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4 Tips for Selling Crafts Online

Learning how to sell crafts online will lead to better sales, return customers, and of course a better pay out. I have been selling crafts online for years now and have found a bit of success using a few simple tips.

Here are my 4 best tips for selling your crafts online:

Sell Crafts Online Tips #1: Photos

Good photos are the starting point for selling any crafts online. Simple snap shots will not look professional, which will in turn will make your product look unprofessional.

If you feel that professional photos are simply out of your reach because of the money, you do have a few options. Try swapping your services for the photographs. Sites like Craigslist have heading where you can list swaps you would like to make.

If you live in a large city, then swapping crafts or art for photos may be so much easier than you think.

You can also try simply taking yoru photos outside. Lay down a drop cloth in a solid color, white is great. Take the photos without a flash, which can cause white spots on the item you are trying to capture.

Sell Crafts Online Tips #2: Join Forums

If you are having trouble driving traffic to your crafts online, ten are sure to join the forums in the online site you are using to sell your crafts. Getting to knew the community is a sure way to get people interested in you and your crafts.

Sites like Etsy have forums for members and buyers. You can get to know others and network through the forums.

Sell Crafts Online Tips #3: Avatar

Use an avatar that is a photo of something you are trying to sell online. If you make pottery and want to sell that, then when you are in the forums people will automatically know what to find at your site when they see a photo of pottery.

This allows others in the forums with similar interests to know they will be interested in what you are selling as well. It is all about getting people to click on your online store, fall in love with something, and as a result buy something.

Sell Crafts Online Tips #4: Appeal to the Masses

Ok, so this one is a little bit of common sense, but sometimes that is over looked. If you are new to selling crafts online, then why not start with selling items that are popular. This will allow you to get some sales under your belt, some repeat customers, and eventually people will be looking at what you really want to create and sell.

Many jewelry makers find the competition online a little overwhelming; yet can easily sell pieces and parts to others wanting to make jewelry.

So, to get the traffic try selling beads and jewelry components as well as you own custom work.

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4 Tips on Raising Teens

We have all come to discover that there is no manual to parenting that covers all children. Everyone has advice on “how-to” parent and this is no exception. What works for mine might not be what works for yours. With the disclaimer aside I will regal you with our fun loving witty family and how we survive the awkward years of puberty.
Our family consists of my very charming disciplinarian fiance Michael, followed by the beautifully complicated Cali 15, The boys, which because they are twins have lost their right to have individual names, they are “the boys” otherwise known as Brady and Brandon 14, Next comes the very sassy Tilly 13, followed up with the youngest and loudest Jessica 10 and myself the hostage negotiator. Now if you have been counting along that is seven of us, four of which are teenagers with a straggler that wants to be as old as the rest. We are an average family with the same financial struggles as most, our house is under renovation; by ourselves, we have an shitzsu puppy that is completely incorrigible. We both work full-time, Michael as a firefighter/paramedic, and I am a Jr. High teacher. Sounds pretty normal right?

Tips for survival:

1) Have a discipline plan and follow through! We have a point/check system. We have a whiteboard with every ones names and a column for chores, checks, and points. the chore list is numbered so each morning I insert numbers into their chore boxes. Now it is their responsibility to check the board daily and have their chores done by bedtime. Let me state in our house cleaning your bedroom is not a chore it is a responsibility that must happen daily. The kids can earn points by using good character, whether it be acts of kindness towards a sibling or seeing something on the floor and actually picking it up and not walking over it. Essentially points are “caught being good” rewards. Now checks as Cali will tell you are the “stupid” part of our system, probably because she loses her phone privileges when she gets them. The checks are given for not completing chores, not being ready to go to school on time, or having a bad attitude or showing disrespect. The checks will cause you to lose “privileges” such as face books, phones, going out with friends, and for our Brandon his hair gel. The kids can earn checks off by completing tasks that are extra work such as washing a vehicle. The system keeps everyone accountable and equal.

2) Don’t be afraid to be a kid yourself. I am what is called a smother in place of mother, We are hesitant about our kids sleeping at other kids homes unless we really know their parents so we have turned our house into a welcoming place for their friends to be at. We host dance parties at our house and clear out a rooms furniture, we bought inexpensive strobe lights and fog machines and the kids friends all come over and get to dance at “the club”. We have the luxury of having a pool; but hey we do live in Arizona where it reaches 120 degrees in the summer, we host endless pool parties and the kids enjoy a cheap BBQ of hot dogs and chips. We make use of our community resources such as parks where we have volleyball, softball, and basketball games. We make a point to enjoy doing things with the kids instead of the typical response of disconnecting with your teens during these difficult years.

3) The knock-down drag out wars. When I say we are not perfect boy do I mean it. I yell, Michael yells, everyone yells. To paint some picture that we are always happy-go-lucky would be irresponsible of me. The point of tip number three is to reassure you that this is normal, that this builds a family closer and teaches children how to problem solve. This is where the hostage negotiator title comes in. I never enter a volatile situation I let the parties involved get out all they need to then I go in and do my job. I get to sit with them individually or together depending on the situation and we get to get down to the heart of the problem. The kids get their release and then get to understand why they were so angry. Some days it might be scary to hear our house, but in the end they all love each other and are just figuring out ways to express themselves. This also means they disagree with us as well we just do not tolerate being disrespectful to us or their siblings.

4) Parents need alone time. I always hear parents say “we have kids we don’t get any time alone”. Are you kidding me?! That is a must and if you make it a priority you can achieve it. We have walks, or dinners on the patio where the kids are our servers, if it is in our budget we get to go out and enjoy sushi or the best is to go to the massage school and get discounted massages by their students. The point of alone time is to just reconnect and stay centered as a couple and as parents of five kids.

No magic cure for parenting it requires active dedicated parents that want to be a part of their kids lives and want to see them become successful. It takes work just like everything else in life that in the end reaps beautiful rewards.

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4 Types of Accommodations at the Palms Las Vegas Casino Resort

The Palms Casino is one of the more popular hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. This is a great place to stay because it has swimming pools, great food, and more important, it has luxury hotel accommodations. The Palm Las Vegas Hotel has a plethora of the most beautiful d├ęcor and rooms for guests to stay in. There are over twenty different types of room at the Palms Casino Resort.

Bungalow Suites

The Bungalow Suites are 1500 square feet and simply amazing. The Bungalow Suites surrounds an elegant pool which is the center of attention. All bungalow suites have a view of the pool area. This Palm accommodation has a private balcony and a lanai.

Each room is beautifully decorated. This Palms suite has modern furniture. Guests should be aware that each Bungalow Suite has its own private Jacuzzi which is two feet and six inches deep. So one can say it’s more like a mini swimming pool.

Two Bedroom Suites

The Palms has out-done itself with this lovely Two Bedroom Suite. This suite has two full kitchens, living room, fire place, and 1800 square feet. Floor to ceiling windows brightens up this suite and allows it to have spectacular views. There is also a large screen television and two and a half bathrooms. This Two Bedroom Suite can sleep up to eight guests.

Penthouse C

This Palms Las Vegas penthouse is jaw dropping. This penthouse features a gourmet kitchen, spa bathrooms, a huge living room, and floor to ceiling windows. The bathroom is decked in white and gray marble. The bathroom also has double sinks and a large soaking tub.

A gigantic dining table can sit up to eight people. This 3000 square feet penthouse features the following: fireplace, limo service, Egyptian cotton linens, LCD televisions, game room, full kitchen, two bedrooms, and two and a half bathrooms.

Superior Guestroom

The Superior Guestroom offers guests the following features: 30 inch television, mini bar, king bed, in-room internet, in-room Wi-Fi, and safe. Other amenities include iron, ironing board, hair fryer, and feather and down free bedding. This Palms Las Vegas suite is decorated in rich colors such as burgundy, green, and tan. This room exudes casual elegance. The furniture is dark wood.

Along with staying at the Palms Casino Resort, guests have access to the Cardio Center, Business Services, and Transportation Services.

No matter which one of these Palms Las Vegas rooms one chooses, it is sure to be the right choice. All accommodations at the Palms Casino Resort are fitting for royalty.


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4 Tips for Using a Banjo in Rock Music

The sound of a banjo is so unique that it immediately grabs a listener’s attention–the high, quick-decaying tone of the instrument has been used for a century in Americana music, and its roots go back much farther.

Lest you think that the banjo is just a country music instrument, it’s been used in a ton of rock recordings, too, by artists like the Kinks and the Rolling Stones. Here are a few tips for incorporating a banjo into your own band’s rock songs without sounding too “country.”

1. Know the tonal range of the banjo. The first thing you should consider is that the banjo isn’t a guitar, even if you’ve got one of those six stringed banjos and it’s tuned the same. The higher tonal range of the guitar gives it a specific place in a song, at a different tonal area than the guitar, so playing it like a guitar will make your song sound pretty disjointed and odd. Banjos are also typically played very percussively, so realize that your banjo is serving this function–a light but percussive touch sounds best with rock music.

2. Plan the other instruments around the banjo. It often works best in rock music to plan out guitar, drum, and bass parts around a pre-written banjo parts, as most bands are more familiar with those other instruments and are therefore more flexible with them. Don’t simply play what the banjo player is playing, either–write a part the complements but doesn’t copy the banjo in order to really highlight the role of the banjo in the song.

3. Use classic country banjo rolls. You don’t need to get too fancy; usually, the guitars are already making a piece pretty busy, so keep rhythm in mind and use as many classic forward and reverse rolls on the banjo part as possible. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, now would be a good time to look up a few banjo rolls on google; they’re classic patterns that you can use to improve the style and sound of your banjo playing and to get that classic, fast, jangle-y sound.

4. Mixing tips. Whether you’re playing live or you’re just putting the banjo into a recording of your band’s music, be sure to EQ the instrument away from the guitars. Typically, you’ll boost the low-to-mid mids, while dipping those same areas in the guitar EQ. This will lead to a more balanced overall sound in the rock song, and the banjo will lay flat with the rest of the recording or live instruments.

Do you have any tips for using a banjo in rock or alternative music? Post in our comments section below.

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4 Tips for Staying Healthy While on a Band Tour

There’s nothing quite as exciting as touring with a band, but if you’re not careful, it’s easy to fall into some bad habits that can cost you your health. After all, humans really weren’t designed to live in a cramped van with other people, so sickness, weight gain, and general fatigue aren’t at all uncommon. Here are some tips for staying energetic, clean, and healthy while on a band tour.

1. Watch what you eat. Probably the most basic tip, it’s one of the most often ignored tips in independent music–when touring, avoid fast food. It kills your budget and it kills your body. Instead, take nonperishable foods in a cooler and eat those. Your band can find a supermarket every few days, and get salads, greens, dry cereal, and sandwich material. You’ll save a ton of money and you won’t gain a whole bunch of weight. I’ve known a few bands that eat nothing but fast food on tours–they regularly expect to gain 5 pounds over the course of a 2 week outing. Don’t live like that, take the time to eat right, and if you’ve got to eat fast food for some reason, make it something healthy like a Subway veggie sub, don’t eat the ¼ pounder burger crap.

2. Do the laundry. Most bands don’t exercise while touring, but playing shows is exercise in itself, and you’re going to have some rank clothes after a day or two. Sweaty socks and dirty t-shirts become breeding grounds for bacteria, especially when they’re stored with a bit of moisture in them. This is, to say the least, disgusting, so take a lot of quarters with you, and have your band stop at a laundromat every few days (you’ll build up laundry quickly). Your nostrils will thank you.

3. Take time to walk around every day. A cramped vehicle isn’t a good place to spend a lot of time. Every few hours while touring, stop at a rest stop and have your band get out and walk around for a bit, or take some time at a new city to see the sights, despite how tired you might feel. The clean air and moderate exercise will do wonders for your immune system, and you’ll gain more energy than you would have gained from a nap.

4. Watch the boozin’. Your playing and your health will suffer if you get wasted every night. It is a tour, so of course you’re going to want to have fun, but keep the party nights to at most one night per week. Anything more than that and the booze will start to break down your immune system, leading to some pretty bad sickness that won’t do your band’s playing any favors.

Do you have any other tips for staying healthy while on tour? Post in the comments section below.

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4 Types of Teachers: What Type Are You?

If you have choose the profession of education you are evidently a person with a big heart with the intention of supporting, and helping the young children of the future. Maybe you came into the teaching profession under some different circumstances, but have dedicated your time and efforts in helping those students assigned too you. If you are new too this field or will start a teaching career soon you probably have experienced an array of emotions from excitement to anxiety. Be aware that this is normal for most new educators. I would like to go over the four stages of teaching according to Kevin Ryan. I would like to explore each stage and maybe it will better prepare you for your first year as a new teacher.

The four stages of Teaching are: Fantasy, Survival, Mastery, and Impact. According to Ryan many teachers never make it past step two, survival. The purpose of this article is to encourage you to progress through all the steps and make a difference in the lives of the students you come in contact with.


A teacher caught in the fantasy stage has unrealistic ideas of what their responsibilities as a teacher really are. They believe all that they need is fun activities planned and the ability to relate too their students to be successful. These teachers put a lot of effort in projects, crafts, games, decorations and not as much sustenance on actual academic achievement. Not don’t get me wrong these teachers want their students to excel but they have failed to figure out what will make that happen.


The second stage of teaching. These individuals don’t see teaching as a career but a job with a paycheck and benefits. They rely on ineffective practices to advance throughout the day. They often time are seen as whiners by other teachers and always have an excuse for why something cannot be accomplished. They have somewhere along the way lost the accountability for their pupils education. Busy work and videos are commonly used in their class.


These are teachers who use effective practices to achieve success for their students. These teachers know how to manage and enforce discipline within their class, teach for mastery, and set high expectations. Teachers on the mastery level take responsibility for their students achievement.


This is the highest level that a teacher can obtain, Impact. They introduce their students and fuel a lifelong desire to learn. When teacher reach this stage students can tell they

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4 Tips for Refinishing Wood Adirondack Chairs

Made of wood, Adirondack chairs date back to 1903 and have been favorite garden and patio furniture items since. Once in a while it is necessary to refinish Adirondack chairs, but there are some caveats, tips and tricks to making this an effective yet easy project.

How Often Should I Refinish Adirondack Chairs?

Adirondack chair care is a yearly process. Clean the wood – it is possible to pressure-wash it much like you would a deck — tighten the screws and give the furniture a once over. If paint is peeling or blistering and water is no longer forming droplets and running off, it is time to refinish the chair.

Expert Opinion: The experts at Clarks Outdoor Chairs suggest that the average outdoor stain finish does not outlast 12 to 18 months. This underscores the need for annual Adirondack chair care.

To Paint or Stain?

Painting Adirondack chairs is a lot harder and more time-consuming than simply staining them. To paint, you need to first primer at least once and then paint – with exterior acrylic paint for best results – at least twice. If you stencil, plan on also adding a clear coat. To stain, you may only need to apply two coats. Adding insult to injury, the natural oils contained in many Adirondack chairs will cause the paint to blister from within and lead to early cracking.

Expert Opinion: Folks from the Adirondack Chairs site suggest that painted chairs need to be refinished (and probably also completely repainted) every one to three years.

Climate-Specific Refinishing Considerations

Adirondack chair care in Seattle looks vastly different from the care of Adirondack chairs in Palm Springs. Generally speaking, consumers located in moister, wetter climates need to apply a mold inhibitor to the chairs on a regular basis. Those with chairs that are exposed to the burning rays of the sun on a frequent basis need to invest in a stain or paint with high UV protection. It is always advisable to store the chairs at the end of the season; if you choose to keep the furniture out year-round, be prepared to refinish more often.

I Want to Stain the Wood of Adirondack Chairs: Which Stain Should I Use?

Porter deck transparent stain is a good option for many of the woods that Adirondack chairs are made of, including redwood, oil-infused cedar and even pressure-treated slats. Better yet, it applies easily to new chairs or old weathered surfaces, which makes it an all-around useful protective stain. Since this particular product also protects against mildew and sun damage, it is the kind of all-weather product worth a second look.


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4 Uses for Q-Tips for Women Who Wear Makeup

For ladies who wear makeup, there are a ton of things you can do with Q-Tips. You can help keep your makeup in place, put on eye liner, and more. It is a good idea to buy yourself a box of Q-Tips for your bathroom and also a small pack for your purse. In this article, I will show you 4 uses for Q-Tips if you wear makeup.

#1 – Make Your Eye Liner Perfect

The pointed Q-Tips work great for perfecting eye liner. If you do a winged eye liner, you will find that using these Q-Tips will help you with perfecting that perfect winged look. When you draw on your eye with the liner, you can dip the Q-Tip in a touch of moisturizer and run over the unwanted part to remove it. It is easy and quick! It sure beats having to take the liner off and starting over again.

#2 – Create Awesome Smokey Eyes

Another great use for the Q-Tips in the makeup area is to create the smokey eyes. The smokey eye is a very popular trend in makeup, but it’s not always easy to achieve. With a Q-Tip, you will be able to easier achieve that look. You simply need to apply some grey or black eye liner to your lid and use the soft Q-Tip to smudge it perfectly.

#3 – Take Care of Those Makeup Mistakes

Q-Tips are also great for taking care of those makeup mistakes. As the day goes by, you will more than likely have some eye liner or mascara run. With a Q-Tip, you can quickly clean that mess up and continue with your day. All you need to do is dip the Q-Tip in a little eye makeup remover or moisturizer and run it over the eye liner or mascara to clean it up.

#4 – Stop Your Lipstick from Bleeding All Day

We all know that after a while, our lipstick is bound to run or smudge. It is so embarrassing when our lipstick is on our face because it has decided to run. There is a way to stop that from happening and it is done with a Q-Tip and a little powder. After you apply your lipstick perfectly, dip a Q-Tip in some powder and very carefully trace the outside of the lipstick. That will keep your lipstick from running.

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4 New Ways to Use a Flat Iron for Hair

Many women believe that a flat iron has a single purpose – to straighten hair. A flat iron, however, can create many different styles. The trick of creating different hair looks using your flat iron is all in the way that you move, twist, and pull the hair through the heated metal plates. These fresh looks are super easy to create and highly trendy for the upcoming seasons. Use these step-by-step instructions to put your versatile flat iron tool to good use.

1. Chic Crimping

Don’t worry; this crimping method is not like the ’80s phase of hair crimping. The effect gives volume and texture to the hair in a subtle and non-dated way. To create the crimp look with a flat iron, hold a one-inch section of hair and place the flat iron at the roots. Start twisting your wrist back and forth slowly, as you slowly glides the flat iron to the ends of the hair. Repeat with all the strands until the look is complete.

2. Chalked Tips

If you love the look of vibrant color in your hair without the permanent feel of hair dye, try the chalking trend that many celebs are sporting these days. Simply buy some soft chalk pastels from your local art supply store or online in your favorite colors. Run the chalk over the strands that you would like to add color or simply the tips. Use a generous amount of chalk to saturate the hair. Use your flat iron to seal in the new shade so it stays put the rest of the day.

3. Undone Curls

Score beautiful, undone curls easily with your flat iron. Begin by placing the flat iron near the scalp and wrap a one-inch section of hair around the plates as you simultaneously turn over the flat iron away from the scalp. Glide the flat iron down the section of hair until you have reached the tips. Repeat this process until all of the hair has been curled.

4. Bed-Head Waves

You don’t have to not wash your hair for several days to achieve natural bed-head waves. Create freshly cleaned tousled tresses with your flat iron. Begin by misting the hair with a salt spray. Loosely braid several one-inch sections of hair around the face. Run your flat iron over these braids. Undo the braids to reveal new textured hair. Repeat with strands of hair from all over the head to complete the look.

Self: Using a Flat Iron

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4 Ways to Make Christmas Shopping More Affordable

Ah, Christmas shopping. Every year we say we’re going to start earlier, and every year it somehow winds up that on December 15th we’re panicking because we have hardly any gifts. I used to go through this same cycle each and every year. But then I realized the main reason I put off Christmas shopping is because it’s so expensive! Finally I developed some strategies to make Christmas shopping less expensive, and now I do less damage to my bank account come November. Here are my top four tips for keeping Christmas shopping less expensive.

Break it Down

Seriously, people, we have a year from one Christmas to the next. If you’re planning on buying a larger item for someone, like getting your mom that new television she wants, start putting money away in a Christmas jar on December 26th. Even if you put a dollar or two at a time (or even a quarter here and there) you can save up quite a bit and it won’t be so much out of your pocket at once come gift buying time. You can break up your whole list, too, by breaking down the number of gifts you need to purchase into monthly shopping trips. If you have 24 people to buy for, for instance, take care of gifts for two people each month. Again, you’re spending less during the holiday shopping time so it’s less expensive for you during those months.

Shop Right After Christmas

Another great way to purchase gifts cheaply is to buy for next year this year. Every single year big box retailers and small family-owned shops alike have massive after-Christmas sales to get rid of extra inventory. Take advantage of these sales and stock up on gifts for next year. This is also the best time to buy your wrapping paper, tape, bows, labels, and other gift wrapping items.

Make Gifts by Hand

Sure it might take some time, but again – we have a year! By making some of your gifts you can actually save quite a bit of money, and the gift you give will be more personal, as well. This year I’m on a mission to hand make each and every Christmas gift (more or less) just because it’s fun. But even if you don’t want to make them all (or don’t have the time) you can choose one or two special projects for a few very special people on your list and save some cash that way.

Hit the Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Store First

Don’t scoff; many people think these stores are full of junk, but they really have some great items if you know where to look. There’s a Dollar Tree by my grandma’s house and they have some pretty awesome items. I’ve purchased mugs, dish sets, kitchen accessories, coasters, and other items for gifts there and nobody was ever the wiser. The 99 Cent Store sometimes has less of a selection, but if you have a large one near you I bet you’ll be surprised at the quality of items there. If you stuff stockings with candy or include food in any of your holiday gifts you should definitely check out the 99 Cent Store because they have some of the best candy prices you’ll find anywhere.

These are the four rules I live by in order to make Christmas shopping more affordable. You can buy a mason jar for a dollar or less and paint it (if you want) to indicate that it’s your Christmas savings jar. Put a few cents or dollars in whenever you can starting right now and you will be surprised at how much you can save between now and Christmas. Sometimes I like to wrap mine in Christmas wrapping paper so I can’t see what’s inside. Then it’s a real Christmas gift to myself when I unwrap it before I go shopping. Shopping on places like Groupon and Living Social is also a great idea because you can gift some amazing items, experiences, and trips for very low prices. I hope these tips help you shop for your upcoming Christmas gifts (and for any gifts you buy regularly)!

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4 Vegetables that Love Growing Indoors

Some vegetables are not picky where they grow. Some will grow in the smallest spaces and containers. Whether you live in a house with plenty of outdoor space, or an apartment lacking a balcony you can take advantage of these vegetables that love growing anywhere where there’s sun and dirt.

Salad Greens

Salad greens and leaf lettuce varieties love the consistent environment that an indoor pot or garden provides. All types can be combined and planted together. Simply water as the soil becomes dry. Avoid over watering as this tends to promote root rot. Make sure to place in a sunny area. Varieties that form compact heads are better suited for outdoor gardens.


All pepper types can be grown successfully and effortlessly indoors. These include red bell, yellow bell, green bell, hot pepper varieties and sweet banana. Pruning isn’t required and harvest is as simple as picking when ready to eat. While these can be grown in any container type, bell varieties do better when planted in separate containers; one plant per container.

Green Beans

Many people never think of growing green beans indoors because they feel they require space to run. While some are running varieties, others are compact bush type and both can be grown indoors. Running types are aesthetically attractive when grown indoors and need only a single trellis or slender post to latch onto. Another method of growing beans containing running vines is to plant in a hanging pot and allow the pot to hang from the ceiling to the floor allowing vines to grow up the hanger toward the ceiling.


Spring onions are ideal for growing indoors. These tasty side treats make an excellent addition to cooked dishes or when eaten in salads or raw. Onions can be started with seeds or grown by planting bulbs. Once they become established, they aren’t fussy and typically require little more than sun, water and soil.

Source: Virginia Cooperative Extension

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4 Ways to Help a Lesbian Rape Victim

Some people may not realize that it happens that some lesbians rape other ones. You need to be there for your friend that was a lesbian rape victim. Rape is one of the hardest things to deal with and can often confuse the person. Here are four ways to help a lesbian rape victim.

Encourage her to press charges

The first main thing that a friend can do is to encourage her friend to press charges and just listen. One of the first things that you need to realize that she will have a problem trusting another woman and even men depending upon who she was raped by during her entire life. Your friend may have been raped by both genders. This is one of the most complicated things to move past on from. You have to realize that this person was shattered completely by both or one gender only.

Understand that she may be scared

She may be scared and just want you to hold her. Be there for her. Offer a shoulder to cry on if you need too. Tell her that you will help her get through this together. She may be afraid to stay alone so offer to spend the night in order to help her feel more safe in her own home. She may want you to stay there in order to feel more comfortable.

Have patience with her no matter don’t get mad

Don’t get mad or frustrated with her since it will just make things worse. You need to have patience with her as much as you can handle at the time. You will probably be the only one that she confides in. When she starts to talk just listen to her. Don’t ask questions until later on when you feel that she is ready. She just went through a incident that causes a ton of trauma. She may ask you to sleep next to her in bed due to nightmares of the incident.

Encourage her to get counseling

She needs to speak to someone other than you. She needs to see a therapist to talk about it. A therapist is the only person who is really qualified to help her properly get over the rape and try to move on. It may take months or even years because of the trauma caused. Remember, your friend might want you to go with her once or twice to see a therapist. She might just need someone to hold her hand a few times while visiting with the therapist before she feels comfortable enough to talk to her alone.

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4 Ways to Give Great Customer Service

Exceptional customer service can be the one thing that separates your business from your competitors. Customer service is all about making your customers feel as though they are number one–and quite frankly, they are. If it wasn’t for your customers, your business wouldn’t even exist. Because customers are so important to a business, there is a definite need to make them feel as though they are. Here are 4 ways you can give great service to your customers…

Give them your undivided attention. When your customer is speaking to you, listen closely. Make eye contact, respond to them, and ask any questions you need to in order to clarify anything. You can even go as far as taking notes on their requests. This shows your customer that you are listening and interested in serving them. It is very frustrating for a customer when they need assistance, yet the person behind the counter acts as if they don’t even notice them. Please don’t do this to your customers. Acknowledge them and show them that you are there to help.

Go the extra mile. There are many ways you can go the extra mile for your customer. You can help carry bags out to the car, give them free samples, do home delivery, or whatever you can think of that fits the type of business you have. The cool thing about customer service is that you can come up with lots of creative ways to reach out to your customers and make them feel special. For more tips on how to do this, read the article Tips to Go Above & Beyond with Customer Service ( )

Have a money-back guarantee. When a customer has purchased something that they are disappointed with, they should have the option of exchanging the item or getting a refund. But it is up to you to decide under what circumstances they will be allowed to do this. There are some customers that will abuse this advantage and begin returning things that they have damaged themselves, yet they want to be refunded. So beware of these customers (read more about how to deal with them in How to Deal with a Difficult Customer . However, there are quite a few that are truly honest customers and they deserve to have the best service possible. Come up with a return/exchange policy that outlines how these customers will be handled.

Always follow up. Good customer service takes place even after the purchase. Follow up with your customer to see if the product is performing as expected. This is a great opportunity to get any positive (or negative) feedback about your product. Even if they have not purchased anything, you can still follow up with them to see what they think of any free samples you may have given them. Depending on the kind of business you have, you can make calls to the customer to follow up, or you can simply strike up this conversation with them when they are in your place of business.

Customer service is not really difficult. It just takes a real concern and passion for the customer. That is why business is great for those that may describe themselves as a “people person”. In business, you are constantly dealing with people and you have an obligation to serve them and make them happy. Hopefully, when you follow these tips, it will result in lots of happy customers and a successful business for you and your company. Good luck.

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