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30 Free Crochet Patterns for Barbie Doll Clothes

We all remember as young girls how much we loved playing with our Barbie dolls and how much fun we had dressing them up. Barbie is still one of the most loved fashion dolls and her popularity has not changed with time. Here you will find 30 free crochet patterns for Barbie doll clothes such as dresses, sweaters, coats, hats for you to make for your favorite little girl to dress up her Barbie in.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #1

This free Barbie doll clothes crochet pattern is for a beautiful ballet dress with ruffles for the tutu.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #2

Another free crochet pattern for any Barbie doll is a beautiful elegant black velvet dress.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #3

This website has a free Barbie doll clothes pattern for a beautiful red Christmas cape which would go beautiful with any Christmas dress.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #4

I love this free Barbie doll clothes crochet pattern for a 1970’s winter coat and hat ensemble. Would make a really nice Christmas gift to make for your favorite little girl.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #5

This website has a free crochet pattern for Barbie of a strapless summer dress and shawl in pink.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #6

Every Barbie doll has to have your very own wedding dress and veil. This free crochet pattern is beautiful.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #7

This website has a beautiful sun dress and headband crochet pattern for Barbie.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #8

On this website you will find a crochet pattern for a bedspread and pillows for Barbie’s bedroom.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #9

This free crochet pattern is for a purse for Barbie. You can make up in different colors to coordinate with all of Barbie’s outfits.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #10

This website has a free crochet pattern for Barbie of the cutest bikini top and bottom to hit the beach in.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #11

This website has a free crochet pattern for a summer tie halter top that ties around Barbie’s neck.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #12

This websites has a beautiful pattern for a Barbie jean jacket that is crocheted made out of blue denim colored yarn.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #13

On this website you will find a free crochet pattern for a mini skirt for Barbie.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #14

This free crochet pattern is for a Easter dress and hat for Barbie. This would make a nice Easter present for a little girl’s Easter basket.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #15

On this website you will find a beautiful winter pearls dress for Barbie. It is a floor length gown, strapless that attaches around her neck that looks like a choker. This dress is absolutely gorgeous.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #16

This website has a free crochet pattern for a beautiful picnic dress for Barbie. It has ruffles on the bottom of the dress and on the sleeves.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #17

This website has a beautiful emerald dress for Barbie. It shows different photos of different ideas for using ribbon throughout the dress, I think it would pretty to add ribbon roses to this dress also.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #18

On this website you will find a beautiful rose top, long skirt, jacket and scarf for Barbie. The top is backless.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Pattern #19

This website has a great crochet pattern for a sleeping bag that any Barbie doll will fit in. You can make these in any color for a great gift for any little girl.

Barbie Clothes Crochet Patterns #20-#30

You will have to sign up with this website and verify your email address before you can view and save their free crochet doll clothes pattern for Barbie. You will find the patterns in pdf format which you can save onto your computer.
The following Barbie crochet outfits can be found her such as a patchwork cardigan sweater, doll vest and hanger, Independence dress with hat, July 4th barbecque set with apron and chef’s hat, bride and groom clothes, latana fashion dress, black and gold elegant off the shoulder dress and waitress and chef outfits for Barbie and Ken.

Hope you enjoyed this list of free crochet doll clothes patterns for Barbie

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30 Days of Night Nothing More Than a Typical Zombie Movie with Vampires

In 2002, comic creators Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith released a horror comic book called 30 Days of Night. The story became a break-out success for Niles, whose previous comic work received very little attention. Almost immediately, studios began competing for the rights to adapt the story into a film. Director David Slade (Hard Candy) was hired and Josh Hartnett (The Black Dahlia), Melissa George (Turistas), and Danny Huston (The Number 23) were cast. Despite Niles’ involvement in the screenwriting process, the film bears little resemblence to his comic, sacrificing the story’s original elements in favor of stock horror formulas.

The film is set in the town of Barrow, Alaska. For thirty days in the winter, the town is plunged into complete darkness. Sheriff Eben Oleson (Hartnett) and his wife, Stella (George) have recently separated. Stella, a fire marshall, returns to Barrow before the town shuts down for a month for an inspection. However, an accident causes her to become stranded in Barrow for the entire thirty days of night, as no planes will fly during this period. Things take a turn for the worse when a rambling psychotic appears in town (Ben Foster), claiming that “they” are coming and they will take him with them. Following the stranger’s appearance, the electricity is shut down and bodies start to turn up. A group of vampires led by Marlow (Huston) have chosen to invade Barrow during these thirty days of night and embark on a feeding frenzy.

This sounds like a pretty original premise for a vampire story, and it is. Niles came up with a great idea when he originally wrote the comic, and he added more elements to it. For example, in the comic, although there is not much focus put on the murders of the townspeople, what does get a good amount of focus is the appearance of a prominant vampire leader named Vicente. Marlow, evidently a very arrogant individual, invites Vicente for the celebration and Vicente promptly criticizes Marlow for his stupidity in risking exposure of the vampires after it took centuries for them to become myths and Vicente kills the young vampire, ordering that the town be burned to the ground to cover the tracks.

Vicente’s role is a very crucial part in the original story, so one would think it would be included in the film. Except… it’s not. In fact, Vicente doesn’t even appear in the movie. And Marlow’s character in the film bears absolutely no resemblence to his comic book counterpart — be it personality, appearance, mannerisms, or even language. The vampires on the whole are not portrayed with any sort of personality and throughout the entire film, all they do is growl and hiss and attack. In fact, the film bears a strong resemblence not to vampire movies, but zombie movies.

And ultimately, that is where 30 Days of Night fails. Instead of adapting a very original vampire story, Slade has taken the basic concept behind the graphic novel and simply put it over a classic zombie formula. Even down to the cliché character archetypes from vampire movies. In fact, if you took the characters behind this film and dropped them into an old farmhouse, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate the characters from those of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

What makes this film even more infuriating is that Slade had ample opportunity in the hundred and thirteen minute run time. But rather than using this time to make a faithful adaptation, he chose to insert a cliché story about the Olesons’ marriage troubles (something which had absolutely no presence in the graphic novel), as well as the stock scene where the older brother tells his younger brother to look after everyone once he’s gone. The film spends a good chunk of time giving us the background of these stock characters in the beginning at the expense of providing proper build-up to the vampires, who should be the focus. Instead, the vampires are secondary, little more than set decorations.

Given that Slade’s previous credits include the highly-original and very well-made thriller Hard Candy, I’m very disappointed in his performance with this film. Slade is capable of so much more, which leads me to believe the hand of studio interference was very present during production. Sam Raimi is a producer for the film and he seems to be making it a habit of taking original and creative stories and turning them into standard, stock Hollywood fare (just compare Ju-on to The Grudge).

In the end, it’s in your best interest to save your money. Instead of buying a ticket for this crap, pick up the original graphic novel. It may be overrated, but it’s far superior to this dreck.

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30 Days to Die International Debut

30 Days to Die is another film that will have its world premiere at the AFM. 30 Days to Die will show Sunday, November 8th at the AFM and an official poster plus trailer are both available. The film stars Marce Sheffler, Marjan Faritous, and Brendan Connor, who each must survive a masked killer on the grounds of Crystal Lake (yes, you read that right). An homage to the Friday the 13th series of films 30 Days looks dark and foreboding and might be for those out for the campy. Check out the full cast, crew, and trailer highlights below.

A short synopsis for 30 Days to Die here:

“A group of girls trapped in an institution suffer the wrath of a masked serial killer, while the film pays homage to the Friday the 13th series of films.”

Director: Griff Furst.

Writer: Marquito Sanchez, John Case, and Griff Furst.

Cast: Marc Sheffler, Marjan Faritous, Brendan Connor, Wendy Carter, and Shirly Brener.

A movie trailer for 30 Days can be found at the site listed diagonally and to the right.

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30 Cute Personal Checks to Avoid

I have never liked those cute personal checks. They are just too cute. And money should be serious. Checks should be serious . Can you imagine if the government started printing cute money with cartoon characters on it. Please!

But I am convinced there are some cute personsl checks you should avoid. Here is a list of the top 25.

  1. Three Stooges: You’re the fourth stooge if you think this won’t come back and stick you in the eye.
  2. I love Lucy: Ricky, I bounced another check!
  3. Tigger : They keep bouncing
  4. Balloon checks: Full of hot air
  5. Halloween: Want scary – try cashing this.
  6. Scooby-Doo: It’s a mystery why you even accepted this check.
  7. Snoopy: This dog won’t hunt and this check won’t cash.
  8. Unicorn: A mythical creature and a mythical check.
  9. Firefighters: Don’t get burned by this one
  10. Dental Checks: Painful to try and cash
  11. Stocks and Bonds : Now that gives me a real sense of security!
  12. Las Vegas: Take a chance on these
  13. Real Estate: The value of this check drops faster than the housing market.
  14. Country Music: Your wife leaves, your dog dies and your bank account is wiped out.
  15. Baseball: Strike Three
  16. Hockey: Hockey check? You gotta love the pun. No teeth in this check.
  17. Fishing: The ones that got away. With your bank account,
  18. Playing Cards: Accepted by Jokers everywhere.
  19. Big Lips: Kiss it goodbye
  20. Ozzy Osbourne : Now there is a financial endorsement.
  21. Bugs Bunny: What’s up doc? Not this check.
  22. Mickey Mouse: A Mickey Mouse idea that this will cash.
  23. Carousel Horses: This check goes around and around
  24. Chevy Checks: Right into bankruptcy
  25. Spiderman Checks: You got snared by this one.
  26. Charlie Brown: A real loser of a check
  27. Marilyn Monroe: A bombshell of a check.
  28. Bowling: No spare change left
  29. Golf: More holes in the bank account than a golf course
  30. Pin-ups: It’s a fantasy that there is any money in the account.

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30 Best Outkast Songs: The Greatest Songs by Outkast

Outkast is a rap duo consisting of Andre 3000 and Big Boi hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. When discussing the best rap groups of all-time you would be derelict if you didn’t include them in the discussion for the number one spot. Outkast is the answer to any rap fan that says the south has no real lyricists that southern rap is all dancing and heavy bass, please listen to any Outkast album and reconsider your stance. I chose thirty songs from which to form my list, including five from each album (not including Idlewild and six songs from ATLiens because it was hard to choose just five) and four extra songs just to round it out to an even thrity. This list of Outkast’s best songs is my opinion and naturally you may feel different and have other songs that are your personal favorites but I feel that anyone that hasn’t listened to them before will get a good overview of what Outkast is all about. So with that in mind here is my list of Outkast’s 30 greatest songs.

You may also enjoy: 20 Best Notorious B.I.G. songs and Nas Best Songs


Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik- This was my favorite Outkast song for a long time and I think now it has faded a bit since I have heard it so much but it is still so damn good. The horns that accompany the laid back beat and pure lyrical skills displayed make this one a winner.

Player’s Ball- All the players came from far and wide.

Git Up, Git Out- If you ever find yourself feeling like you’re not living up to your potential or have wasted your life this is the song for you. It features Goodie Mob along with the two members of Outkast and is seven and a half minutes of greatness.

Ain’t No Thang- Sometimes Outkast gets a bit far out there but on this track and on this album it’s straight rapping. Ain’t No Thang has a slower beat but Andre 3k and Big Boi both go hard with their flows.

Funky Ride- I’m not advocating drug use but I’m pretty sure this sounds like the most amazing thing ever while smoking. You cannot get more laid back than Funky Ride.


Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)- Look at the title and it tells you that you need to listen to this one in the car just riding around your city.

Jazzy Belle- The beat for Jazzy Belle is amazing. The woman singing la, la, la kind of haunts you throughout the track while the guys tell the tale of Jazzy Belle.

Elevators- Me and you, your momma and your cousin too.

ATLiens- Now throw your hands in the air-er and waive em like u just don’t care-er. And if you like fish and grits everybody say oh yeah-er

Babylon- Andre’s verse talking about sex and women is just ill. They call it horny because it’s devilish.

Wheelz of Steel- I don’t really like the hook on this one all that much but the rest of the song is impeccable and I can’t leave it off the list.


Rosa Parks- This was one of my favorite songs of 1998, I was only 11 years old and getting deeper into rap music and I couldn’t hear this enough. I think the beat simply entranced me plus I wanted to learn 3000’s verse because his flow was so fast.

Synthesizer- George Clinton helps out on this track and at different parts of this song it will envelop you.

Da Art of Storytellin’ (Part 1)- The first in the series of tracks with the Storytellin’ name and this one is my favorite of the lot. Good lord the production on the Aquemini album was amazing.

Aquemini- The album’s title track and it fits the bill perfectly filled with great wordplay and a steady flowing beat.

Return of the “G”- Return of the gangsta! Thanks ta!


So Fresh, So Clean- Even after a decade I don’t know if I can think of a song that is so smooth except maybe the aforementioned Funky Ride. The beat is funky as well and everything about this song is cool.

Ms. Jackson- This was a huge hit in 2000 about baby mommas and the strain separating from your child’s mother can bring.

B.O.B.- Bombs over Baghdad is very high energy with lyrics spit so fast it’ll take you multiple listens to decipher. But do your self a favor and listen to it.

Humble Mumble- Never mind the weird Andre 3000 intro it really fits this song which just sounds alien to this world. Features Erykah Badu.

We Love Deez Hoez- I don’t know if anybody else considers this a top 5 song off of Stankonia but it’s a personal favorite of mine.

Speakerboxx/The Love Below

Roses- Carolinnnnnneeeeeee.

Ghetto Musick- Wow this song is out there but it’s so entertaining and upbeat.

The Way Your Move- This was the single for Big Boi’s Speakerboxx and features a nice instrumental, rapping, and catchy hook for you to sing along with.

A Life in the Day of Benjamin Andre- The Love Below wasn’t strictly rap, in fact it was kind of sparse throughout the CD but this track was one of them with rapping and it’s pretty much Andre going on for 5 minutes.

Bowtie- Crocodile on my feet, Fox fur on my back, bowtie around my neck, that´s why they call me the Gangsta Mack, in the Cadillac.

Extra Tracks

Benz or Beemer- Off the soundtrack of the movie New Jersey Drive. So how do you figure that Atlanta don’t be pullin’ them triggers?

Art of Storytellin’ Part 4- This is a fantastic song. Andre absolutely kills the first verse and Big Boi lays down a great one as well.

Again Remix- This is a remix of the Lenny Kravitz song with a hip hop beat and a verse from Big Boi.

Everlasting- Don’t take your food outside around your friends, unless you have enough to feed the neighborhood. Words to live by.

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3:10 To Yuma: The Western is Back

Saddle up, friends, and get ready for the ride of your lives. The Western is back, without a doubt, and everyone is getting roped in.

The remake of 3:10 to Yuma delivers a full throttle punch. In a modern day Hollywood that is full of revisited version of old classics, it is often hit or miss when it comes to striking gold in today’s box office. You should be happy to hear that 3:10 to Yuma does just that. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale play unforgettable roles in this updated version of the 1957 classic. Crowe plays the vicious outlaw Ben Wade, who strikes fear into the hearts of those who cross his path. Bale plays Dan Evens, the one legged rancher down on his luck, who volunteers to bring Crowe in. The great Peter Fonda and even Luke Wilson have roles that add to the depth of the story. It is a tail about the pursuit of cold hard cash, for Crowe’s character, it is a matter of greed and for Bale’s, a matter of need. The outlaw Ben Wade is a killer and thief by trade and would steal just for fun, while the humble Dan Evens is a struggling family man trying to save the love of his wife and the respect of his two sons.

From the opening scene, you are drawn into the lives of the characters, both good and bad. Through their journey they try to decide whether they hate or admire each other and the audience does the same. You find yourself wanting both sides to come out victorious. Full of action and suspense, close calls and narrow escapes this film keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. In the genre of Westerns it seems that each new one tries to be and instant classic and out do all that came before it. The fact that the Western as a genre dates back to the early days of motion picture making and that so many great actors have been born from them, Westerns demand a certain respect in the film industry. In this case there is call for celebration. Hands down, this film is one of the best Westerns of all time, not to mention one of the best films of 2007. If you are a fan of blazing pistols, exploding dynamite, and action in general, then this movie is a must see! Catch this one one the big screen and then pick up the DVD as soon as it’s avalible.

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.30-40 Krag Ammunition for Deer Hunting

The .30-40 Krag has been around for over 110 years. The .30-40 Krag is older than the 30-30 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, and the 7X57 Mauser. The .30-40 Krag became the first cartridge adopted by the United States military that was designed for use with smokeless powder when it replaced the 45-70 Government. Though its age and history puts the Krag into a lineup with 30-30 Winchester, 30-06 Springfield, 45-70 Government, and 7X57 Mauser, the Krag has fallen from popularity when measured against the others that are still commonly chambered. However, factory loaded ammunition for the .30-40 Krag is still available but a quick review turned up only 180 grain bullet offerings from Remington and Winchester, and no loaded 30-40 Krag Ammunition from Federal or Hornady. Reloading dies and other components are readily available from Lee, Hornady, RCBS and others for those who want to load their own .30-40 Krag ammunition.

The .30-40 Krag ammunition offered from Remington and Winchester is loaded with a 180 grain bullet. The factory loading of only the 180 grain bullet is a bit unfortunate as the weight causes a fast bullet drop beyond 200 yards. While the factory 180 grain .30-40 Krag ammunition carries over 1000 foot pounds of energy past 400 yards, the 400 yard bullet drop is about 40 inches with a 150 yard zero (per ballistics data from Handloaders using a 150 grain or 165 grain bullet should be able to flatten this out this bullet drop some without a significant loss of energy. As the .30-40 Krag uses the common .308 bullet there is a wide variety of bullets to choose from to suit almost any purpose. In any case, if you do not reload and need to use the 180 grain factory .30-40 Krag ammunition just be aware of the bullet drop. Of course due to the age of many of the .30-40 Krag rifles, regardless of whether you are using factory or handloaded .30-40 Krag ammunition, the old guns must be checked out for safety by a gunsmith competent with the rifle.

Though the .30-40 Krag has not remained as popular as some of the older military rounds, the presence of factory loaded ammunition and a common bullet size for reloading makes this a good cartridge to consider for deer hunters and others. Those who like to shoot old rifles or want to sporterize a surplus military rifle for hunting will find the .30-40 Krag a solid choice. For those who love classic guns, the great lever action Winchester 1895 was also chambered for the .30-40 Krag and can be found but often with a steep price.

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30 Words for Prince William's 30th Birthday

Prince William turns 30 on June 21. We asked contributors to send along birthday wishes, goals and suggestions — in 30 words or less.

As a search-and-rescue pilot and a British Royal, Prince William’s 30th birthday wish may very well be clear skies, a calm sea, civil relatives, and a nice cup of tea.

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30 Things You Can Reuse

Now that most of us have the hang of recycling, we can take being green (and cheap) up another notch by reusing stuff or simply not disposing of stuff before it’s worn out. Here are around 30 tips. They’re short, sweet, enlightening, and obvious at the same time.

Plastic grocery bags – reuse as trash bags, lunch bags.
Chopsticks – wooden ones can be washed and reused.
Shirts – cut into squares, hem edges, and you have napkins.
Tighty whities – wash, and use as rags.
Pickle juice – add vegetables, and you have another batch of pickles.

Rice – fry up with egg and onions for fried rice (make sure it’s not sour).
Stems from vegetables – boil into broth.
Aluminum foil – rinse it off and reuse as an outer wrapper around plastic wrap, to retain heat.
Newspaper – with paper towel, makes a sandwich wrap/container.
Ziploc bags – can be washed.

Plastic 32 oz cup – drain stopper.
Coffee grounds – fertilizer.
Leaves – compost and use as fertilizer.
Pasta sauce jars – for everything, especially storing beans.
Soap slivers – toss them into an old shampoo bottle with some water. Use as soap.

Concrete – broken up, it can be used to make a garden wall.
Jars – drink from them.
Beer bottle – fill with veg oil, punch holes in top, and you have a low-flow oil bottle.
Used frying oil – filter it through a coffee filter, store in a sauce jar in the fridge, and it can be used again a couple more times.
Used oil – make soap.

Cardboard box – windshield shade.
Cardboard box, aluminum foil, oven bag – solar oven.
Envelope – use the backs as a notepad. Tape them up and make a paper wallet.
Fast food bag – lunch bag.
Eyeglasses – reuse the frames.

Diaper – car cleaning chamois. Older ones are lint-free.
Plastic utensils – can be washed and reused until they break.
Plastic food trays (like for sandwiches) – can be washed and reused to pack more food.
Twigs and branches – hardwoods (broadleafes) can be dried out and used in the BBQ to add flavor. You can even make your own charcoal.
Dryer softener sheets – can be used 2x, and you can douse it in fabric softener and dry it out to “recharge” it.

Electronics – this is e-waste. You can’t just toss it out. Take it to an e-waste center, and they will dismantle it and sell the reusable parts. You can also give it to a technical kid to take apart for educational purposes.

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30 Snack Ideas for Toddlers

Snacks are important part of a healthy diet for busy toddlers. Before reaching for the fish shaped crackers again, try these easy and fun snacks first.

1) Bell Pepper Strips

If vegetables have no friend in your toddler, start by offering strips of the sweeter red pepper.

2) Bananas

Portable and full of potassium, you can never go wrong with a banana.

3) Black Olives

Make sure you serve at least ten- one to stick on each finger!

4) Cherries

Cherries are in season from mid- to late summer. Like bananas, they are a good source of potassium. Removing the pits is a pain, but a cherry pitting tool, which can be purchased at most stores with a kitchen utensil section, makes quick work of the job.

5) Kiwi

These fuzzy green fruits have a soft texture that is great for toddlers still getting their teeth. They are also nutritional powerhouses, with tons of fiber, Vitamin C, and potassium.

6) Better Than Cheesecake Snack

Spread a small dab of cream cheese on a graham cracker, then top with thin slices of fresh strawberries.

7) Hard Boiled Egg

Hard boiled eggs are a convenient snack because you can boil several at a time, then store in the fridge for convenience. An egg white on its own contains almost four grams of protein, and is also a good source of magnesium. Serving the yolk will provide your toddler with lutein and Vitamin A. To make the yolk of a hard boiled egg more palatable, serve it like a deviled egg. Mash the yolk, then add a touch of mayonnaise and mustard and sprinkle of black pepper before spooning it back into the boiled egg white.

8) Applesauce

Pass on the high fructose corn syrup by buying the natural variety, then flavor it yourself with a pinch each of cinnamon and real sugar.

9) Peanut Butter on Celery

A classic snack loved by many for its crunchy goodness. Stringy celery is best for older toddlers.

10) Muffins

Bake your own at home, where you can control the ingredients. Baking from scratch is surprisingly quick and easy. Substitute yogurt or applesauce for half of the oil in your recipe, or mix in a banana puree for a wet ingredient.

11) Apples

Apple slices can be a choking hazard, so make sure to peel and dice this fiber-filled fruit for younger toddlers. For older toddlers, spread peanut butter on thin slices- delicious!

12) Melon

Watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew are all delicious. Use a melon baller to make fun round shapes for older toddlers, or just cube it and serve with a toothpick and close supervision.

13) Smoothies

Blend frozen strawberries, a few ounces of vanilla yogurt, and a splash of juice into a smooth consistency. Eat it with a spoon, or thin the smoothie with a little more juice so it’s sipable.

14) Freezer Peas or Corn Kernels

Frozen veggies such as peas or corn kernels are inexpensive, quick, and perfect for little hands. Thaw by running under water, or cover with a little water and zap in the microwave for a few seconds.

15) Air Popped Popcorn

Popcorn is not appropriate for younger toddlers, but if you have an older toddler it is a great whole grain snack. Sprinkle on seasonings such as lemon pepper or cinnamon and sugar instead of salt and butter.

16) Dill Pickles

Spears or snack-sized, pickles are always a hit. Roll one up inside a slice of ham for a really yummy treat.

17) Blueberries

Blueberries are a good source of fiber and Vitamin C. Small and portable, they are great snack when you are on the go with your toddler.

18) Canned Fruit

To get the most nutritional benefit, fruit is best served in its original state. However, if you need a quick, convenient snack or are running low on fresh produce, don’t overlook canned fruit, such as pears or peaches. You can buy peaches packed in fruit juice and pears in extra light syrup, with minimal added sugar.

19) Cucumber Slices

Cucumber slices are tasty and refreshing.

20) Clementines

These small, sweet mandarin oranges are a perfect snack for toddlers because they are easy to peel, delicious, and the sections are just the right size for little hands.

21) Cheese

String cheese is fun and cubes of cheddar are the perfect size for toddler fingers.

22) Homemade Trail Mix

Store bought trail mixes may contain ingredients inappropriate for toddlers, such as nuts or raisins. Make your own at home with ingredients such as dry cereal, dried apples or banana chips, or even a few chocolate chips for a treat.

23) Bagels

Whole wheat or cinnamon raisin, large or mini, there are many bagel varieties on the market today.

24) Cherry or Grape Tomatoes

Make sure to cut these toddler-sized tomatoes in half before serving to your toddler.

25) Cottage Cheese

One half cup of cottage cheese has a whopping fourteen grams of protein. To make it more visually appealing, add in chopped pears or peaches.

26) Yogurt

Dress up a serving of plain vanilla yogurt by topping it with a little bit of granola, diced strawberry and banana, or a pinch of cake decorating sprinkles.

27) Nectarines

Nectarines are a great fruit for younger toddlers because of their soft texture.

28) Whole Grain Crackers

Many brands are now offering crackers made with whole grains. Check the label for whole wheat flour, and don’t assume that multi-grain is the same. Serve them plain, or with a dab of peanut butter or cream cheese.

29) Plums

Like nectarines, plums have a soft texture perfect for toddlers who don’t have all their teeth in yet.

30) Fruit Juice Popsicles

Make snack size popsicles by pouring your toddler’s favorite fruit juice into the compartments of an ice cube tray. Cover the tray with a sheet of plastic wrap. Once the popsicles are slushy, stick a toothpick in each compartment to serve as a toddler size popsicle stick. Once completely frozen, peel back the sheet of plastic wrap and enjoy.


Personal Experience

Nutritional Information:

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30 Original Jokes

A lifelong NRA member is walking down the street when a frantic woman runs up to him. “Some guy around the corner is walking down the street with a gun!” She cries, “Somebody do something!”

The man bolts around the corner and sees the man, who appears to be carrying a flintlock musket as he walks in the opposite direction. He tackles the man, then punches him across the cheek; knocking him out. At this time he gets a good look at the man’s face. He then voices his regret.

“What the hell – this is Charlton Heston!”


Peaceful aliens are flying through space scouting for a planet to settle on, but insist on living side by side with peaceful natives. They spot Earth from a distance and consider the prospects.

“That look’s like a nice world,” says the first.

“Forget about it,” warns the second. “Did you see what’s on the top and bottom?”

“Icecaps,” says the first. “Your right, they are Bi-polar.”


A man walks into a bar and the bartender says, “I’m sorry about that – it’s my fault.”


On another planet inhabited by humanoid slugs, crime is a big problem. The weapon of choice is a high velocity salt shooter. One criminal used such a weapon against a fleeing rival gang member.

He testified in court, “Yeah judge, I told him if he was gonna run from me, then I’d give it to him low.”

The judge then declares, “This court finds you guilty of Ass-salt!”


A Republican, a Democrat and an Independent who are stranded on a deserted island find a Genie lamp on the beach. They rub it and release the Genie.

“I will grant each of you one wish for releasing me from my prison,” the Genie announces.

The Independent steps up first, “Look Genie, I’m going crazy sitting on this island listening to these two argue all the time. My wish is just to get off this island.”

“Wish granted,” the Genie says. With a wave of his hand the Independent is hurled twenty yards off shore into the water. He swims back, and shakes his fist at the Genie.

The Republican tells the genie, “I know we’re going to get rescued, so I’d just like 10 million dollars.”

This time when the Genie waves his hand, the beach is filled with millions of sand dollars. The Republican puts his hands up to his face and shouts, “Noooooo!”

All this time the Democrat has been musing about her wish – fingers up to her chin. “I wish that you would go back to the United States and solve the homeless problem there,” she finally says.

With the asking of the last wish, the Genie bows and vanishes. A few minutes later, the Island is filled with homeless people milling about.

“I think the genie was a Republican,” the Independent states.


The six-time reigning world darts champion is in a Tavern showing off his skills, easily beating people at darts.

“There isn’t anyone in this tavern, or the world for that matter that I can’t beat at darts,” He boasts. “I gotta admit – I’m good.”

A guy sitting in the corner, partially concealed by shadows speaks up, “I know for a fact you can’t beat me at darts.”

“What!” the champion screams. “Who do you think you are? You want to put some money on it?”

“Fifty dollars!” The stranger answers. “The bet is that you can’t beat me at darts.”

“Your on!” The champion bellows.

They both put fifty dollars on a little table near the dartboard.

“Alright! Get this guy some darts,” The champion says, calmly now. “He can throw first.”

“No, I refuse to play,” The stranger pipes. He then grabs the 100 dollars and jets out of the tavern.


One booger says to the other, “Hey, is that Jim walking down the street up there?”

“No it’s snot,” replies the second.


Some guys are sweating their asses off in a Tavern. They’re wearing tank tops and shorts and the heat is still unbearable.
The first guy says, “I’m out of here. I’m going home and cranking up my AC unit.”
The second guy responds, “Don’t dude – I wouldn’t go outside. It’s Chilli.”
“Chilli, what! It’s 110 Degrees in here. How’s it going to be Chilli out there?”
“It’s being Chilli outside that makes it so hot in here,” The second guy explains.
The first guy shakes his head, thinking his friend is a nut. He walks outside and falls into a lake of beans, hamburger, tomatoes and crackers.


What did the knife say to the bread?

Answer: “Ha, take that you bastard!”


A man is taking a tour of a warehouse where a top breakfast cereal company stores some of its product. As he looks around, he learns that a lot of the cereals that are explained to be the best sellers have their boxes adorned with cartoon images or superheroes. He notices a single box of cereal that is a bit out of place. It is simply blue with a red triangular emblem containing a large S.

“What is that?” asks the man.

The manager giving him the tour explains, “That’s Superman’s Cereal.”

“That’s a good idea,” The visitor says. “I love how you just put Superman’s symbol on the box. Kids will really like it. How many boxes do you sell in a week’s time?”

“Just one,” The manager replies. “Superman picks up his box every Monday.”


What direction are you walking in if you’re walking towards Ed?

Answer: Edward


The God Apollo is walking with his Mexican buddy Jesús, and tries to get his attention, “Jesús, come and look at this.”

At that moment, Zeus comes down from the sky in the form of a lightning bolt bellowing, “What is it now Apollo?”

Apollo jumps back – startled, “Nothing Zeus, once again I am just talking to Jesús.”

Zeus is angered, “I’ve had enough of this.” Zeus waves his hand and changes the name of Jesús to Paco.


In the distant future, a foreigner comes to America on a visit. He doesn’t know much about the current President, and inquires about him to a friend.

“Well, he’s the first Afro-American to be president,” claims the friend.

“Hmmm… I could have sworn that Barack Obama was an Afro-American,” The foreigner countered. “He was elected in the year 2008. That would mean the current President is not the first black man.”

The man’s friend laughs, “The current President isn’t black – he’s white. He just happens to have a gigantic afro.”


A couple are walking town the street wearing blindfolds and finding their way with canes. After stopping in a local pub to meet some friends, they all go to a comedy club across the street and have some laughs.

On the way home, the woman complains, “I had a lot of fun tonight, but something seems to be missing in our lives.”

“Yeah,” the man agrees, “I think that last comedian was totally visual. I didn’t laugh once.”

Upon arriving in their apartment, the man draws the curtains in all the rooms before they take off their blindfolds. Their apartment is full of books and various forms of audio entertainment varying from music, to audio plays and various recordings. They have a radio, but no computer or TV.

“What should we do before we go to bed?” the man asks. “Should we read a book, or listen to some music?”

The woman breaks out in tears. “I can’t take this any more,” She sobs. “We need to start seeing other people.”


What did the Cyclops have for breakfast?

Answer: Honey bunches of goats.


Skelator asks He-Man, “So, He-Man – I understand that your one of those Obama supporters.”

“You know Skelator,” He-Man replies, “I only trust Obama as far as I can throw him.”

“So, you are an Obama supporter then,” Skelator states.


A cave man named Sailad who is the cook for his clan returns after foraging for food. He tells his wife Crixa. “Me find new food, peels like unyon – same color, but little flavor,”

Crixa want to try.” Crixa peels off a piece of the round, white vegetable her husband hands her and gobbles it up. “Crixa no like – whole clan wud starve if this only food.”

Sailad suddenly has an idea. “We cud use this to make our other food last longer – clan eat too much. Mix with meet, unyon, and crunchy grasshopper. Whole clan wud feel like they have feast.”

Later the entire clan is gathered in the cave, watching as Sailad prepares his meal. One of the cave men hunters who had gotten a little fat from Sailad’s cooking stands up and demands, “Lett uce try some Sailad.”


Rocky Balboa is at the end of the third round in a Heavyweight title fight with the abominable snowman. The snowman is slow, but seems to be immune to Rocky’s punches.

Rocky heads back to his corner and tells Micky, “I don’t know what to do Micky, I keep hitting him with my South Paw, yeti keeps coming.”


One tweeker says to the other, “Hey, I heard you came out of the closet.”

“Yeah,” the other responds, “I’m a doorknob – the cops hadn’t even left yet.”


What do you call a transgender man who has had his sex changed twice?

Answer: Redickless.


A werewolf is on a violent rampage across the countryside when he’s confronted by a vigilant, eight foot tall sasquatch.

“Your attacks against innocent peasants have come to an end werewolf!” he shouts.

The werewolf laughs, “Do you know what I am? I’m a lycanthrope, cursed with supernatural powers. I cannot be stopped with brute strength alone.”

The sasquatch then takes out a .357 magnum revolver and kills the werewolf with six silver bullets.


Apollo and Athena are searching the Sahara desert for Posideon. Several months before, they had heard a rumor that Hades had tricked Posideon into travelling there, before locking him in a cage and leaving him to bake in the hot sun. At long last, they spot a cage on top of a distant sand dune. It appears as if no one is in it.

“He’s escaped from the cage,” Athena states.

“No, he’s there ,” Apollo corrects.

As they near the cage, they see a thin, withered form of a demi-god on the sand inside. It looks as if all moisture has been baked from Posideon’s body. Apollo uses an arrow tip to open the locked door of the cage.

“I was prepared for this,” Apollo announces. He takes out a large flask he’d been carrying with him, but had never drank from.

“You had better give him the whole flask of seawater,” Athena instructs, “He looks very bad.”

Apollo pours a little seawater on Posideon’s mouth, which suddenly seems to take on life again. He pours the rest of it into Posideon’s mouth, and Posideon leaps to his feet. As he looks around, he notices his friends.

ApolloAthena; long time no sea.”


A woman comes home and tells her husband that she has gotten a boob job.

The husband is upset, “Why on Earth would you do that? You have the most naturally perfect bust anyone has ever seen!”

“I know,” the wife replies, “That’s why Hooters gave me the job.”


What does Glenn Beck say to the gay man who came out of the closet?

Answer: “What the hell are you doing in my house?”


A man and woman on a date are eating in a nice restaurant, when they notice a woman come in who seems to be upset. She goes over to a table where a man and a woman are having dinner, picks up the man’s wine and throws it in his face.

“Busted!” exclaims the man on the date, smiling at the excitement.

“I know her,” says the woman on the date. The angry woman seems to notice this, then walks over to her table and dumps her pasta dish onto her lap before storming off.

“What the hell is wrong with her?” the dating man asks his companion, helping her get some of the pasta off her dress. “Is she bi-polar?”

“No, she’s bisexual,” she answers.


What do you call 100 Terrorists parachuting into Israel?

Answer: Carpet Bombing.


What do you call a trillion raisins falling from the sky at noon?

Answer: Night.


If Uncle Sam was a fantasy role-playing character, why would he have few hit points?

Answer: Because he has only one constitution.


What do you call a man in France using an outdoor urinal?

Answer: Ur-a-peein’

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30 Days of Night: Vampires and Abandonment Issues in Alaska

Abandonment is one of the first conjured themes emulated from the gloomy imagery of 30 Days of Night, directed by David Slade, produced by Sam Raimi and written by Steve Niles. A lone man stands on the Alaskan shore watching a destitute ship entrapped by ice. Then, what could nurture abandonment more than a lack of communication? This theme burns its presence on the screen within the scene of cell phones burned and buried in the snow. Two puzzled cops, played by Josh Hartnett and Manu Bennett will viscerally experience these themes at the mercy of ruthless Vampires.

These themes only penetrate a fleeting moment within the tense, horrifically gruesome experience that is 30 Days of Night. Still, the film’s opening and closing scenes are sweeping bookends of the vast Alaskan landscape to the claustrophobic intensity of a blood soaked plot. Upon reflection, the last scene envelopes the first image of abandonment, though as a prescription for its cause. Without delving too deeply into the story and giving away its twisted closure, the scene reveals that we can never abandon our fears. For the sake of context, these are the fears of Sheriff Eben Oleson’s (Hartnett) love, Stella, played by Melissa George. In the course of the story, she comes to terms that abandonment, or running from our fears, can only be cured by embracing the fear so it vanishes. With poetic tragedy, the film captures this by, literally, showing that we don’t truly comprehend this until it has slipped through out fingers.

It might be poetic tragedy, but all courtesy of a highly literary breed of Vampires. For Stella (George) this soul draining lesson, further builds upon a genuinely strong female character. While horror films and novels often portray strong female protagonists, the gender dynamic of Eben and Stella in 30 Days of Night is refreshing. The stereotypical weakness of the female order rarely, if ever, rears its ugly head in ­­­Stella, but in some ways her stubborn strength is her weakness. A curse that plagues the women who dare to bend the clichés of gender.

With all thematic indulgences aside, 30 Days of Night builds a tense situation around an irresistible Vampire scenario. Barrow, Alaska undergoes a month of pure darkness every year, something one of the Vampires punctuates with his acknowledgment of “Why didn’t we find this sooner.” Apparently Vampires aren’t swayed by the cold either and can feast off the bitter blood that often brews in the emotional solitude of Alaska.

The film does suffer from a lull midway, as the town’s survivors stow their survival in attics and dark corners of the terrorized town. It could’ve been ideal time to develop stronger characters; those on the brink of being consumed by creatures embodying the most primal of civilization’s fears. As much as Vampires are beings that behold a genetic variation of Homo sapiens, they still lurk on our branch of the gene tree, albeit an imaginative one. In a word, it’s cannibalism, both physically and culturally; where the very blood we thrive from turns against us. The element of fear never seems to be fully confronted in these characters, giving them a cold, unnatural persona, which should be reserved for supernatural vampires. Perhaps this just a personification of the breed of people who find themselves entrapped by the enigma of Alaska.

On the up-side, 30 Days of Night rises above the personal attack seen in many Vampire films, and plays off the classic fears of an entire town being infected. The fears of disease, loveless survival and the shadow of immortality obliterating our cultural values of identity, family and citizenship. Vampires have the imposing power to drain everything civilization has constructed and completely erase it in a simple drop of blood.

This further plays off 30 Days of Night’s thematic foray into abandonment. The conflict that arises between sheriff Eben and his deputy, Billy Kitka (Bennett), when one is forced to abandon family to survive. Eben totes his moralistic tone, with bloodied axe in hand, when he finds Billy has relieved his family of the chance to survive. His act seems to euthanize his family from the bloodied screams approaching each residence of the town. Yet, Eben’s reaction reinforces that the act was only an abandonment of one’s family, where the rational of fear overrides moral obligations. The film’s lull rockets into a climatic choice, where Eben walks the walk of his moral tone, diving into the belly of the beast.

As much as these thematic ramblings may seem unwarranted if you haven’t seen the film, perhaps it will implore you to see the film with a guiding light. Perhaps, to see 30 Days of Night as more than just a clever bite into the Vampire genre. While not of a completely savvy opinion, the film doesn’t just interpret the original graphic novel by Steve Niles well, it adds its own splatter of blood to the canvas. This may come in that Niles himself contributed to the graphic novel adaptation, of which he originally pitched as a film. With this Niles had a chance to breathe new life into his characters, or rather give them new blood to be ravaged.

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3.0 Web Technolohy

With the Internet dominating the business world, the need to have an effective web 3.0 sites has increased among companies. In today’s always-on world, a company’s web site is critical to its ability to compete and succeed. Our top priority is to provide high-quality updates on web 2.0 and 3.0 solution around the world. Web 3.0 is defined as the creation of high-quality content and services produced by individuals using Web 2.0 technology as an enabling platform.

Web 3.0 Technologies (Semantic Web) Includes

1. Artificial intelligence

2. Automated reasoning

3. Cognitive architecture

4. Composite applications

5. Distributed computing

6. Knowledge representation

7. Ontology (computer science)

8. Recombinant text

9. Scalable vector graphics

10. Semantic Web

11. Semantic Wiki

12. Software agents

The Semantic Web 3.0 will bring structure to the meaningful content of Web pages, creating an environment where software agents roaming from page to page can readily carry out sophisticated tasks for users.

Web 3.0 is a place where machines can read Web pages much as we humans read them, a place where search engines and software agents can better troll the Net and find what we’re looking for. A prime example of a Web 3.0 technology is ‘natural-language search’, which refers to the ability of search engines to answer full questions such as ‘Which is the third leading software MNC in india‘.

Web 3.0 developments will be driven by a new hybrid of innovation strategies that support a new business model. In the latest models businesses will create quantum leaps because they will finally discover that fostering new method and empowering their employees by ethically compensating them for their intellectual property, makes more sense than the current business-as-usual rewards for hard work, It will finally dawn on companies to spend more money supporting the flow of methods than pouring down the drain with outrageous severance packages and counter productive levels of disparity in income.

Instead of using HTML as the basic coding language, it will rely on some new — and unnamed — language. Experts suggest it might be easier to start from scratch rather than try to change the current Web. However, this version of Web 3.0 is so theoretical that it’s practically impossible to say how it will work.

The man responsible for the World Wide Web has his own theory of what the future of the Web will be. He calls it the Semantic Web, and many Internet experts borrow heavily from his work when talking about Web 3.0. What exactly is the Semantic Web?

Keep reading to find out………..

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30 Songs Perfect for the First Dance on Your Wedding Day. What Song Will Become "YOUR" Song?

Is a wedding in your future? The list of things to do can seem endless. Have you picked out the song for your first dance yet? If your having a hard time choosing, I have put together a list of songs perfect for your first dance as a couple. Hope this helps on your special day.

1) “After All – Peter Cetera & Cher”

2) “All For Love – Brian Adams”

3) “Always – Atlantic Star”

4) “Always & Forever – Heatwave”

5) “Beautiful In My Eyes- Joshua Kadison”

6) “Breath – Faith Hill”

7) “Could I have this Dance – Anne Murray”

8) “Crazy – Kenny Rogers”

9) “Crazy For You – Madonna”

10) “Don’t Know much – Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville”

11) “Faithfully – Journey”

12) “From This Moment – Shania Twain”

13) “Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart”

14) “Heaven – Bryan Adams”

15) “I Do – 98 *”

16) “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You – Michael Jackson”

17) “I Swear – All for one”

18) “I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston”

19) “If – Bread”

20) “Just The Way You Are – Billy Joel”

21) “Just You and I – Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle”

22) “Love of A Lifetime – Firehouse”

23) “Sweet Love – Anita Baker”

24) “Take My Breath Away – Berlin”

25) “The One- Elton John”

26) “To Make You Feel My Love – Garth Brooks”

27) “Wind Beneath My Wings – Bette Midler”

28) “Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton”

29) “You & I – Eddie Rabbitt & Crystal Gayle”

30) “You Light Up My Life – Debbie Boone”

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30 Percent of Chinese Men Could Die from Smoking

China seems to be about fifty years behind America in its smoking habits, and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. The world’s most populous nation has increased its cigarette consumption to mirror the habits of American men and women during the fifties. In the 1950s, smoking was glamorous – something people did as part of social networking and enjoyment. There were no warning labels on cigarette packs during the 1950s, and no warning had been issued against them. It wasn’t until 1964 that the Surgeon General warning we’ve all come to know (smoking may be hazardous to your health) was released… but by then, it was too late. Those who were addicted, were addicted.

In 1990, however, 33% of American adults, varying in ages from thirty-five to sixty-nine died of tobacco related disease and causes. The addiction craze of the 1950s resulted in this – something that could have, ultimately, been stopped if the information against smoking had presented itself earlier.

Ultimately, this can only mean bad news for the men of China. History is repeating itself – even though the information against smoking, and the staggering numbers are out there. In 2030, it is estimated that 30% of all middle aged Chinese men will die from tobacco related disease and causes… exactly as it happened in America.

Fifty seven percent of men in China (compared to a jaw-dropping three percent of women) over the age of eighteen are heavy smokers. This means that there are 350 million smokers in the world’s most populous nation. Take the population of Russia, Germany and Japan, and you have the right number equaling the smokers in China.

The tobacco itself kills about a million people a year there, but the revenue generated by tobacco companies in China is about thirty billion a year. This goes partially to the government, and partially to keeping the poorest provinces of China afloat… this alone is all that does at times.

Not to mention that much of the country’s internal income is generated by the tobacco companies. If there was a stop put to these alarming numbers, there’s no telling how the Chinese people themselves, who depend on this source of income, would react. It’s a very strange, sobering situation – an industry that has built itself upon death is slowly destroying the population – but without it, there would be chaos.

In less than thirty years, however, there will be an epidemic number of deaths because of the tobacco industry. Something that could have been prevented.

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