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4 Potential New Video Game TV Shows

With the G4 cancellation of video game based shows “Attack of the Show” and X-Play” a huge market has opened up for more televised video game content. Growing up in a world of video games, there are four show ideas that can really showcase games, gamers and the passion people have for them.

Nick Arcade: The Next Generation

The original “Nick Arcade” was the ultimate game show/fantasy hybrid as contestants competed against each other in various game challenges. The best part of the show was the end, when players were actually inserted into the game to try and win a grand prize.

This show would be easy to adapt to the next generation. With advanced technology, players could enter all kinds of games and create a new hit for Nickelodeon. It would be awesome to see franchises sign on so that gamers could play along with characters like Sonic and Mario.

The Sims TV

One of the greatest simulation games of all-time is The Sims and the format makes a unique appeal for an interactive television show. Fans could vote every week for storylines and actions with a digital Sims family.

Every week their actions would play out on the screen using a mix of drama, comedy and mystery. It would be like “Big Brother” meets “Modern Family.” Fans could even win the chance to have their own Sim featured on the show or interact with the family in Sims 3.

The League: Gamers Edition

“The League” on FX follows the lives of fantasy football players and the league that they’re obsessed with. A spin-off of this could follow a group of gamers that play in a tournament league. There is a lot of potential for comedy around video games. The show can easily stay relevant with commentary about new video games and the video game world as a whole.

The Pre-Game Sports Simulation

Advancements in graphics and realistic players has made the world of simulation more prevalent today. The use of video game simulation can create a great pre-game show for every major sport. Using franchises like the WWE games, Madden NFL and NBA 2K, the HD simulations can showcase previews of the games before they air.

The use of the simulations would be especially popular for largely anticipated events like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Finals and Wrestlemania. Real live commentary by special guests or the players themselves would add even more content to the show.

Just because two of the best video game shows are going off the air doesn’t mean they have to be off TV forever.

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4 Police Officers Shot Dead in Lakewood Coffeehouse Ambush: Police Mourn 4 Officers Killed

4 Police officers shot dead in a Lakewood Coffeehouse in an ambush are the center of news reports across the country. According to CNN, a single shooter opened fire inside a Lakewood, WA coffeehouse, killing 4 police officers. At the time of the ambush, the 4 police officers that were shot were inside the coffeehouse working on their laptops. They had marked cars parked outside the coffeehouse. All 4 police officers shot were from the Lakewood, WA police department.

None of the coffeehouse patrons or employees were harmed during this morning’s shooting. The ambush appears to be a targeted attack that was meant to kill police officers. The suspect has fled the scene on foot and is described as an African American male that is wearing a black coat and jeans. He is between 5′ 7″ and 5′ 10″ tall. He is also described as “scruffy.”

As you can imagine, the police departments in and around Lakewood are scrambling to find the shooter that left 4 police officers shot dead. The Lakewood coffeehouse where the attack occurred is near the McChord Air Force base. According to CNN, the base is not on lockdown, although security has been amped up as a precaution.

Given the horrifying nature of the Lakewood coffeehouse ambush, the military has offered services to Lakewood to help them apprehend the suspect that slaughtered 4 innocent police officers. Their service have not been requested at this time.

The Lakewood police department massacre which left 4 police officers shot dead takes place less than a month after the Fort Hood massacre where a rogue soldier shot and killed 13 people and wounded many others. It’s a shame that these massacres even happen at all, and it’s even worse that they take place so close to the holidays.

A massive manhunt is underway for the suspect that left 4 police officers shot. There is currently an award for $10,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of the suspect responsible for this morning’s attack.

Coffeehouse employees and patrons are very shaken by the attack and feel lucky to be alive. The fact that none of the employees or patrons were harmed indicates that the attack was targeted against police officers, although it is uncertain at this time whether the attack was targeted at the 4 police officers shot or just police officers in general.

The police were not on duty at the time of the attack. They are said to have been discussing cases and reading on their laptops waiting for their shifts to begin.


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4 Places You Must Visit in Great Falls, Montana

This article lists the 4 things that you simply must do while in Great Falls, Montana. I have done well with this article to include a place that includes physical activity, a place for the kids, the best place to eat and a place for the fishermen and hunters. This is one of the most well rounded Great falls, Montana to do lists and you will not be disappointed visiting these places.

The first place is a great one for physical activity. For fun and physical activity in Great Falls, Montana you need to check out the Four Seasons Arena. The Four Seasons Arena is located at 400 3rd St NW in Great Falls, Montana. This is near the fairgrounds. The main attraction at the Four Seasons Arena is ice skating. You can also catch hockey games, see plays on ice and get skating lessons.

The second place on our list is a great one for the kids. For family entertainment you should take the kids to Murph’s Bowling Center. Murph’s Bowling Center is located at 5515 2nd Ave N in Great Falls, Montana. Murph’s offers inexpensive bowling games and shoe rentals. They also sell hot dogs, nachos, sodas, candy, juice and chips for reasonable prices. The greatest thing about Murph’s is that it is semi attached to Mad Jack’s Casino so that you can grab a drink, play some pool or try your luck at the casino games while your kids bowl and you never have to take your eyes off of them.

The third place on our list is one of the best local places to eat while you are in Great Falls, Montana. To fill up your stomach with great food and at a reasonable price you need to head over to Tracy’s 23 hour Family Restaurant. Tracy’s 24 Hour Family Restaurant, more commonly known by locals as Tracy’s Diner, is located on 127 Central Ave in downtown Great Falls, Montana. The serve a mixture of typical American and Southern style food. The food is delicious, always comes in large portions, the wait staff is friendly and the prices re decent- they aren’t much over what you would be paying for fast food.

The fourth place on our list, and the last, is the Lewis and Clark National Forest. The Lewis and Clark National forest is a great place for hiking, picnics, camping, hunting, fishing and just enjoying the outdoors. The Lewis and Clark National Forest is located at 1101 15th Street N in Great Falls, Montana.

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4 Pensacola Eateries for Late-Night Food

Hate it when the good restaurants all close at 9:00 or 10:00 every night? Need to find delicious food past the normal dining time? Whether you are getting off work late or just have the late-night munchies, try one of these four yummy eateries next time you’re up late and hungry in Pensacola!

1. McGuire’s Irish Pub

Known as one of the best Irish pubs in America, McGuire’s is a popular landmark of downtown Pensacola. The atmosphere is unique and exciting, and the food is delicious. The Tenderloin Bites and Irish Boxtys are great appetizers; and, the huge hamburgers are only ten bucks!

Hours: Everyday 11am-2am
Location: 600 E. Gregory Street, Pensacola, FL 32502

2. The Tin Cow

Located downtown on festive Palafox Street, The Tin Cow offers great hamburgers, milkshakes, and over 100 different canned beers. Have some fun and design your own burger, then enjoy your creation!

Hours: Everyday 11am-2am
Location: 102 South Palafox Place, Pensacola, FL 32502

3. Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen and Taproom

What would a late-night food list be without pizza? Also located on Palafox is Hopjacks Pizza Kitchen and Taproom. Hopjacks provides a variety of fun pizzas and beers.

Hours: M-W 11am-10pm, Th-Sat 11am-3am, Sun Closed
Location:10 South Palafox, Pensacola, FL 32502

4. Pensacola Ale House – Miller’s Ale House Restaurant

If you are in North Pensacola over by the mall and just finished shopping or seeing a movie, try the Pensacola Ale House on the corner of North Davis and Airport Boulevard. The menu contains a large variety of classic American food and drinks; there’s something for everyone!

Hours: M-Sat 11am-2am, Sun 11am-12am
Location: 5906 North Davis Highway, Pensacola, FL 32503

Whatever circumstances result in late-night munchies in Pensacola, these four eateries will serve you well. All of them provide not only delicious food but also a fun environment to eat it in.

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4 Reasons 2011 is the Year to Get Serious About Security

Prognosticators are silly. Or that’s how I’ve always viewed them, anyway. They combine past experience with their perspective on current trends to make predictions and pretend to be smarter than you.

Many prognosticators in the financial world have failed miserably, and we’re all paying the price now. Their current excuse is “irrational exuberance.”

But prognostication holds a bit more water these days, thanks to technology that can quantify and collate mass amounts of data to provide an educated guess.

Here’s me being a prognosticator: In 2011, unprecedented security issues will reveal just how vulnerable we are and highlight the flaws in our systems. In other words, we have a big challenge.

What makes me say this? Here are just a few reasons:

1. In recent months, “hactivisim” has become a popular term, even among non-technical people.

2. A new virus called Stuxnet has stoked anxieties about cyber warfare.

3. Cybercrime targeting the government has become bolder than ever.

4. Mobile phones are eclipsing wired phones, so software developers are more focused on mobile. But is your cell phone ready to be your bank?

Robert Siciliano, personal security expert contributor to Just Ask Gemalto, discussesonline banking security on CBS Boston. (Disclosures)

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4 Reasons to Stop Nagging Your Kids

On any given day at my house, you might hear a chorus of Clean up your toys! Eat your Broccoli! and Get your hands out of your mouth! Yes, I’m nagging my kids. However, I’m tired of repeating myself. Thus, I have decided I’m going to stop the tirades. Here are four reasons to stop nagging your kids.

# 1 Nagging Doesn’t Work.

Nagging is a temporary solution to make your children do want you want. If you have to keep reminding your children to pick their clothes off the ground, they are never going to do it on their own. According to Charles Goodstein, MD, a psychoanalyst and clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine, nagging only produces “a short-term result that looks positive. But in order for that result to recur, the nagging will have to recur.” Thus, I have decided that I’m going to change the way I talk to my kids. A simple Please make sure to clean your dish after dinner will suffice. After that, I’m not going to repeat myself. I’m not going to wail Why don’t you listen to me …because it doesn’t work. Instead, I’m going to hand out a consequence.

# 2 Nagging Causes Your Kids to Lose Respect for You.

No one likes orders being barked at them. Do you? Rather than nagging my kids, I’m going to talk to them, ask them questions and make their expectations clear. I’m hoping this will prevent my children from moving far, far away from me when they grow up because they don’t want to be nagged.

# 3 Nagging is Annoying.

The actual definition of nagging is “to scold, complain, or find fault constantly” and “to be a constant source of anxiety or annoyance.” Ugh! That sounds horrible and something I don’t want to be doing. Overall, nagging is a negative way to parent.

# 4 Nagging is a Sign You’re Trying to Control Your Kids.

Sometimes, nagging is a sign you’re trying to control your kids. Molly Barrow, PhD and psychotherapist calls this “be like me” nagging. This often happens as kids get older. While children need to follow rules, there are some things that are a personal preference. For instance, are you always telling your child to Get your hair out of your face or constantly asking Why don’t you talk more? When we are constantly trying to persuade children to change, pursue a certain major or be more social, it’s a sign of control.

The Solution: Finding A Better Way

Ending the nagging doesn’t mean you let your kids do whatever they want. Rather than commanding (Clean your Room) or asking nagging questions (Are you ever going to clean this room?) you can give your kids a chore chart or a checklist. A funny little note on the back of the bathroom door could have a favorite cartoon character saying, Did you remember to flush the toilet and wash your hands? Yet, most of all, keep things positive.

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4 Reasons to Use an Online Backup Service

As the Internet gets faster and computer users store more and more valuable information on their PCs, online backup services have taken off as a secure way to back up data. They’re extremely beneficial to virtually every type of computer user, and if you don’t already have a backup solution, there’s really no better way. Here’s a look at a few big reasons to use an online backup service for your data backup.

1. It’s automatic. Most online backup services use a proprietary program that runs constantly in the background on your computer. They can be set to back up data once a day, multiple times, or whenever key files are changed. Since the backup is regulated by the program and not by the user, it avoids user error that can cause data loss–i.e., forgetting to back up before a hard drive failure or other catastrophe. You need to make sure that the program is properly set up, but after that point, data is backed up on a perfectly regulated schedule.

2. It’s remote. Since data is backed up to a storage server (owned by the company that puts out the data backup software), you don’t have to worry about floods or other natural disasters that would destroy your backup copies if you used a more conventional method of data backup. Many online data backup customers worry about something happening to the actual servers, but usually companies run several servers and use RAID 5 configurations which make data loss at the server end all but impossible.

3. It’s cheap. Many online data backup services charge $5 a month–Mozy even offers some free data backup. External hard drives, in contrast, often cost $100 or more, and don’t offer the same backup security as the online services. As far as bang for your buck goes, online data backup services are clearly worth the cash if you need to back up data and you’ve got a fast Internet connection.

4. It’s secure. Most online data backup services (but not all) use extremely secure encryption, so if someone gets a hold of your data via the website’s server, they can’t get into it unless they’ve got your password. Note that this means that you can’t get into your backed up data without a password, so be sure to keep your password backed up in case you ever need to restore from a backup session.

Do you use an online backup service? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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4 Reasons You Should Wear Sunscreen in the Winter

My toddler loves to go outside. Since we live in Southern California, there are few days where the weather doesn’t permit us to get out and about. Like many young kids, my son also squirms while I’m trying to apply sunscreen or sunblock to his face. Thus, sometimes in the winter, I think to myself, does he really need sunscreen? After all, it’s cloudy out, it’s winter and we’re not going to be outside too long. Yet, then I remember the handout I always receive at my children’s checkup; it says to put sunscreen on your children if they will be outside for longer than 10 minutes, including the winter. In reality, there are plenty of reasons to wear sunscreen in the winter. Here are four.

# 1 Protects Against UV rays

It’s a common misconception that UV rays are not as strong in the winter. Yet, this isn’t true. Dermatologist Heidi Waldorf asserts “UVA rays are the same strength year-round.” The best way to protect yourself year round is to wear sunscreen daily. To start, I wear a tinted moisturizer with built in sunscreen, every day. It’s part of my routine. Although you can’t see UV rays, they are powerful. In fact, according to the, studies from Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Herston, Australia, revealed that daily sunscreen wearers “had 24% fewer … common precancerous skin lesions” than those who wore sunscreen occasionally.

# 2 Prevents Sunburn

Sunburns are a nasty thing. As a child, I remember getting a few bad sunburns, including sun blisters. Ouch! Along with causing skin damage and discomfort, the negative effects of sunburns do not stop after your skin returns to normal. According to, “sunburn early in life increases the risk of developing skin cancer later on.” Furthermore, those who frequently go without sunscreen may experience premature wrinkles.

# 3 Physical Barrier

In the winter, sunscreens provides a physical barrier to the elements such as sun, wind and cold weather. This can prevent your skin from becoming red, raw and chapped. There are sunscreens and sunblocks made especially for winter. For example, Kiehls makes a Cross-Terrain UV Face Protector with an SPF 50 and Badger makes a creamy sports sunscreen cream with zinc oxide that is wonderful for outdoor winter activities. Of course, don’t forget to protect your lips with an SPF lip balm.

# 4 The Glare Factor

Those who participate in winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding have even more exposure to UV rays. According to the, “skiers are exposed to an extra 8 percent to 10 percent of UV radiation for every 1,000 feet of altitude.” The majority of these extra rays are due to the sun’s reflection off the snow. Thus, it’s important to wear sunglasses along with sunblock and lip protection with zinc.

Thus, should you wear sunscreen (or sunblock) in the winter? It’s beneficial for your health, and your looks, so, why not?

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4 Reasons Strasburg Should Be Scratched

I did a blog similar to this back when Stephen Strasburg had all that trouble with the mound during his second start in Cleveland. This one will not be quite as serious as that one but moving on. Strasburg was scratched from his start tonight because he was not able to get loose. Here are four other reasons Strasburg should be scratched from a start:

1. If there is a cute girl sitting anywhere near home plate.

Strasburg needs to be able to focus entirely on the plate and where the ball is fixing to go. The slightest distraction and somebody could get hurt.

2. If a member of the opposing team has family in town to watch the game.

I don’t like to see anybody get embarresed, especially when family is in town.

3. If Strasburg is having vision problems.

MLB should make it mandatory for Strasburg to get an eye exam before each game. If this guy is not seeing 20/20 than he needs to be scratched.

4. If anything feels wrong.

If Strasburg has an itch on his nose, he needs to be scratched.

Let’s end on a serious note. I make light of this here but I was serious in my first blog when I said Strasburg has a responsibility (more than most other pitchers) to make certain that everything is right before he takes the mound. I can only think of a handful of starting pitchers in my lifetime who threw anywhere near what Strasburg throws. You see a lot of guys throwing this hard during and after the 8th inning but not during innings 1 through 7.

The statement I make may seem childish but a Strasburg fastball will get loose at some point and I just hope the hitter lives to tell about it.

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