Women in particular are trained for this dependency role.

3. If you want to break up, don’t take their money or give them money. By nature, many of us tend to have rather poor impulse control, but there is a big difference between having SOME and having NONE. If the person you once adored has little to no impulse control, then avoid financial entanglement whenever possible. A lot of us think we can buy someone’s love with our money, but this doesn’t work. This not only includes the big-picture items like bank accounts and mortgages, but the little-snapshot items like lots of small $20 loans. It is the little stuff piling up in the background that sooner or later sets off a big bonfire of resentment and blame. Don’t cave in to their pleas. And if you need money, then find another way to get it. Get a part-time job or find a way to make cash online if you must. Again, start today.

In conclusion, until you can take personal responsibility for your own financial house, you have no business being entangled with someone else’s. Therefore, follow the 3 rules for love and romance and you’ll keep romance alive and thriving and your finances in order also.

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