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3D Movie Health Concerns

3-D (three dimensional) films have been around in some way since 1890 but haven’t been very popular up until recently. Even televisions are now producing 3D sets to make the picture more real. There are also glasses to enhance the viewing that look more like reading glasses than the traditional plastic blue and red ones. There have been many instances reported of adverse health effects associated with watching a three-dimensional movie.



Nausea (motion sickness)



The way 3D movies are made are on assumptions of how our brains view depth perception. Many individuals walk around without perfect eyesight or depth perception. I for one know that my contact prescription isn’t strong enough but I will soon be getting Lasik surgery so I plan to live with it until June. The imbalance in someone’s brain and eye development compared to the way a 3D movie mimics it are what cause the headaches.

Nausea can be causes similarly by problems with eyesight. Also, individuals who normally get sea-sick on a boat or merry-go-round will have an increased chance of getting nauseous from a 3D movie. I can’t even sit on a swing that’s barely moving without getting nauseous so I’ve almost never watched a whole 3D movie with the glasses on.

Dizziness can be a result of the headache and nausea disorienting your body. This will cause you to be disoriented, dizzy, and imbalanced when mobile.

Seizures have even been reported from 3D movies. On I recently read the story of a woman who had not had a seizure in years and medication was largely to thank. After seeing the new 3D film Avatar she had a seizure when she began to drive. Just 10 minutes later on the highway instead of the initial speed she was going would have cost her life.

I went and saw the film Avatar last Thursday at the Stevens Point University Center. I got a little nauseous due to the effects and due to the film. (I did not like it.) I got a little nauseous at times and left with a small headache but nothing too extreme. I tried to get into the movie as much as possible so I wasn’t getting the improper depth
perception from looking around and then back to the screen. Unfortunately the movie did not keep my interest very well so I looked away a few times probably resulting in my minor headache.

Doctors recommend getting your eyes checked regularly to avoid these various problems. Also avoid these type of films if you get easily motion sick or trying a motion sickness patch or medication before viewing. The patch does wonders if you’re going to a roller coaster park for the day so I’d put one on before the film.

Information found on,, and based on personal experience.

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3D TV: You Either Hate It or Love It

The first one you can understand the reasons why. It costs money to provide content and you might actually have to do something new instead of remaking old material over and over. The second is hard to understand because the TV manufacturers are the one’s that started the new 3D craze.

I have been involved with 3D for over 60 years in front of the camera and now behind it which makes me somewhat of an expert on it. The same main problem that has faced 3D in the cinema in the 1920’s that it faced in the 50’s and is still being faced today, the glasses.

You can use passive or active shutter glasses to view the project. Passive being what you wear in a theater and active shutter in the home.

No matter which you wear they are pain to wear, They steam up on you and if you wear prescription glasses nearly impossible to deal with.

Two years ago while attending the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas all that was talked about was the introduction of 3D to TV. This has been something that has been played with since the 1950’s and has always failed for the same reason, glasses.

It was thought that the introduction of the 3D TV set would help to prop up a sagging market. Wrong in two cases, first being no product to show on the sets and second, once again the glasses.

Having attended many conferences on 3D in the last two years the battles has been, give us the shows in 3D and we will build the sets or give us the sets and we will make the 3D shows. Like in politics there has seems to be no middle ground.

Last year 3D was backed off on at CES in favor of net connected TV, unfortunately the genie had been let out of the bottle and 3D started to catch on in gaming and motion pictures and sporting events. Just enough to wet the appetite and no more.

Seems that the only thing that the set manufactures and the content providers can agree on is that the 3D experience is what’s most important not the amount of programming available to be seen. In other words if they had been here and in charge of TV manufacturing in the 40’s or in charge of production of content there would have been no TV till Masterpiece Theater had been created.

Just a few weeks ago while in an store I heard a potential buyer turn down the 3D set that was on display for two reasons. One he could not justify spending $3,000 for a set that there was virtually no programming for or with five kids spend the money for the glasses needed to watch the set.

Coming back to the glasses they were obviously designed by someone with no children for if they had had them they would know this is common in most homes in the world. You have two children watching TV, one a girl one a boy. The girl calls out to her brother Harvey and askes for the glasses so she can watch something in 3D. Harvey being ever much a brother then throws the glasses to her like he was throwing a fast ball to his catcher, hitting the wall and breaking them into million pieces.

One hundred dollars or more right out the window. Expensive, uncomfortable to wear and they don’t always work as I found out last week.

I attended the debut of a new large screen TV. I was halfway thru the demo before I got the active shutter glasses to work.

I asked about why not use passive glasses and the response was because the consumer wants the best experience they can get. Actually they just wants to be able to see what’s on the screen they paid to see.

What I really love the most about the current manufactures stance on 3D and the sets they are selling is that 2D is their fall back position because how many people really want to watch 3d all the time. Just those spending the money to buy the sets is all.

There are ways to get around the glasses and the content supply and well known. Problem being though that these solutions would only be popular with the consumers and not the content suppliers or the manufactures. Whom really cares what the consumers want.

The 3D genie is out of the bottle though and is not going back in this time.

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4 AM

Luminous clouds shift across the sky,
like flowing sand on the ocean’s shore.
Warmth floats on the breeze,
kissing the skin with its sweet caress.
The moon is released from its daytime slumber,
its reflected light shines on all below.
Pin-points of sparkling light glimmer and glow,
accentuated by the darkness of the sky.
A streak of fire shoots across view,
burning its way to oblivion.
The silence is disturbed by nightly calls,
owls, coyotes, hawks,…the sweet chirp of crickets.
Tree branches sway in the wind,
the rustling of their coverings a musical treat.
If only the city could sleep forever,
alas, peace only exists at 4 a.m.

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4 Acne Skin Care Tools You Should Know About

Plenty of skin care tools promise clear, fresh and pink skin. While this may hold true for the average fashion model, those in need of acne skin care products frequently scoff at the ads. Now there are some must-have tools specifically for this kind of skin care.

Understanding the Need for Acne Skin Care Products

It is a common misconception that acne skin care tools are primarily of interest to the teenaged consumer. Rutgers University points out that even as acne is indeed a bane of teenage skin care worries, it also affects women and men in their 20s as well as in their 40s. Unfortunately, this market is greatly under-served by mainstream cosmetics advertisers.

The University of Illinois chimes in to inform readers that approximately 80 to 95 percent of pubescent teens face this skin condition, which nevertheless continues on into adulthood for a fair number of them. The availability of acne skin care tools makes it possible to face the world in spite of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Double Loop Extractors

Estheticians use these skin care tools in the spa setting to extract blackheads (with the flat side) or whiteheads (with the loop). It is not useful for deep acne, which the consumer should only allow a physician to treat. Skin care mavens suggest first softening the skin with a steam treatment before removing the offending blemishes. These are must-have tools for that sudden outbreak on date night.

Lancets with Extractor

These acne skin care tools work along the same lines as the double loop extractors, except for the lancet portion that pierces the pus-filled pustules. Although this is not generally a recommended practice, larger pustules frequently do not allow for sufficient cover-up with cosmetics. In these instances the use of these tools greatly decreases the danger of infection and scarring that the use of fingers could create. Remember to disinfect the lancets after use.

Complexion Brushes

Take a closer look at these must-have tools for skin care, and it is obvious that the complexion brushes look like over-sized toothbrushes. Their gentle bristles work together with medicated facial cleansers to gently exfoliate the skin while stimulating the blood flow. They are good alternatives to scrubs, which could overly dry the skin when applied concurrently with topical astringents.


These acne skin care tools are actually vitamin A derivatives that manufacturers include in a wide array of over-the-counter and prescription-only topical creams. They encourage the natural exfoliation of the facial skin in tandem with having a somewhat drying effect on the organ’s oil production. Put together these two properties, and it is clear that the appropriate use of the retinoids hastens the clearing of pores while actively counteracting the outbreak of black- and whiteheads.

Who knew that there were such effective acne skin care tools on the market?


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3rd Batman Movie Has a Title but No Riddler

Christopher Nolan, the mastermind behind the current Batman film franchise and this summer’s Inception, is notoriously one of the the most tight lipped film makers currently working. He seems to revel in keeping as many details about his projects as secret as he can for as long as possible. However he has been known to let out a few little tid bits every now and then. The LA Times has reported a number of juicy details about the next Batman film, revealed in an interview with the at times elusive writer/director.

Firstly the third film in his Batman series has a title: The Dark Knight Rises. While a title is normally not a big announcement it this title seems to indicate a direction for the hero to be taking. At the conclusion of The Dark Knight Batman essentially had to allow himself to become the villain so that he could preserve Gotham’s faith in the late Harvey Dent. Dent of course had become Two-Face and gone on a low level killing spree and Batman knew that if the public ever found out that their white knight had fallen so far it would break their spirit. He told Gordon to call it in that he had been the killer and this put him a position of having to flee the authorities and face the derision of the city that had lauded him before. This is a pretty low place for the hero to start the next film but the title seems to indicate that Batman will rise again to his previous heights, and perhaps even beyond.

The much bigger news coming out of the interview was regarding the villain. Nolan will still not confirm which of Batman’s extensive rogue’s gallery will be featured in The Dark Knight Rises, however he did say that it would not be the Riddler. This long time villain (previously portrayed by Jim Carrey in Batman Forever) has long been suspected to serve as the antagonist for Batman since Nolan had confirmed that he would not recast the Joker (played in The Dark Knight by the late Heath Ledger.) The Riddler seemed like a natural fit for the world that Nolan had created, his love of puzzles and riddles could easily be twisted to match the dark tone of the films.

This of course leaves the question of who the villain will be. Given the more serious and realistic tone of the films it seems unlike that Nolan would use the more outlandish villains from the comics such as Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze or Killer Croc. For more realistic enemies there’s still the Penguin but that may be a difficult villain to make work in Nolan’s vision of Batman. The Penguin’s stature and love of birds is a bit too comical. It’s true that this villain has been used very well in the comics in recent years as more of a straight gangster, but these films have already had plenty of those. The new favorite amongst fans and speculators would seem to be Catwoman. She could certainly fit into the tone of these films though being a burglar she seems like a low key antagonist. There’s also been speculation that Nolan may bring back Harvey Dent in some form. The character appeared to die at the end of The Dark Knight however it’s possible he could have survived his fall and is now kept under wraps at Arkham Asylum. At this point fans will just have to wait for more information from Nolan.

The last bit of information revealed in the interview was that Nolan has talked Warner Bros. out of shooting the film in 3D. Instead Nolan plans to make maximum use of the IMAX format. Several key action scenes of The Dark Knight had been shot specifically for IMAX and Nolan hopes to film even more of this new film in that manner. The release for the film is still planned for the summer of 2012 and it suspected that casting is ongoing, but Nolan would not confirm that.

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3DTV - Brilliant 3D in Your Living Room

I got serious about 3DTV recently, partly because of an excellent Panasonic 3DTV review I read, specifically on the TCPVT25. Although I’m not really an early adopter of technology products, and I’m certainly not a rich guy, I’ve been wondering if 3DTV really works – does it really give you a true 3D experience. I remember my first experience with quality 3D at Disney several years ago. When I imagine that in my living room I fear I may never leave my sofa!

The reality of 3DTV is interesting to me for a variety of reasons. First, I am a bit of a movie buff, and I enjoy movies of all kinds. However, in my humble opinion, the movie-theatre experience continues to get worse. The price is always a sore subject for me, and it gets increasingly sore with each visit because they seem to be jacking prices up each month. Down here in the south, it now costs $22 for two – and that’s the matinee price. Add some rather chewy popcorn and a watery Sprite and you’re up to about $37. And what is up with movie theatre employees? Sure, it’s probably not the most rewarding job in town, but hey, it’s a job! But I digress.

I’ve thought a lot about the amount of money we spend going to movies and I have often joked about it justifying, or one my say “rationalizing”, investing in an upgraded, 3DTV for the home theatre. A year or two back, when prices were through the roof, it was truly just rationalizing. Today, with a high-quality, well-reviewed TC-PVT25 3DTV available for around $2000, the justification is real. Depending on the size of the group you take to the movies, if you go twice a month you will end up spending close to $1000 a year.

A thousand dollars goes a long way toward a vibrant, realistic 3DTV like the TC-PVT25. And most of all, it improves the entire movie-going experience. If you have teenagers, it becomes a huge draw for your kids to invite their friends over instead of going out to the movies – a much safer, controlled environment and in the long run, cheaper. It’s a good way of bringing family together to hang out, watch movies and eat decent popcorn and snacks.

So I started investigating the 3DTV market more seriously. I’ve seen a few TV advertisements but it seems the ones that are advertising the most have the least amount of reviews on them. I started educating myself on the technology so I could be confident it wasn’t going to change next week, and render my new 3DTV “out-dated”. I also searched for, and read reviews and even went to the stores to see the real deal in action.

The technology to deliver rich, realistic 3DTV has been around for a while and is very stable. Although they aren’t advertising as much, it seems that Panasonic is leading the way with the TCPVT25. It gets very positive reviews and at least one (possibly more) Editor’s Choice awards. CNET ( named the Panasonic TC-PVT25 Top Overall TV for 2010 and the Best TV for your Holiday Shopping for 2010. They cite the exceptional picture quality in 2D and 3D, exceptional black-level performance and less ghosting than other 3D products they tested. Overall, the Panasonic TCPVT25 has been reviewed quite a bit and has been rated 8.5-9.0 out of 10 by most. What you hear most from reviewers and owners alike is the outstanding picture quality and excellent black-level performance. And when you see it, hold onto your socks because this .

The TCPVT25 uses Frame Sequential Technology, so basically it sends “frames” in sequence, one for the right eye and the next for the left eye. The TCPVT25 and the 3D glasses synchronize to “shutter” the left eye when the frame from the right eye is being sent and vice versa. The technology used in the 3D glasses is appropriately named “active shutter”.

A primary goal of mine was to find a 3DTV that performed as good in 2D as it did in 3D. Although the amount of 3D content is increasing daily, you need a television to watch the nightly news on that produces excellent 2D picture quality as well. The TCPVT25 performs well in both 2D and 3D, making it a perfect choice for your “all around” TV. The 2D performance of the TC-PVT25 was confirmed in CNET’s review when they called it “the best 2D TV we’ve ever tested” to date.

Bottom line, the Panasonic TC-PVT25 delivers exceptional performance in both 3D and 2D, it’s a brand that you can trust and it’s a no-risk technology decision. Watch everything you watch today but enter a new world of TV with vibrant, realistic 3D…in your living room!

The TC-PVT25 50-inch model is priced around $2000, but it only includes one pair of the active-shutter 3d glasses. Not a very smart marketing decision by Panasonic, if you ask me, but they didn’t ask me. Each pair of glasses cost $99.00 but you can get a better deal by buying the Panasonic 3D Starter kit, which is $197. It includes 2 pair of the Active-Shutter 3D glasses, where are well-designed and they even took into consideration those of us that wear regular glasses – the Panasonic Active-Shutter 3D glasses fit nicely over ordinary corrective lenses. The kit also includes a power on/off switch with auto-off and two 3D movies.

If you think you’re ready for a 3DTV, the Panasonic TCPVT25 is the way to go. Check out http://www.TCPVT25.COM for more information, the latest pricing, specifications and to buy from a trusted source.

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3D Ultra Minigolf Achievement List

3D Ultra Minigolf for the Microsoft Xbox 360 has a total of 12 achievements worth a total of 200 points.

3D Ultra Minigolf achievements are listed in the format of Achievement Name – Gamerpoints – Achievement Details:

Master Groundsman – 10 points – Create a hole with the editor.

Rookie Adventurer – 20 points – Complete Prairie dogs, Gopher Smack and Planetoid holes in tournament.

Seasoned Swinger. – 20 points – Complete Traveler and Explorer course in level par or better.

Master Traveler – 20 points – Complete Traveler Course in 4 under par or better.

Master Explorer – 20 points – Complete Explorer Course in 4 under par or better.

Carnival Treasure Hunter – 10 points – Collect all medals in Classic Carnival.

Old West Treasure Hunter – 10 points – Collect all medals in Old West.

OuterSpace Treasure Hunter – 10 points – Collect all medals in OuterSpace.

Open Champion – 20 points – Win an online multiplayer game.

Host with the Most – 20 points –

Host 3 online games.

Ace – 20 points – Make 6 holes in 1 on Traveler or Explorer Course.

Minigolf Adventurer – 20 points – Complete Traveler and Explorer courses in 12 under par.

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4 Bases of Segmentation

It’s all too common for a company to think it understands its customers and their needs only to find out they are way off base when a new product launch totally flops. Understanding your customers and what drives them to make a purchase is paramount whether you are launching a new product or developing a marketing strategy.

Different customers have different needs, which makes the segmentation exercise such a critical step. The four bases of segmentation are geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral.


There are numerous ways to segment by geography. The level of detail required will indicate which type of geographic segmentation to proceed with.

  • Regional: By continent, country, state, city or zip code(s)
  • Population Size: number of people in a given area
  • Population Density: rural, suburban or urban


Demographic segmentation has numerous criteria that can be used to segment your customer base including:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Religion
  • Social class
  • Nationality


If your product is focused on a consumers lifestyle than segmenting your customer base by its pyschographics makes the most sense. Pyschographic factors for analysis include:

  • Interests
  • Activities
  • Values
  • Attitudes


The last segmentation base is behavioral. Behavioral segmentation uses customer behavior towards the product as its basis for segmentation including:

  • Brand loyalty
  • Desired features
  • Purchase patterns
  • Usage rates

Segmentation can be a burdensome and time-consuming process. In addition, incorrect or incomplete segmentation work can be the difference between success and failure. Please fill out the form at Contact Us and let’s discuss how Marketing 4 Hire can fulfill your segmentation needs.

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4 Answers to Video Game Questions Every Parent Should Know

Video Games have become an integral part of the social fabric of America in the past decade. They are all around us. You see commercials on TV, advertisements on the sides of buses, and loads of them in your favorite electronics store. Even with video games being ubiquitous in today’s world, may parents still have some very basic questions about them and how they should handle games with their parents. Here are 4 basic questions answered by a gaming expert for every parent to read.

At what age should I let my child start playing Video Games?

This question is a tricky one to answer because each child has a different level of maturity. In my opinion, the minimum age a parent should allow their child to play games at is 5. It is at this time where a child’s mind is beginning to really develop rapidly and they can comprehend many new things. Parent’s should take advantage of their child’s growth and introduce them to educational video games here. At this age, children are too young to play video games on a system such as a PlayStation 2, but buying them a simple system, such as a V-Tech or V-Smile, can be very beneficial. These games are very simple, very inexpensive, and can be very educational. They are available at your local retail toy store. These systems have an array of reading, writing, and arithmetic games that can help a child develop skills in a way that is both educational and fun. When your kid is older, you can buy him or her a GameBoy, and later on a PlayStation 2 or another big system. But if you are going to let your child start gaming early, educational systems are the way to go.

How much should I restrict the time my child spends playing video games?

As a parent, you should take advantage of the power you have over your child early on. If your child is very young and you have bought s/he an educational game, then let them play it a few hours a week. An hour playing a math game every other day is not going to hurt. As they get older, keep the time restriction, but be a little more lenient. Let them play another 10 minutes if they ask. 10 minutes extra is not going to make them go from having an A in school to a D. Also, showing that you are a little lenient will show them that you are not trying to completely control them. Don’t make yourself seem like the enemy. As your child reaches the teens, you will likely have a little less control. I say that as long as he or she is not inside playing all day, then it is fine. Video games become harmful when they become addictive, and it is your job to make sure that does not happen as long as you have control over it. As long as games do not become the only aspect of life your child cares about, it’s fine to let them play a dozen hours a week.

My child is __ years old. How do I know what game to get for him?

When your child is old enough to start playing games on more complex systems, it is essential, as a parent, to choose games that are right for him or her. The first thing a parent should learn is to look for the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) Rating on the front and back of video game cases. Here you can see the audience a game is aiming for. On a video game box, you will see one of the following ratings: EC(Early Childhood), E(Everyone), E 10+(Everyone over 10 years of age), T(Children 13 years of age or more), M(17 years of age or more), and AO(18 years of age or more). These letters indicating the rating will be on the front of every box. A parent can then look at the back of the box to see a more descriptive explanation of the themes and content in the actual game. Here you will see the exact content in the game, ranging from mild violence to explicit sexual content, and everything in between. While looking at the ESRB ratings gives you a good idea of what kind of game to get your child, they do not tell you everything.

Just because a game is rated E for everyone, it does not mean the game would be right for your child. You, as a parent, should know what type of things your child enjoys. If he likes racing games, then a fighting game might be the right video game to get him. If she likes adventures, then a sports game might not be a good choice. Also, do not let the ESRB Ratings restrict you on your gaming choices. Your child might 10 year old child might be able to handle a game that is rated T for Teen. It is all about knowing your child and what he or she can handle in terms of complexity and maturity. Speaking of maturity, that leads me to the next question.

My child is still an early teen, should I allow him to play M Rated games?

As seen in the the previous question, there is an ESRB Rating of M for Mature. This game is marketed for people of the age of 17 or older, and children under that age are not allowed to by such games alone. However, they ARE allowed to buy them in the company of a willing parent. Now, many times it is advised to never let your child play an M Rated video game until he or she is at least 16 years old, but I do not think that is necessarily right. It all depends on the child. I, personally, began to play M Rated games when I was 12 years old. My parents knew I was mature enough to understand that it was just a game, and that I could handle some of the more adult themes that are presented in such games. Now I am not saying all parents should let their kids play M Rated games at such a young age. I am saying that you should know if your child could handle such content. If you allow him to watch R Rated movies, then playing an M Rated game should be no different, However, if your child still enjoys things a normal teen would, then restricting him to T for Teen games might not be such a bad idea. Once again, just know what themes your child can handle without any problems, and use that knowledge to guide you in your game choices.

There you have it. I hope that these answers help you parents start to develop a better understanding of video games and how to control their influence on your child’s life.

Any additional questions can be asked by emailing me at

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4 Android 4.0 ''Ice Cream Sandwich' Features You'll Salivate Over

Android 4.0 [codename” Ice Cream Sandwich”] is set to shock the Android market in Q4 2011, but with all of the fuss and buzz around Android 4.0, these are four Ice Cream Sandwich features that you’ll most certainly want to take a bite out of.

Gingerbread and Honeycomb Unite

The Google Android market is currently comprised of two major players, Gingerbread and Honeycomb, and Android 4.0 is set to merge the best of those two worlds by bringing the best features of Honeycomb and Gingerbread to Ice Cream Sandwich. If you’ve fallen in love with Honeycomb and Gingerbread features like sliding widgets, the new task launcher, and the awesome holographic interface, expect to see them and more in the new Android 4.0 operating system.

Better Multitasking

Ice Cream Sandwich will bring multitasking to the Android platform like none before it and will not only enhance the apps already featured in the marketplace, but will also make new things possible like the new Virtual Camera Operator that’ll automatically detect which person is talking in a multi-video chat and automatically switch to the individual that’s talking.

One OS to Rule Them All

One of the current issues with the Android platform is that it’s not unified enough; Gingerbread is made to work on smartphones and Honeycomb works only with tablets. When Ice Cream Sandwich drops in Q4 2011, it’ll do so to unify smartphones and tablets once and for all — and will work on both device types. With one Android OS system to “rule them all”, Ice Cream Sandwich will make the Android platform better for users and developers alike.

Better Dev Support

As of right now there are over 200,000 Android apps available in the Android Market and over 100 million Android devices being used all over the world and with that much support for the Android platform, developers can use any help that they can get. In addition to uniting tablets and smartphones — making developers lives a lot easier – the new Android 4.0 will also work to make Android developers’ lives better by providing new tools that’ll help them design apps that will work better with multiple device types amongst other things.

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4 Amazing Foods That Slow Down Aging

Aging is a natural process. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to stop it. However, you can help slow it down, by changing your lifestyle and diet. Certain foods can help you age slowly. Here are a few below:

Fish is an abundant source of omega-3 fats. Omega-3 helps prevent the buildup of cholesterol in the arteries. This protects you against heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and strokes. Omega-3 fatty acids also improve your mood and memory. They even eliminate the cells that cause the body to decay. Fish promotes healthy skin, by keeping it firm and elastic. It also prevents it from drying out. Fish that is high in omega-3, include salmon and tuna.

Garlic gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also dilates the blood vessels. This helps to lower your blood pressure and improve blood flow. It also helps prevent life-threatening problems as well. Believe it or not, it will even protect you against the deadliest types of cancer. This includes breast, colon, and ovarian cancer. For best results, eat a whole, fresh clove. You can also chop it, smash it, or press it.

Blueberries contain plenty of antioxidants. They help prevent free radicals from harming your brain cells. They also slow down aging, by combating oxidative stress. Additionally, blueberries improves memory, concentration, and your mood. They also reduce your risk of cancer, prevent heart disease, and stroke. It can even prevent age-related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and arthritis.

Leafy Greens
Leafy greens reduce your risk of cancer. They also prevent macular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease. Leafy greens can even improve your memory and mental capacities. In addition, they prevent diabetes and blood clots. Leafy greens include collards, spinach, and broccoli. You should eat at least 2-3 servings a day.


Eating Well. 7 Anti-Aging Superfoods.

Huffington Post. Anti-Aging: 8 Items That May Slow The Aging Process. Author: Shelley Emling.

Mercola. Top 7 Foods That Slow Your Aging. Author: Dr. Mercola.

My Health Tips In. Top 20 Anti-Aging Foods. Author: Sharib.

AARP. Eat To Stay Young.

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4 Aliante Casino and Hotel Las Vegas Restaurants Everyone Must Try

Aliante Casino Las Vegas Hotel and Casino is located away from the crowed Las Vegas strip. Even though this Las Vegas hotel is away from the Las Vegas strip, it is still close enough to travel to. A quick five or ten minute ride to the Vegas strip doesn’t take that long. Aliante Casino Las Vegas hotel has six restaurants to choose from, but only four are listed below.

Bistro 57

Bistro 57 is open for business Friday through Saturday between the hours of 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. and Sunday, Wednesday through Thursday between the hours of 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. This Las Vegas restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Some menu options include of the following: Fish and Chips, Chicken Milanese, Chicken Parmesan, Grilled New York Steak, Gourmet Prime Burger, and Seafood Risotto. Most entrees cost between $10 and $18. Bistro 57 also sells pizzas, soups, sandwiches, appetizers, and desserts.

The Salted Lime

This Aliante Casino Las Vegas restaurant has some of the best Mexican cuisine. …This Mexican spot is open for breakfast daily between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. Lunch and dinner is served daily between the hours of 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. The Salted Lime has a large selection of foods.

The following foods are listed on The Salted Lime menu: Guacamole, Chili Con Queso, Cheese Quesadilla, Cantina Platter, Pork Chile Verde, Camarones A La Diabla, and Pescado Veracruz. A person can expect to pay between $14 and $17 for main meals. Appetizers can cost as cheap as $2 to $4, but most cost between $8 and $15.

MRKT Sea and Land

MRKT Sea and Land’s decor is classy, elegant, and modern. MRKT Sea and Land serve 1855 Black Angus Beef and seafood. The following items are on the menu: Filet Mignon, Porterhouse Steak, Veal Chop, Southern Fried Chicken, Salmon Steak, White Fish, Fried Oysters, and Shrimp Scampi. Entree prices vary. A customer can expect to pay between $22 and $54 depending on the entree.

MRKT Sea and Land has the following appetizers on their menu as well: Seafood Platter, Jumbo Lump Crab, Ahi Tuna Poke, Lobster Civiche, Calamari, and Bone Marrow, just to name a few. Appetizers can cost from $9 to $14 each.

Their hours of operation are Sunday through Thursday between the hours of 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. Their Friday and Saturday hours are 5 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Farm 24-7 Farm to Table Café

The Aliante Casino Las Vegas restaurant serves locally grown foods. Hotel guests can eat breakfast, lunch, or diner. This Vegas restaurant is open for breakfast daily between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 a.m. Lunch and dinner is served between the hours of 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Farm 24-7 Farm to Table Café has late moonlight hours with are between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. in the morning.

Aliante Casino Las Vegas has some of the following diner and lunch options: Country Fried Steak, Grilled Breast Chicken Breast, Fried Chicken, Liver and Onions, Meatloaf Tower, and Chicken Pot Pie. These entrees cost between $10 and $17.

The Aliante Casino Las Vegas Hotel offers customers a diverse selection of food choices. Customers can partake in Mexican and American cuisines. Hotel guests can choose something quick to eat such as soup or a sandwich, or they can eat a hot meal.


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