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4 Great Paintball Fields Near Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford, Connecticut is not the type of city that one would normally associate with an extreme sport such as paintball.

After all, any city with the nickname of “Insurance Capital of the World” is not likely to conjure up the types of images so often associated with paintball, such as attitude, recklessness, fearlessness and fast moving action. One would be more likely to associate Hartford with great golf courses, for example ( as reviewed here ), than paintball.

But the reality is that as with so much in Hartford, there is more than meets the eye. Hartford is not quite as staid as one might assume. It has, for example, great strip joints ( as reviewed here ), great hip restaurants ( as reviewed here ), and great sports bars ( as reviewed here ).

And with all of those other fun things is a good selection of paintball fields within a twenty to thirty minute drive from downtown Hartford.

The following is a list of the four best paintball fields in the Hartford area, along with reviews of each.

Xtreme Paintball

149 North Road

East Windsor, Connecticut

Xtreme Paintball is one of the most popular paintball fields in the Hartford area. With a woodsball field and three speedball fields, it offers interesting layouts and a variety of games and types of paintball that will appeal to novice and hardcore paintball players alike.

The referees here have a reputation for being safety minded but also allowing the players to play. Xtreme Paintball offers free open play each weekend, and the prices for equipment rentals and paint are reasonable.

Strategy Plus Paintball Field

Bear Swamp Road

East Hampton, Connecticut

Strategy Plus paintball offers over ten fields and a wide variety of paintball game types and layouts. Located about twelve miles from downtown Hartford, this is a very professionally run paintball facility which emphasizes safety first, with a good time a close second.

Given the number of fields and large area that the complex covers (the largest in the Hartford area), there is ample space and capacity for hosting a variety of “scenario” paintball games with field props and different objectives for each game. This is definitely a favorite of die hard paintball enthusiasts, but it also provides enough ‘fun’ activities for new paintball players as well.

There is a particular emphasis on hosting and supporting bachelor parties, corporate outings and kids birthday celebrations and is one of the most popular paintball destinations in the Hartford area for each of these. There are different packages with pricing and amenities suited for each.

Hogan’s Alley Paintball Field

998 North Colony Road

Meriden, Connecticut

Hogan’s Alley Paintball Field, which is only about twenty minutes from downtown Hartford, features six fields, each with a different layout and theme. There is a woodsball field, a hyperball field, two speedball fields, an X field and a spool field.

The staff here is courteous and helpful and the pro shop is known as offering the widest selection of paintball supplies in the area. They have a special corporate outing package, which is built around team building and fun.

Matt’s Outback Paintball Field

677 Riley Mountain Road

Coventry, Connecticut

Whatever your paintball game preference, whether it be speedball, hyperball, X-ball, or woodsball, Matt’s Outback Paintball Field has it. This is one of the most popular paintball fields in the Hartford area as its customer service, knowledgeable referees and reasonable price points are second to none.

Located about a twenty five minute drive from downtown Hartford, this paintball field offers five fields with different layouts and terrain. It is highly recommended and a favorite of not only Hartford area residents, but also UConn students. Matt’s Outback is also a popular option for bachelor and birthday parties for paintball enthusiasts in the Hartford area.

If you live in, work in, or are visiting the Hartford, Connecticut area and are a paintball fan, there are a good number of options within a quick drive. Any of these paintball complexes will provide a lot of fun and quality paintball equipment and fields.

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4 Great, Inexpensive Housewarming Presents

It’s customary to buy a friend or family member a housewarming present when they get a new place, but with the current economy, gifts may simply not be in your own household budget. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy a great gift. Here’s a look at a few great housewarming presents that are also quite inexpensive.

1. A framed picture. You can take a picture of their house and get it framed–instant, cheap housewarming gift that actually means something to the person you’re buying it for, especially if it’s their first home or apartment. They’ll appreciate the picture, and if not, they’ll at least appreciate the frame, and you can easily find a decent frame for under $20 or so.

2. DVDs. Yeah, it has nothing to do with the actual purchase of the house, but remember that it can be extremely stressful to buy a new house or apartment, and the person or persons you’re buying a gift for might appreciate the opportunity to just kick back. Buy them a good, relaxing DVD–nothing too serious, maybe a comedy. If you want to make it home or house related, that’s your prerogative. You’ll only spend about twenty bucks, and it’s a great gift.

3. The bare essentials. A great, sometimes funny assortment of housewarming presents is any item that falls under this description: you need to buy it before you need it. That means plungers, snow shovels, toilet paper, etc. Explain the gift when giving it, and it’s a lighthearted way to provide a few things that are really quite helpful to the new homeowner. The practical gifts are the best, especially when they’re a little humorous.

4. Kitchen spices. Most of the time when people move, their kitchens take the longest time to get up and running again, so help them out by giving them a few cheap spices in sealed containers (even better if you make your own) that they can use to begin cooking again. If you’re not one on spices, or if you don’t really know too much about spices at all, you can always give them some honey, as no kitchen’s complete without one of those big honey bears–and nobody really dislikes honey. Buy a few things and throw it all in a basket for a good, gift-like presentation.

Do you know of any other great, cheap housewarming presents? Post in our comments section below.

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4 Free Yellow Ribbon Patterns

You will find four ways to show support for the U.S. Military Personnel any time of the year. There are free yellow ribbon patterns for crocheting, cross stitch, knitting, and jewelry.

4 Free Yellow Ribbon Patterns

Each of the free yellow ribbon patterns below are made using different techniques. The techniques are crochet, cross stitch, knitting, and beading.

Free Yellow Ribbon Square Crochet Pattern

This is a crocheted square with an American flag and yellow ribbon in the corner where the stars belong.

Yellow Ribbon Square Crochet Pattern

The yellow ribbon American flag and yellow ribbon square has a finished picture and instructions.

Free Yellow Ribbon Cross Stitch Pattern

The PDF version has three versions of the yellow ribbon with the cross stitch and color code charts which will print onto seven pages.

Free Yellow Ribbon Cross Stitch Pattern

The yellow ribbon pattern will download to a PDF version to your computer. There are links below the PDF download version for each version of the yellow ribbon cross stitch pattern that can be printed from the page.

Free Yellow Ribbon Knitting Pattern

Several could be made for an addition to a quilt, afghan or for others to wear to show their support for military personnel.

Knit Yellow Ribbon

This is a small knitted yellow ribbon pattern. It can be pinned onto clothing for support of those in any branch of the military.

Free Yellow Ribbon Jewelry Pattern

Even though the pattern below requires several safety pins, it could be made on a loom and attached to a jewelry pin. It could also be cross stitched.

Yellow Ribbon Beaded Safety Pin

This is a beaded yellow ribbon pattern that is made with seed beads and safety pins. Be sure to read the instructions before starting for the materials list.

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4 Habits that Make Hemorrhoids Worse

There’s nothing more embarrassing, frightening, and more literally a pain in the ass than hemorrhoids, and if you’ve ever dealt with the condition, you know that when faced with the problem (not literally) you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Here’s a look at four common habits that may be making your hemorrhoids worse or preventing them from healing properly.

1. Smoking. Smoking tobacco stimulates all of your body’s systems, including your digestive tract–and while occasional cigarettes actually keep you regular (it’s one of the few positive health benefits of nicotine), smoking can worsen hemorrhoids and give you digestive issues that stop your hemorrhoids from healing, according to, a website that I will immediately erase from my web browser history. The good news is that the effects of smoking on the digestive tract are largely short term, so if you cut down (or better yet, stop smoking entirely) you can give your hemorrhoids time to heal.

2. Drinking coffee.The University of Michigan recommends avoiding caffeine while you’ve got hemorrhoids, and the general medical consensus is the same. Since caffeine, like nicotine, stimulates your digestive tract, it can cause unpleasant bowel movements that keep hemorrhoids from healing and re-open them–not a fun time. Avoid caffeine, and while we’re on the subject, try to treat yourself to a high fiber diet to soften your stool and make it easier for hemorrhoids to heal.

3. Not being active. It makes sense that all of your body’s systems, including the digestive system, need work and blood flow to function properly, which might explain why office workers are so familiar with hemorrhoids. Try to get some good exercise for about twenty minutes a day, at the minimum; quite literally get off your butt to treat your problem, and you’ll heal a lot faster.

4. Stress. Stress can promote hemorrhoids, according to this natural remedy website . Ever hear the term “tight-ass”? Ever take it literally?

By eliminating stress, you ease tension throughout your body, including your digestive system, and you’ll find yourself less prone to binge eating crappy food (sorry for the pun) that promotes hemorrhoid growth. Try yoga or simply relax for a while to avoid letting stress worsen your hemorrhoids.

Remember, hemorrhoids should go away in about two weeks with a corrected diet and active lifestyle. If your hemorrhoids are active for longer than this, see your doctor for alternative treatment.

Do you know of any other habits that make hemorrhoids worse? Post in our comments section below. Try not to get too descriptive.


“Smoking and Digestion,”


“Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids,” Remedies for Natural Health.

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4 Great Ways to Spend Earth Day in the Florida Panhandle

With more than 200 miles of coastline and over one million acres of forests, wetlands, rivers and springs, the Florida Panhandle offers activities for every type of outdoor adventurer. This year’s Earth Day events reflect that diversity as well. From nature walks to races and wildlife festivals, there’s something for every earth-loving family to enjoy.

Tallahassee, FL

Florida’s capital city kicks off Earth Day with the Department of Environmental Protection’s 2012 Earth Day Celebration. Join community members, families, students and teachers at the Florida Capitol Courtyard for a fun-filled day of education and exhibits.

When: Friday, April 20, 2012

Time: 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Where: The Florida Capitol Courtyard, Tallahassee Florida

For more information and directions visit:

Wakulla, FL

If nature hikes and living history are more your style, head to the Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park for the Annual Wakulla Wildlife Festival. You and your family can enjoy music, art, guided tours, living history demonstrations and presentations with the beautiful natural springs as a backdrop. Entrance fees are $6.00 per vehicle.

When: Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park, Wakulla, FL

For more information and directions visit:

Marianna, FL

For Earth Day 2012, the Florida Caverns State Park is hosting a day of environmental awareness on Saturday, April 21. Explore the caverns, learn about reptiles and native animals, take a wildflower walk or a nature walk. The festivities are free with park entry fees.

When: Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Where: Florida Caverns State Park

For more information and directions visit:

Santa Rosa Beach, FL

For those with athletic inclinations, Topsail Hill Preserve State Park is hosting an Earth Day Festival and 5K Race. The Festival runs from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. with the race to follow at 4:00 p.m. You can sample local food and wares and see storytellers, puppet shows and live music. Parking for the event is at the Day-Use area off Highway 30A and entry fees are waived for 5K race runners. The festival is free with park admission.

When: Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Where: Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

For more information and directions visit:

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4 Ideas for Spending More Time with Friends and Family in Columbus

The approach of a new year fills us with hope; as one year turns into the next, we dare dream of becoming fitter, stronger, better, wealthier, and happier than the year prior. We remind ourselves that last year we ate too much and spent too much, worked too much, and found too little time for the people who matter to us. We find motivation in our failures and resolve to do better. According to some sources , the most common New Year’s Resolution is finding more time to spend with family and friends.

The cold Midwestern winter months can make it difficult to find occasions to enjoy the company of family and friends. Fortunately for Central Ohioans, Columbus offers a few unique opportunities to reconnect with friends and unwind with family.

Reconnecting With Friends

Cocktails at the Conservatory

For a refreshing change from the the bar scene, try Cocktails at the Conservatory. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory while enjoying beer, wine, mixed drinks, and appetizers. There is usually live music. Tickets are $11.

Gallery Hop

Columbus’s Short North showcases the work of local artists during the gallery hop on the first Saturday of every month. The gallery hop also draws an eclectic mix of street musicians and vendors to the area. Many of the area’s restaurants, bars, and shops stay open later than usual.

Unwinding With Family

State Parks

While not in precisely in Columbus, a short drive will land travelers in any one of several of Ohio’s State Parks. The parks offer various combinations of boating, fishing, hiking, outdoor programs, and camping. If it’s too cold for any outdoor activities – and through the winter, it may very well be – many of the parks feature lodges with restaurants, game rooms, and overnight accommodation packages. The link at the bottom of the page includes some pictures from Mohican State Park.

Disc Golf

When it does finally warm up, a great way to get outside, get moving, and appreciate the outdoors with friends or family is with disc golf, a sport booming across the country. With a $20 investment in a few discs, there are numerous picturesque courses in Columbus and the surrounding area to explore.

Obviously, in a large city as Columbus the preceding activities are only a small sampling of what the city offers, including a fantastic culinary scene. My review of Columbus burger joints crowned an unlikely winner. Also, be sure to check out Columbus Alive for more ideas on how to spend more time with family and friends – we’ll see you out there!

John Holbrook has worked as a teacher in Columbus since 2006. He, like many others, worries that time is getting away from him and has resolved to spend more time with friends and family.

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4 Hour Diets, 8 Minute Workouts - What Next?

March is National Nutrition Month and there is so much in the news these days about nutrition. A new food pyramid was released by the FDA, Tim Ferris’ book called “The 4 Hour Body” hit the market in February, headlines everywhere talking about 8 minute fitness plans or another “new” calorie or carbohydrate restricting diet. It’s an endless onslaught…

As Baby Boomers age, we seem much more interested in simplifying our lives, not complicating them with more fad diets, fitness gadgets, etc. So ignore all the “next best” health hype. Here is my solution for simplifying your nutrition and fitness goals for a healthy lifestyle that doesn’t cost a dime, doesn’t mean spending hours in the gym (unless you want to) and makes you feel a whole lot better:

1. Take a trip down memory lane. What physical activities did you love to do as a child? Hike, swim, play tennis? Did you ride your bike and love the feel of the wind playing with your hair as you sped down the driveway on two wheels? You were in good shape then, you can be in good shape now. Whatever your love was – start doing it again! Get yourself a new bike, pull those hiking boots out of the closet, dust off the tennis racket, get those skis tuned up – whatever it is… Don’t wait, start now. Enjoy that feeling again. That’s all it takes. The whole idea is to get your body up, out, and moving again, doing something you enjoy. You don’t have to go to the gym for two hours or run ten miles. Any physical activity that you add into your routine helps make you healthier. If you’re doing something you like it won’t feel like a chore, but rather, something to look forward to. And if you can enlist a friend you’ll have even more fun. Your heart and your blood pressure will thank you.

2. Keep a food log for a week. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a tip worth repeating. When you write it all down, you will be amazed at the amount of food you put into your mouth on a daily basis. Most people are shocked. We all over-estimate how much exercise we get and underestimate how much food we eat. Looking at a list of everything that we eat and drink will help us to make better choices. We’ll see how it easy it can be to substitute an apple for that plate of cheese and crackers that we munch on while cooking dinner. Or maybe we’ll replace our mid afternoon snack of a bag of chips with a small hand-made bag of trail mix, or a handful of yummy walnuts. There are so many simple, tasty, smarter treats that are good for us, that I’m sure you can find one you like to substitute for that treat you know is bad for you. When you make the choices yourself, you won’t feel deprived, you’ll enjoy the changes, and they’ll become a healthy new habit.

March 8th is National Women’s Day. I know most people in the US don’t pay attention to that one since we have Mother’s Day in May; however, National Women’s Day celebrates EVERY woman, not just moms. So let’s take time this month to appreciate all of the women in our lives – sisters, aunts, daughters, grandmas, mothers and nieces. Give sis a call and let her know that you love her. Take your daughter out to dinner or meet your niece for a cup of coffee. Giving the gift of appreciation is one way to improve not only the health of the person you’re appreciating, but your own as well. Feelings of gratitude and appreciation release endorphins (feel good hormones) into your body which, in turn, can boost your immunity, reduce stress and lower your blood pressure. Pretty nice return on the investment wouldn’t you say? And to get you started, here’s a gift from me to you. I appreciate every one of you and wish only the best of health to you all. Here is a link to some funny jokes which will make you laugh and that will release endorphins too!

Best of Health,


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4 Home Office Organizing Products You Should Know About

Home office organization is the bane of existence for the small business owner. Whether it is the small home office tucked into a spacious closet or the converted second bedroom, organization tips and products are a must. The smaller the area, the greater the need for allocating space — and working creatively with what’s available. Avoid wasted time, missed sales opportunities and embarrassing phone calls with handy organizing products. Going beyond the traditional inbox tray, there are four home office products you should know about.

1. Stacking Monitor Riser. This nifty gadget fulfills two functions – raising up the computer monitor to an ergonomically comfortable height and providing slim drawers for storage. The same home office organization tool also works well for the land-line telephone or the fax machine. Not so big as to be bulky on a desk or table, the drawers are nevertheless deep enough to store disks, note pads, pencils, sticky notes, paper clips and other odds and ends that clutter a desk and get lost at the wrong moment. Since these organizing products capitalize on what is an otherwise unused space, they do not encroach on otherwise useful storage surfaces.

2. Clear Stacking Bins. Combine easy visibility with the use of vertical space. On the desktop, this keeps the calculator, reference manuals, address book and pens handy, while the bottom bin holds incoming or outgoing correspondence and bills. No more scrambling to find a phone number, notepad or letter that a client calls about. If you operate a business that relies on sales, such as jewelry or makeup, consider clear stacking bins that quickly let you put your hands on the inventory you need — when you need it. Don’t search through boxes and weed through sample envelopes; keeping all the goods neatly organized in their individual bins also makes inventory control a snap.

3. Multi-Drawer Organizers on Wheels. Ranging in size from 10 to 20 drawers, these products offer numerous organizing ideas to the entrepreneur pressed to time and space. Record-keeping, office supplies, inventory or even the papers that are still waiting to be filed all find an orderly locale. Spending a little bit of time at the onset in organizing tax deductible receipts and home office write-offs during the year makes tax time a lot less painful.

While there are numerous versions of these wheeled organizers on the market, go for the colorful ones that sport drawers with varying designs and colors. Doing so speeds up the memorization of where to find which types of supplies. The wheels allow the rolling organizers to be taken out of a storage closet during the day (when needed) and returned to storage when the workday is done. When it comes to home office organization in a space-challenged setup, this advice is bound to keep the rest of the home tidy as well.

4. Corner Storage Solutions. Open or closed shelves, drawer furniture and even book shelves are now cut to accommodate a room’s corner. This space is notoriously wasted and if room size is at a premium, these organizing products offer additional space for books, files, software, manuals and also surplus product inventory or office supplies. If the home office is already filled to brimming with furniture, capitalizing on the corners might just ease the space crunch a little bit.

Remember that the trick to home office organization is neatness. It does not take much for a desk to start looking messy and for the rest of the home office to follow suit in a very short period of time. Rely on off-the-beaten-path organizing products to facilitate a highly organized environment and see how productivity will soar!

More by Sylvia Cochran:

Best Way to Organize a Small Laundry Room in Four Steps
Organize Your Home in a Week and Remove Clutter in 30 Minutes a Day
Guide to Workshop Storage Bins and Other Solutions

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4 Keys to Creating a Successful Radio Advertisement for Your Business

Radio advertisements can sometimes be tricky to create and it can be difficult to convey your message effectively. Alot of times, as a business you’re sending the wrong message or presenting the wrong offer and consumers are changing the channel. It’s very important to capture your audience right from the beginning of the ad spot and reel them in to listening to your commercial. I’ve put together 4 keys to creating a successful radio advertisement that will help you and your business get recognized, create awareness of your company services and product offerings, and in the end show a return and result on your radio advertising campaign.

1. Create a compelling offer: The offer is the most important part of the radio advertisement. For a radio advertisement you want to create an offer that is going to excite people, one that’s going make them open up their ears and listen to your commercial. If you are a business that is trying to sell products, you want to advertise your hottest items, the latest new products, and your biggest sellers. Items that are popular, items that are on sale, and items that you’re competitors can’t compete with are all great items to advertise and include in your offer. If you are a business that offers services, you want to promote your best service offerings and values to your consumers. Make your offers pop and stand out, let them be heard, and you will get recognized. The more compelling your offer is, the more cause for consumers to take action and come into your store, visit your website, contact you on the phone, and hopefully in the end make a purchase on the items that you advertised.

2. We like values, yes we do: All consumers enjoy a good value, this we know. Whether you are buying a new television for the lowest advertised price of the year or you are enjoying the half price daily drink specials at your local watering hole, a good value is important to a consumer. Your compelling offer directly relates to the value given to the consumer. Make the value of your offer an important and attractive one to the consumer. Great examples of a good value include presenting the consumer with a savings off their purchase, a discount on multiple purchases, or even a free gift or service for their patronage and business. By building value, you are helping to build the consumers trust in your company and your services, and you are taking steps towards creating a business/consumer relationship which could last for many years to come.

3. Urgency creates excitement: In your radio ad creating urgency of a sale start date and end date gives the consumer a limited time to take advantage of your offer. This is a very important component not only to a sales plan, but to your radio ad as well. Urgency forces consumers to take action. It presents your consumers with a deadline and a window of which they can take advantage of your special offer. If they miss that window, than they’ve missed the opportunity. The shorter the time period of the sale dates, the more limited the offer, which creates more excitement and desire for those consumers to shop at your store or go and buy online. Always be sure to include your sale dates of when your sale starts and when it ends at the beginning and end of your message. Include how long the sale is, how long your offer is valid for, and reiterate that in your message so that their is no room for error or consumer confusion. The less confusion for the consumer, the better.

4. Tagging and business mentions: Tagging and business mentions are very important to consumer’s recognition of your business and your promotional offer. Introduce your business in the beginning of the commercial by stating your business name and what you do. If people haven’t heard of you and they don’t about you, how else are they going to learn about you business if they don’t know your name. Include your tag line, motto, and business service goals if you like. They help to paint a picture for the cosnumer and brand your business and company. Always include your phone number, and don’t just read it once, read it twice at the very minimun. No one can remember a phone number read to them once especially while driving in the car. Include your business web address directing people to visit your site to learn more about your company, to sign up for your company newsletter, to see your service offerings, your products, and heck to even do some shopping and buy something. And lastly include your social media sites at the end of your radio read. Invite consumers to become fans of your Facebook page and to follow you on Twitter so that they can receive more special offers and be the first to know about new promotions, products, and more. Always mention your business information and tag. It will help to better market your business and grow your audience.

It’s not over yet folks, this is just the beginning for you and your radio advertisement my friends. I’ve introduced you to 4 keys to use to create a successful radio advertisment, well know you’ve got to dive in and do the dirty work and create the ad and ad campaign. Start by developing your media strategy. Know your audience as they know you. Do your research and figure out what stations they are listening to and why they are listening to those stations and that will help you to determine your mix. Meet with station account reps and learn the best times to advertise on those stations and go over pricing. Know your budget. How much are you willing and going to spend to make this sales promotion a success. Sit down and develop your offer and the value presented with your offer. What is going to drive people to make a purchase and shop at your store or visit your establishment. Create goals for your sales event and measure them. Measurement and analysis will tell you if your radio campaign is working for your business. Then, revise and re-try. Different offers, different inclusions, different sale dates, are all things to test out in the continued development of your radio advertising campaign. Good luck.

– Social Chadder

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4 Great Ways to Cut Household Expenses

Detergent, paper towels, trash bags, small appliances. housekeeping expenses seem to be minor compared with many of the “big-ticket items” we have to buy from time to time. but if you’re not careful these seemingly small expenses add up to big money. The reason? There’s no end to housekeeping. As soon as we take care of one chore, another needs doing, and the chore we completed last week needs to be done again next week.

the following 4 tips will help you keep your housekeeping expenses under control. You’ll find a lot of small money-saving ideas that can help take the pinch out of the hidden expenses of maintaining your abode.

1. Be happy with what you’ve got.

First things first. most of us spend more than we should because we try to maintain a life-style beyond our means. the only way you’ll be able to achieve financial peace of mind and, ultimately, financial security is to live beneath your means, and the only way to live beneath your means comfortably is to be happy with what you’ve already got. If you spend some time thinking about all you have rather than all you’d like to have, you’ll probably discover that you’re already quite fortunate.

2. Read the label.

Always follow storage and care instructions on clothing and food. spoilage and discards are money down the drain.

3. Buy it to last

Many people seem to have forgotten that non-disposable razors and cloth napkins still exist. These items will cost you more than their short-lived counterparts in the short term but they’ll save you money in the long run.

4. Organize your storage rather than pay rent to a storage unit.

storage units were a great growth industry in the 1990’s. I guess we were acquiring so much so quickly during our “decade of greed” that we couldn’t store it all in our own homes. Having a storage unit was probably a status symbol. As you were pulling out your driveway you could say to your neighbor, “I’m off to the storage unit to pick up our Wedgewood service for 60 for tonight’s banquet.” in the new millenium this kind of nonesense is out. a little organization of your in-house storage area will almost certainly allow room for everything you have acquired. If you still have too much after you have reorganized your storage, hold a yard sale.

Putting these 4 tips to work right now will allow you to start seeing noticeable savings immediately.

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4 Important Web Design Elements for a Successful Website

Web design is certainly the most important aspects of a website. It is the web design which gives the site its identity. Web design plays a very crucial role in traffic generation, sales generation and improving SEO rankings. In short, the popularity and success of a website is determined by a web design. Hence, it goes without saying that it is imperative to develop a quality web design which serves its purpose in the best way possible and provides the desired results.

A web design should be commensurate with the theme of the business. It should be able to portray the aims and objectives of a business to the visitors. For this, it is extremely important to pay attention to 4 important web design elements. They are:

Content: When it comes to online business, content is the king. It is imperative to have a relevant and captivating content to keep the visitors hooked to a website. It is important to ensure that the content is well written, informative and conveys clearly your business’ objectives and products and services you offer. Remember, if visitors get all the information they are looking for, it is possible that they will go ahead and make the purchase as well. Thus content can help turn visitors into potential customers.

Usability: Another important factor is the usability of a web design, that is, whether it is easily navigable and enjoyable or not. A web design should have an easy-to-use interface. It will make visitors enjoy while they go through your website. In today’s fast paced world, no one has the time to wait and go through a complicated web design. All the important information should be easily accessible and the design should be clutter free.

Look: The look or appearance of a website plays an important role in attracting visitors. It should be ensured that the graphics and content of your site compliment each other. Having a consistent theme will render a more professional look to your business web design and will make it visually appealing as well.

Visibility: To generate more traffic, it is very important to have an adequate amount of visibility for your website. It can be done through online marketing strategies, such as paid advertising and search engine optimization. You can improve your site’s visibility by using appropriate keywords and keyphrases which are related to your business theme.

It is recommended that you hire a professional custom web design company who have the required expertise in providing excellent custom web design. It will ensure that you get the best web design for your website.

Professional custom web design services by PixelCrayons, specializing in custom web site design solutions & custom web application development solutions.

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