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4 Tips on How to Offer Rebates & Incentives

This is a detailed guide with suggestions and tips enclosed on how to offer rebates and incentives to your customers. So you want to close the sale with a customer? Here are four tips on how to offer rebates and incentives to your customers.

Close The Sale

Offering rebates is one of the important process of closing a sale. It is the last final straw that will close the deal usually. Rebates are one of the greatest things that you can offer to a customer. Why? Rebates often sell themselves. The average individual wants to know that he or she is getting a good deal.

How to offer the rebate

How do you go about offering a rebate? You make the rebate available almost instantly. You can send them a rebate check in the mail within three business days. In the world today most individuals want to have instant results. Think about all the technology that has everything at the fingertips of a individual.
How does a rebate close most deals? It is the extra push to make them decide to purchase the product. A rebate goes a long ways. Most people will purchase something just because it has a rebate with it.

Offer Incentives

Incentives such as gift cards offered when a customer purchases a certain product will help. How does it help? It helps since it gives them one more reason to buy a certain product. Almost every individual love freebies thrown in the with the purchase of a product. Incentives work almost the same way that a rebate does. Incentives can be stuff such as a gift card or a free night in a hotel somewhere. Incentives can also be a gift card to a restaurant or a gift card to an amusement park. It can be a variety of fun things. The incentive needs to be even more great depending upon how many sales you want to make.

Time Limited Rebates and Incentives

Make sure that you have a limited amount of rebates and incentives to offer. You want to have a time limit so you can generate more sales. How does this process work? It forces the customers to make up their minds more quickly. This is a good way to frequently increase more sales than you would normally generate. You want to have a time limit so it will encourage the customer to purchase the product immediately.

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4 Tips for Your Last Week at a Job

The last week at a job can be exciting and difficult and more–you’re leaving something that was a big part of your life, going on to do something else. Coworkers might be cold or extremely warm, bosses might be strict or forgiving, and you might even have mixed feelings yourself. Here’s a look at a few ways to make the last week of your job a positive experience, even in the worst circumstances.

1. Keep working. The temptation to slack off might be great, especially when you consider that the consequences are pretty much nil–after all, what are they going to do, fire you? Still, there’s two very good reasons to work as hard the last week of your job as you did the first: you might need a good reference somewhere down the line, and slacking off will hurt your coworkers. Plus, it’s just unprofessional, and even if you hate your coworkers and you hate your job, you’ve got a moral obligation to do the job you’re getting paid for.

2. Don’t give in to unreasonable pressure. While keeping the previous point in mind, don’t take up huge extra work loads from lazy coworkers or bosses just because you’re leaving. Do exactly the job you’re there for, and don’t feel pressured to do more (aside from training your replacement, etc.) Your boss may even ask you to work an extra few days more than what was in your contract until a replacement is found; you have no need to do this, and he’s got no need to ask. After all, your new employers need you there on a certain day, so hold your responsibilities to them over your responsibilities to your current employer.

3. Stay professional. Follow dress code, leave at the right time, be courteous–remember, you never know when you’ll need a good reference, or what careers your coworkers might pursue that could eventually help you in your own career.

4. Send a farewell letter on your last day. You can get a bit sentimental in your farewell letter, but don’t make it go on too long, and don’t trash employers or coworkers. Feel free to include your personal contact information for coworkers to use to contact you, and depending on the size of your company, you may want to write a few individual farewell letters to any bosses or coworkers that really helped you out during your time on the job.

Do you have any other tips for how to behave professionally when leaving a job? Post in our comments section below.

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4 Tips to Heal a Damaged Singing Voice

In one of my other articles, I covered a few drinks that are good for your singing voice, to help maintain it and even expand a singer’s range in some instances or during a long vocal performance. Here’s a look at some of the ways to actually heal your singing voice if it’s been damaged by too much singing, yelling, or other vocal strain.

1. Herbal teas without a lot of additives- No surprise that herbal teas are helpful to a damaged singing voice, but be sure that the teas you use are herbal; too much caffeine causes the vocal cords to constrict, limiting your range and not really helping your voice to recover much at all. Add some honey to coat and lubricate your throat, especially if you’ve got problems with raspiness. Avoid adding too much sugar or citrus; try to keep as much as the actual tea in the tea as possible, and drink it while it’s still warm for the best healing effect.

2. Rest – Getting a good night’s sleep can do wonders to heal a voice, and you can avoid damage by resting one or two days a week and not singing at all during these periods (or subjecting your voice to other types of vocal strain). You should make it a practice to never sing when it hurts to do so, or when it hurts your throat to swallow; singing during these periods will increase the strain on your vocal cords and cause further damage to your voice.

3. Hydrate – Use lozenges and water to hydrate your vocal cords. Keeping them hyrdrated will protect them from damage from additional strain. Try to drink as much water each day as you can, and make sure that the water is lukewarm, or room temperature–hot or cold water won’t be as effective in aiding the healing process. If you can only get hot or cold water, swish it around in your mouth before swallowing to get it to the correct temperature.

4. Relax – Often, damage to the singing voice is caused by stress, so if you can find a good way to relax your voice and body, you may be able to do away with the damage, too. Take part in a relaxing exercise or activity, but remember to avoid singing or talking for as long as possible until your voice is fully healed.

Do you know of any other ways to heal a damaged singing voice? Post in our comments section below.

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4 Tips for Potty Training Your Child

Potty training your child can be quite a daunting feat for most parents. Fortunately, it does not have to be an impossible task. Here are four important tips to consider when potty training your child.

Potty Training Takes Patience. Always remember that potty training your child takes patience. Accidents are going to happen. Instead of getting frustrated with your child, allow each accident to become a learning experience for both of you. It there a reason your child soiled their pants instead of using the toilet? Is there a step you, as a parent, forgot to take? Analyze each accident and decide where to go next in potty training.

Potty Training Takes Excitement. Young children feed off excitement. Thus, potty training your child should be an exciting time, too! Each time your child successfully uses the toilet, make a big deal of it. Clap your hands, sing, and praise them as much as possible. The more excited you become the easier potty training your child will become.

Potty Training Takes Repetition. Think back to a time you learned an important task. Did it take repetition to become comfortable? Of course, it did. This is also very true when potty training your child. All caregivers and family members tasked with taking care of your child should be given instructions on how to help further potty training your child. The more people you have to consistently help your child, the quicker the concept will be learned.

Potty Training Takes Time. It is unreasonable to expect your child to become potty trained in only an hour or two. Instead, set aside an entire day or weekend devoted to potty training your child. Give your child plenty of liquids and stay attuned to any signs they are ready to use the toilet. Set a schedule to take your child to the bathroom so he or she gets used to the concept.

Keeping these tips in mind, give the task as much time as it takes to get your child used to the change in their routine that now includes bathroom trips. Soon, your child will be completely potty trained!

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4 Tips About Your Eyesight

I have discovered several things that affect your eyesight. They are as follows:

  • 1. According to Martin Sussman at stress, tension, or fatigue are factors that affect your visual system. I have noticed that I see much better when I am rested and alert. I even feel the difference.
  • 2.Did you know that smoking can affect your eyes? Times of emphasized that there are 4,000 chemicals present in cigarettes that can damage the eyes when it gets into the blood stream. I consider 4,000 chemicals to be a huge amount. I believe when most people hear about cigarette smoking, they think about lung cancer or throat cancer. I think very few people think about the effect that it can have on your eyes.
  • 3.Cataracts can affect your eyesight. I recall a relative that had cataracts. Did you know that animals get cataracts too? My toy poodle had cataracts. I would feel sorry for him. Sometimes when my children and he were playing, they would tell me he ran into a tree. Even though he had cataracts his sense of smell was as keen as ever. describes cataracts as a clouding of the eyes natural lenses underneath the iris and the pupil. It further states that cataracts affect more than 22 million Americans of age 40 and older in the United States. I had often wondered what causes cataracts. According to some of the protein starts to clump together as you age and it clouds a small area of the lens of the eye.
  • 4.WebMD talks about how nutrition plays a vital part in protecting your eyesight. Some of the foods that they suggest for a healthy eyesight are green leafy vegetables, tuna, eggs, and nuts. I have had several friends tell me that Centrum vitamins for eyesight have really helped them. They almost swear by them.

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4 Tips for Lyricists

1. Mix it up

By ‘mix it up’, I mean you should try to vary the tone of your lyrics and the way your syllables fall throughout the song. Try starting simple early on (the first verse or two) and as the song progresses, make it interesting for you to sing and for the listener to hear. Depending on the song, you could vary the melody you’re singing to become more intense and complicated, too. Always be willing to tweak and adjust what you’re writing– even if it’s little subtle or minute.

2. Compliment the rhythm section

Try to write something that either compliments or takes cues from the rhythm section. It’s a great way to make your lyrics to have a very cohesive feel with the rest of the song. You can do this by just listening to the bass and drum parts of the song you are writing for and play around with syllable emphasis and rhyming schemes accordingly. If there is no rhythm section, don’t be afraid to let your lyrics provide a strong rhythm for the song. When written and performed correctly, syllables can provide all the rhythm necessary for a song with stark instrumentation.

3. Be as descriptive as possible

When writing lyrics, keep in mind that all you are using to express yourself are words. To get your idea across, it is imperative that you are being as descriptive as possible to alleviate misunderstanding by your audience. When not writing lyrics, a useful exercise is just to try and describe what you see as vividly as possible. Here is where use of metaphors and similes in your writing really can be helpful.

4. Constantly refer to the message

It’s very easy to get in the flow of a song, and just go on a tangent with your lyrics. Doing this is a good brainstorming technique, but it can take away from the impact your lyrics may have. If verses don’t have anything to do with choruses, how is a listener supposed to relate to whatever you’re singing about? At the top of the sheet you are writing about, try jotting down the message of the song. Then as you write, you can keep checking to make sure you are staying focused on the general idea. Think of it as your song’s thesis statement.

For all of you lyricists, what are some things you do to help you write good lyrics? Comment below.

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4 Tips for Improving Your Teenager's Body Image

It’s no secret that body image is a huge issue for teens. According to a study by the University of Minnesota’s Project EAT program, nearly 63 percent of teenage girls use unhealthy measures to control their weight, and those numbers are expected to rise.

if you’re a parent of a teenager, you can play a critical role in how they perceive themselves and their bodies. Positive reinforcement won’t defeat all negative self-criticism, but it can go a long way toward preventing poor body image.

So how can you improve your teenager’s body image?

Be a role model. Teenagers learn how to view and take care of their bodies from their parents. If you constantly vocalize judgmental comments about your own appearance, that negativity transfers to their own body image. If you want your teenager to have a positive body image, quit saying things like “I’m too fat.” Praise your unique features instead.

Don’t compliment them based on their looks or body shape. This subconsciously tells them their appearance trumps everything else, such as good grades, having a positive attitude or being a helpful person. Teenagers have enough trouble separating body image from self-worth — this only makes it worse. To reinforce a healthy body image, focus on their character and accomplishments instead.

Make sure your teenager engages in regular activities that promote academic or physical enhancement. This is beneficial for two reasons: It puts the focus on their mental and physical attributes and keeps them away from images that can influence their body image. If they focus more on how their bodies can help them achieve a goal instead of how their bodies are perceived by others, they’ll have a healthier, more positive body image. Participating in team sports such as basketball or soccer is a great way to boost their self-esteem. Volunteering to help the less fortunate or joining school clubs also helps stimulate their minds while contributing to a great cause.

Show your teenager how to stay positive. It’s natural to feel bad about our looks occasionally, but this shouldn’t be more than a fleeting thought. Dwelling on your appearance for too long can ruin your body image, make you depressed, or make you more susceptible to eating disorders. If your teenager makes a negative comment about herself, immediately refute it with a compliment. Replacing one negative comment with several positive comments goes a long way toward improving your teenager’s body image.

Teenagers face a lot of pressure — both from the media and their peers — when it come to body image, but you can change their self-perception. Be positive. Support their achievements, not their weight loss.


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4 Tips for Preventing Damage to Your iPhone

You paid enough for your iPhone or iPod Touch, so when it’s damaged you not only have no way to talk to your friends or download some great apps – but you it also feels as if you are losing money on your favorite investment.

So why not make sure you prevent damage to your iPhone. It will save you time, headache, and money! There are four surefire ways to prevent damage to your iPhone and I have shared them below.

1) Always make sure to check your pockets before you do the laundry!

Liquid damage is quite hard to repair and you may even lose your expensive iPhone to such a simple and silly mistake. To save your iPhone from water damage try a couple of things before you send your iPhone or iPod Touch to device heaven.

1. Don’t turn on your iPhone/iPod Touch or push any buttons when it’s wet, it’s dangerous and is a sure-fire way to kill an iPhone that actually only needs repair.

2. Immediately put your iPhone or iPod Touch in a bag of dry rice. Sounds silly, but it has worked for many desperate iPhone or iPod Touch owners. Try keeping your device in the bag for a few days and try to turn it on again to see if it works.

3. Blow dry your iPhone or iPod Touch. This is a perfect step when done after the rice bag trick, before you try turning it on, make sure to try to aim the blow dryer in any open holes or crevices on your device as this will dry any water trapped in your device.

Remember: When in doubt check your pockets.

2) Purchase a good quality case.

This one may seem a little obvious, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of iPhone and iPod Touch owners out there that don’t have a case protecting their precious device. Some popular case brands are: Speck, Otter Box, and iSkin – but of course there are some other quality brands as well.

3) Get a scratch-resistant screen protector.

Even if you have the great case or bumper on your iPhone, this doesn’t prevent the inevitable face-down drop of your iPhone or iPod Touch on the concrete. With a scratch-resistant screen protector, when your iPhone does drop face down on the concrete you can save yourself a pretty penny on screen replacement ( average price of $24-$50 ) and the hassle of finding someone trustworthy to fix your device.

Try the following screen protector brands: Zagg, InCase, and Case-Mate.

4) Treat your iPhone like the delicate package it is.

Just because you may have a nice case on your iPhone or some scratch-resistant screen protector doesn’t mean that you are in the clear of any iPhone damange. People often damage the headphone jack in their phones and iPods by yanking on the headphone cable. If you’re in a high-chaos environment, run your headphone cable underneath your clothes. Or use a headphone cable with a quick-disconnect that gives way before your device does.

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4 Traditional Thanksgiving Customs to Enrich Your Family Thanksgiving Celebration

New Thanksgiving traditions like football games, parades and Black Friday shopping make it easy to lose track of the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Here are some traditional Thanksgiving customs to bring into your home that will help remind your family of the reason for the Thanksgiving celebration.

Invite the Neighbors

Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with extended family and enjoy each other’s company. However, can you think of a family in your neighborhood that will not be celebrating Thanksgiving this year? Perhaps they have recently moved to the United States and have never celebrated Thanksgiving before. Or, maybe they are an elderly couple who no longer have relatives nearby to have dinner with. Invite these neighbors to your Thanksgiving feast! This is a great way to teach your children about the first Thanksgiving, where the Pilgrims and Indians came together over a meal. Sharing a meal with neighbors is the oldest Thanksgiving custom there is!

Send Thank-You Cards to People You Appreciate

As a family, write thank-you cards to teachers, friends, family members, and others you appreciate a few days before Thanksgiving. This is a great way to teach your children the importance of giving thanks. Make it a fun activity by bringing out the colored paper, glue sticks, and crayons and letting your children decorate their own!

Pray With your Family

This Thanksgiving tradition will never grow old. Even if your family is not usually religious or does not attend church, you can still offer a prayer on thanksgiving. Challenge your children to memorize a simple prayer to recite at the dinner table. Make it a game, and they will love it!

Skip Turkey-Try Serving Goose or Duck!

Sure, this Thanksgiving custom may be a stretch to pull off in your family. However, shocking as it may seem, at the first Thanksgiving the Pilgrims and Indians probably did not eat turkey. It is more likely that they ate other wild birds like goose or duck. Serving a different dish could be a fun way to mix up your Thanksgiving traditions.

These family traditions are sure to make your Thanksgiving celebration a special one!


Encyclopedia Britannica, “Thanksgiving Day.” “

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4 Tips for Surfing the Internet at Work

Sometimes, office workers need a break, but they can’t risk being caught surfing the Internet instead of doing their jobs. Luckily, the Internet is well suited to your slacker lifestyle, and there are a number of tips and tricks out there for those of us who enjoy slacking off at work by hitting up a few websites while on the clock. Here are a few tips for anyone who wants to surf the Internet at work without being noticed by their bosses or coworkers.

1. Use multiple windows. Using a few windows will make your web browsing less conspicuous, and you can easily click to another window when a boss or coworker comes near your machine. A program like GridMove can be used to move windows on a grid, allowing you even more flexibility and ability to switch to something else quickly.

2. Know your browser. Learning how to quickly cycle tabs can save you from fumbling when a coworker or boss comes up behind you while you’re surfing the Internet. In Firefox, you can cycle through tabs by hitting Ctrl + Tab, so learn how to do this quickly and always have a work-related tab open in your browser next to your slacking off tab. Remember that the other tab’s still open, though, so if they really look at your screen, they’ll be able to catch you being lazy.

3. Look into add-ons and extensions. For instance, BrowseAtWork lets you open websites anonymously using FireFox, and may even be able to get you into some websites blocked by your office’s corporate Internet filter, so if you can manage to install it, it can help you slack off quite a bit. Remember that the name of the extension is “Browse At Work,” though, so it’ll be a bit difficult to explain if you’re ever found out.

4. Don’t assume that anything you do on a work computer is private. Remember that your employer is paying for your time, and they also paid for the company computer, so they want to know what’s going on on it. They may install tracking programs to see what websites you’re visiting or a keylogger to read emails that you send, and unless your state has specific laws against it or your company has a clear technical policy against that sort of thing, there’s not a whole lot you can do. Keep the surfing to a minimum if you can, and always assume that your employer knows which websites you’re on.

What Internet tools do you use to slack off at work? Post in our comments section below.

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4 Unique Bridal Shower Ideas

Your wedding is a few weeks away and it is time to plan your bridal shower. Bridal showers usually serve the practical purpose of helping newly weds set up housekeeping. They are usually hosted by one of the bridesmaids or other good friends who will be attending the wedding. Now more than ever bridesmaids are forgoing the traditional bridal shower and replacing it with themed parties set to cover the specific needs of the guests of honor. Below you will find four unique bridal shower ideas sure to delight your guests and your eager bride to be.

Around the house shower

Similar to a traditional bridal shower, this theme caters to the couple who needs things for their new home. Usually couples who are just starting out benefit from showers of this nature. To throw and around the house shower you will need to pick a particular room for each guest and ask them to bring a gift for that room. For instance, if a guest receives the bedroom they could purchase the couple bed sheets or a bedside reading lamp. Make sure each guest has a different room and that each room is repeated equally.

The Favorite recipe shower

This is a kitchen related theme. For the bride who is going to be just starting to learn her way around the kitchen, this shower theme is ideal. To throw a recipe shower each shower guest will bring a favorite recipe and an ingredient, utensil and piece of equipment used in making the dish. This will get the bride ready for those gourmet home cooked meals her groom will be expecting.

The Outdoor shower

This shower theme is great for the bride with the green thumb. If the weather permits it is a great idea to hold this shower outdoors. If your couple to be has a home with a backyard or terrace this shower can be a great way to get them started. Shower guests can bring gifts ranging from flowers to seed and bulbs to spades and watering cans. Guests can also purchase gifts for outdoor entertaining.

The Around the Clock Shower

This shower theme is similar to the around the house shower theme but instead of assigning your guests rooms you will assign them a different time of day. If a guest gets 5am then they can bring an alarm clock or if a shower guest gets 8am they can bring a coffee maker. Guests receiving later times are encouraged to bring the bride lingerie.

As you can see the idea of a bridal shower has become anything but traditional. Put your own personal touches to these ideas to create a memorable day your quests and guest of honor will love.

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