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49er Cries Bomb; Murder Trial for Depp; Voronov and Weir Divorce; MTV Name Oops

49er, Smith, arrested for bomb threat at LAX

Linebacker Aldon Smith claimed to have a bomb when TSA agents stopped him at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on Sunday, April 13, USA Today reports. The agents allege the 49er Pro Bowler then became belligerent.

After airport security chose Alden for the secondary screening, he became belligerent and uncooperative. He also made comments leading agents to believe he had a bomb, which prompted TSA agents to summon police, who then placed Smith in custody.

Alden’s off-field legal problems include two DUI charges, possession of marijuana and three felony gun charges. A 49er’s spokesman expressed disappointment, but refused to comment on this, or Alden’s pending legal battles.

Johnny Depp subpoenaed for murder trial

According to TMZ online, Johnny Depp will testify for the defense in a strange murder trial after process servers caught up with him at the premier of his new movie.

The accused, Nancy Lekon, allegedly struck a pedestrian while driving a limousine in a seedy Los Angeles neighborhood. The victim died after the car, driven by Lekon, dragged her for about a mile.

Lekon told police she was on her way to see her lover, Johnny Depp, when the incident happened. Her defense believes Depp’s testimony will prove his client suffers from delusions.

No divorce for Johnny and Victor; sign here … and initial here

The nasty divorce between Victor Voronov and Johnny Weir that started last month may not happen. The couple has thrown much dirty laundry back and forth since Nornov served Weir divorce papers last month without warning.

After much mudslinging and accusations, hears the couple began reconciliation talks over the weekend and it sounds like Johnny will move back home soon. But he must agree to Victor’s conditions:

Weir must publicly apologize for the hurtful things he said about Voronov during the couple’s breakup.

Victor must sign a document promising his mother will stay out of the couple’s finances and stop interfering with their marriage.

The Winner.. Zac Eeeefron

Jessica Alba brutalized Zac Efron’s name at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. Alba awarded Zac the kudos for ‘Best Shirtless Performance’ but pronounced the well-known star’s last name ‘Eeefron’ instead of Efron, according to

Efron did not make a big deal of the mispronunciation. Especially after co-presenter, Rita Ora ripped the shirt off Zac’s back. The star and presenters exited the stage all smiles and everyone agrees, Zac definitely earned the Best Shirtless award.

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43 Things.Com Website Review

When I signed up for, I immediately could feel the online community aspect of the site. I never felt like I was too obligated to keep coming back, or to check in every day, which was nice. Perhaps that’s’ why I actually did come back and check on the website every day. I still do, too. I actually made it one of my goals on my list!!!

The funny thing about this website is that very literally, you can only have up to 43 goals at one time, hence I don’t know if this is supposed to be scientific, meaning that one human can only handle 43 goals at once- or if maybe it’s just the site producers’ favorite number. (If you have more than 43 goals in mind and are fully motivated, maybe you can create two accounts.) Personally, I feel like having that restriction stops me from getting too crazy and getting a runaway train effect on my thoughts and ideas. It helps you prioritize your goals, because once you see the goals of other users (and everyone can see your goals too) you will become completely inspired to add those things to your list. I came to the site with not one single inkling of what I wanted to do, and left with a full list of 43 things.

Since then, I’ve connected with a few people on the site. I’ve helped them to reach their goals by sending them messages and giving them advice, and they’ve helped me to reach my goals by giving me a virtual “cheer” on any one of my 43 goals. By the way, “cheering” is kind of like the facebook version of “poking” someone. It really helps to see that other people have looked at your goals and clicked on it to cheer you on. (The most amount of cheers are on my weight goals! Very motivational!

So far, I’ve completed 10 of 43 things. It’s amazing to see the results you achieve and be able to tangibly see them getting checked off that list. Psychologically, it’s a big weight lifted off your shoulders. Once you start taking care of the things you need to do (which can sometimes make your goal list look more like a to-do) then, you will begin listing the more impressive things that you want to do (Go to Vegas, Live Day by Day, Be more adventurous, Take more pictures, etc.)

You don’t get rewards or points for completing a goal. You actually get an inward reward that can’t be extinguished. The messages and cheers you’ll get from others when you complete your goal will surprise you too. What are your goals? Are you thinking about signing up for after reading this? Let me know in the comments!

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48th Annual New York Film Festival

The 48th Annual New York Film Festival is back in town and for the next two weeks a wide array of independent films will be played for the enjoyment of all New York residents and visitors. The films featured will run the gamut, ranging from fictional stories to documentaries and back to fiction based on real events. While sporting lower budgets than the “Transformers” and “Mission Impossibles” out there, there will be plenty of star power to be found in the films featured at the festival.

Helen Mirren will be staring in “The Tempest,” Clint Eastwood directed “Hereafter” and Juliette Binoche stars in “Certified Copy,” to name just a few of the big names whose films were entered into the New York Film Festival. Perhaps the most widely anticipated film to make an appearance at the festival is “The Social Network,” the Facebook based feature recounting the meteoric rise of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

There are plenty of smaller film gems waiting to be discovered at the festival as well, and a myriad of special eventss. There’s no telling which film will turn out to be the most popular, so enthusiasts should watch as many as they can afford. Screenings will generally cost $20, though a limited number of less expensive tickets will also be available.

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45th ACM Awards: Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood Lead Nominees

Nominations for the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards were announced in March, with Lady Antebellum leading the way with seven. Carrie Underwood, last year’s Entertainer of the Year, and Miranda Lambert were hard on the band’s heels with six each. Taylor Swift continued her mult-award-nominated run with five nominations. Kenny Chesney, who has won Entertainer of the Year four times, Brad Paisley, and Zac Brown Band received four nominations each. Of this group, oddly enough, Miranda Lambert and Lady Antebellum were not nominated for the 2010 ACM Awards Entertainer of the Year. In addition to the aforementioned, Keith Urban, Toby Keith, and Georbe Strait are also nominated for the most prestigious award the Academy gives to its members. And for the third consecutive year, the award is completely dependant upon votes from country music fans.

It has been 45 years since Merle Haggard and Buck Owens (and the Buckaroos) won the first Academy of Country Music Awards. Created to help promote country music in the western states (the Country Music Association — and its awards — were predominant in the east), the organization and awards have grown to encompass all of country music. Country music doesn’t need much promoting these days; it kind of promotes itself.

One of the reasons this is so is Reba McEntire. She has won 12 ACM Awards overall and holds the record for Top Female Vocalist awards (7). Her wit and energy and continuing presence on television and on country music radio that provides country music with possibly its greatest representative asset. The Academy of Country Music has recognized this, which is why she hosts the 2010 ACM Awards for the 12th time.

The story of the year seems to be Lady Antebellum. Having produced two consecutive #1 Billboard Country and two Top 5 Billboard 200 albums (including #1 for their sophomore effort, “Need You Now”), the group seems poised to break away from the pack. They are up for Album of the Year and Top Vocal Group, but the remaining five awards center around the #1 hit country single “Need You Now”: Single Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Video of the Year, producer for Single Record of the Year and as a composer for Song of the Year.

Some other milestones that could be attained at the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards:

Reba McEntire could win her record-setting 8th Female Vocalist award.

A Taylor Swift win for Entertainer of the Year would make her the youngest recipient of the Academy’s most presitigious award.

If Carrie Underwood should take home the Entertainer of the Year Award, she will not only be the first woman to do it in consecutive years but also the first one to do it twice.

The 2010 ACM Awards will be broadcast live on CBS from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas beginning at 8:00 p.m. Sunday, April 18.

Major Nominations for the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards

Kenny Chesney
Toby Keith
Brad Paisley
George Strait
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
Keith Urban
Zac Brown Band

Kenny Chesney
Brad Paisley
Darius Rucker
George Strait
Keith Urban

Miranda Lambert
Reba McEntire
Taylor Swift
Carrie Underwood
Lee Ann Womack

Lady Antebellum
Little Big Town
Randy Rogers Band
Rascal Flatts
Zac Brown Band

Brooks & Dunn
Joey + Rory
Montgomery Gentry
Steel Magnolia

Luke Bryan
Jamey Johnson
Chris Young

Joey + Rory
Steel Magnolia

Eli Young Band
The Lost Trailers

American Saturday Night – Brad Paisley (Arista Nashville)
Produced by: Chris DuBois, Frank Rogers

Lady Antebellum – Lady Antebellum (Capitol Records Nashville)
Produced by: Victoria Shaw, Paul Worley

Play On – Carrie Underwood (19/Arista Nashville)
Produced by: Mark Bright
“Quitter” Produced by Max Martin & Shellback for Maratone Productions and Mark Bright

Revolution – Miranda Lambert (Columbia Nashville)
Produced by: Frank Liddell, Mike Wrucke

The Foundation – Zac Brown Band (Southern Ground / Bigger Picture / Atlantic)
Produced by: Keith Stegall, Zac Brown


Need You Now – Lady Antebellum (Capitol Records Nashville)
Produced by: Lady Antebellum, Paul Worley

People Are Crazy – Billy Currington (Mercury)
Produced by: Carson Chamberlain, Billy Currington

Red Light – David Nail (MCA Nashville)
Produced by: Frank Liddell, Mike Wrucke

Toes – Zac Brown Band (Southern Ground / Bigger Picture / Atlantic)
Produced by: Keith Stegall, Zac Brown

White Liar – Miranda Lambert (Columbia Nashville)
Produced by: Frank Liddell, Mike Wrucke


Cowboy Casanova – Carrie Underwood
Composers: Mike Elizondo, Brett James, Carrie Underwood
Publishers: Brett James Cornelius Music (ASCAP), Carrie Okie Music (BMI), Rincon Ave Music
(ASCAP), Stage Three Songs (ASCAP)

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Composers: Dave Haywood, Josh Kear, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott
Publishers: EMI Foray Music (BMI), Darth Buddha (ASCAP), Dwhaywood Music (BMI), Hillary Dawn Publishing (SESAC), Radiobullets Publishing (BMI), Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (BMI), Year Of The Dog Music (ASCAP)

People Are Crazy – Billy Currington
Composers: Bobby Braddock, Troy Jones
Publishers: Crozier Music Enterprises LLC (BMI), Mighty Nice Music (BMI), Sony/ATV Tree Publishing (BMI), Tiltawhirl Music (BMI)

White Liar – Miranda Lambert
Composers: Natalie Hemby, Miranda Lambert
Publishers: Pink Dog Publishing (BMI), Sony/ATV Tree Publishing (BMI), Tiltawhirl Music (BMI)

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
Composers: Liz Rose, Taylor Swift
Publishers: Sony/ATV Tree Publishing (BMI), Taylor Swift Music (BMI)

Boots On – Randy Houser
Producer: Eric Welch
Director: Eric Welch (Drake footage: Vickie Vaughn)

Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
Producer: Clarke Gallican
Director: David McClister

Welcome To The Future – Brad Paisley
Producers: Mark Kalbfeld, Jim Shea, Peter Tilden
Director: Jim Shea

White Liar – Miranda Lambert
Producer: Tameron Hedge
Director: Chris Hicky

You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
Producer: Randy Brewer
Director: Roman White


Hillbilly Bone – Blake Shelton featuring Trace Adkins (Reprise Records / Warner Music Nashville)
Producer: Scott Hendricks

Honky Tonk Stomp – Brooks & Dunn featuring Billy Gibbons (Arista Nashville)
Producer: Ronnie Dunn, Terry McBride

I Told You So – Carrie Underwood featuring Randy Travis (19/Arista Nashville)
Producer: Mark Bright

I’m Alive – Kenny Chesney with Dave Matthews (Blue Chair/BNA)
Produced by: Buddy Cannon, Kenny Chesney

Seeing Stars – Jack Ingram featuring Patty Griffin (Big Machine Records)
Produced by: Jack Ingram, Jeremy Stover


2010 Academy of Country Music Awards complete list of nominations (including Industry and Musician/Bandleader/Instrumentalist (MBI) awards).



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49ers Beat Steelers 20-3

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was active against the San Francisco 49ers despite being limited in practice this week with a sprained left ankle. Roethlisberger wore a custom-made ankle brace that stretched up his calf while warming up before Monday night’s game at San Francisco.

The game was delayed for approximately 20 minutes because of a pre-game power outage at Candlestick Park that took place about 25 minutes before the scheduled kickoff of Monday Night Football.

The stadium lights went out again in the second quarter with 12:13 to play and the 49ers holding a 6-0 lead. That delay lasted approximately 16 minutes before play resumed with the Steelers having possession of the ball.

The 49ers rode their top-ranked run defense once again to beat ailing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-3 on Monday night.

Roethlisberger ended the night completing 25 of 44 passes for 330 yards, but the determining factor was his 3 interceptions and a fumble. One of those interceptions was a give me near the end of the game on a despiration throw. It was evident that Ben was off of his game because of his mobility. He couldn’t plant his left foot on his throws and was over throwing most of the night.

Lamarr Woodley left the game as he re-aggrivated his hamstring. Mewelde Moore also left the game in the 4th quarter with what looked like a knee injury. It looks like it is time to start resting for the playoffs and heal up some injuries.

Injuries played a big part in the game as the Steelers offense was clearly off of their game, and without Harrison and Woodley the defense could not rush the passer in a manner in which they were accustomed.

I was tweeting with Mike Pereira (Former Vice President of Officiating in the National Football League) during the game. According to Mike, there were a couple of bad calls made by the referees. The first bad call was during a Steeler punt. The receiver fumbled the ball and the Steelers recovered with what would have been good field position. The referee threw the flag and said that the Steeler interfered with the receivers ability to make the catch.

Mike tweeted “Tough play but I don’t think that is a foul. SF 30 initiated the block and that should take the foul off. Not a good call in my mind.”

The second bad call was when Akers kicked a field goal that would have put San Francisco up 13-3. Timmons was flagged for Leaping, and San Francisco was given a first down and subsequently scored a touchdown.

“Leaping is running forward from off the line and landing on a teammate or opponent. He landed mostly on his feet. Not a good call in my book.” Mike Tweeted.

Regardless of those bad calls, the 49ers came to play. They were looking for respect and they earned it on Monday night.

Vernon Davis caught a 1-yard touchdown pass for the 49ers (11-3) one play after setting himself up with a 21-yard reception from Alex Smith, Frank Gore ran for a 5-yard score and David Akers kicked field goals of 22 and 38 yards to overtake Hall of Famer Jerry Rice for San Francisco’s single-season scoring record.

“I think we showed the world we can play the game of football on a national stage,” Davis said. “At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about: respect.”

San Francisco, with a team of 21 first round players (11 in the first 10 picks and 10 in the first 11 picks) showed that they can play with the NFL’s Elite. The defence is every bit as good as the hype and they are as good as anyone in the league. Look forward to seeing them deep in the playoffs. The win puts San Francisco one step closer to the #2 seed in the NFC and raises their record to 11-3. The Steelers (10-4) missed a key chance to take sole possession of first place in the AFC North and gain the AFC’s No. 1 playoff seed.

Game Notes: With his field goal in the second quarter, Akers became the single-season scoring leader in franchise history with 141 points, surpassing Jerry Rice’s mark of 138 points. … Linebacker Aldon Smith set a team rookie record with 2.5 sacks on the evening, giving him 13 for the year. The 49’ers have also extended their record to 14 games without allowing a touchdown.

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4H and FFA Projects Help Children Experience a Wonderful and Challenging Life Lesson!

With the computer era came a migration of families to rural areas. Some people that can do their job from their home computer have decided to give their families the experience of living a simpler life. I understand that there is a give and take when moving from urban areas to less populated parts of the U.S.. As a member of a family that lives in a town with a population of 800, I would not give up my way of life for the convenience of having Wal mart down the road.

If you are a family with children between the ages of 8 and 18, consider allowing them to participate in 4H or Future Farmers of America. 4H is a wonderful program for children who are between the ages of 8 and 18. FFA is for high school students where their school provides an agriculture department and FFA chapter.
The 4H program offers many project choices. Depending on the availability of leaders, your children can enroll in programs that run the gamut. The more popular projects include: raising sheep, beef, swine, poultry, rabbits and goats, sewing, cooking, public speaking, photography, woodworking, environmental issues, gardening, dog training and horsemanship. If you, as an adult, have been blessed with a certain talent, consider joining the 4H as a leader.

I was “sheep leader” for 6 years and had a wonderful time! To be able to interact with kids, teach them about raising their own sheep and watching the children blossom into self confident showmen was a thrill!
My daughter joined the 4H when she was 8. I watched my daughter overcome her fear of horses by joining the horse club, gain confidence and discipline with her sewing project and modeling her creation at the annual fashion revue, overcome the fear of speaking in front of others by participating in the yearly demonstration competition, learn to be responsible for her own sheep project, train her own puppy to be a well behaved member of our family and enjoy socializing with kids from other towns while learning about the environment at 4H camp.

When she became a freshman at Surprise Valley High School, she joined the FFA. As an agriculture student she has learned responsibility as a chapter officer each year as well as a member of the Junior Livestock show board for the last two years. Last year she finally reached her goal of placing Grand Champion with her market lamb! It took 9 years of working hard with her lambs, but she eventually “got it right!” She has placed 1st in showmanship twice over the last 9 years, placing 2nd and 3rd many times. You should see the kids during a county fair or livestock show. Children everywhere, some wet, some covered in wood shavings, some tugging on a stubborn steer! The next time you see the advertisement for the county fair
She ran for regional secretary, going through a grueling interview process and has attended the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis her sophomore and senior years. The California delegation also spends 4 days in Washington D.C. as part of their trip. Public Speaking is a big part of the FFA curriculum as are the subjects of agricultural business, agricultural science, animal science and agricultural mechanics.

The United States enjoys the lowest food prices on the planet and we can thank the tireless efforts of the American rancher and farmer for this.

As the family farm slowly fades into American history and large corporations take over the business of producing our food products, you can say goodbye to lower food prices, eventually. I would also remind Americans that the United States Department of Agriculture has strict regulations as to pesticides, processing and distribution of food products in America. The FFA and 4H are great organizations to give your children the knowledge to understand how our agricultural business produces the best food products found on the planet. If your children do not choose to work in the agricultural industry, at least they will have the insight to be advocates for American agriculture. If you plan to give your loved ones a simpler life, remember to look into the various activities available to you and your children. Memories, self esteem, social skills, confidence and knowledge await the child that joins these wonderful organizations.

Here is my thoughts for the American consumer:
South America, Mexico, China and Russia do not have strict regulations and yet, we continue to import “cheaper” commodities from these countries. Remember the dog food disaster? Think you are receiving a great deal purchasing Australian lamb? American lamb is raised in optimum conditions and fed optimum feed stuffs. Australian lamb often is left to forage the semi-barren outback, causing their flavor to be more “gamey”. I have nothing against Australia, but if you plan to serve mouth watering leg of lamb during the holidays, might I suggest a flavorful roast selected of American origin.

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49ers Win Over Packers and Win Over Replacement Officials

The bloody look on the face of Joe Staley on Sunday said it all, football is definitely back. It was a match of wits between two great coaches in Mike McCarthy and Jim Harbaugh as their respective teams the Packers and 49ers met on Lambeau Field to kick off their 2012-13 NFL season.

Off the bat, it appeared that replacement Officials would be a problem as phantom penalties were called and late penalties were the trend for the game as numerous questionable calls were made. Late flags found their way into the game costing valuable yardage for both teams and had head Coaches Harbaugh and McCarthy frustrated and irate.

The number one defense from last year continued its dominance as they made their statement on their quest for six. Linebackers Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks kept consistent pressure on Aaron Rodgers, shutting down Rodgers as the rest of the defense made the running and passing game a non-factor.

The Packers were shut out as they head into the locker room at half-time 13-0 for the first time at home since the begging of last season. Randy Moss made his debut as a 49er with a touchdown appearance in the end zone for the 49ers only touchdown for the first half accompanied by a tempo changing field goal that was setup by a 17 yard scramble by Colin Kaepernick who went into the game for a scramble that setup David Akers for a career high 63 yard field goal which tied the NFL record for longest field goal attempt in history.

Vernon Davis scored a touchdown in the third quarter that capped off a 9 play 84 yard scoring drive, he didn’t quite nail the dunk on the goal post but he nailed the catch in the end zone which put San Francisco up 23-7. Davis’ touchdown grab was the fifth consecutive score against the Packers in the game.

A questionable punt return early in the fourth quarter by Randall Cobb for a 75 yard touchdown had the Coaches frustrated again as replacement officials had ruled a flag originally for an illegal block in the back however the flag was nullified giving Green Bay the go ahead touchdown.

Alex Smith continues his trend of not throwing interceptions from last season. Even though it’s early, it certainly is safe to say that Alex Smith is more than a game manager. Smith ended the game 20/26 for 211 yards and 2 touchdowns for a 125.6 Quarterback rating for the day. The defense continues its dominance against the run from last season, holding Green Bay to a total of 45 yards total rushing.

Even though phantom penalties and very blatantly late thrown flags were the theme for both teams today, the 49ers came out on top not only defeating the Green Bay Packers for the first time in Lambeau since November 4th, 1990. Linebacker Navarro Bowman’s interception of Aaron Rodgers setup a 23 yard Frank Gore touchdown and recorded the defense’s first turnover for the season.

Aaron Rodgers loses a bet he made earlier in the week with Boyz II Men’s Nathan Morris to don a 49ers jersey if the Packers were to lose. Rodgers grew up a 49ers fan in Chico and, while at Cal, he wore a Joe Montana T-shirt under his jersey. I wonder if he will be wearing the 49ers jersey under his T-Shirt, which might look a little odd.

The 49ers came out on top against the Packers, 30-15. The 49ers not only recorded a win against the Green Bay Packers, but a win against the replacement Officials as well. The 49ers head back to the Bay Area to prepare for their home opener against the Detroit Lions on Sunday, kickoff for the home opener and anticipated rematch between Coaches Jim Harbaugh and Coach Jim Schwartz is set for 5:20 PST.

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4th and Inches: 5 Things We Can Take Away from San Francisco Vs. Carolina

Howdy readers and welcome to another installment of 4 th and Inches. In this edition I will discuss the 5 things we can take away from the NFC Divisional Game between San Francisco and Carolina.

5. Carolina’s Pass Rush Was Shut Down by San Francisco

It was a long day defense-wise for Carolina. What didn’t help was that the pass rush from their front four was almost non-existent when it needed to count, especially in the second half. Greg Hardy and Charles Johnson, Carolina’s prized DE’s, were pretty much shut down by San Francisco’s offensive line. The only way Carolina could bring pressure was to bring an outside blitz, but this left holes in the coverage down the middle which Kapernick was quick to find and exploit. Watching such a great defense suddenly self-destruct was very surprising.

4. The Panthers Have a Promising Future

Even though the Panthers went down like a ton of lead balloons, they did show a lot of potential. After having such a great season it seems like the sky is the limit for Carolina. They have a decent QB to build off of and a reasonable schedule ahead in 2014. There is a very bright future for this team, but what we witnessed was just too much inexperience in such a high pressure game. This inexperience showed up early as Carolina started the game acting too cocky and that was followed by what seemed like a million unsportsmanlike conduct and personal foul penalties. Experience and cool heads are everything in the playoffs.

3. A Lack of Run Talent Was Evident for Carolina

I guess you could say the Panthers were stiff in the legs. What does that mean? It means it was quite obvious they could not establish a solid running game. Your starting QB should not have more rushing yards than both of your two starting RB’s combined. Yes, it’s true. Cam Newton had 54 yards rushing, while Mike Tolbert and DeAngelo Williams ran for a combined 33 yards. In this writer’s opinion, the Panthers need to get rid of the aging Williams and injury prone Stewart and build off of Tolbert and Kenjon Barner in the offseason. It would really help the Panthers out as a team if they could produce a solid run game so the pass could become a threat. However, this won’t happen if every receiver keeps dropping catchable passes. The Panthers have a lot of work to do before Training Camp starts up in late July.

2. San Francisco is Officially Back

I think the 49’ers are beginning to show how much they missed WR Michael Crabtree in the regular season, because in the playoffs they have used him more than a pair of old blue jeans. I have to say, I was beginning to wonder if the 49’ers would even make the playoffs. I felt this way not only because of their injury troubles but because of the insane competition in the NFC West with Seattle and Arizona trying their best to get the upper hand in the division. But San Fran’s offense and defense proved itself by shutting down one of the most efficient offenses and by tearing apart the second best defense in the League. After seeing how good San Francisco has done in the playoffs, I am beginning to think they stand a real good chance against division rival Seattle.

1. Cam “Superman” Newton, Not So Super

It seems that people forget that Cam Newton has won Rookie of the Year, broke almost every offensive rookie record that existed, and has the most combined QB pass/rush stats in his first 3 years. I figured at first that Cam would do a great job in the playoffs considering how many high stress situations he has been in. He has had several comeback wins over his pro career, plus in his last year of college he won the Heisman Trophy and a National Championship. Boy was I ever wrong! Cam did a great job in the game until the second half; particularly when he led his team on a drive near the end of the game but threw an interception to 49’ers S Donte Whitner. Cam will learn from this experience and will become a better overall football player with some work in the offseason.

That’ll do it for another edition of 4 th and Inches. This is Austin Paydirt signing off and saying thanks for reading!

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4th Day of Christmas

On the fourth
day of Christmas
Jesus gave to me

His forgiveness so


Jesus asks much yet knows we are human. He knows our heart and mind before we do. Because we may feel unsecure, afraid,want to be important, and become frustrated at times, we may say or do things which we know go against following Jesus. We may even think- how couold anyone forgive us? Even Jesus.

But he will be waiting just like the father in the prodigal son. He will embrace us and say welcome home!


Forgive us Jesus
when we stumble
on the path that leads to you

Our soul wants
to stay on the path
and our heart is ready

Yet at times
our humaness gets
the better of us

Our ego wants
to be in control sometimes
and leads us away from you

May this Christmas
be one of celebration
knowing we are forgiven

We can fully sing
alleuia and Oh
Come All Ye Faithul

We will know
you are alive today
and there will be joy in our heart!


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49ers Name Mike Singletary as Interim Head Coach

The San Francisco 49ers fired head coach Mike Nolan on Tuesday and named former Chicago Bears linebacker and assistant head coach, Mike Singletary, as the interim head coach. It is a dream job for Singletary who had previously interviewed for four NFL head coaching positions; although he probably would have preferred that it not come at the expense of his friend and mentor, Mike Nolan.

Bears fans remember Singletary for the intensity and leadership he brought to their team both on and off the field. The 49ers organization is hoping that he can bring those same qualities to a team that hasn’t had more than seven wins in a season since 2002. At the press conference to introduce Singletary as the new coach, owner John York’s said Jed said, “We’re not getting outplayed, I think we are getting out-intensitied. I don’t think that’s a word, but I’m going to use it anyway. That’s what we need, and that’s what Mike Singletary is going to bring. I think you feel it, I assume you feel it. You feel his presence when he’s up here speaking. That’s what he brings to the organization. That’s what he’s going to bring out of the players.”

Singletary is, by all accounts, one of the nicest and most upstanding players in modern NFL history. Before he accepted the job he apparently spoke to Nolan who encouraged his former assistant to take the position.

”[I] looked at [Nolan] and he looked at me, and before I said a word, he said, ‘I want you to take this job,”’ Singletary said on Tuesday. ” ‘I know that you have the heart of the players at hand, and I know they’re important to you. … If you do not take the job, I will be very disappointed in you as my friend.”’

Singletary had been Nolan’s assistant since 2005 and becomes one of seven black head coaches in the NFL. There’s no guarantee that his tenure as coach will last beyond this season but Singletary is focused on the task at hand saying, “You will see, it’s just right. The amount of time is enough. I just hate the circumstance and the situation because I came here with Mike Nolan to help him succeed. But I’ve told myself that, ‘You have enough time to do what you need to do.’ “

Speaking from a fan’s perspective, I’m very happy to see Mike Singletary finally reach his goal. As a Bears fan, I always felt bad that Jerry Angelo didn’t hire Singletary for the linebacker coaching position when it was open and Singletary expressed interest in the job. It didn’t seem right not to give him that chance given what he’s done for the organization. But, all is well that ends well and what Singletary really wanted was to be a head coach; now he has that chance. It’s been sad to watch the 49ers, a former dynasty, turn into one of the worst teams in the NFL the last 5 seasons. There hasn’t been good football in the bay area for a long time and it’s definitely time for a change. Hopefully, for the 49ers, Mike Singletary is the right person to bring that change.

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