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4 Reasons the Samsung GALAXY M Pro Smartphone is Bit Underwhelming

Samsung has been on a roll and introduced lots of great smartphones to the market in 2011, but they amongst they are far from perfect and the soon to be released GALAXY M Pro smartphone has more than a few features that are underwhelming.

Camera Quality

Samsung recently unveiled the soon to be released GALAXY W, GALAXY Y, and GALAXY M Pro, but although most of these phones have excellent features, they are all lacking in the camera department. Cell phone and smartphone cameras are becoming increasingly important as consumers are ditching traditional digital cameras for those equipped on their smartphones, but unfortunately, the camera on the GALAXY M PRO smartphone is a bit disappointing. With 8, 10, and 12 megapixel cameras being not that uncommon on the modern mobile phone market, the 5 megapixel camera on the GALAXY M PRO will leave lots of consumers wanting more.

Battery Life

Battery life will likely be a concern on any gadget purchased nowadays, but due to the fact that smartphones get the most use out of virtually any other gadget owned by consumers, its battery life is of the utmost importance. The Samsung GALAXY M PRO smartphone features a 1350 mAh battery that only offers a paltry advertised max talk time of 6.25 hours. 6.25 hours of battery is nothing to “ride home about” and is by far one of the most disappointing features of the soon to be released GALAXY M PRO smartphone.

Small Display Size

One of the best selling points of the Samsung GALAXY M PRO smartphone is its full physical QWERTY implementation, but unfortunately, the GALAXY M PRO’s tactile keyboard comes at the cost of a very small touchscreen display. The touchscreen display of the Samsung GALAXY M PRO is only 2.66 inches – which isn’t the best size for playing games, browsing the web, watching movies and doing other features that require having a large touchscreen display.

Form Factor

The Samsung GALAXY M PRO smartphone is very thin, but other than that, it has an overall poor form factor, the clunky tactile QWERTY keyboard, tiny touchscreen display and overall feel of the GALAXY M PRO leave a lot to be desired and its form isn’t as impressive as the soon to be released GALAXY Y and GALAXY W smartphones.

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4 Reasons to Consider a Point of Sale Upgrade

As a retailer you may have always imagined your primary concern being getting the sale. That is true; making a sale and making an upsell are two of the most important things about your business. Maybe even more important than capturing a sale though is capturing an “incident-free” sale. If someone buys something from your store, is unhappy, returns it, gets their money back, and badmouths your business to their friends and family; that’s not exactly the type of sale you want. You also don’t want customer information to be compromised. By that rationale a point of sale upgrade could make a lot of sense for your business.

Organization: With POS and your computer system being inextricably linked these days you need a point of sale system that’s going to have everything right before you with no mystery. An organized computer system is a happy computer system. When your POS is organized answers come easily; you have so much more time to tackle problems. When you’re spending less time handling your POS you are spending less time on arcane busy work which means you have more time for other things.

Mobile: We have been increasingly hearing about mobility and our need to be able to access real-time information wherever we are. Why should the conditions for your point of sale upgrade be any different? When you’re trying to plan for the next quarter or the next day you need to be able to crunch the numbers in real time. Even if you’re away or out of the office, having a POS that’s both efficient and portable will make your life so much easier.

Simple: You don’t want to have a point of sale upgrade which any video game player can crack; at the same time you don’t want to have to be a computer programmer jus to turn on your monitor. Your POS system has got to be simple and it’s got to be nimble. As the manager/owner you should have your own set of encrypted passwords but you should also be able to get through the basic functions of operating, checking, repairing, and maintaining your system without all that much effort.

Safe: Finally an incident free customer experience includes it when they get their product safe and sound. Because safety is so important the personal information of your customers which you have on file should be limited. You don’t want to be the reason that someone’s credit card account is drained. If your point of sale upgrade includes the latest protocol and if you don’t have dishonest employees on staff then your customer’s information should be safe.

Getting a point of sale upgrade which makes sense for your business makes a lot of sense. Whether upgraded or not customers information should always be secure and the ability of you, your customers, and your employees to deal with one another, exchange funds and goods without incident can all be attributable to your new point of sale system upgrade.

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4 Quick Insider Tips for Phone Interviews

Someone once told me that they thought phone interviews were like taking an open-note test. You can write out points that you really want to highlight during the interview, and you can even map out your answers to common interview questions. While this may be true, you really don’t want to rely on your notes to make the best impression.

Interviewing for a job over the phone can be tricky. The interviewer can’t see your awesome smile and will rely only on your answers to get a feel for your passion and professionalism. Chances are, the interviewer may have many phone interviews scheduled throughout the day. You really need to do everything you can to make sure you are the one who gets remembered. So, while it may be tempting to just lay in bed in your pajamas and talk on the phone, here are a few tips that can make you stand out from the crowd.

1) Be ready early

We’ve heard from employers who call job seekers during their scheduled time, only to be met with a voicemail. This is just unacceptable. Maybe your clock is a few minutes fast, maybe they were running a little behind. Whatever the case may be, treat this as you would for an in-person interview — be ready around 10 minutes early. This will ensure you won’t miss their call and will also give you some time before the interview starts to go over any final points you want to remember.

2) Clean up

I don’t know about you, but I am at my best when I’m showered, dressed, and organized. You may be thinking, “Kim, seriously!? The best part about doing an interview over the phone is that you don’t have to get dressed up or worry about looking nice.” I get that. But, think about it. If you’re refreshed and awake it can make a big difference in how you come across on the phone. Also, make sure the area where you will be during the interview is clean, organized, and noise free (simply muting the television doesn’t count!). You don’t want any distractions from the interview itself.

3) Smile

This sounds silly, I know. But, you may not know that you can hear someone smile over the phone. Don’t believe me? Try a little experiment. Have your friend call you and guess if you are smiling or not during your conversation. Smiling over the phone makes you sound more enthusiastic about the opportunity.

4) Stand in the light

Did you know that standing up while you’re talking on the phone can make you sound more confident and help you articulate what you want to say? I’m not telling you to awkwardly stand like a statue the entire time, but this little trick may make you sound more interested and passionate than someone who is lounging on a recliner. Also, do not hold your phone interview in a dark room. This will make you sleepy, disorientated, and you can come off as detached from the interview. Find a room with good light and bright colors.

While these may seem either obvious or annoying to you, taking these small steps can really make a difference in your phone interview. Just think, if you are a little lazy with it and don’t take this seriously, someone else will and you may lose out on this opportunity!

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4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Install Frash on Your iPhone

Frash is the new iPhone hack that’ll allow iPhone users the ability to finally run Flash on the iPhone, but while having Flash on the iPhone is awesome, there are at least four reasons you should reconsider installing Frash on your iPhone.

It’ll break YouTube in your Safari Browser

One of the main reasons that I installed Frash on my iPhone – other than to defy Apple – was to be able to watch streaming video on my phone that didn’t have native support for HTML 5. After installing Frash on my iPhone I was able to finally watch kooky videos on sites like, but I lost the biggest video streaming site available: YouTube. Installing Frash on your iPhone will confuse the heck out of YouTube while watching YouTube videos in the Safari browser. Watching YouTube videos in the preinstalled YouTube app will be just fine, but if you’re browsing a website with an embedded YouTube video, the YouTube video will try to run using Frash instead of its native HTML 5 support – and it’ll fail every time.

Frash? More like Crash

Before I installed Frash, I’ve never had my Safari browser crash on my iPhone, but after I’ve installed Frash, Safari crashes several times a day. For some reason Frash will cause the iPhone’s Safari browser to crash while loading Flash videos, running Flash videos, and even when there is no Flash content available on the website at all. In my opinion, Frash is too buggy and isn’t worth installing due to constant crashes it causes in the Safari browser.

Say goodbye to your warranty

Frash can only be installed on Jailbroken iPhones and Jailbreaking an iPhone immediately voids the warranty of your iPhone. Having Flash on your iPhone is cool and all, but is it really worth voiding your iPhone’s warranty? I think not.

Frash is kind of meh

Flash is on the iPhone, hooray! Now what? I wanted Flash on my iPhone so bad that I never stopped to think about what I’d be doing with it in the first place. To me, Flash was something that was forbidden and I wanted it simply because I couldn’t have it. Now that I have Flash on my iPhone, I hardly have any uses for it and worse, I can hardly do the things that I want to with Frash anyhow. Frash doesn’t allow playing Flash games, ruined YouTube for me, doesn’t allow online image editors, and can’t even scroll up and down in Flash based web pages. For all of the hoopla surrounding Frash, it does a lot more damage than it’s worth.

For more, read Frash 101: Everything You Need to Know About Enjoying Flash on the iPhone, Frash Brings the Flash Player to the iPhone 4 and iPad 3.2.1, and The Most Annoying Frash Player Glitches on the iPhone 4 so Far.

Check out my blog for the latest in tech news.

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4 Reasons Why "I Just Need Space..." Can Be Good

If you have ever been on the giving or receiving end of the phrase “I just need space...” then you know that these four little words can invoke feelings of panic, helplessness and despair. That is because these words tend to preface the break up of a romantic relationship. There is a running joke in society where this phrase is concerned, for the person issuing the statement usually intends to make the “space” between him or her, quite permanent. However, there are actually some benefits to taking a little time off from a romantic entanglement. Subsequently, this phrase does not have to mean the Kiss of Death that is typically implied. Depending upon the status of your relationship, and how tight the bonds are between the two of you, it is quite possible that “I just need space…” really means just that. In fact, sometimes establishing a bit of distance can have quite the opposite effect on a relationship.

#1 – Joined At The Hip

It is quite common for ladies who have recently become romantically entangled to spend every free moment they have with their newest, hunkiest beau. This is why women tend to make jokes amongst themselves about the Missing Girl Friend—the one who no longer has time to have drinks “with her girls.” To that effect, people in new relationships sometimes tend to smother each other due to infatuation, amongst other things. But any relationship counselor will tell you that being inseparable is not always great for the relationship. Over a period of time, especially after all the mystery is lost, spending great amounts of time with one another can give way to feelings of emotional suffocation. This emotion usually isn’t the fault of one partner over another; it is simply a part of life. Sometimes taking a little breather from being joined at the hip is enough to recharge a relationship that was losing its steam.

#2 – Reconnections

Very often people who have spent a great deal of time together begin to mimic and mirror certain behaviors. This mimicking can run the gamut, from style of dress, all the way down to the way a person speaks. As a matter of fact, it can be quite easy to lose one’s own self-image after being with a person for extended periods of time. Putting some distance between you and a mate is a great way to get to know yourself again. Rediscover things that you may enjoy. After being together for a long period of time, couples often forget the things that attracted them to one another. Individually rediscovering your pet peeves and goals reaffirms who you are; you are then forced to see yourself through your own eyes instead of someone else’s.

#3- “Elimi-Date”

In recent years, dating shows like MTV’s “Parental Control” have found creative ways for couples to assess their relationships and decide whether they want to continue. On this particular show, the parents of one romantic party go on a hunt for a better partner for their son/daughter. It’s a quirky approach (one that is great for ratings.) But the gist is that one partner has the opportunity to “test the waters” and see who else might suit the fancy. Ironically, most of the participants end up choosing their current partner over their parents’ selected dates. In a sense, establishing space (one which involves dating other people) can help one or both partners rediscover the things that they like about their boyfriend/girlfriend. Seeing that the grass is not always greener can help one to appreciate a mate’s qualities that might have been overlooked or under-appreciated.

#4- Relationship Repair

Have you noticed that only after you’ve had a permanent break-up do you see the problems that existed throughout the relationship? This is because retrospect is the king of wisdom. After a couple has completely separated, they very often review the union in their minds, wondering where things went wrong. Having nothing but time on one’s hands to contemplate the problems in a romance often leads to some startling revelations. Settling on a temporary break-up can serve the same purpose, only with more satisfying results.

When “I Just Need Space…” Means Just That

By no means should you automatically assume that the person uttering this phrase really wants to get back with you. Furthermore, if you are indeed telling your mate that you need some distance, you should be quite firm in explaining the reasons why you feel this way.

Some might agree that time limits should be imposed so that neither party feels that the relationship is dragging on. But sometimes this isn’t exactly realistic. In such cases, some boundaries should be drawn—at the very least. This means that you should define whether or not you will have any kind of contact. Dating others should also be openly discussed (for obvious reasons.) Furthermore, you should also discuss how you think the time apart will benefit you, if at all. Whether you decide to move forward together or separately, you will probably realize that “space” is something that all couples need regardless of whether they break up or remain together.

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4 Reasons for Using a Pill Planner

There are several types of pill planner. Some have one box a day for a week and others have multiple boxes. Choosing the right one depends on your needs. If you are taking multiple medications, the extra boxes come in handy. Here are some good reasons for investing in an appropriate planner.

Too many pills: As we get older we tend to develop more medical conditions. Each one may have one or more medication to handle the problems. In some cases, medications are needed to counter side effects from other medications. It can be confusing and cause serious problems if doses are skipped.

Scheduling: While many medications can be taken at any time, some have to be scheduled. Taking a sleeping pill when you get up in the morning isn’t a good idea. Some have to be taken before eating or with food. Some can’t be taken at the same time as others. Medications taken as needed can also be put into a planner. This can cut down on confusion about whether or not a dose has been taken.

Memory Problems: If a patient has dementia or any other memory problem, a pill planner is a necessity. In most cases, said planner should be only accessed by a caregiver. If that doesn’t happen, the patient can and probably will take the wrong pills at the wrong time. Believe me; you don’t want to go there. We did and it was a nightmarish day for us all.

Time: If you calculate the time it takes to take one or more pills out of fifteen bottles and the time it takes to dump the necessary pills out of a box and into your hand, you can see why it is better. Of course you have to do the initial setup, but after that it’s easy. This helps on busy mornings and it helps when dealing with eldercare. If our elder is in pain, it’s a good idea to get the pain medication to her quickly. Otherwise she gets agitated and we have to dole out more pills.

Pill planners may not be for everyone, but for those who need them they are great. If you aren’t sure which planner is best for your needs, talk to the pharmacist. The pharmacist will know your prescriptions and help you make the best choice.

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4 Rules for Online Freelance Writing Queries

Most aspiring freelance writers know the rules of sending queries to print magazine and publications. And, if you don’t, you should read Write A Query Letter That Sells!

But are the rules different for websites and online publications? Does the fast-paced Internet world and short, snappy online text make a difference when you’re trying to find online writing jobs?

The answer: Yes and No. Some standard rules still apply. But there are some differences, too. Here are the basic guidelines:

Rule #1: Follow the basic guidelines of professional business correspondence. Email queries do no mean you can revert to text like “Thank U” and “C ya later.” Your email should read like a standard professional business letter. This means you should properly address the email (Dear Mr. or Mrs. So-and-So), your letter should include paragraphs and full sentences, and it should close properly (Sincerely, Your Name). You shouldn’t resort to jargon, slang, casual language or any other style of writing that is less than professional.

Rule #2: Links may sometimes be appropriate. If you were writing a standard professional query to a print publication, you would probably include a paper copy of your resume and clips. Email queries, however, allow you to include links to your resume (if it’s available online) and clips (if you’ve previously written for websites or online publications). Many online editors would prefer to receive links rather than a bunch of large attachments or a huge, long email.

Rule #3: Don’t send attachments unless requested. Viruses attack computers, and can potentially cause the loss of data. Because of this, many people are wary about opening attachments (where viruses often hide). Moreover, not everyone works from the same software–and not every document is easily opened by every computer. As a result, attachments are often unwelcome, especially if you’re sending an unsolicited query. Never send an attachment unless it’s requested. Either enclose the information in your email, direct the editor to a website with your information, or mention that you can email the information as an attachment upon request.

Rule #4: Send it once. Only. The speed of email means that a lot of anxious writers send out their resume and query–and then send a follow-up note the next day. Some enthusiastic writers will continue to send emails on a daily basis until the editor finally responds. Website owners and online editors are busy people. It may only take a minute to send an email, but it can take hours to sift through the hundreds of emails some editors receive each day. Be patient. Flooding an editor’s inbox with emails is a sure way to get labeled “problem writer.”

The key to finding freelance writing jobs online is to treat your job search with the same level of professionalism you use to approach print writing jobs. Do what you can to make things simple for the editor, and you’re likely to land an online writing gig.

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4 Reasons Why Star Ocean: The Last Hope is Coming to Playstation 3

Although Star Ocean: The Last Hope was first revealed with no specific platform in mind, many speculated that the latest game in the popular role-playing series will be coming to the Playstation 3. However, Star Ocean: The Last Hope ended up going to the Xbox 360 as an exclusive title. The exclusivity didn’t last long, however, as Square Enix will release the fourth mainline Star Ocean game on the Playstation 3 nearly a year after the Xbox 360 version. So why did Square Enix decided to port Star Ocean: The Last Hope to the Playstation 3? Here are several contributing factors.

Low Sales
Although Star Ocean : The Last Hope for the Xbox 360 did well enough in both Japan and North America with 400,000 copies shipped so far, the sales were disappointing when taken into account the past’s successes of the series. With role-playing games being more expensive to develop than ever, Square Enix needed to find more ways to earn back their investment. The most logical step financially is to port Star Ocean: The Last Hope to the Playstation 3.

Playstation 3 User Base in Japan
Many were shocked that Star Ocean: The Last Hope was originally released for only the Xbox 360. This is because the install base for the system in Japan was relatively small for the exclusive game to do well. Porting Star Ocean: The Last Hope to the Playstation 3 makes more sense since its install base is far bigger in Japan than the Xbox 360. The 25 million Playstation 3 units sold worldwide also tempted Square Enix to port the game.

Fan Base
Although the first Star Ocean game was originally released on the Super Nintendo, the rest came out on Sony platforms: Playstation with Star Ocean: The Second Story, Playstation 2 with Star Ocean: Till the End of Time and PSP with Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution. Therefore, Square Enix will be porting Star Ocean: The Last Hope to the Playstation 3 since the fan base for the series is on the Playstation platforms.

Square Enix’s Investment on Playstation 3
Star Ocean: The Last Hope isn’t the only Square Enix game coming to the Playstation 3. The Japanese publishers will be brining some of their most ambitious projects yet to the system in the very near future (Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII). In order to ensure that both games will sell, Square Enix needs Star Ocean: The Last Hope to help attract as much role-playing fans to the Playstation 3 as possible.

Because of the above reasons, it should come at no surprise that Square Enix decided to port Star Ocean: The Last Hope to the Playstation 3.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Dismiss a Protective Order Against Your Abusive Husband

Women often dismiss a protective order against the abusive husband that turns out to be one major regret. The protective order that the judge signed for you to protect you is not something to take lightly. A judge will not issue a protective order unless he knows that are in danger so do not dismiss it down the road. Here are four reasons why you should never dismiss a protective order against your abusive husband.

You Worked Too Hard To Get A Judge to Sign One

Don’t give up all of the work that it took you in order to get one. You got one because at the time you knew in your gut that your life was in danger. You know that you fear your husband at times. You know that you had to convince the judge with a ton of documents such as police reports etc. to get him to sign it. Do not let all of that work go to waste just because your ex husbands family or your family may put pressure on you to remove it. You have every given right in the United States to have one.

You Are A Fool To Give Up The Only Protection You Have From Your Abusive Husband

A protective order is the only thing that protects you as far as a piece of paper goes according to the law. You do not want to dismiss it due to family pressure or pressure from the ex including friends that you may both know. The only reason why a soon to be ex husband would want a protective order dismissed is so that he can continue to abuse you again like the same way he always did in the past.

Use Your Right to Have a Restricted Protective Order Made Forever Against Your Abusive Husband

There is such a thing as a limited protective order that is forever against your abusive husband. You can have a judge dismiss certain parts, but he doesn’t allow your husband to go anywhere near your house. The judge can make it so that your husband can’t stalk you or harass you in any way whatsoever.

You Want To Be Taken Seriously When It Involves Authorities

A protective order against your soon to be ex husband that has been dismissed by you looked bad on your part. It implies to authorities that you weren’t very serious about the first one if you have it dismissed when it goes to court to make it forever permanent so whatever you do not have a protective order ever dismissed when you are really in danger. Do not give up the only power that you have at your hands for any authority figures in the whole United States to help you stay safe from your abusive husband.

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4 Remedies for Back Pain

Dealing with back pain is not easy. Simple things like tying shoes or picking up dropped items are nearly impossible due to the pain. When it happens, getting rid of it is high on the list of things to do. Some of these remedies take time to work, and some seem to work right away.

Acupuncture: If you’re needle-phobic, this sounds more like torture than pain killer. As a fellow member of the needle-phobic public, I can tell you that it rarely hurts at all, and when it does it is mild in comparison to the other pain. One session stopped my pain for almost 48 hours. As sessions go on, the relief is lasting longer and the painful periods are diminishing. It is really worth while to check it out. Some insurance companies even accept it as a medical need and will refer you.

Back Brace: This is a “yes and no” thing. In the long run, wearing a back brace is counterproductive. However, when I know I’m going to do something that will cause severe pain, I put on a brace. In any given week, I probably wear it about three hours.

Physical Therapy: I use aquatic physical therapy so that impact is lower and there is some resistance. Even if it wasn’t aquatic, I would not wear a back brace while performing it. It’s important to build up core muscles to take some of the strain off the injured part.

Exercise: Yes, physical therapy is exercise, but there may come a time when you need to increase the workout. Some gyms have personal trainers that understand back pain. After getting your doctor’s approval, slowly add them to your regular workout.

Weight Loss: Being overweight can exacerbate any back injury. It’s also easy to become overweight after a few months of serious pain. Your doctor can refer you to a nutritionist. The nutritionist can help you set up a diet that meets your needs and helps you consume fewer calories.

There are herbal remedies that may be beneficial, but they require preparation by a qualified herbal practitioner. They also require a diagnosis, and probably a consultation with the attending physician, if there are other health problems.

I have used these methods, and have found them to help. Pain killers are rarely needed, and are usually over-the-counter items like ibuprofen. I hope they will help others who have this painful problem.

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4 Reasons Your New Year's Resolutions Fail

The New Year is barely three weeks old and millions of New Years resolutions have been broken and forgotten. Are you one of the 90% of well-intentioned Americans who have failed to keep your resolutions? Do not worry. I can get you back on track to reach your goals for 2014.

There are many reasons why New Year’s resolutions are broken. Do any of these reasons apply to you?

  1. You tried to achieve too many goals at one time. Resolving to quit smoking, lose weight and spend 4 hours a week in the gym will lead to failure.
  2. You made no specific plan to succeed.
  3. You did not seek help in reaching your goal.
  4. You expected perfection. If you had that cigarette or piece of cake, you believed you were a failure and quit trying.

Do not be discouraged if any of these reasons apply to you. I have a list of tips that will lead you to succeed.

  1. Success is easier if you attempt one goal at a time. Last year I quit smoking. Now I am trying to lose 15 pounds.
  2. Make your goals specific and a plan to achieve them. If your plan is to lose weight, then study diet plans to find one that suits you. Set short term goals for yourself. Instead of saying your goal is to lose 40 pounds this year, decide to lose 4 pounds this month. You can celebrate success each month and will reach the 40 pound goal.
  3. We all need help and support when attempting to make changes. Seek professional help from a nutritionist, trainer or doctor if needed. I made an appointment with my doctor before attempting to quit smoking and he prescribed medicine which helped me succeed. Share your goal with friends and family who will support your efforts.
  4. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are only human. A piece of cake does not make you a failure. Forgive yourself and move on.

The above is all good advice, but now I want to share with you the number one way to never break a New Year’s resolution...Don’t make any! Losing weight, exercising and learning a new language are good resolutions to make any time of year. My effort to quit smoking started last February, it wasn’t a New Year’s resolution. Follow the 4 tips I gave you for success and you will reach your goals whether it is January or August.

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