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3 Ways to Spend Your Income Tax Return

Income taxes are a source of stress for families each year as they compile their paperwork, make sure they have not missed any valuable deductions and write-offs and then proceed to file their tax return with the IRS. If you will be receiving a repayment of income tax, how should you spend your money?

Dealing with Mortgage Debt

Mortgage debt is a long-term commitment which can eat up a chunk of a homeowner’s monthly income. But by putting a portion of your income tax return towards making an extra payment on the outstanding balance (put it towards principle, rather than interest) you will be able to pay down your mortgage more quickly than if you just pay the minimum amount each month. A bonus feature of making an extra mortgage payment is that you will also gradually build equity into your home over time.

Savings Plan

A savings plan is always a wise financial move, especially if you pick a reputable financial institution with a good interest rate. Supplement the savings account each month with additional payments to build up a lump sum throughout the year. Even if you can only afford to invest $50.00 each month into your savings account, that will build $600.00 over a period of 12 months, not to mention interest payments.

Additional Insurance

Are you adequately covered in case of flooding or earthquake? Natural disasters can hit at any time, but if they do, you will only benefit from homeowner’s insurance if you are adequately covered. If you have basic homeowner’s insurance, without flood or earthquake protection, your insurance company will not be able to help you if your home is ruined due to a flood or earthquake. Consider putting your income tax return towards purchasing additional insurance to help protect your assets in case you are struck by a natural disaster that you are not covered for.

There are many ways in which you can spend your income tax return. Use it to pay down mortgage debt, open a savings plan and invest into it each month or purchase additional insurance to help guard against natural disasters that you are not covered for.


5 Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund Wisely

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30 Baby Names that Mean Hope

There are so many sites and books to sift through in search of the perfect baby name for your little one. That’s way too much work for parents to be!!! I sift through all of the sites and books and put together an easy list of names for you to look through. The meaning of the name for your child is really important. Take a look at thirty names that mean hope.

1. Nassandra: This African name has a subtle difference from the name Cassandra, which makes it recognizable and unique all at the same time.

2. Hachilah: Israel is home to quite a few names that mean hope. This reminds me of the name Akeelah and the nickname Chila would be great!

3. Deene: This simple, French, baby boys name is a solid choice for parents who do not like nicknames. It has a strong and easy sound.

4. Mahaz: Spunky and unique, Mahaz is an Israeli name that really pops. It’s definitely unisex, though if used for a girl, Mae could be a cute nickname.

5. Nadyenka: This Russian name has a lot of sister options with the same meaning like Nadia and Nadine.

6. Asha: Asia is a rising name, but I like the Sanskrit, Asha, even better! It’s got great energy and is also short and to the point.

7. Laelynn: Meaning “flower of hope” in Canada, Laelynn is really cute. It fits in with the popular sounds of the day, but is still unique.

8. Charise: “Cheerful and hopeful,” are great definitions for your future baby! This French sounding name is classy and beautiful.

9. Ashia: The African version of this name adds an “i” in and I like that just as much as the Asha spelling. Both are beautiful options for baby names that mean hope.

10. Nozomi: I just adore this Japanese name! It has a lovely sound and I really think the nickname Zomi is cool.

11. Makas: A cooler Marcus, this Israeli name has a great nickname with Mak! It’s a great choice for parents who like Mark or Max, but want something more unique.

12. Raza: Who needs Rosa, when you can go with the African, Raza? It’s short, spunky and sweet!

13. Kibou: Kibou is a cute Japanese name that has a unique sound, but is easy to pronounce. It’s cool for parents who want something creative and meaningful.

14. Natia: The Polish form of Nadia, Natia is an excellent option and is recognizable, but not overly popular.

15. Espe: With Isla and Esme on the name radar, the Spanish name Espe fits right in!

16. Ashika: This Indian name is perfect for your little princess! It sounds modern and gorgeous!

17. Saki: Meaning “blossom and hope” in Japanese, Saki is short and sweet and a great cousin for the name Suki, which is becoming more popular.

18. Tikva: If you can get past the potential nickname of Tik, Tikva is a great name from Israel.

19. Raja: Raja is a great Indian name that can work for boys and girls. The nickname Raj is really great!

20. Natsuki: Natalie and Natasha are tired, but the Japanese, Natsuki, has a similar sound and a wonderful meaning.

21. Wilona: I was excited to find this name as it has a similar sound to Wilhelmina, but isn’t as long and difficult to spell. The English, Wilona, is a gorgeous choice.

22. Nadezda: The Czech Republic answer to Nadia, Nadyenka, and Nadine, Nadezda is a beautiful name. Dezi is also a really cool nickname.

23. Day: Meaning, “light and hope” in the U.S.A., Day is a short, spunky name that is definitely unisex.

24. Chislon: Another name from Israel that means “hope,” Chislon, is a cool name that fits in with the popular male names of the day.

25. Matthan: Matthew and Mateas are so yesterday. Matthan from Israel, is like Matthew and Nathan in one awesome name!

26. Ashakiran: The male version of Ashaki, Ashakiran is a really awesome name meaning “ray of hope.”

27. Kit: Greece has found the spunkiest name of all! Kit is the quintessential nickname first name!

28. Amil: This is a fantastic name for your little boy! Amil is short and has a strong and lovely sound.

29. Esperanza: Isabella and Gabriella are so over done, if you are wanting a gorgeous, frilly name, the Spanish, Esperanza is perfect!

30. Zita: Meaning, “little hope” in Spanish, Zita is a short name that packs a lot of punch!

Thanks to Nameberry and Meaning of Names for help searching for the best baby names!

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3 Year-old Boy Found Dead in Septic Tank

The body of 3 year-old Loic J.M. Rogers was found recently in a septic tank in Kalispell, Montana. Flathead County Sheriff Mike Meehan said that the boy was found less than 10 feet from the house where he was reported missing. He has also stated that an autopsy showed that the boy drowned. The manhole sized lid was closed and investigators do not believe that the boy climbed into the tank and put the lid back on himself. However, they declined to speculate how he was able to get inside.

Authorities said that they initially didn’t see anything while looking in the tank during a search effort. The boy’s body was found after draining the tank. The boy’s father told police that he took Loic to his car outside a friend’s home, told the boy to get in and returned to the house to get his sister. The father said that Lioc was gone when he returned after only a minute.

There is an ongoing criminal investigation. Meehan stated that he has not identified a primary suspect or excluded possible suspects. Lioc’s parents are separated and involved in a custody dispute. His father, Mark Rogers has kept primary custody of him and his siblings, one 4 year-old brother and a 6 year-old sister.

Meehan’s office first got a call about a missing boy two days before the Lioc was found. The father said that he looked for him with friends and neighbors for 20 minutes before calling the police. After numerous volunteers went through streets and talked to neighbors, authorities opened a possible abduction investigation and issued an Amber alert for Lioc.

Within the next 48 hours, it was becoming a national story, Meehan said. Suddenly, the foot search was pulled at the end of that time period. It shifted from a missing child search to a criminal search because nothing turned up in surrounding neighborhoods. The boy’s body was found within hours of the criminal search.

Meehan said that authorities are “exploring all possibilities with a very open mind”. Ron Weprek, Loic’s grandfather has come to authorities with a letter that the boy’s mother wrote to county officials last year. She complained that her husband, Mark Rogers frequented the Kalispell home where their son died. In the letter, she also wrote that the place was unsafe for her children. Weprek worries for his other grandchildren and insists that they should be with his daughter.

He does not believe the father’s account of Lioc’s disappearance. Weprek says that the other children who where there that night said the the boy was outside longer than what was reported. However, the sheriff insists that the investigation indicates that the other two children are no in danger.

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30 Minutes or Less, Colombiana, & the Debt Review

30 Minutes or Less had some funny bits, but it was more or less just another comedy. The whole thing seemed phoned in to me. It might be a little harsh, but I give it a 5 out of 10.

Colombiana didn’t do much better I’m afraid. I was a lot more enjoyable then 30 Minutes or less, but it suffered from bad co-stars and an unoriginal plot. I mean it was basically the same plot Conan the Barbarian, just modernized and with a girl. 6 out of 10.

Finally there was The Debt. Fairly good spy thriller with great performances by the entire cast. I took some issue with the directing and the rather lame climax though. I know they were both pretty old, but there had to be something else they could have done to make that last confrontation more watchable. 7 out of 10.

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30 Days of Night Brings Fresh Blood to Vampire Genre

30 Days of Night,a film based on a graphic novel of the same name, delivers an infusion of life into the whole vampire movie category. It effectively defies standard vampire-horror conventions, and so creates a smarter, grittier, and more terrifying vampire movie than we’ve seen in theaters for a long time.

The horror takes place in Barrow, Alaska-a town that, due its far north location, endures thirty uninterrupted days of darkness once a year. As the sun falls lower in the sky, many of the town’s inhabitants leave on vacation. The few that remain find that all communication to the outside world has been cut off, and the few routes out of town blocked. Without warning a group of fast, vicious, and smart vampires descends on the town, killing almost everyone that hadn’t left before nightfall. As the terror escalates, policeman Eben Olsen (Josh Hartnett) and his wife Stella (Melissa George) struggle to keep a small band of survivors hidden-and alive.

The situation is truly terrifying, the acting is very adequate, and the camera work and visuals for this film make it well worth the theater viewing price. What what really makes this movie breath of fresh air for horror movies this year, though, are the vampires themselves. Ladies and gentlemen, these aren’t your parents’ pale faced lovers with a couple over-sized teeth and cape. No, these vamps are much faster, fierce, and more aggressive than what we’ve seen before. Their mouths are full of fangs. They speak their own language, and their deformed faces are always soaked with the blood of their victims. And did I mention they have razor sharp talons instead of fingernails?

This movie true horror…it has a blend of suspense, psychological torment, and a decent smattering of shocking gore that works well. There are several “look away from the screen” moments, including multiple brutal decapitations, however it should be emphasized that this film doesn’t revel in torture like other popular “horror” franchises. This alone puts it a cut above those movies in my book.

I only wish that some of the acting by the supporting had been stronger, and that the very end was a bit more in keeping with the overall tone of the film. Nevertheless, 30 Days of Night is a solid horror film that breaks from the popular mold of gratuitous torture and reinvents age-old monsters. B+

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30 Daily Inspirational Quotes to Maximize Your Potential

Quote for day 1:

“Think like an employee and you’ll always be an employee… Think like you’re the boss and one day you will be the boss.”

-S.K. Gibson

Explanation: For you to interpret; My interpretation is that when you think thoughts that are focused for the good of the company, group, or team instead of having thoughts or decisions made based on how you feel or for your own personal gain, only then will you rise among the ranks and stand out among the competition to be the best. Put yourself last and you shall be first. Those who think about only themselves do all the thinking so no one else needs to think about them!

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30 Business Opportunities and Ideas

It is more than likely that at one time or another you have thought about starting a business but where do you start? Normally you start with a business idea or opportunity and then work from there but what if you don’t know what you want to do?

Well, if you don’t know what you want to do then read the following articles, hopefully you will get some inspiration along the way and who knows maybe even find a business idea or opportunity that suits you down to the ground.

Business Ideas and Opportunities

1. Open/start a florists–flower shop.

2. Start a tutoring business.

3. Start a car washing/car cleaning business.

4. Start a pawnbrokers

5. Start a shoe shop or perhaps even a cobblers.

6. Start a clothing shop.

7. Start a mobile phone shop.

8. Start a handyman business.

9. Start an advertising company–business

10. Start a maid/butler service–business

11. Start a personal shopper business.

12. Start a toyshop or toy store.

13. Start a second hand shop or store

14. Start an electrical shop or store.

15. Start a travel agents.

16. Start a hair salon for men, women or both.

17. Start a beauty salon.

18. Start a tanning salon or a mobile tanning business.

19. Start a pet sitting service–business

20. Start an interior design business.

21. Start a gardening/maintenance service–business

22. Start your own gardening centre–garden nursery.

23. Start your own children’s nursery or playschool.

24. Start your own buildings merchants

25. Start your own building/property renovation company.

26. Start your own travel agents.

27. Start your own courier service–business

28. Start your own nursing home.

29. Start your own takeaway.

30. Start your own restaurant

Reading through these business ideas and business opportunities has probably got your brain and thinking juices flowing. Remember that you don’t have to start any old business, you could always try starting a business that perhaps is new to the market, perhaps an idea from abroad, a franchise or even a home based business – the options and choices really are limitless.


1. Ensure that you do your research, your research should cover if there is a market for your product, service and type of business, who your potential customers/target audience/market is, where they are and how they will buy.

2. You must ideally create a business plan, especially if you are aiming to raise finance for your new venture. The business plan will determine if your business is viable and if it has the potential to be viable in the near future.

AND FINALLY the biggest tip I can give you is that when you are starting your own business or company please surround yourself by family, friends, optimists and loved ones as there will be many challenges and hurdles in the near and distant future and honestly who wants to face these on their own.

Good luck with whatever you choose or decide to do I wish you every success.

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