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4 Rising Stars in the Classic Car Market

Usually, the most coveted vehicles at classic car auctions are flashy, two-seaters; muscle cars; or vintage automobiles, such as Ferraris or Duesenbergs. And, although their popularity is unlikely to wane any time soon, there are some unexpected vehicles that are starting to get a lot of attention. These unlikely upstarts are no strangers to car auctions, but in the past, they were most noticeable because of how they contrasted with the more highly-prized players. Now, they just might be ready to break into the big leagues. Here are 4 of my picks for rising stars in the classic car market. What do you think — could these be the next hot vehicles?

Second Generation C/K Chevy Trucks

Several of the older model Chevy pickup trucks, such as the 1955 ½ to 1957 models, are already sought-after collectibles. However, the second generation C/K Chevy pickups, which were built between 1967 and 1972, are just beginning to make their presence known. The original owners of these clean-styled, often two-toned pickups are putting them up for sale, and restorers are buying them, either to return them to factory-fresh condition, or to convert them into barely street legal hot rods. Based on recent sales of these trucks at auctions, they are selling from $12,000 to $30,000, in original restored condition, with highly modified versions topping out at $55,000. Although these prices are at the lower end of most collector vehicles, judging from the increasing number being sold at auctions and the quality of restorations being performed, you can expect prices to go higher.

First Generation Ford Broncos

First generation Ford Broncos, which were built in the 1970s, didn’t provide much to get excited about, with their no-frills, plain interiors and boxy exteriors. However, these SUV-like vehicles were soon enhanced by the addition of large tires, and upgrades to both suspension and engine. These modifications made the Bronco a great off-roads vehicle, and to many, it was synonymous with fun in the great outdoors. Although the Ford Bronco will never reach the prestige of a muscle car in collectibility, it shares some of the nostalgic appeal of these cars from the past, which is an attributing factor to the attention they are getting on the auction circuit. Off-road modifications have already been made on the vast majority of these Broncos, but a few are still in stock condition, with no customizations. In the classic car world, scarcity equates to collectibility, making originally restored Broncos a hot item, as evidenced by auction prices ranging from $20,000 to $39,000.

MicroCars (Messerschmitts/BMW Isettas)

When European-built microcars from the 1950s make an appearance at car auctions, they are always crowd pleasers. It’s hard to resist these cute, miniature cars that seem more like toys, than actual modes of transportation. The two most popular microcars are the BMW Isetta and the Messerschmitt. Each has unique features, other than their small size, that make them desirable to prospective buyers. The Isetta, with its single door, swings open from the front, to allow the driver and passenger access. The Messerschmitt has a canopy-style top that hinges to one side for entry. In this two-passenger car, the passenger sits directly behind the driver. These cars may not be for everyone, but they are beginning to pop up at many classic car auctions. You’ll have to pay at least $20,000 to take one home, and some have even broken the six-figure barrier. In fact, a new record was recently set when an extremely rare 1958 Messerschmitt Tiger sold for an astonishing $322,000 (including buyer’s premium).

1950s and 1960s Volkswagen Bus

Before the minivan, there was the Volkswagen Bus. During its heyday, the VW Bus was the vehicle of choice for family camping adventures, or in its second life, perfect for a cross country trip with a group of friends. Because of its role in bringing people together, it makes an emotional connection with many car enthusiasts, and it’s no surprise that collectors want to tap into the sentimentality of this iconic bus. Because of its desirability, the time to pick one of these cool-looking vehicles may have already passed. Currently, entry level pricing on a restored VW Bus is at least $30,000, with one of the more desirable 21-window models reaching $165,000 at a recent auction. It’s anyone’s guess, how high they will go in the future. If you sold one of these good time buses years ago, you could try to buy it back for what you sold it for, or the owner might be willing to trade it for your Corvette.

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4 Simple Ways the Updated PayPal iPhone App Can Save You Money

PayPal recently added cool new features to its preexisting iPhone App, including Bump Technologies, money transfer, alerts, calculators and more. The new PayPal iPhone App update is more than cool and it’ll save you money. Here’s how.

The new update makes getting paid back on loans easier than ever

The recent update on the iPhone’s PayPal app makes getting money back from those mooching friends of yours easier than ever, by using money requests and Bump Technologies. The new Bump Technologies added with the new update to the PayPal app on the iPhone allows users to simply bump phones and instantly transfer money to the bumping phones. After this update, friends can no longer make the excuse of not having cash on them or having to go to an ATM as you’ll be able to request a phone bump to get your money back. If your mooching friends aren’t around, you can send a money request via your iPhone and shoot them a phone call or text message to confirm the process.

Alerts will keep you from making money mistakes and being delinquent

Being delinquent on payments and bills can result in fines and overdraft fees from your bank. The new update to the iPhone PayPal app lets you set up reminders and notifications to help keep you in the clear (and out of the red) by letting you know when money needs to be transferred, sent, and after it was spent. This recent update to the PayPal app is a very convenient method to keeping up with your money and is sure to save you money that you would have lost due to forgetfulness.

Keeping up with restaurant tabs has never been easier

The added tip calculator and bill splitter features of the new PayPal app update on the iPhone will keep eating out at restaurants a lot more organized and you’ll be able to stop taking the bulk of restaurant bills. Using these features of the PayPal iPhone app will let you know how much cash is due to tip the waitress and how much you owe on the overall bill; instead of just guessing and paying the extra money left over after your mooching friends have fled the scene.

Easily transfer money to and from PayPal on the go

If you’re out on the go and need to handle a little bit of business with your cash, you’ll be able to use the PayPal app to easily transfer cash to and from your PayPal account using your iPhone. Sometimes money has to beat the clock (if you know what I mean) and you might have spent too soon or spent a little more than was in your account. This PayPal app update will allow you to make up for you silly mistake by sending money to offset the damage you might have done.

For more read PayPal Debit Cards Are the Best Way to Spend Online and Offline, Apple Bans Anything Remotely Sexy from the IPhone App Store, and The Coolest Features to Look Forward to with Windows Phone 7

For more of the latest tech news, visit my blog.

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4 Stupid Things People Do on Their Facebook Profiles

Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and therefore one of the most agonizing to look around on–bad habits get started, and they don’t get stopped. Here are four things that people do on their facebook profiles that are unnecessary and completely irritating.

1. Joining Groups with A Member Goal. So what you’re telling me is that some dude named Jason is going to name his child Thor if this group gets 10,000 members? Why the hell would he do that? Why are you inviting me to help him? When I see that someone has joined a Facebook group with a member goal, my opinion of them immediately drops. Not that they should care, because I’m an egotistical prick, but I’m not alone in this–anyone who wants 5,000,000 People To Join This Group To Convince Facebook To Ban Fratboys is probably a person in the last stages of syphilis.

2. Bad grammar on the Facebook status. Now that Facebook has made it so that you can get rid of the “is”, there’s no excuse for having a Facebook status like “Joel Smith is Yes we can” unless you’re clinically retarded. Seriously, it takes maybe half a second to come up with a sentence that is at least readable and double check it–and that way, I don’t have to read that “Jill Chambers is is tired from jogging”.

3. That bumper sticker thing. What the hell is it? It might be a fun little application if it actually showed anything resembling bumper stickers, but as far as I can tell it’s just a thing that posts pictures on peoples’ profiles. But we already have that–it’s called “pictures.” Why the hell would you recreate that and rename it “bumper stickers?” There’s obviously something incredibly different about the two that I’m missing. Does one cost money? I’m completely lost on the bumper sticker thing.

4. Complaining About The New Facebook. This is the most annoying thing that you can do on Facebook, whether you’re joining a group, hosting an “event,” or just writing a note about how much the new features piss you off. The thing is, the new Facebook is almost exactly like the old Facebook. The major difference is that things are easier to find. When you complain about how much the new Facebook pisses you off, you sound like an old person complaining about how your spouse moved the couch and now the TV glares; there is no glare, just like there is nothing particularly bad about updating a five year old website.

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4 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Office More Green

Many people spend a lot of time in their home offices and if you are trying to live a green lifestyle, there are many things you can do to make your home office green that provides benefits to you and your family as well as the environment. Here are few simple things to help you create a green home office.


When decorating your home office make first to choose green furniture. There is a variety of nice furniture that is made from renewable resources that are free of harmful chemicals and materials that can hurt your and your family and the environment. Green furniture is a great start in creating a green home office.


In all ways possible, attempt to limit the amount of paper you use. Limiting the amount of paper is a simple way to make your office greener and help save trees, which benefits the environment. Of course you will have to use a good deal of paper in your office, but you can cut back. Avoid printing unless you need to or for simple documents, reuse the backsides of sheets of paper. For longer documents you can print on both sides of the paper to help conserve how many sheets of paper you are using. Another great way to cut back on paper and printing is keeping a lot of files stored on your computer for easy access. Then you can view them any time you need then without having to print. You could go paperless, but we all know that is not usually a feasible task.


Of course you will be using a decent amount of paper, so it is important to recycle. Like in many other aspects of living a green life, it is essential to recycle the materials in your home office. Offices of all types typically have a lot of paper and it important to recycle paper that is not needed. You can use a special box or trash bin to put all of your recycled paper and then empty once a week, or as needed. For paper that has sensitive information you can shred it first before placing it in the recycling container.


Turn off electronics and appliances when they are not in use. By simply turning off unused equipment it conserves energy, which helps the environment and cuts down on your energy costs. When you leave the office turn off the lights, computer, printer, and anything else that you are not using. It does not take much time to turn things off and it is beneficial for you and the environment. Another great way to conserve energy is unplugging appliances that are not used frequently. This is a great way to conserve energy.

With these simple things you can easily make your home office a greener place that provides benefits to you and the environment and makes your home a greener place. Greening up your home office will make you feel good and even help you save money.


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4 Signs that He Doesn't Deserve You

The difference between dating a nice and unconventional artist and dating a loser with no job and future plans can be extremely difficult to establish. But you must decide if your partner is a day dreamer or just some lazy guy. Here are some obvious signs that you should leave him.

First, we have to establish that you can’t keep a relationship that doesn’t bring you any benefits. I’m not talking about the financial part, but rather about the degree of comfort given by that relationship. Even if your partner is going through a more difficult period, there is a limit between someone who has minor problems and another one who has problems every day.

Here are four situations that should help you find out if your partner doesn’t deserve you:

1. He’s always broke

Maybe you have financial problems too, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. It becomes a problem when he does nothing, asking always for your support. In the first months, you can help him, but if you notice that things don’t get better, then it’s better to give up your relationship. That until he will find a new sponsor, and you’ll end by feeling used.

2. He’s lazy

When you go out, he sleeps; when you come back, you find him on the couch, watching some stupid TV shows. A few minutes later, he goes out with the boys. Certainly he didn’t have time to do anything useful, because he was too tired, as he got home at 3 o’clock in the morning. The best would be to lock the door and to leave him, because laziness can be contagious.

3. He’s too messy

You claim that he’s unconventional, but the psychologists say that he’s massy, being unable to keep anything under control, not even his own existence. The apparent mess in his room reflects his lifestyle.

4. He wants to be supported financially

Regardless of how much he loves you, your partner mustn’t be supported financially by you. As I was saying at point 1, you can help him but you can’t give everything without getting anything in return. Help him to find a job and watch his reaction; if he really wants to do something with his life, then he will make everything possible to fix the problem. Men in love are usually protective and generous; do you think your boyfriends fits in this category? If not, it’s better to leave him.

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4 Steps to a Concrete Sidewalk

A sidewalk can be a great way to get the most out of your front entryway or other entrances to and from structures and areas of interest around your yard. But you don’t have to hire a professional concrete company to do the work for you. You can easily do the work yourself using basic concrete materials and tools, a little elbow grease and these four simple tips for building your own concrete sidewalk.

Prepping the Area

Determine the width and length of your sidewalk. Use a string or garden hose to layout the sidewalks path, then mark the grass using layout grade spray paint. Using a sod cutter, remove the sod from the between the path, leaving a little extra for play on each side. Next, cut a 2×4 two feet bigger than your sidewalk is wide. Turn it on a slight diagonal and use it to grade the soil flat and level. Don’t cut it to fit evenly between the sidewalk grade, I’ll tell you why in a minute.

Setting the Forms

Straight form work should be made using 2×4’s as long as you can get for nice straight lines. Use a 1×4 or piece of plywood for curved sidewalk forms. Set the forms the required distance apart and evenly on the ground. Use 1x1x24 stakes for a secure set of forms. Drive stakes just below the top of the forms about every four feet apart and nail the form from the outside in using 8d duplex nails. Once the forms are set to the stakes and secured, backfill in any voids with excess dirt and level using the grading 2×4.

Pouring the Concrete

The next step is pouring the concrete. Whether you hire a concrete delivery truck or you mix the bags yourself, be sure to dampen the ground before you pour any concrete to help preventing it from drying prematurely. Pour the concrete in sections small enough that you can handle like four foot at a time. Use a small 1×2 form to break the concrete pour evenly. Pour the concrete into the form and fill it to the top. Using the grading 2×4 you cut wider than the form, screed the concrete smooth using a sawing motion back and forth as you pull excess concrete or add it as needed.

Finishing the Concrete

Using a small hand trowel, a margin trowel, a curb trowel and a finishing broom, you can finish the concrete sidewalk from a rough finish until it’s completely smooth using the hand trowel. Use finish broom to drag a scratch surface for grip on the sidewalk. Use the curb trowel to create a finished border up against the forms. Once hard, pull off the forms and use the margin trowel to fill any voids on the side of the sidewalk.

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4 Things Bands Should Consider When Uploading MP3s to Myspace

Myspace is one of the best places for bands to promote and distribute their music, organize shows, and generally handle the active business side of being in a band. The social networking giant also allows bands to upload a few songs in mp3 and similar formats for fans to listen to and download.

If your band has a Myspace page, here are a few things you should consider before uploading any mp3s to the website.

1. Don’t upload mp3s that have been converted more than once. When an mp3 is converted, it undergoes compression, and if your band decides to re-convert an mp3 to make it smaller, it will undergo that compression twice, leaving an mp3 that sounds distorted and bad. Combine this with the not-too-great audio quality of the MySpace music player, and you’ll have an mp3 that doesn’t exactly sound impressive. Only upload mp3s to Myspace that were converted from a lossless format, such as WAV.

2. Consider whether you want to allow fans to download mp3s. When you upload a song onto your band’s Myspace page, Myspace gives you a checkbox that you can click to allow fans to download your songs directly from the site. There are two quite different schools of thought on this subject; does the added freedom help your fans get the word out about your music, or does it simply take money away that you could have had if you’d sold the mp3s? I lean towards the former school of thought, but remember that you can always upload a few mp3s and only allow downloads on one of them. That way, you’ve got your bases covered. Whatever you do, talk it over with your band first.

3. Choose your “auto-load” song carefully. Whatever song your band chooses as its primary Myspace mp3, that’s the tune that will play automatically when a visitor comes to your webpage, so choose it carefully. My band prefers to use a song that fades in, as it gives listeners time to realize that a song is about to play and lets them know to turn down their speakers if they’re in a public area. There’s a box to make the auto-load song choice random, but it’s better to use the opportunity to your band’s advantage–pick one of your best songs, something that will really hook new visitors that may not know anything about your band.

4. Upload a good picture with your mp3. It makes your band look more professional, and gives listeners something to associate with the song that’s playing. An album cover or a flyer from a recent show is a great choice. Be sure to properly format the picture to Myspace’s standards, or it will appear warped.

Does your band have songs available on their Myspace page in mp3? Post your thoughts and tips in the comments section below.

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4 Sure Bets for Valentine's Day in Columbus

The cold Midwestern winter months can make it difficult to enjoy the company of loved ones. Don’t despair – let the warm spirit of Valentine’s Day free you , if only briefly, from winter’s icy grip. As luck would have it for Central Ohioans, Columbus offers a few unique opportunities to spend quality time with loved ones . As a bonus, by finding a little extra time to spend with loved ones , you’ll be adhering to the year’s most common New Year’s resolution: spending more time with family and friends.

For four sure-fire Valentine’s ideas in Columbus, keep reading.

Cocktails at the Conservatory
Want something more “grown-up” than the bar scene? Cocktails at the Conservatory offers the opportunity to enjoy the warm intimacy of the Franklin Park Conservatory. For Valentine’s Day, the Conservatory offers six wine and chocolate pairings. Music by The Shaw Brothers and Elijah Aaron. Tickets are $11.

Couple’s Package at Mohican Lodge
Wanna get away from it all with your Valentine? You can do just that at Mohican State Park Lodge. On top of being nestled into one of Ohio’s most picturesque locations, a couple’s packages offer even more. Each two-night package includes a bottle of local wine, locally made chocolates, dinner and breakfast.

Valentine’s Love Trek to Chapel Cave
If you’re the adventurous sort, for $25 per person, you and your Valentine can take a hike. Literally! Down in Hocking Hills State Park, you and a loved one can explore Long Hollow with a professional naturalist over an approximately two hour hike. Hot chocolate and and cupcakes are included. If you’re unable to make it on Valentine’s Day, no worries, the offer continues through the 16th of February. Hikes begin at 1 pm.

Romantic Dinner
If you would prefer a more traditional romantic dinner with your Valentine, Columbus has quite a bit to offer. The following three restaurants offer unique interpretations of Valentine’s Day favorites, paired with wine.

Camelot Cellars Winery, located in Columbus’s Short North, is offering a three-course dinner for two. Performance by local jazz musician Colin Lazarski.

Wyandotte Winery, tucked away near Blendon Woods, is offering a six-course dinner paired with a variety of wines. Cello by Robin Coolidge.

Plum Run Winery in Grove City is also offering a six course dinner paired with wines. For more information, call 614-594-9330.

If none of the ideas above appeal to you or perhaps you’re spending Valentine’s Day single, consider checking out Columbus Alive for more options to get out of the cold and enjoy the warmth of good company this Valentine’s Day.

John Holbrook has been a teacher in Columbus for seven years. He and his wife are planing on having a romantic dinner, then rushing home to their newborn.

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4 Stress Management Tips for Families During Holidays

There is a lot of energy spent on making sure that the holidays are enjoyable for everyone. This can lead to a lot of stress. Thankfully things do not have to be this way. Here are some tips to help you beat the stress the next time a holiday rolls around:

1.Keep your priorities straight. Start by figuring out what your top 3 priorities are for the holiday season, then write them down somewhere that you can see them. If you are married, you will want to take your partner’s wishes into consideration here as well. Once these 3 priorities are in front of you it will be a lot easier to stick to your commitments and make compromises in order to make sure that you do so.

2.Think about the enjoyable memories that you have from the past holidays. This will help you remember what the holidays are truly all about. Once you come to this realization, you will be able to incorporate more of these things into your holidays. You may need to pull out some old photographs from previous holidays in order to help you out here.

3.Do not have your holidays spoiled by commercialism. While there is a big push to spend a lot of money and go into debt, this really isn’t going to make you happy even while you are doing it, much less when the credit card bills begin appearing. A good rule of thumb here is to stop shopping just as soon as you are no longer having fun. You may also consider using the money that you would normally spend on gifts for your family on a weekend getaway instead. Another idea that will not only bring you great joy but also put a smile on your recipient’s face is to make some homemade gifts this year. After all, the holidays are more about relationships than gifts anyway.

4.Get started early. Make sure that you have plans in place and that you take care of yourself throughout the holiday season. This may mean that you will have to simplify some things. Nevertheless, it really is more important to make sure that you enjoy the holidays than anything else.

Regardless of what holiday season it is, these tips will help you be able to enjoy the season a lot more.

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4 Steps to Managing a Public Relations Crisis on Social Media

There is one thing that unhappy employees and customers have in common and that is the ability to tarnish your company’s reputation with just one negative comment/review on your social media channel or online review sites, such as,, and A PR Crisis can be a result of an honest mistake or an intentional attempt to draw negative attention towards you. Either way, the right thing to do is respond to the criticism/comment professionally, competently, and calmly. Here are 4 steps you should take to manage a PR crisis on social media without having to provoke more drama.

Understand the issue. This is one of the most important, yet overlooked steps in online reputation management. Before you respond, take the time to gather the facts, analyze the situation, and understand the nuances. Often times, companies rush through their response without thinking – making a situation go from bad to worse.

Write up the response on Word before you publish it. Jot down a few notes- the who, what, where, when, why, and how. Your response should only address the concerns the reviewer brought up. Avoid haphazardly fire-hosing out lots of details that are irrelevant to proving your point. Let someone who has never read the review or comment read your response and try to identify the issue. If the reader is having a difficulty identifying the issue, there are too many details inside that should not be there. The key here is to be honest, but not overtly honest at the same time.

Address the comment immediately. There’s no need to spend days consulting management, other employees, and lawyers before responding to the comment/review. By that time the crisis could already be already out of control and out of your hands. It only takes a few seconds, at most a few minutes, for a message to go viral. Time is of the essence! When you do respond, respond in the most engaging, humble, and funny way possible.

Reassess. Reassess your own practices. Speak with your staff about the importance of customer service and what they can do to deflect a bad situation. Bring in professional development experts that can equip staff members to make informed decisions and deal with Public Relations crisis without relying on management to get out of hot waters.

The important thing to remember is to stay calm and not panic. If your customer wants an apology, then apologize. In some cases you’re not wrong, so there’s no need for one. You should then apologize for their bad experience and reassure them that their feedback is always appreciated.

If the customer is requesting a refund, ask them to call you to discuss the situation. Never speak about money issues in public or online. Nominate a neutral party who would be able to make a decision based on the facts and not emotions. Write a blog post – speaking about the experience and how your company has successful resolved disputes internally.

By Alex Noudelman

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4 Steps in CD Production that Most Bands Skip

CD Production is a long and involved process–except, of course, if you simply skip large portions of it. However, there’s a right and a wrong way to do things, and if your band isn’t approaching each part of the CD production process carefully, you’re going to make less money and end up with a product that you’re not happy with.

Here are a few major, important steps in every CD’s production process that bands often skip or ignore.

1. Practice – Before recording anything, your band should have its music where it wants it: the tempos should be clearly defined, your timing should be perfect, and nobody should be making major mistakes (you’ll find out how many little mistakes you’ve been making when you start to record). Otherwise, your band’s looseness will come through on the recordings, and by that point, there’s nothing that you can really do about it. Schedule a few hour long practices the week before recording begins.

2. Sequencing – Once everything’s recorded, a lot of time is spent mixing the CD and applying effects, but sequencing is often ignored, despite the fact that the track order can completely change how an album effects a listener and his/her perception of the band as a whole. If there’s no strong starting track, for instance, the rest of the songs might be ignored by a casual listener. Spend time sequencing your band’s CD, and have a good reason for placing each track where it is.

3. Mastering – Without good mastering, your band’s CD will sound uneven and amateurish. Mastering gets all of the songs on an album to the same level, evens out the overall sound, and generally makes everything sound clean and professional. Overall compression is added to tracks, and many radio stations won’t even consider a CD that hasn’t been mastered for this reason–without that standard compression, songs simply don’t sound good on the radio.

4. Shopping around –The first CD production company you consider will probably not be the least expensive or the best option out there. Look around, get different pricing quotes, and realistically consider what you need: if this is your first CD, do not order 1,000 copies. You won’t sell them. Try a short order of 100, and find a company that can do a good job while giving you a good deal.

Has your band had a CD produced? Post in our comments section below.

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4 Things You Don't Want to Say When Getting Divorced

When you are going through a divorce your emotions and tension levels are naturally heightened. Your heightened emotional status can lead you to say things that are hurtful and damaging to the people that you interact with, including your ex-spouse, your kids and your friends. If you are going through a divorce right now then there are four things that you don’t want to say, even if you feel that you mean them at the time. These things can burn bridges that you may need later on down the road.

#1 – I hate you!

“I hate you!” is a phrase that most people going through a divorce want to say at the top of their lungs to their spouse and to other people in their life. However, saying this phrase is generally a mistake until the final divorce papers have been signed. If your spouse and their attorney hear you say this then they know that you are emotionally off balance and in a very emotionally vulnerable state. They can use this to their advantage in court. Also, saying this to your ex-spouse can hurt your children if they overhear you say this or if they are told that you said this. If you feel you need to say this then say it in the privacy of your own home when the kids are not there.

#2 – I don’t care, do whatever you want.

“I don’t care, do whatever you want” is another phrase you don’t want to say to your attorney, your ex-spouse, your kids or anyone else in your life. This statement gives away all of your power and puts you in a dangerous position. Even if the person you are dealing with is a hassle to deal with, you need to stay in control of your life, especially during a difficult divorce.

#3 – It’s all your fault!

Again, even if it is mainly the other spouse’s fault, you really don’t want to state that the divorce is all their fault. This is not to say that you should blame yourself, but from a negotiating standpoint, once you start the blame game your ex-spouse is going to shut down and become resistant to reasonable negotiations.

#4 – Marry me.

While “marry me” may not sound like something you would say during a divorce it has been known to happen. As you navigate your way through a divorce you may start thinking about all the good times that you had with the person that you are divorcing and you may reconsider the divorce. However, there was obviously some problem that got you to the point where divorce seemed like the only option that you had. If you want to reconsider getting divorced that is fine, but you don’t want to jump right back into a married relationship until you have figured out the underlying problem in your relationship. You also don’t want to jump into another marriage right after getting a divorce. Take things slow and give yourself some time before recommitting to another person.

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