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3 Ways to Avoid an MP3 Music Copyright-Infringement Lawsuit

Thanks to todays peer to peer technology, mp3 music lovers like you and I can get unlimited downloads of mp3 music for free. But have you ever considered that your love of free music downloads could make you the next target of an RIAA lawsuit? Since June 2003, the Recording Industry Association of America has zealously brought lawsuits against more than 20,000 music lovers like you for downloading pirated music through file sharing programs. You need to understand this is a real threat. In this article, you will discover helpful information to help to minimize that threat when downloading mp3 music from file sharing programs.

While far from being foolproof, the best way to stay off the RIAA’s radar is to never download and share any files of major copyrighted works of music from P2P file sharing programs. However, if the thrill of getting free mp3 music from file sharing programs outweighs the fear of a lawsuit, here are 3 tips to help you reduce the risk:

Don’t download copyrighted mp3 music to any shared file folders or share any copyrighted music files you’ve downloaded from P2P networks. You will have to disable the sharing feature in the software. This may be easier said than done. Not all P2P client software allows users to turn off the sharing feature; therefore, you want to choose a file sharing program that permits you turn off the file sharing feature before you start downloading any free mp3 music.

Keep the mp3 music you download and share on the P2P network to less than 1,000 files. It appears that the RIAA brings legal action against mp3 file sharing program users who have downloaded and shared more than 1,000 music files. However, this is not a foolproof strategy because no one knows who the RIAA will or will not sue.

Due to the recent Torrent Spy ruling, you should avoid any file sharing application that connects you to a public tracker. As part of an order issued on May 29, 2007, Torrent Spy has been ordered to provide records of your download activities. To further protect yourself, you should consider getting software that allows you to cloak or spoof your IP address.

From what you’ve read it in this article, should be clear that an RIAA lawsuit is a real possibility for P2P users who download copyrighted music owned by RIAA members. The RIAA is aggressively suing all types of people in these John Doe lawsuits. No one knows what type of activity will trigger a lawsuit. Following the 3 tips provided in this article won’t eliminate the risk of a lawsuit, but you can reduce that risk.

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3 Vitally Important Cold Weather Trout Fishing Tips

As the fall of the year winds down and we start to enter winter most fishermen pack away all of their fishing gear and put the idea of fishing on the “back burner” until the warmer weather that comes with spring begins to introduce itself. The truth is that you can catch fish during the cold weather months as long as you realize that the cold weather brings new rules that need to be paid attention to.

In this article I’m going to outline some cold weather trout fishing tips to use if you do head out onto your favorite river or lake (if it’s not frozen) in search of some trout. I’m going to list the 3 of the most important cold weather trout fishing tips that I have learned over the past twenty five years. Truth be told, these 3 cold weather fishing tips will come in handy when fishing for virtually any species of freshwater fish and aren’t necessarily related exclusively to our multi color friends called trout, but the point is that they are all vitally important.

  1. Ever Heard of the Moonrise? – What, you’ve never heard of the moon rise? Well now you have and you need to start using it to your advantage. Not only do most fishermen fail to realize that the moon rises and sets just like the sun, but they also fail to realize that the moon rising and setting relates directly to trout being active. During the cold weather months, trout are much less active than we are used to at other times of the year because the colder water temperatures slow down their metabolism making them feel “sluggish” (for lack of a better term). This means that you want to be on the water fishing when the trout are the most likely to be active and feeding and a great way to figure this out is by being on the water fishing during the hour or two that brackets the moon rising and/or setting. Just do a search for the term “moon rise” and you will be on your way!
  2. Protect Your Hands – Although this “tip” seems like a cop out and self expeditionary, it is nonetheless worth outlining. Keeping your hands warm while fishing is of the utmost importance when engaging in any form of cold weather trout fishing. There is nothing on this earth that can ruin a perfectly enjoyable fishing trip like freezing cold hands which is why protecting your hands is so important. The tip that I use is to wear a pair of fingerless gloves as “liners” and a pair of neoprene gloves over that. This way I can remove the neoprene gloves when I need my fingers and when I don’t need the use of my fingers, my hands stay warm and dry from the neoprene.
  3. Slow Down! – Downsizing and slowing down your presentation is extremely important when fishing in cold weather. When trout fishing in cold weather I prefer to use small live baits such as meal worms or maggots rather than night crawlers or very small trout lures that are retrieved very slowly. Slowing down your presentation is extremely important when fishing for any species of fish in cold weather.

The next time that you head out in search of trout in cold weather, add one or all of these tips to your repertoire. If you do, you will experience much more success, I promise you.

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3 Ways to Earn an Income While Homeschooling

More and more parents these days are turning to homeschooling as a way of educating their children. A lot of these parents feel that public schools are overrun with students, causing their child not to get the attention they need for a proper education. Some feel that bad habits are picked up in public schools and there is also the growing violence found there.

Although some of these parents thinking about homeschooling may think their little tikes might get a better education in private schools, they also think that private schools are way to expensive. Taking all of these negatives of public schools and private schools into consideration homeschooling seems the only logical avenue.

But choosing to homeschool doesn’t mean you are going to come away with no expenses. In fact it may be more expensive then you think. You have the cost of the homeschool curriculum, textbooks, lessons and other things to think about. Plus take into consideration the fact that the parent doing the homeschooling may not be able to bring in an income because of the homeschooling duties, homeschooling becomes even more expensive.

However, there are some ways that a homeschooling parent can homeschool and bring in an income making homeschooling worthwhile and profitable. Here are some ideas.

Homeschooling Other Children For Pay
While you’re homeschooling your children way not find out if other parents would like to have their children homeschooled but either don’t have the time or the knowledge to do so. You can then offer to homeschool their kids for a price, You want to find out the laws regarding this in your area and you don’t want to have to many children where like the public schools you can’t give some individual attention.

Teach Other Parents How To Homeschool Their Children
Some parents may want to homeschool their kids but may not how to get started. You as an experience homeschooler can teach them what they need to know for a price. After all you are providing a service and should be paid for it.

Sell Your Homeschool Lessons As Information Products
You can take the lesson you are teaching to your children and sell them online as information products. There are a lot of parents that would find information from your experience very useful.

These are just a few ways you can make money while you are homeschooling. Hopefully this has jump started your own thought processes and you can come up with some others.

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3 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Blogging has become quite popular nowadays. The purpose of a blog previously has been recreational and subsequently to making money. Eventually, blogging is turning to be a career with people now making a full time living from blogging. The practice of blogging as such is becoming more important and integral both from a marketing and advertising angle and career wise.

So how can you maximize your earning potential from your blog? This is by bringing traffic to your blog so as to increase its money making abilities. But the question here is how do you drive traffic to your blog? How do make them keep browsing and often visiting this site?

The initial step towards this is to establish your blog. After you are sure you are having followers and increasing readership, advertise your blog on Craig-list and eBay. This you do by putting it in the classified ad part of both these services. It is free on Craig-List and at a cost on E-bay. E-Bay charges you just $9.95 a month. The two are the worlds leading online market places and anyone shopping there will have a chance of getting a glimpse of your blog. If someone visits, you can always give a way some freebies in words and talk about how great and informative your blog is.

Through article marketing you will attract immense traffic to your blog. Article marketing is one way of producing great results. It involves writing emphatically on the subject your blog specializes on. Always leave the link to your blog every time you write an article. If you don’t know where to do article writing, search on the net. Write articles which adds panache to the subject you discuss on your blog. The link will bring traffic on the blog as people follow up on the subject.

If you join Yahoo answers, you have a shot at gaining some traffic. Questions asked on Yahoo answers are ranked on Google or yahoo front page. If you provide good answers your blog will get relevant exposure leading to traffic.

All you need to do is just do this and get your results. However, there are hordes of ways to generate traffic on your website. However, these three offers the most easy, fast and efficient ways to attract and direct traffic to your blog.

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3 Ways to Decorate with Lipstick on Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to decorate the home with leftover lipstick you won’t be wearing! Lipstick samples and colors that did not work out for you are a great source of free craft material to us eon Valentine’s Day on so many surfaces in your home.

To clean the lipstick of the surface sin your home simply spray on some Windex or window cleaner and wipe away with a paper towel!

Valentine’s Day Lipstick Craft #1: Mirrors

Of course we have all seen lipstick on mirror, it simply works great! Choose three shades of pink and red lipsticks you will not be using for this simple craft. Use one color to create a frame on you bathroom mirror or front hall mirror.

Start in one corner and make a squiggle line around the frame to create a frame. Take a second color and start adding hearts. Make larger hearts around he frame in every other dip of the squiggles. In the remaining in squiggles use a third color and fill in with tiny hearts!

This is so cute and these are something rather romantic about lipstick on mirrors.

Valentine’s Day Lipstick Craft #2: Window Art

If you do not want to write on yoru mirrors, then try decorating windows with lipstick. Lipstick designs of hearts allow the sun to shine through them and create something of a stained glass look.

Try having the kids draw hearts and designs in every other pane of a window. This creates a pattern on the window, plus the colors will look great with the sun shining through.

If you do not want to draw directly on the glass., then try covering the window with a sheet of plastic. The kids can draw on the sheets of saran wrap with any Valentine’s messages and designs they want.

Pull the plastic wrap off and the clean up is finshed.

Valentine’s Day Lipstick Craft #3: Table Runner

Take a floor length mirror and lay it out on the dinner table, right in the middle like a table runner. You can write messages on the glass of the mirror. This is a fun way to decorate the dinner table for Valentine’s Day.

If it is dinner for two, then use a smaller mirror.

Now load the mirror up with candles so you can easily read and see the lipstick messages! This is so cute and a totally unexpected Valentine’s design on the dinner table!

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3 Ways to Green Your Cat

There are many environmentalists who love cats – whether they have one, two, or a dozen! There are many simple and affordable ways you can green your cat and have your cat living an eco-friendly lifestyle just like his or her human companion.

1. Toilet Training or Greener Litter Options?
One way to really green your cat is to toilet train your feline friend. Toilet training may take some time, but in the end, it will save you a lot of money – that would normally have been spent on litter, and waste less than litter. However, if you don’t think toilet training your cat is the best option, consider some greener litter options to green your cat. There are a number of green litter options for your cat companions, some of which are made from natural products, biodegradable, and flushable, such as Elegant Cat Litter.

2. Organic Cat Food or Homemade Cat Food?
Organic cat food and homemade (preferably organic) cat food are both great ways to help green your cat. Feeding your cat an organic diet of either prepackaged cat food, homemade cat food, or a mix of both are an excellent way to green your cat. Organic food is not only good for the environment, but also for human and feline bodies, as it doesn’t contain pesticides and unnatural ingredients. More and more organic cat foods keep popping up on the shelves, as does organic foods, so you should have no problem easily feeding your cat organic, eco-friendly food.

3. Spay or Neuter?
There are innumerable cats without homes and millions of cats who need homes, as well, and the only way to overcome this sad fact is to spay and neuter our feline friends. Spaying and neutering is a great way to green your cat, as well, since feral cats can be damaging to a community’s environments, if people don’t spay and neuter their own feline friends, as well, as the many homeless feline friends. Trap Neuter Return (TNR) is an increasingly popular method to reduce the feral feline population that is much more humane than euthanasia, that many organizations and individuals are promoting and participating in.

Read here for ways to green your dog, and read more of my green articles here!

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3 Ways to Encourage Inside Cats to Exercise More

Outside cats can roam free and often get plenty of exercise throughout the day. Climbing trees and chasing after pigeons keeps them occupied as well as fit and healthy. But if you own a strictly inside cat, it can be more of a challenge to encourage your furry friend to get up off the couch or her cat bed in order to get some much-needed exercise. However, just a few adjustments to your cat’s usual routine is all that is required to help your pet lose weight and feel better physically.

Make Fluffy Find Her Food!

Inside cats are used to getting up from their sixth cat nap of the morning and strolling over to the food bowl and having a snack whenever they are hungry. But if Fluffy has to work to find her food, she will not only appreciate her food more; she will also receive more exercise.

So instead of always placing the food bowl in the same location, perch it up high in the loft or place it at the top of her scratching post. Some pet owners also hide their pet’s food inside a toy and then watch as kitty finds her food.

Play indoor games

Indoor cats can easily become bored with the same routine day in and day out. Bored cats usually pass their time by sleeping and eating more than their outside counterparts, which is one reason why many inside cats gradually start to pack on the pounds. Before you know it, you are facing a telling off from the vet about how obese your cat has become since her last check-up. Believe me, I know!

The last time I took my cats to see the vet, he did not mince his words at all as he performed a health examination on my cats. He stated that my older cat was obese and needed to be put on a high protein, low-carbohydrate diet (also known as the catkin’s diet) to help bring his weight back down.

Don’t Use Food as a Reward

Many cat owners (myself included!) have allowed bad habits to creep in and will use food as a reward. Rather than always using food as a reward, feature in extra playtime, 1-1 cuddle time together and toys to treat kitty after she has obeyed your command or come when you called her name. Many cats seek the love and approval of their owners and will gladly accept this in place of extra food.

Do not let your inside cat turn into a pudgy ball of fur that can barely haul her weight up off the couch to walk over to the food bowl. Turn her routine around by encouraging more activity, which will help your cat turn into the trim, healthy cat she once was.

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3 Ways to Effective Home Maintenance Record-Keeping

The key to cost-saving home maintenance is documentation. So often, homeowners believe that maintenance on their home or its contents ends when the work is completed. However, this way of thinking can prove expensive in upcoming months or years. Follow-ups are just as important as the maintenance itself. Take a simple remodeling job for example. Many times, homeowners will conduct some cosmetic maintenance by painting or wallpapering various rooms. Usually, once the work is done, the paint can or wall covering information is discarded, leaving no warranty information to refer to if problems, such as peeling or fading, occur in later months.

More costly mistakes occur with home repairs. For instance, a home’s furnace is often taken for granted until something goes wrong. In most cases, the high-priced problem could have been prevented if regularly scheduled cleaning and maintenance were conducted and documented over the years. Whether it’s painting a room in the house, repairing a clothes dryer or building an addition to the home, in order for the work to be efficiently and cost-effectively performed and maintained, record keeping is essential.

There are three ways that lead to comprehensive home maintenance documentation: a home maintenance journal, a household inventory checklist and a file box.

1. HOME MAINTENANCE JOURNAL. For easy reference, divide your journal into five separate parts. A 5-subject notebook is ideal and inexpensive for this type of record keeping. In the first part of your journal, list any maintenance done on the house, both inside and out. Include dates, names and contact information of contractors who performed the work or service and materials used. This information will prove beneficial if there are problems with the performed work or as a guide for how long the condition of the maintenance work lasted.

In the second part of the journal, record repairs or purchases of appliances. List the purchase or repair date, store, brand, model number and manufacturer information. Staple the warranty information to the page for easy access and reference. By documenting this information, you’ll learn the performance of a particular model and have documentation to supplement any warranties. You’ll also be able to determine whether past repair work on an appliance is worth future repairs compared to purchasing new.

The third section should include remodeling work, whether on your home or its furnishings. For instance, if you decide to remodel the kitchen with new cabinets, write the month and year the work was done, the work performed, what materials were used and the cost. Attach any product warranties or owner’s manuals. In addition, jot down in the diary the decorating history for the house, including the name of the manufacturer and the reference numbers for vinyl or aluminum siding, wall coverings and paint. This information is valuable if you need to do touch-up work and have to match colors or materials.

In the fourth section of your home maintenance journal, develop a cleaning and maintenance schedule for your home and appliances. A regular home maintenance schedule is a significant way to extend the life of your household equipment and eliminate unnecessary repairs bills because of maintenance neglect. For instance, a furnace should be cleaned twice a year, so your journal should include the months the cleaning should take place, the company that performs the work, any other service that was performed during the visit and the last time the furnace was cleaned or required maintenance work.

In the final section of your journal, create a list of contact information for service and maintenance contacts. The list should include the names, addresses and phone numbers of your plumber, electrician, painter, pool service company, landscaper, etc.

2. HOUSEHOLD INVENTORY CHECKLIST. Many people avoid home inventory lists because of the time involved. But the checklist, whether written, photographed or videotaped, proves valuable in the event your home’s contents need to be replaced after a fire, storm, or robbery. At the time of a loss, your insurance company needs to know exactly what items need to be replaced. In order to provide accurate information and to receive a replacement of like cost, a household inventory checklist is essential. Some insurance companies provide their customers with a booklet to complete. Just as beneficial are photos (digital photos saved to a CD work well, too) or a video/DVD of each room from various angles. Be sure to take close-up shots of computers, appliances, jewelry, and other items. Whichever recording method is used, it’s important to write down and photograph the model and serial numbers. Once your household inventory checklist is completed for each room, remember to keep it updated by adding additional items as they are purchased.

3. FILE BOX. A fireproof safe box is the perfect place to store important personal records, as well as those relating to your home. Some things to store in the file box are financial papers, birth certificates, passports, life insurance policies, bank account information, home inventory checklist, car documents and medical records.

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