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4 Unique Ways to Convert Online Contacts into Sales

You can use online contacts to your advantage. You don’t want to come across as being a pushy person though when you talk to online contacts. Here are four ways to convert online contacts into sales.

Educate Them

Every person wants to do business with someone that has the knowledge that they seek to find in order to get a service or product. You want them to realize that you know what you are talking about. Make sure to mention here and there things about the line of work or service that you do. You want them to know that you are a professional in the field without any doubt whatsoever.

Tell Them About You Being Quoted

If you are quoted anywhere online then make sure to give them the link. It gives people a stronger impression that you are known as a professional in the line of work that you are currently in when people quote you. Someone that quotes you mean that they are impressed with your knowledge that you have acquired while working in the field over the years.

Show Them a Site

You can show them a site online. You can show off your skills. You can even show off a service by pictures. You want them to be impressed with you. You can impress existing and future clients with a site. It leaves a good impression in their mind when they visit a site about you. You only have one chance to convince them to choose you so don’t mess up.

Keep in Contact on a Regular Basis

The most important aspect is to stay in contact on a regular basis. A simple memo sent to them wishing them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year goes a long way. You can contact them online or offline. Think about it for a minute here with me as long as you stay in contact on a regular basis then you are always putting your name out there. The constant contact will help them always remember you when they need you for a service or item. You can always count on some of them that will refer a friend to you, so be prepared for getting referrals from them as well.

Make sure to include a link to your site on every e-mail that you send. Make sure to put a business card in every envelope that you send to someone that contains a Christmas card.

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4 Ways to Extend the Battery Life of a Netbook

Netbooks, light laptops with low processing power and low cost, are becoming increasingly popular as large numbers of computer users realize that they don’t really need their laptops to do much more than surf the Internet and check email. Keeping battery life up on the little machines has been a big goal of netbook manufacturers, but many home computer users don’t know that by changing some of their habits, they can often get extra hours out of their netbook batteries.

Here are a few tips for extending the working battery life of your netbook computer.

1. Turn off the Wi-Fi when not in use. Your netbook’s Wi-Fi adapter will drain the battery very quickly, and if you’re not in an area with Wi-Fi Internet or if you’re not using the Internet, it makes sense to turn off the Wi-Fi temporarily. Many netbooks allow you to hit a function key along with a little symbol for Wi-Fi to turn the Wi-Fi off at will, so be sure to use this function as often as you need it.

2. Turn the screen brightness way down. That little function key I just mentioned can usually be used to turn down the brightness of your laptop’s screen, by the way. Look for a little icon that looks like sun with a down arrow; hold function and press that to lower your netbook’s brightness. Obviously, the lower the brightness, the less battery life is being consumed, so try to turn it down as low as is manageably possible when your netbook’s unplugged.

3. Take the battery out (in some netbooks). Some common netbooks, including some of Asus’s popular Eee line, perpetually draw on the battery even when the computer is completely off. Now, you’re not likely to notice this drain unless the netbook has been sitting around for a couple of days, but if you’re traveling it’s always a good idea to take the battery out when your netbook’s completely off. This also guards against accidentally turning your netbook on while you’re in transit.

4. Set the automatic battery saving features. If it’s a Windows XP netbook, you can go into Control Panel (Start -> Control Panel) and click Power Options to set your netbook’s power saving features. Go into Power Schemes and click the drop down menu to choose “Minimal Power Management” when you really need as much time as you can get out of your battery. Remember, use low-powered programs and only keep a few open at a time, and your netbook’s battery life will be much longer than it would have been if you’d just computed normally.

Do you have any other tips for extending the life of a netbook? Post in our comments section below.

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4 Ways to Help You Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

To people that have problems speaking in front of groups, the idea of public speaking can be a nightmare. These people prepare ahead of time, memorize the material, and come prepared. For a lot of people the idea of speaking in public is a horrible thought. However, speaking in public does not have to be a terrifying experience. Once you get past your fears of public speaking it can turn into an enjoyable experience or at least one that doesn’t stress you out.

Unfortunately, most people can’t avoid having to speak in public throughout their lives. A lot of people will have to speak in front of groups at work and some will have to do it at some point in school. So the key is to figure out how to get past your fear.

The first thing to remember is, it’s not as bad as it seems. If you find yourself thinking about how bad it will be to speak in public, stop! Do not think about what could go wrong. Also remember that the listening audience is not there to criticize you. They have gathered to listen to you speak. The listening audience is not there to pick apart your public speaking skills. They are there because they feel that the information you are presenting is important to them.

The second thing to remember is, everyone feels the fear of public speaking at least once. No matter how much experience a speaker may have, they may still experience the butterflies in the stomach or the clammy hands. The fear is natural and is nothing to be ashamed of at all. You must realize that you are not alone in your fear and that the sooner you work through it the sooner you will not fear public speaking anymore.

The third thing to remember is, you were chosen to speak publicly for a reason. Maybe you have the most detailed information on a certain product. Or maybe you have the most experience when it comes to a certain task. Regardless of the reason, you were chosen to speak publicly for a reason. You have important, insightful, and unique information to share, which brings value to your listening audience. This is your chance to speak about what you know, so that should help you with your fear of public speaking.

The forth thing to remember is, you are a valuable source of information. Once you understand the value that you have to offer, the speaking process can become simple. Even though the speaking part may seem impossible, you can work through it with many different techniques. For example, you can try meditation style breathing techniques.

Just remember that your listening audience probably will not notice how nervous you are or your sweaty hands and underarms. For the most part, the fear of speaking in public is in your mind. If you have a positive mindset and do not focus on the negative things that could go wrong, everything else will fall in place and your speech will go flawlessly.

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4 Ways to Make Passive-active Income

Canada and United States are very fortunate in many ways, especially when comes to making passive income ‘” here are some very effective ways that people have been implementing, and in many cases, these become active income opportunities.

These are also great ways for new graduates or job seekers to earn good income while waiting for their job.

First: eBay

You may have not tried eBay before; you may have only tried it once or twice. When I was laid off in 2005, I was really stuck to find the next job. eBay had helped us a lot ‘” we started cleaned our house and put all the unwanted items on eBay ‘” this had generated over $10,000 for us; which was really needed at the time. Later, we tried setting up a few businesses on eBay as well ‘” and some had worked very well.

The starting point is always your home ‘” you will be amazed how much someone would pay for one of your CD collections, or your unwanted PlayStation Games.

As price for electronics, software in Canada and the US are also lower than many parts of the world ‘” you are also likely to have international buyers on eBay as well.

Second: Personal Shopper for International Buyers

This is a booming business and it is very to set up without any cost. Many US websites and shops do not ship to international markets ‘” and this has created a 3rd party service opportunity. You would have seen advertisements from as example, which also offers Personal Shopper service. This service has been attracting customers from China, Australia, Taiwan, Canada and virtually everywhere in the world.

Buyers will send their shopping list to you, and you can go and buy them, ship to them, and in return ‘” you make money from agreed commission and exchange rate.

Many Asian and Australian migrants in the United States are doing this already ‘” their service is beyond just online shopping ‘” they also go to outlets and utilize coupons, vouchers and other programs that are only available in the United States.

I know a couple from Australia started their personal shopper business in the US as a favor for their relatives in Australia; they now have 2 warehouses in the US, and it is a very successful enterprise now.

Third: Online Sports Commentator

Sport is a huge industry in Canada and United States, and people love reading commentaries about the professional sports, local sports teams, players and even gossips.

There are numerous websites which you can write commentaries about sports ‘” some are constantly looking for freelance writers, while others work on revenue sharing basis; where you get to earn revenue through impressions or Google AdSense (eg. When someone clicks on Google Ad on the website).

Sports and celebrities news are the two main drivers for web traffic in North America. If you are in Canada, you can write regular coverage and commentaries on various hockey games; and if you are in the US, you can write commentaries according to the season.

As an example, I know one commentator just write exclusively on minor league baseball players, which has a large number of followers including scout managers. Another writer just focuses on college basketball players; he also has many followers ‘” both are making comfortable level of income from online impressions.

Fourth: Online Writing

Online writers is kind of similar to online sports commentator as I have described earlier. This covers more topics and not exclusively deals with just one area of interest.

These websites offer different range of revenue models ‘” once again, some are based on clicks (impressions/views), some are based on advertising revenue sharing, some offer you upfront payment of the articles; some have exclusive format which you have to follow and establish yourself as an expert in certain area.

The great advantage about online writing is you get to choose the topic you want to write, and that is often the area you are most familiar with.

This also helps many professionals who are looking for career opportunities ‘” one of the analysts I had interviewd before had publishd regular coverage on mining companies in Canada; when the employer google searched him online and found hundreds of articles he had written on Canadian mining companies; and offered him the portfolio manager position after that.

So online writing can help you to make passive (and in many cases, active) income; as well as helping you to find job opportunities.

I know one online writer makes around $30,000 a month (around $300,000 a year on average) ‘” he does this as a corporate approach ‘” not as an individual writer ‘” this is also a business model that you can consider if you wish to set up a business venture.

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4 Ways to Live Better by Adopting a Holistic Mindset

It’s a familiar story in contemporary living: We work long hours hoping to get ahead, earn a promotion, and make more money. As we clock more time at the office and attempt to juggle personal and professional obligations, stress invades our minds and poisons our bodies. The more we try to do, the more every aspect of our lives seems to suffer.

One way to restore a healthy balance is through holistic living. Committing to a holistic lifestyle includes recognizing that all parts of your life are whole and must be balanced accordingly. It means respecting your body and mind, as well as the environment and community around you. When you adopt a holistic philosophy, you will naturally find yourself enjoying a more positive and agreeable existence.

Practicing holism involves every aspect of your life, but there are four major areas you can dramatically improve by applying a holistic mindset.

1. Weight Loss: To lose weight more effectively through holism, you must first realize that dropping numbers on the scale isn’t necessarily the point. Holism advocates respecting your body and the environment. By choosing to respect your body – even if you’re dissatisfied with its appearance – you make an intentional decision that it deserves to be treated well.

Holistic weight loss encourages the individual to tap into the power of the mind, rather than simply go through the motions of adhering to a strict diet or exercise plan. Every person has the ability to change his perception. While a “traditional” weight loss program can make you feel exhausted and deprived (negative emotions), holism – and its value of respect – allows you to view your commitment to your body through a positive lens.

You’ll begin to train your mind to read nutrition labels, dedicate time for exercise, and commit to preparing healthy meals. Operating on positive thoughts (rather than a mindset of deprivation) results in improved motivation and better results.

2. Stress Relief: High stress is a common problem throughout the world. What’s more, stress often leads to other ailments that damage our bodies and prevent us from leading healthy lives. Many people turn to medication or alcohol to relieve stress. These unnatural (and sometimes harmful) remedies go against holism and simply distract people from dealing with stress directly.

To live a holistic lifestyle, we must first identify the source of our stress so we can address it appropriately. Meditation and vigorous exercise are two healthy, proven methods of reducing stress, and by respecting all aspects of life and consciously looking for moments of gratitude, we can work toward leading lives with less stress overall.

3. Improved Sleep: Your energy level depends upon how much sleep you get every night. Getting proper rest is essential to living a healthy and balanced life, but the quality of our sleep often suffers due to stress. Holism demands that we respect our bodies and take control of our sleep cycles.

Sticking to a routine, turning off electronics an hour before bed, and sleeping in a completely dark room are tactics proven to help restore a healthy sleep cycle. In addition, holism teaches us to regularly practice meditation, which helps us focus on what’s important in life, dismiss situations that may cause stress, and improve overall sleep quality.

4. Enhanced Sex Drive: Sex can be a beautiful part of the human experience. Not only does it provide us with great pleasure, but it also helps us form deeper bonds with our partners. But the rigors of daily life often interfere with our ability to derive pleasure from intimacy; stress, exhaustion, and negativity can overwhelm our sexual desire and interfere with a healthy libido. Sexual pleasure can also be derailed if you’re focused on negative feelings about your body.

Instead of taking medications that can include harmful side effects, adopting a holistic lifestyle can help people improve their libidos naturally. Better sleep, stress management, and a healthy respect for your body all work in tandem to improve your sex drive. By respecting your body, you’ll become more confident and aware of your desires. Greater respect for yourself and your relationship also encourages you to share honestly with your partner about what you prefer in bed.

By striving to keep our physical well-being, work, relationships, and faith balanced appropriately, we can manage stress, maintain a healthy body, and improve our relationships without resorting to self-medicating or drug abuse.

Opening our minds to respecting who we are and being grateful for what we have helps us take control of our lives and achieve balance. Take the first step today by carving out a few quiet minutes to meditate, take a walk, or simply make a list of 10 things you are grateful for. A change in lifestyle begins with these simple action steps; soon, you’ll be on your way to improving your life and health.

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