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4 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Toothache

It never seems to fail; you get a toothache Friday night or maybe Saturday morning when you can’t get to a dentist. There is no way you can deal with the pain for two days or more until you can get an appointment with your dentist, so you need to find other ways. Instead of taking a bunch of pills, why not try some natural ways.

Natural Way #1- Mouth Wash

You need mouthwash that has higher alcohol content in it. The ones that burn your mouth when you rinse is exactly what you need. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out. Take a capful of mouth wash and hold it on the effective tooth for several minutes. Tilt your head so it completely covers the tooth. It will burn, but if you can last 3-4 minutes and then spit out, you will notice the tooth doesn’t hurt anymore. Don’t rinse your mouth after the mouth wash and don’t eat or drink anything for a while afterward.

Natural Way #2-Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can be found at your local heath food store. You need to be careful when using peppermint oil as it tends to burn when it touches skin. Take a cotton swab and dip it inside the peppermint oil. Place the cotton swab on the tooth and rub around the entire tooth. It will likely burn for a minute or two, but this will go away. When the burning stops, you will notice the pain is gone as well.

Natural Way #3- Tea Bag

You need to get a plain tea bag, making sure it’s not any special flavor. Wet the tea bag and place the tea bag inside your cheek next to the effective tooth. It will help draw out the pain making you feel better. You should leave the tea bag in your mouth for at least an hour or longer if you can. The tea bag also helps with any swelling that may have occurred from the effective tooth. Tea has natural ingredients in it that reduce pain and swelling.

Natural Way #4- Onions

Onions have a natural antibiotic in them which will help with a toothache. Most toothaches cause you pain because they are infected. Even a small amount of antibiotics helps ease this pain. Take a fresh onion and chew on it near the effective tooth so the onion reaches the painful tooth. If you can’t chew, then you can place an onion into your food processor and then apply the mush to the effective tooth. The toothache will slowly fade away.

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4 Myths and Facts About Walking

Walking is the number one recommended form of exercise for a variety of reasons. It’s free, any age group can do it and it provides the body with an overall healthy workout. But for all that is known about the healthy form of exercise, many myths also abound about walking. Here are 4 myths about walking and the facts that will bust those myths.

Lower Body Toning Only

So you have heard that walking will only tone the lower body. That is a myth. The largest muscle groups, which are in the lower body, are the ones engaged during walking, that much is a fact. But walking is an aerobic activity and that burns fat all over the body plus strengthens the heart.

Going Downhill Doesn’t Count

Myth. If you are walking at a brisk pace, regardless if it’s uphill, level terrain or downhill, you are burning calories, burning fat and improving your heart health. The fat is walking downhill actually works muscles that walking on other terrain does not work, so mix it up for more toned legs and gluts.

It Only Counts if You’re Sweating

Sweating is not a good indicator for how intense your workout is, considering you can sweat profusely while sitting still and eating spicy foods. A talk test is the best indicator of exercise intensity. The goal is to walk at a pace that allows you to talk but not sing. Sweating may or may not occur while walking, dependent upon the temperature and the individual, so the sweat factor is a myth.

Jogging Burns More Calories

What makes this a myth or a fact depends on how fast a person is jogging or walking. Fast-paced walking (power walking) burns more calories than slow jogging. Running like your hair is on fire certainly burns more calories, but the leisurely jog around the subdivision will not burn the same amount of calories as a power walk around the same perimeter will burn.

Get Moving

Walking downhill, uphill or on level ground; slow jogging, fast walking and even faster jogging; sweating or not, any type of regular exercise will improve heart health and reduce the risk of developing other diseases related to being overweight and/or living a sedentary lifestyle. That’s a fact.



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4 Museums to Visit in Corpus Christi, Texas

Corpus Christi has many things to do and see. Here is a great guide to help you with 4 museums to visit in Corpus Christi.

Museum of Science and History

The museum is 85,000 square feet and houses more than 87,000 artifacts and over 400,000 photographs and records.

The museum hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10AM-5PM and Sunday from noon to 5PM. They are closed Monday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Admission is $11.50 for adults, $9.00 for seniors, $6.00 for kids ages 5-12 and children under 5 are free.

Some of the more famous collections include The Natural History Collection consists of over 45,000 specimens in nine diverse areas including Botany which features 4,200 plants, Entomology which showcases 6,500 species of insects, Geology which includes 5,300 species from over 64 countries, Herpetology that consists of about 515 species, Malacology is home to 16,800 species, Mammalogy is home to 700 species, Marine Biology has over 2,100 species, Ornithology showcases the largest collection of The Natural History Collection with 6,600 species and Paleontology houses 2,900 species.

The Asian Cultures Museum and Educational Center

This museum is a great place to learn about Asian culture. They are open from 10AM-4PM. They are closed Sunday and Monday. Prices are $6 for adults, $4 for students and $3 for ages 12 and under.

The Asian Museum has the most beautiful artifacts from India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Thailand, Korea and the Philippines.

The Art Museum of South Texas

This is a nice place if you love art. The museum’s hours are Tuesday-Saturday from 10AM-5PM, Sunday 1PM-5PM and they are closed Monday and holidays. Tickets are $6 for adults, $4 for seniors, $4 for military personnel and $2 for students.

There is free membership to all members, children 12 and under and Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi students. There are several exhibits at the art museum including a permanent collection of more than 1,300 works of art including paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, collages, mixed media, ceramics and textiles.

The USS Lexington Museum

The USS Lexington Museum is open seven days a week except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Hours are from 9AM to 6PM Memorial Day through Labor Day and 9AM to 5PM Labor Day through Memorial Day. Tickets are $12.95 for adults, $10.95 for seniors and military, $7.95 for children 4-12 and children 3 and under are free.

The sights and sounds are so intense that you will feel like you are really aboard the World War 1 aircraft carrier. There is a Flight Simulator is $4 a person and places your inside the cockpit of a fighter jet. Feel what it is like to be launched into battle and destroy tanks. The Virtual Battle Stations are full of challenges and battles. Know what it is like to be in battle and planes fly by you as you as firing missiles.

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4 Positive Aspects of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has had its advantages from day one. These advantages have continued to increase as the state of the internet has improved. Everybody enjoys the instant access that is afforded from online digital products and services. The popularity of ebooks is growing daily. There is no indication that this will ever change, and so the number of online customers, as well as the number of advantages, for online marketers will continue to grow.

One of the undisputed advantages of the internet is its convenience. If you have a computer and internet access, you can conduct business anytime and anywhere you please. Now that many people have laptop computers, this becomes even truer. Information and digital products are only a mouse click away.

For the product marketer, advertising costs are greatly reduced with the number of methods available. One of these methods would be email marketing campaigns. You can send costly postcards to thousands of people and may recognize some success a week or two later. With email, however, you can send out emails to the same thousand people and notice an increase in sales an hour from now-all for no cost.

Suppose your business runs with no online marketing, and you just found out one of your products will be discontinued. You want to run a sale to clear your stock, but it will take a few days to reach your customers with the news. Now, the guy down the street also has this product and has gotten the same news. Suppose your competitor does his marketing online. Your competitor can send one mass mailing out to customers and have them at his store that same evening. You will most likely end up being stuck with the product while your competitor has moved onto the new, improved model.

Yet another advantage of the internet is you have the world at your fingertips ready to become your next customer. Starting a business, you have the people who can physically travel to your store as customers. This number is limited to the people willing to make that trip. The internet reaches just about every nook and cranny of the world. If you open your store online, your customer base is anyone with internet access-a growth of millions. Each and every day, more people join the online community. As they are added to the internet, they are also added to your customer database. You can’t beat this advantage.

The advantages to marketing online are numerous. It is great to interact with people personally and have these people shop in your store, but you cannot beat the added customer base the internet allows you. Not to mention the instant availability of information, products and services. Online marketing is here to stay.

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4 Places to Get Organic Baby Clothes

Organic fruits and vegetables are well known because they are grown using only natural fertilizers and no insecticides or chemicals. The same goes for the materials used to make organic baby clothes, and many other organic products as well. The cotton used is grown in the same way as the fruits and vegetables. Products are also made from organic wool. In order for wool to be organic, it must come from animals that meet these federal guidelines, namely the feed that the mother animal eats must be certified organic, no synthetic hormones are allowed to be used and genetic engineering is not allowed and synthetic pesticides are not allowed to be used on the animal or on any of the pasture. The breeder must also follow procedures that keep the livestock healthy.

So if you are going to be careful about the food you give your baby, then it is only logical that you be as careful about the clothes you choose. Check out some of these great organic baby clothes products and give some a try.

Sckoon has their own line of organic baby clothes. The Sckoon Organic Cotton Baby Dress – Blue Flower fits 6 to 12 months and is made of 100% organic cotton, comes with a matching diaper cover and costs $39.00. They also have separates such as the Sckoon Organic Cotton Wave Baby & Toddler Tee that is also made of 100% organic cotton and comes in sizes from 6 months all the way up to 4T.

Diapers Etc is another source for quality organic baby clothes. For instance, for boys they have the Under the Nile Organic Babybody and Trouser Set which is a two piece set – body suit top and pants – where you attach the two pieces by snaps. It is made of 100% organic cotton and comes in two sizes, new born to 3 months and 3 to 9 months. This set costs $24.00. For girls, they have items such as the Under the Nile Organic 3-Tier Dress . This is a sun dress in a blue and white flower pattern that is made of 100% organic cotton, comes in 3 sizes, 12 months, 18 months and 24 months and costs $30.00.

The Organic Baby Warehouse
has a huge selection of every type of organic baby product including organic baby clothes such as the Organic Cotton Tank Top – Blue Organic Cotton Tank Top in Blue for $8.95 in sizes medium- 8-22 lbs, small-10-18 lbs, newborn – 6-10 lbs, large -22-25 lbs, extra large- 25-30 lbs, extra extra large- 30-37 lbs and 4T – 38-46 lbs. For the girls they have items like the Bamboo Onesie Bodysuit in Pink for $13.95. It is made of 100% organic cotton and comes in newborn, small and medium.

All Natural Babyis another great place to find organic baby clothes. They have aHooded Terry Set that comes in blue, green or purple. It comes in 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 month sizes and costs. $45.50. They also have a selection of PJ’s such as theBaby PJ Set – Bunny. This one comes in pink, in sizes 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months.

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4 Places to Get a Great Coffeehouse Experience in Phoenix, Ariz

Sometimes, I have to spread the wealth. When it comes to coffee, there are too many good places to go in the Phoenix area to settle on just one. That’s why I have a roster of coffee houses that can satisfy my needs. Which one I go to depends on how much time I have, where I am, what I feel like drinking and even the time of year. If The Man has been tracking my movements, this is where he’ll find me most of the time I need coffee:

Mama Java’s Coffeehouse (SE corner 36th Street & Indian School, Phoenix)
This is my “hit with an Americano before work” spot. It’s right near my house, and I can count on it for a quality hot Americano. Well, technically their Americano might be considered more of what Australians call a “long black.” An Americano is usually espresso shots with hot water poured over them. At Mama Java, the barista crew pours the shot over the water, preserving the crema in all its tasty glory. Good move.

Conspire (5th Street & Garfield, Phoenix)
I never go here when I’m in a hurry. That’s not because they can’t produce a drink quickly – it’s because I go there just as much for conversation as I do for a very nice cappuccino or a mind-blowing iced toddy. There are always people hanging about, and the barista crew and the owner are also great for shooting the bull for an hour. With people like that around, I don’t want to rush out in a hurry. The crew here aims for a more traditional “dry” cap, with a generous amount of foam on top.

Cartel (225 W. University, Tempe)
When it’s time to drink espresso, drink espresso. Don’t talk (to adapt the best phrase from The Good, The Bad & The Ugly). This is where you’ll get the best hardcore espresso drinks around. Their cappuccinos (which are prepared wet) and shots are amazing. The staff is very enthusiastic about espresso, which can come across as snobby (ordering a mocha there is like ordering a Bud Light at a microbrewery). The clientele isn’t the friendliest around, so bring either a friend or a book – better yet, an iPad so you can avoid being sneered at by the hipsters.

Sola Coffee Bar (5th Avenue & Craftsman Court, Scottsdale)
I’d go to Sola more if it were open on Sundays. It’s not a order-dash-guzzle sort of place. They get their beans from Cartel -as does Conspire- and they have a great attention to quality. But it’s a lot more laid-back. And somewhat less consistent. Some Sola baristas can make cappuccinos equal to those at Cartel … but most rise just to the level of darn good. Which is still going to make me happy. The staff is fun and friendly, but I haven’t run into any talkative coffee drinkers there like I do at Conspire.


Press Coffee (5410 E. High Street, Phoenix) and Echo (68th Street & Indian School, Scottsdale) are also excellent, but I don’t get to stop at either very often.

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4 Reasons to Choose a Christian University Over a Regular School

Education is a very important aspect in everyone’s life. It affects the person in terms of career and job options that will be available to him in the future, and it helps in molding the person’s character from personal to social to spiritual as well as helps in acquiring skills and knowledge. Those are just a few reasons why choosing a school for your education must come from after thinking well about your options, considering and evaluating all the available choices to you.

There are many kinds of schools and universities that you can turn to especially today; there are the regular universities, Christian universities, and even online schools and universities available for consideration, but they differ much when it comes to how they deliver their programs, the facilities available to the students, the qualifications of the professors, and how the school will ultimately influence the students’ character. Each of these institutions of learning has its own strength and weaknesses; it is up to the student to choose the best educational institution that fits his intentions, principles, plans, and compatibility with the student’s life style and beliefs.

Christian universities have a definite edge over regular universities in the following respects:

  • Christian universities offer a diversified option when it comes to available degrees and course programs. If you want liberal arts courses, yes, they are offered, medical ‘” yes, business ‘” yes, sciences courses ‘” yes etc. What sets Christian universities, when it comes to degree offering, is that a student who wants to study Christian ministry, Theology studies, Bible studies and other religious studies can find it all in Christian universities. These programs are usually not present in the regular secular schools.
  • Education and Training at The Highest Level ‘” Most classes in Christian universities are being taught by professors who are inspired and guided to give only the best education possible. Teaching these students comes with the God given mission of helping develop individuals that will not only be good citizens and experts at their fields and industries, but also those who will genuinely care enough for the community and the betterment of other people’s lives. Hence, professors demand more from their students, and training can be more rigorous than regular universities.
  • Each class is taught with a Christian Perspective ‘” The huge difference between a regular school and a Christian school is how the classes are taught. In Christian universities, classes are taught incorporating the latest discoveries, theories, and facts of the subjects; yet they are always taught in light of the Christian faith and the truth contained in the Bible. Students are not bombarded with what educational fad is currently popular and sure to be proven wrong in the next decade by new technologies and discoveries. Instead, students are guided to discover truths for themselves and reconcile them with both the lessons from the Bible and the scientific facts.
  • Fellowship among students to develop and nourish ‘” Christian universities are built on the foundation of God’s Word and fellowship among men, unlike regular schools where the courses are taught to make the student be the fittest when they go out in the real world, and sometimes where competition between students are encouraged. In Christian universities, helping each other to strengthen faith and encouragement to excel in the field of study is the norm.

Those are just four reasons to choose a Christian university over a regular school, but there are more reasons why studying in Christian universities are an ideal option for those students who want to grow in every aspect of their lives.

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4 Reason to Start a New Life on a Tropical Island

By Joshua Dent
The view from the 13th floor of my apartment is immaculate. The city looks picturesque and surreal on a Saturday afternoon. The mountains to the east remind me what a beautiful island this is. A brief glance in the opposite direction also tells me that the sea is less than a 30 minute beautiful scooter ride away.

The visual clues lead you to think I am referring to one of the world’s top tourist attractions. This scene actually takes place from my apartment in Chungli, Taiwan. The island life here is cheap, convenient, and picturesque.

#1 Everything is CHEAP

Products and services in Taiwan come at extremely reasonable prices. In the USA, slaving away at a desk for 40 hours per week would just barely cover the costs of my rent, and utilities. As an English teacher in Taiwan, I seldom work 40 hours in an entire month. I still have money to travel at my leisure.

A typical breakdown of expenses:

Rent- $150/month (fully furnished)

Utilities- incl. (water, gas, electric) – $35 USD/ month

Internet- $35 USD/ month

Transportation Costs- $15 USD/ month

Food- $200 USD/ month

The listed total expenses comes to about $500 USD per month. That did not even get my rent paid at home. Considering English teachers here make about $20 USD/hr, you can see this affords me a luxury lifestyle.

#2 World-Class Scenery

Think of all of the beautiful places in the world. It is hard for me to imagine Taiwan comes first to mind for too many people. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of outdoor adventure opportunities that exist here.

Taiwanese are nature enthusiasts at its finest. They adore going to the mountains on the weekend to hike, take pictures, and a multitude of other hobbies. Taiwan is also highly populated with absolutely beautiful parks.

If you like outdoor activities, this is the place to be with the added benefit of still being little-known.

#3 Conveniece

You got a bill to pay? No worries. Just go to 7-11!

You want to meet friends on a Friday night to socialize? 7-11 it is.

7-11’s are densely located throughout this island. You can pay bills, hang out, use free wi-fi, use a fax machine, make copies, have packages delivered, and an extensive list of many more pesky tasks of daily life that are made extremely easy for you.

#4 Plenty of WORK Available

Having a college degree, and English as your first language alone put you in a very unique situation in Taiwan. The job market in America currently is saturated with over-qualified candidates. This makes it very tough to get a job.

The island is filled with what they call “cram schools.” This is where students of all ages, including adults, attend classes to catch them up on their English conversation skills.

You can easily come here with no experience and expect to make a great living for yourself!

Questions/ Comments

How does working 20 hours a week and traveling through an exotic island sound to you?

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