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3 Ways to Decorate Plastic Storage Bins in the Home Office

Many people use plastic storage bins in their home office to keep them organized. Whether you use plastic filing drawers, plastic bins with lids, or plastic three tiered drawer systems, there are a few ways you can dress these up to look better.

If you are a crafty person trying ot get a great looking plastic storage bin for your home office or studio, then try these ideas out.

Plastic Storage Bin Decorating Idea #1: Paint

Plastic paint is an awesome solution to the dull or faded plastic storage bin. I got a little sick of seeing the same old plastic baby blue strong bins in my home, so I decided to invest in some spray on spray paint made for plastics.

Tips: You need to do this outside of course Also, do not fight the main body color of your storage bins. Try adding deigns and patterns to the bin. To do this simply use masking tape to take off th patterns you wish to create.

You can use circles of dots to create a fun polka dotted look. Once the tape is applied press it firmly on the edges ot make sure it is properly sealed.

Now, spray on a few light coats of paint. Let each one dry between coats.

Plastic Storage Bin Decorating Idea #2: Fabric Covers

If you can sew a straight line (or staple a straight line) then you can easily make cool slip on covers for your plastic storage bins. Simply make a cube of fabric (with out a bottom) and slip this on over the top of each box.

Now, here are a few tips:

First, sew if at all possible. This is the sturdiest method. Fabric glue is also a great option. You can really find awesome fabric glues today!

Finally, staples will work, but you will need ot use a light weight fabric. Staple on the inside of the fabric, like you are sewing and staple close together, and then turn inside out.

Finally, if sewing, then use a nice fabric, like a canvas fabric or upholstery fabric! This will look much richer and expensive.

Plastic Storage Bin Decorating Idea #3: Wall Paper

Take a look at the texture wall papers in your local home improvement store the next time you are there. If you are using storage bins that are flat on the sides with no texture or ribbing for handles, then you can easy apply wall paper to the outside to make them look like brick, vintage ceiling tins, or even bead board.

This will work boxes with bins that are the cube kind, not the lidded plastic bin type. Use a thick wall paper glue to adhere them. You can also use a nice super glue in the corners.

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3 Ways Parents Can Help Their Children Succeed in the Classroom

Teaching can be a rewarding career for teachers. But as with many careers, teaching doesn’t end at 3:30.p.m. when the school bell rings for the end of school. How can parents help their children succeed in the classroom?

Approach Teachers

Many parents are in such a rush in the mornings, that they drop their children off and dash off again so that they are not late for work, without so much as a greeting to their child’s teacher. Teachers know that you are busy, but if you need to mention any concerns in the morning, do not be afraid to do so.

If you are too busy to sit and chat for five minutes, contact your child’s teacher via e-mail to bring up a concern you have about your child. Staying connected with your child’s teacher can contribute to your child’s success in the classroom.

Learning is a Continuous Process

Learning is a continuous process that does not end at the end of each school day. Just because the last bell has rung for the day does not mean that your child should shut down completely until next morning. Parents should endeavour to help their children continue to learn outside of the classroom.

That means more than helping children complete their homework on time. Children can also learn about nature as they walk across the school through the park or they can learn more about measurements and volume while helping their dad bake a cake. The point is to feed your child’s mind with information, which they will soak up like a sponge, retain and put to use later on.

Train Your Child to Be Organised

Good organisational skills will stand your child in good stead throughout their school career, and right on into adulthood when they enter the workforce. Rather than lose another lunchbox, coat or school blazer, make sure you train your child early on to be organised and to keep their backpack neat and tidy. One way to do that is to label everything so that nothing goes astray. That way, your child’s teacher can spend more time teaching than in trying to locate another piece of lost property.

Parents play an integral role in their children’s school success. They should take the time to approach teachers with any concerns that they have about their children. If you are too busy to talk in the mornings, contact teachers via e-mail so that you can stay connected. Parents should also treat learning as a continuous process and take every opportunity to teach their children from the world around them. Finally, parents should train their children to hone their organisational skills by labelling all of their belongings and encouraging them to keep their backpack neat and tidy.


Yahoo! Lifestyle MAZDA MUMS, Five things teachers wish parents knew.

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3 Ways to Handle a Difficult Ebay Buyer

3 Ways to Handle a Difficult eBay Buyer

Selling on eBay is a great idea for a home based business, or side hustle. Most of the time, your buyers will comment to give you a good rating. But just as in any form of business, you will run across a difficult buyer who can make your selling experience feel like a nightmare. I sold on eBay for 5 years before, I ran into a mean buyer. To be honest, I learned more about customer service from this man, than all my good transactions put together. I learned to respond in a positive way, don’t get eBay involved, and immediately offer a refund.

Because eBay use email as its main source of communication, often what is said can be misleading. Take your time reading, give a short and simple reply, and use terms that let the buyer know you understand and is working to resolve the issue. Never send a nasty response, even if the buyer deserves it.

Even when you send a positive answer, some buyers still won’t be satisfied. eBay offers to play mediator to get the issue resolved. Getting eBay involved may sound like a good idea, but actually you should stay away from it. The reason you shouldn’t get them involved, is because they will probably side with the buyer. eBay has a buyer protection plan, that goes against sellers. I got eBay involved in my case, and they didn’t even contact me to hear my side of the story. They just ruled in favor of the buyer. An eBay rep told me the burden of proof is on the seller, so unless you have sound evidence you will most likely lose. Make a sincere effort to work it out yourself. Doing so will gain the buyers trust, and help you avoid negative feedback

If you choose to fix the problem without assistance, offer some form of refund. Start by offering a partial amount, and make a full credit your last option. Just ask the buyer to return the item, and when received issue funds right away. Look at the bigger picture; don’t let one bad apple spoil your money tree.

Tips to Satisfy Buyers

When listing items, always be truthful and give in depth descriptions. Have fast shipping; also effectively communicate with your customers. Doing these simple things will increase your eBay sales, and make you a top seller. Good luck selling!

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3 Ways to Enrich Your Life

We all want rich, meaningful lives, and in these times of powerful-and often conflicting-energies swirling around us, living the lives we desire to have is not always easy to obtain. The following practices will help you instantly change the energy within you, which will change the energy around you. Over time, the practices will change the old patterns and help you move into living a happier, more fulfilling life.

  • Move into gratitude. When life overwhelms you and you don’t know how-or if-you can take the next step, move to gratitude. Start writing, or speaking aloud, those things for which you can find even the smallest feeling of thankfulness. Maybe it’s the sunshine on your face. Maybe it’s because you have a friend who cares about you. Maybe it’s because you have a memory that makes you smile. Maybe it’s …
  • Read a note to yourself. Write down a goal you want to reach and include why reaching that goal is important to you. Post the goal and its importance where you can read it often. When the going gets tough, read aloud that goal to remind you of where you are going and why it’s important to get there. Then take one step toward that goal-now.
  • Bless the other or the situation. When another person-or a situation-starts getting to you and the tape in your head is on repeat, stop the tape of ugly negativity by simply saying, “I bless (name of the person or situation)” and then bless yourself. You may have to bless the other person through gritted teeth when you begin. Do it anyway. Eventually you will feel forgiveness and even generously toward the other.

“The Spiritual Path” newsletter; © 2013 Diana Rankin;, Nov. 2012

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3 Ways to Effectively Communicate Your Company's Policy

Employees should be thoroughly aware of you company’s rules and policies. By understanding the rules that govern the company, employees will perform in such a way that falls in-line with your professional standards. However, it is prudent to make sure all employees are well aware of your policies and the consequences associated with not regarding them. Furthermore, you should consistently take the opportunity to explain these rules when such time arises. There are 3 specific times that you should consistently explain the companies policies, so that everyone is on board. These specified times should be:

*During orientation

*During disciplinary action

*Policy revision or updates


Of course you would expect to orientate any new hires to your policies and rules. However, make sure that they are specifically aware of the standards that you expect daily. By informing them of your expectations, you are setting the foundation for a smooth start. You should go over these rules together with them in case they may have any questions. Then provide them with a copy that is signed by them, acknowledging their understanding of such rules.

Disciplinary Action

If one of your employees breaks the rules, then it may be necessary to go over the rules again. It is suggested that you retrieve the signed company, along with any other documentation while meeting with the employee. Then you should explain specifically how the rules were broken, and allow the employee to review what they signed. Communicate with them the importance of the company’s standards of conduct, and ask if they understand your expectations. Answer any questions that they may have regarding the issues.

If you must take severe measures, you may want to document the meeting. If it is necessary, you can request that the employee sign a copy of the document showing that the employee was warned. This ensures that you’ve covered all of your basis in the event that future action has to be taken.

Rule Revision or Update

You should explain any rules or policies that have been revised or updated. It is not necessary to physically meet with all employees regarding this change, if it is not needed. However, each employee should receive a copy of the revision via email, memo, or bulletin board.

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3 Ways to Ruin Your Morning

We all know what its like to have a bad. A bad day that starts from the moment you roll out of your bed. You don’t wake up to your alarm clock, your coffee is cold, and your cereal spills all over the table. One thing that goes wrong in the morning can make you moody, tired, and just plain ruin your entire day.

You go to work or school, your exhausted and hungry. Your brain is slow and your not at the top of your game. Your sore all day, fall asleep at your desk, and you wish there was a way to fix what went wrong after you left the safety of your bed.

We have all had a bad day, and they always seem to start bad. However some of the things we do every morning thinking that they make our life’s easier actually crush the mood of your entire day. Here are three reasons your morning may go sour, and three ways to prevent them from doing so.

1) Caffeine

Mary D. Eades, M.D. stated in “Doctors Complete Guide Vitamins Minerals” that “Although we think of caffeine in coffee as the “wake-me-up” chemical, chronic use of it may cause fatigue, headache, moodiness, and depression in some people.” Personally, I love coffee. So do the millions of people who use it to start their day. I love coffee not for the taste, but because it helps wake me up in the morning. But coffee and caffeine do cause a noticeable “crash” for many people later in the day.


Avoid coffee and find another alternative to wake yourself up in the morning, by doing so you may save yourself later in the day. Drink decaf coffee, less caffeine means less of a crash later. Stretching and light exercise relieves tension in your muscles the may have built up overnight and will help you feel more awake.

2) Skipping Breakfast

In today’s world it’s hard to eat breakfast in the mornings. As a result, many people simply skip breakfast altogether. By doing so you brain and body suffer. You lack the nutrition and energy required to be efficient in the early hours. You brain is slow because it uses complete proteins as fuel, and your body doesn’t have any calories to burn.


Your brain uses complete proteins as fuel, and of course your body needs a source of energy too. To get your protein in the morning you can eat meat, or a peanut butter sandwich will give you what your brain needs as well as the energy your body requires. Eating breakfast is key to starting your day. Skipping breakfast is a sure way to ruin it.

3) Alarm Clocks

The first thing that happens when most people wake up, is their alarm clock goes starts making all sorts of unpleasant noise. Waking up to an alarm clock is actually considered unhealthy. “Alarm clocks are a modern nuisance” writes Brandon Peters, M.D. The modern alarm clock is the perfect way to ruin a persons day from the very beginning. A little research shows that there are several alternatives to the conventional alarm clock.


Chime Clocks:
Old fashioned clocks that wake you with a softer sound than an alarm buzzer.

Light, Sound, and Scents:
A cutting-edge clock available from Hammacher Schlemmer combines a gradual increase in light, stimulating scents, and peaceful sounds to awaken sleepers. Thirty minutes before you set this alarm to go off, the clock turns on ambient light, that gradually brightens. As the light brightens, aromas are released. Fifteen minutes before your alarm is set, sounds of nature start playing, and slowly become louder until you turn off the alarm.

Better Bed Time Habits:
Before you go to bed make sure there are absolutely no lights on. Setting you room up at night so that you won’t be distracted by electronics, going to bed at an earlier hour, and getting a healthy pattern set everyday before laying down creates the healthiest way to wake up in the morning. Eventually you may not even need an alarm clock.

Changing just one of these habits is likely to impact the way you feel about waking up, and hopefully positively affect the rest of you day.

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3 Ways Professional Woodworkers Can Assist Customers Who Travel

If I am going to be successful as a professional woodworker, I will want to assist my customers in any way possible. This means that I have to avoid the assumption that everyone works according to a regular schedule at locations that never change. I have to find ways to accommodate the needs of those customers whose lifestyles take them to different cities. With planning, I see that there are 3 ways that a professional woodworker can assist customers who travel.

Do the Measurements Personally

Part of the emotional rewards that come with establishing a professional woodworking business lies in gaining the confidence of those customers who come back again and again. As I see it, this confidence is also associated with a way that a professional woodworker can assist customers who travel. If someone calls me from a distant city while they’re on a business trip, for example, and wants a certain woodworking project completed before they get home, what better way to assist them than to go personally to their home and, with a copy of a house key they’ve mailed me, do the required measurements for whatever cabinet doors they have in mind.

Allow Shipments to be Flexible

Another way a professional woodworker can assist customers who travel works very much like a post office that forwards mail to a safe address. If I’ve completed a woodworking project for a customer who is out of town, for example, I have the option to ship the project to a location of their choice. This location could be the home of a relative. Allowing shipments to be flexible could also mean that I would hold onto the project until my customer gets settled in a different state. No customer would want something to arrive at their new home with no one there to protect it.

Offer Driving Directions

A final way that a professional woodworker can assist customers who travel is perhaps difficult to consider at first simply because it’s so obvious. If my woodworking customers are in the habit of traveling far from their home, anyway, why shouldn’t I just offer them driving directions to my wood shop? This assists customers who travel in different ways. For example, if the customers who travel pick up the woodworking project directly, they will avoid the costs of shipping. They will also have a chance to personally witness how the items are made for some future reference. By offering driving directions through such online options as MapQuest, I am showing my customers that my business is solid. It’s not going anywhere.

In sum, there are 3 ways that a professional woodworker can assist customers who travel. All these ways are based on the good communication and trust that will hopefully exist between the woodworking business and the customers who will ultimately make it successful.

Source: personal experience

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3 Ways Your Pet Can Help Keep You Healthy

Even though you probably don’t need to be reminded how important your pet is in your life we want to show you some interesting information we found on how your pet can not only make your happy but can help keep you healthy at the same time.

Did you know your pet can help reduce your Stress – even more than people?

Research explains that just by spending time with your pet may be better than talking about your problems with a good listener (such as a good friend). Recent research demonstrated that when completing a stressful task, a person actually experiences less stress when their pet was with them in comparison to when a friend / spouse were there. One thought was that your pet does not judge you therefore they are there just because they love you.

Did you know that your pet can help you improve your mood?

It actually only takes 15 to 30 minutes with a dog or cat or watching fish swim for you to feel less worried and less stressed out. According to WebMD, during this time your body goes through physical changes that change your mood. Your level of cortisol (which is referred to as your stress hormone) is lowered and your production of serotonin (correlated with your well-being) is increased. Therefore overall this helps you lessen stress.

Did you know that your pet can help you control your Blood Pressure?

Research demonstrates that your pet can be better than drugs. Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) inhibitor drugs can help reduce blood pressure although these drugs are not as effective with helping with spikes in blood pressure which is caused by stress. Whereas in several studies it was shown that pet owners have lower blood pressure and heart rates during rest than people who do not own a pet. This was found to be true when the person was experiencing stress and when they were not.

These are just a few of the ways your pet can help your overall health although hopefully it’s a reminder on how important your pet is in your life. So remember to give your pet a big hug and tons of thanks!

Source: How Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress

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3 Ways to Use Overdubbing in Home Recordings

Overdubbing is the process of recording a sound while another sound wave is playing. In home recording, it’s a technique with many distinct applications, and it’s a mainstay of the modern home recording enthusiast’s bag of tricks. It’s something that early recording engineers were very good at, as they didn’t have many of the studio tricks of today, and can really serve to make a home recording sound great. Here are three ways to use overdubbing in your home recordings to create professional, fantastic sounding songs.

1. Correct mistakes –
The most obvious use of the overdub is to fix minor mistakes in a song. If, for example, a guitarist flubs a note, a producer can record the guitarist playing along with the original track, and then cut around the area with the mistake, and via cross fades or a direct cut, replace the “bad” section with the more perfected playing. When correcting mistakes, be sure to use the same microphones, EQ settings, mic arrangement, and amp setup, or listeners will notice that something’s amiss. With vocals, in particular, it’s important that the singer be equally far away from the microphone (and singing at the same volume) for each take of the song.

2. Strengthen vocals –
Speaking of vocals, another great use of the overdub is to double a vocal track, which adds a sort of ethereal, more strong and powerful quality to the vocals of a song. The typical way to do this is to record the vocalist singing the song twice, muting the original take while the second take is recorded. The stronger take is put farther forward in the mix, while the worse take is layered back a bit and with stronger compression applied. This can really fix a weak-sounding vocal, and is a popular overdubbing method.

3. Get a polished, professional sound by overdubbing everything
– Many studios simply overdub every instrument in a song to get a polished, professional, perfect sound. The method is fairly simple; the band records their song with a metronome, and then every instrument, starting with the drums and proceeding to the bass guitar, guitars, keyboards, and finally the vocals, re-records their instruments. This eliminates bleed, gives each performer the ability to perfect his instrument’s recorded sound, still keeps a “live” feeling for the performers, since all the instruments are in while they’re recording, and has been proven to be a very effective recording method.

Do you have experience in using overdubbing in your home recordings? Post your thoughts in our comments section below.

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3 Ways to Get Men to Do Chores: A Man’s Perspective

There are some things that women have a hard time getting us men to do and one of these things is cleaning. Women need help cleaning the house, but we men can be rather lazy when it comes to cleaning the house. A woman can tell you how to make a man help clean, but does this mean men will listen. The answer to this is more than likely no.

This is why I’m here to give the women some pointers on how to get a man to help you clean. I was one of those men at one point that did not do any of the cleaning at home. This has changed though, which is why I want to share some pointers on how to get men to help you clean.

Use a list: This may sound elementary, but it’s a good reminder of what needs to be done. This is similar to a honey to do list. The difference between the chore list and honey to do list is that a chore list is things that need to be done every day, and a honey to do list is things that need to be fixed. The chore list is a simple reminder.

The chore list should not be given to a man before he goes to work, or immediately after he gets home. Give him some time to catch a breather. Then give him the list. This will make it known that it is appreciated that he works and provides for your family. Yet, the chore list lets him know you need help too.

Make chores a competition: Men are competitive by nature. By making chores a competition it gives you and your man a chance to win a prize at the end of the week. I recommend using a money jar. Every day when a man does not complete his chore you can tell him that he has to put a dollar per chore in the jar. You have to split the chore evenly though. At the end of the week the one that did the most chores that week wins the money.

Let the men clean their favorite rooms: Men have rooms that are their favorite areas of the house. By allowing us to clean these rooms it cuts down on what you have to clean. My favorite rooms in a house are the garage, basement, and bathrooms. I like having a clean bathroom and like using chemicals, which is one way to get men to clean the bathroom.

These are some of the ways that women can have success in getting men to clean.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing

Everyone that plays an instrument of some kind, may start to feel like their playing has fallen into a rut. It is a feeling like you may not be able to progress any further in your playing than where you already are. All it takes sometimes is a little inspiration to give you the feelings you used to have when you first started playing. No matter how great of a guitar player you may think you are, there is always something new to learn. Here are a few suggestions of some things you can do to improve your guitar playing.

1. Watch your favorite guitar players live. There is always something about watching your favorite guitar players playing live. It might make you feel like picking up the guitar right away and trying something new. Watching other people play guitar could inspire you to try new riffs or experiment with new techniques. Pick up live
performances of your favorite guitar players, and make sure to pay special attention to their playing style.

2. Stop playing so much. This might sound like a contradicting statement, but playing every single day for hours at time can make the whole guitar playing experience stale. You can lose the emotions needed to play something you feel is amazing, and instead your playing may just get technical and routine. If you give yourself a break from playing for a couple days, you may find that when you do pick the guitar back up, the excitement has returned and you’re playing out of emotion again.

3. Always play with other guitarists. There’s always something to learn from other people who play guitar. You get a new perspective of playing methods and techniques when you play music with other guitarists and you may find that it improves your guitar playing as well. It’s important to share things you have both been trying with the guitar. Take turns soloing and playing rhythm. I’m sure if you pay attention to the other player, you’ll notice that both of you have your own distinct “playing personality”.

These are just a few suggestions, but I’m sure you have noticed I didn’t mention educational tips like, getting a new or another teacher, or buying books. These are all great things to do, but I feel like for more advanced guitarists, it’s not a lack of education that keeps them from improving their guitar playing, it’s a lack of emotion. These three things should inspire new emotion inside of you, and hopefully it helps you to improve.

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