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3582 - the Living Soul EP

3582? Thats it? Thats the name? What the hell?

Ok let’s break it down for those who don’t know. 3582 is a 2 man crew made up of Fat Jon and J.Rawls. People in the know may recognise the name J.Rawls due to his critically acclaimed “The Essence Of…” which dropped in Spring 2001, and through his partnership with J.Sands as the Lone Catalysts. Fat Jon may not be as familiar a name, so let me provide a little history lesson.

J.Rawls hooked up with J.Sands at the University Of Cincinatti. Whilst there they met with a certain DJ Hi-Tek. Over the course of time, Hi-Tek brought Talib Kweli into the fold, Fat Jon’s crew 5 Deez jumped on board, followed by Mood, and lo and behold the WannaBattle Crew was born.

Although its J.Rawls who has gained a reputation as an ill producer, its refreshing to see that the production duties are shared fairly equally between the duo. (Although it must be noted that the majority of Fat Jon’s production work is on shorter interludes.) This isn’t the case with the mic time though, as J.Rawls seems to have been happy in most instances to stay behind the boards and let Fat Jon handle the rhymes.

The overall feel of the album? Well its reminiscent of vintage Native Tongues, albeit with a slightly harder edge – the production throughout carries the same soulful vibe that the JB’s and Tribe have become famous for. The 82 Mix of ‘No Need To Run’ is a prime example – a funky 60’s soul break interspersed with James Brown grunts and shrieks, resulting in a track that sounds old school, and at the same time fresh and new.

Elsewhere, the laidback soul of “The Living Soul” has Fat Jon dragging up memories of starting out in the Hiphop game. An autobiography of sorts – every rapper has done one before, but in this case Fat Jon’s flow (which is reminiscient of Mos Def) blend perfectly with J.Rawls production.

Also worth checking is the beauty of ‘Empty’, where Fat Jon rhymes over a stunning acoustic track, intermingled with a haunting female vocal. The inspiration for this cut? “How it feels to be hopeless.” An emotionally charged track, and probably the standout cut on the album.

If you want something with a harder edge then check the snappy beats on ‘Bad Form’, or the 35 Mix of ‘Yesterday’, where both cuts whilst retaining the soulful feel of the album, still possess a little bit more boom-bap.

Props also have to be given to the duo on the setting out of the inlay cover – under each song title’s production credits, there’s a few lines explaining the inspiration for each track. Its a real nice idea – one that lets you instantly see where the heads where at at the time the track was made. Read the lines, check the beats and the rhymes, and you already feel that you’re getting a little bit deeper into what these guys are about. A nice touch, and one that rounds off a damn good set.

This is definitely worth picking up. The production on the album is a thing of beauty, and needs to be checked for. Its just a pity when people are slating Hiphop music in the media for its negativity, that they can’t be exposed to this first. This would soon shut them up. Thumbs up.

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3D Soccer Ball Birthday Cake DIY Project

This Soccer Ball Cake is a whimsical and new sporty twist on the sports themed cake ideas. I am always looking for fun and new cake ideas. Anyone I know can make this easy Soccer Ball cake and kids will love it because it looks like half of a Soccer Ball resting on a platter!

You can customize your three-dimensional soccer ball cake to say Happy Birthday to whomever you wish!

To Make Mini Soccer Ball Shaped Baby Shower Cakes you will need:

1 of your favorite boxed white cake mixes

1 Ovenproof bowl
1 – 2 Tub of Vanilla icing

Black fondant icing
Black and Red Tube Writing Icing (2 to 3 tubes)

Octagon cookie cutter

Click here for more ideas from Rebecca.

Bake your favorite cake mix as usual. You need to bake it in an ovenproof glass bowl or stainless steel bowl.

Of course it will take longer to bake because your cake will be thicker. Think of it like a pound cake. I like to keep a wooden bbq skewer around. You can stab it in there and keep an eye on when you cake is finished cooking.

Once the cake has cooled flip it out of the baking pans onto a large platter, carving board, or whatever you have. You really should go ahead and place this simple Mini Soccer Ball Cakes on a board or serving platter before you decorate it. You will not be able to move it once you decorate it or you will ruin it.

So, of course the real unique aspect about this cake comes in the decorating.

Now, take your 1 tub of the icing. You can use any colors like white to decorate the Soccer Ball. You may need both tubs (or more) to adequacy cover a large number Soccer Ball Cakes.

Coat the entire 3D Soccer Ball Cake with a thick coat of icing. You will need to use your spatula or butter knife to make the icing really smooth and flat.

Tip: Reserve some white icing aside for touch ups later.

Apply a second smooth coat of your butter cream or vanilla icing for an extra smooth surface.

Now, you need to buy some fondant icing mix at your local cake-decorating store. Color it black with food dye. Be sure to follow the specific directions on your fondant-icing box, they may vary between products.

Now, use a rolling pin to roll out your fondant to 1/8-inch thickness. You will want to use an octagon shaped cookie cutter to cut out the black octagons you find on soccer balls.

Use toothpicks to mark out where you want to place the black octagons.

Now, once they are in place you can use another color of writing icing in a tube to write “Happy Birthday!”

This would also be a great party cake for an end of the season soccer party! You can write congratulations or anything else you want on the soccer ball cake.

Click here for more ideas from Rebecca.

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3D Image Displays with No-Touch Controls

Researchers under the lead of Wolfgang Schlaak at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications, Heinrich-Hertz-Institute HHI, in Berlin, Germany, have developed a 3-D image display that can be moved and rotated without touching a button or a screen control. There is no keyboard or mouse involved. The simple pointing with the finger is sufficient. The prototype of this invention, which is aimed for use primarily in the sterile environment of operating rooms, will be presented at the Medica 2007, in Duesseldorf Germany.

It sounds much like a holographic image a la Star Trek. A three-dimensional picture floats in front of the users eyes. And like magic, simply by pointing a finger, the image can be rotated around. There is no actual push-button control, keyboard, mouse, or touch-screen involved. The user merely points with the finger and ‘touches’ buttons on the image display floating in front of him or her. The image rotates as indicated by the movement of the user’s fingers.

Yes, it sounds futuristic, yet it has become a reality thanks to the scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Telecommunications. A display projects the three-dimensional image. Above this display, the scientists installed two cameras. The cameras record the movements of the user’s fingers, each from a different angle. The image-projecting display also contains a camera. This camera scans the user’s eyes and face. All three cameras record at a speed of one hundred frames per minute. Image processing software identifies the exact position of the user’s fingers, head, and eye-focus. Based on this analysis stereoscopic images are developed, one for each eye. The system adapts to any head, eye, of finger movement by the user, and displays the images accordingly. Even if the user moves around, he or she will always be able to see a high-quality 3-D image.

The no-touch user-interface feature of the 3-D display is of significance in a medical setting, particularly an operating room, where a sterile environment is of utmost importance. The physicians can move around and for example perform a surgery, while the image of the organs they are working on floats above them. If a different view is needed, the physician doesn’t have to compromise sterility by touching a user-interface. He or she will simply point with a finger to rotate the image.

The three-dimensional display used by the scientists is much cheaper than regular 3-D screens. According to Schlaak, this fact would make the “gesture-controlled 3-D display an affordable option even for smaller medical practices.” The scientists believe the system will be ready to be commercialized with about a year.

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3-Year-Old Birthday Party -- Help with the Present

Yesterday, I took my three-year-old daughter to a friend’s birthday party. They know each other from the nursery at church. On the drive there, I talked through the birthday party concept with her:

“At the birthday party, who will open the presents?”

“What?” [She consistently says “what” instead of “who.” She is an excellent speaker – very articulate for her age – but the word “who” still eludes her for some reason.]

“Jennifer.” [her friend – I am using a pseudonym for her]

I paused to let the implied message sink in: Even though there will be lots of attractive presents at the party, you and the other guests cannot open them. The birthday girl gets them all.

This past Christmas, it was hard for my three-year-old to resist opening her eight-month-old sister’s presents, so I thought this point needed some emphasis.

Then I continued: “Do you think there will be a birthday cake there?”


“Who gets to blow out the candles on the birthday cake?”

“What?” [Who?]

“Jennifer. Because it’s her birthday.”

“When it’s my birthday I get to blow out the candles.”

“That’s right.” Her birthday was only a few weeks ago, and she remembers it well.

I dropped her off at the birthday party, gift in hand, and told Jennifer’s mother to call me if there were any issues (my daughter is fully potty trained, but once in a great while we have an accident).

When I arrived to pick her up an hour and a half later, I found my daughter and her friends having a great time. Jennifer’s mother told me that my daughter had behaved very well, which is always nice to hear. She really is a good girl.

In fact, Jennifer’s mother said that she and her husband had been watching my daughter and asking, Why can’t Jennifer behave like that? Of course, children tend to misbehave more at home, where they are comfortable.

On the drive home, I asked my daughter, “How was the party?” I was expecting stories of games, presents, etc.

Her answer: “I showed Jennifer how to open her present.”

I had to laugh. Oh, well. It was a good present. Everyone had a good time. Jennifer’s mother complimented my daughter’s behavior. You can’t have a more successful birthday party than that.

[written 22 Feb 2009]

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3rd Down Play Seals Beaver's Fate

Oregon’s 37-33 win over Oregon State will send the Ducks to their first Rose Bowl appearance since 1994. OSU could not figure out a solution for Oregon’s option play all night. On 4th and 2 with the Civil War and Rose Bowl on the line Jeremiah Masoli once again brought the defense towards him and at the last second pitched the ball on the outside to Kenjon Barner for 5 yards. It was the play before 4th down that allowed Oregon to put the final nail in the coffin. On 3rd and 16 the OSU defense had LaMichael James stacked behind the line of scrimmage for a lost. Somehow James broke a few tackles and ended up with a 14-yard gain. If the Beavers would have held onto James Oregon would have been forced to kick a field goal and OSU would have had the chance to tie the game with 1:43 left on the clock. The bottom line is when the Ducks needed to make big plays they were able to convert. On their final drive of the game the Ducks converted two 4th downs and they finished the game 3/3 on 4th down.

This Civil War featured two very good offenses and key players for both teams had monster games. QB Sean Canfield was 24/36, threw for 306 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 INT’s. Jeremiah Masoli was successful on the ground and through the air. Masoli finished the game with 201 passing yards, 40 rushing yards and 1 TD. Other than a great passing performance by Canfield it was another Rodgers production for the Beavers offensively. Jacquizz Rodgers had 16 carries for 64 yards and 7 catches for 73 yards. WR James Rodgers finished the game with 10 receptions for 139 yards and 1 TD. Coming into this game OSU knew they had to contain Oregon RB La Michael James and they were not able to do it. James ran for 166 yards and 3 TD’s. In most big games there is always a player that steps up and goes beyond what is expected of him. Oregon WR Jeff Maehl never had more than 66 yards receiving the entire season until he finished with 114 yards against Arizona. Maehl surpassed that mark tonight with 6 catches for 138 yards and 1 TD. Jeff saved his best performance for a Civil War with Rose Bowl implications.

In his first season Chip Kelly has lead his team to the Rose Bowl and that is a very gigantic accomplishment for any first year coach. Oregon is the first team other than USC to go to the Rose Bowl since Washington State lost to Oklahoma 34-14 in 2003. The last time Oregon met Ohio State in the Rose Bowl was in 1958 when the Buckeyes got past the Ducks 10-7. A 14-0 victory over Pennsylvania in 1917 was the last time Oregon won the Rose Bowl. Ohio State will have just under a month to devise a scheme to slow down the Ducks potent offense. Boise State has been the only team all season that had an answer for Oregon.

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3DTV Struggling to Maintain Foothold

COMMENTARY| Not so very long ago, 3DTV was the future of home entertainment. New higher priced sets were featured at electronic shows and retail floors across the globe. However, things have changed in the world of home electronics, and 3DTV is proving to be the fad that many believed it was.

According to IT Pro Portal, 3DTV’s took up the bulk of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show only to be replaced by 4K ultra-high-definition sets in 2013. The 3D revolution seems to be drawing to an uninspiring end, which reflects the high cost and awkward glasses that came along with it. One of the biggest problems with 3DTV in the home was the lack of available programming, and that particular scenario is only getting worse.

One of the coolest things to watch in 3D is sports, and ESPN is closing down its 3D dedicated channel, according to The Wrap, due to limited appeal. ESPN3D was available on a variety of cable providers, but will be gone by the end of the year. It would seem that sports in 3D did not have enough of a demand to get folks to run out and purchase all of the gear needed to make viewing possible.

As if losing a dedicated 3D channel was not bad enough, word is that FIFA is considering dropping the 3D broadcast for the 2014 World Cup, according to The Hollywood Reporter. For 3D technology losing the most watched sporting event in the world would be all but the final blow.

Programming is a major issue for 3D home entertainment, but convenience is also a bit of a lost cause for the technology. In addition to a 3D capable television, consumers had to have a pair of glasses available for anyone that wanted to enjoy the show. When those glasses came with a price tag of $100 or more, the appeal of the technology took a major step backward.

3D will be likely be going the way of the laser disc by limping into obscurity. Sure some viewers will keep the 3D Blu-rays and players around for the short-term, but eventually that equipment will become more nostalgic than useful especially as programming options continue to dry up and users have to turn to their Blu-ray stockpile. In the end, it looks like traditional HDTV will give way to something new, but whether that is the newer (an much more expensive) 4KTV remains to be seen.

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