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5 Best Free Online Romance Novel Websites

Romance may not grow on trees, but with these 5 best free online romance novel websites your daily dose of romantic bliss is as free as air. Offering all genres of romance novels, from historical to modern, urban to vampire, free online romance novels are either free because their copyright expired (classic romance novels fall under this category), or they are free because contemporary authors wish to familiarize readers with their work.

Don’t confuse free online romance novel websites with websites that only let you read a few chapters for free. Free online romance novels are totally free. If you don’t have the software needed to read free online romance novels (PDF files) you can download Adobe for free. Otherwise select the option below that requires no PDF software. So here are the best free online romance novel websites.

#1. Free Modern Online Romance Novels

One of the best established and most alluring of all the free online romance novel websites is Here you will find a wide array of contemporary romances from historical to humorous, Christian to graphic, mystery to fantasy and much more.

No membership is required, and best of all, you can choose your favorite free online romance novel by your story-line preference. For example choose a story that will grant you a few “cheap thrills”, or one that will tantalize the “deep thinker” in you. The novels at this free online novels website are short and take a few seconds to download in PDF format by clicking a button.

#2. Free Classic Online Romance Novels

If you enjoy quality literature and wish to trace the origins of all romance fiction, visit to see the list of classic eBooks that you can read for free. Select the romance novel you’re interested in, like Anna Karenina, Jane Eyre, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Women in Love, Wuthering Heights and much, much more.

Read the synopsis for each free classic online romance novel. To choose the one you wish to read select the icon on the right. You can look for the 2 page presentation or the single page presentation of the free online romance novel. A PDF file will open and the free online romance novel will look just like a real, paper novel.

#3. All Genres Online Romance Novels

A wonderful way to read free online romance novels written by contemporary authors comes to us from There’s an endless selection to choose from, all with reader star-ratings to help guide you. Select your favorite free online romance novels by the book cover, then read the synopsis in the top box of the left menu.

If you like what you see, continue reading by selecting the first chapter or Part I from the “content box” just below the synopsis. You can read the whole romance novel free online, and you won’t need Adobe installed on your computer. This is ideal for anyone who is reading free online romance novels on a borrowed computer, such as one in a public library.

#4. Free Best Selling Romance Novel

From the inimitable romance publisher, Harlequin, comes a tantalizing offer. You can download 15 free online romance novels from their hottest selection. Select the cover image you love best, then read the story synopsis. If you’re tempted, click the download button.

You’ll be asked to answer a few short questions about yourself, to help Harlequin gather marketing information about their readers. You will not need to give your name or any personal information to download these free online romance novels.

#5. Free Online Romance Stories

For short stories or romance novellas that you can read in a spare half hour, check out Like a cube of chocolate that you steal in the middle of the day just to keep you going, these charming romance stories will entertain you as you wait at a doctor’s office or in the parking lot to pick up the kids. Even for your lunch hour, these romance stories will make the time fly by.

Don’t miss out on the 12 Best Romantic Comedies with Charm, Intellect, Wit, as well as the 10 Most Influential Novels of Our Time.

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5 Best Exercises for Osteoporosis

Ok, so you want to exercise but you have osteoporosis. What to do? While it’s certainly true you need to be very careful when exercising if you have osteoporosis, that doesn’t mean you still can’t enjoy yourself when doing exercises that have minimal impact on your bones. Let’s call these osteoporosis exercises FOE: fun osteoporosis exercises. Or you could think of the acronym FOE as the fun you’re having fighting off your foe, osteoporosis. Of course, doing these osteoporosis exercises takes into account your bone mineral density test hasn’t come back with results that would preclude you from doing any exercises. So, too, these osteoporosis exercises don’t take into consideration osteoporosis may be more problematic for you on one part of your skeleton than the rest. It goes almost without saying, be sure to check with your doctor so that you can hear his advice when you’re deciding whether to embark on an exercise regimen.

1) Walking. Yes it sounds simple enough, but simply walking a measure during the day at your favorite park, or through your neighborhood, is the single most effective, and potentially the most enjoyable exercise, you can do. Perhaps you’ll discover thoughts and things you never knew before while walking wherever it is you choose. And unlike jogging or running, it’s a low impact osteoporosis exercise. How fast you walk is up to you, just as long as you enjoy the day you’ve been given.

2) Gardening. Ok, so some people don’t view gardening as exercise. But if you’ve ever put some time into it, you know it’s not all coming up daisies or a bed of roses. Stooping, squatting, pulling, even pushing, and so much more are all involved in gardening. And like we said at the outset of this article, doing these osteoporosis exercises can be viewed two-fold: having fun while fighting off your foe.

3) Fishing. Now, here’s one activity that to many doesn’t seem much like an activity at all. Let’s look at the physical aspect of it though. You have to get to wherever you’re going to drop your line, right? So, there’s the physical activity associated with that. If you’re going to use worms, you may want to dig up your own. So there’s that. If you’re using a rod and reel, or looking to get your line out as far as you can at whatever fishing hole, river, lake, etc., you’re at, you need to cast: and that means using some strength. And what if you’re using a lure, or need to cast and retrieve on a regular basis, because the fish you’re going for requires such? More exercise, right?

4) Flying a kite. Another exercise seemingly pulled out of thin air. Again, let’s go over the physical aspect of this osteoporosis exercise. You have to procure a kite, if you don’t already have one. For some, that may even involve making it. Either way, it’s exercise. And don’t let it be a windy day you decide to go fly a kite: a strong, stiff wind can be hell on your arms after awhile. Nevertheless, you’re having good wholesome fun all the while doing your osteoporosis exercise.

5) Sightseeing. This one may seem a lot like walking, but sightseeing can be so much more. You can choose to go sightseeing anything: birds in the trees; buildings in a large city such as New York; cloud watching in the sky. Notice all of these suggested sightseeing osteoporosis exercises involve looking up. While our necks are designed to look up, it certainly will get a workout from craning up more than usual. That’s not to say anything about the other parts of your body that could get be involved in this osteoporosis exercise. Enjoy!

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5 Best Gay Kissing Scenes on Film

The film industry, particularly mainstream Hollywood, has shown plenty of gay kisses for comedy’s sake. While the picture of two men kissing has often been used to inspire laughter, there are some films out there that portray the sweeter or more erotic side of the gay kiss. As more movies with passionate gay couples are made, we’ll have a wider selection of favorite scenes to choose from, but for now, here are the five best gay kissing scenes on film.

A Home at the End of the World

While Alexander got most of the buzz in the press for its bisexual themes, that same year Colin Farrell played the sexually fluid Bobby in A Home at the End of the World. A tale of Bobby, his childhood friend Jonathan (Dallas Roberts), and Jon’s pal Clare (a delightfully quirky Robin Wright Penn), A Home at the End of the World tackles the concept of a gay-straight friendship-sort-of-threesome way of life.

A na├»ve and starry-eyed innocent, Bobby just wants to love his friends and be loved in return. He has no idea of the torment he causes Jonathan when he makes out with him on the roof of their apartment–a “friendly” kiss that really means more to Jonathan than it does to Bobby. Bobby’s openness and Jonathan’s hesitant giving-in makes for a sweetly tense and tender kiss that goes on awhile, and from a couple different angles. While TowleRoad lists all the reasons Colin Farrell supposedly hated the scene, Farrell proved his acting talent by making the gay kiss sensually convincing.


This 1994 film caused a lot of scandal with its depictions of both heterosexual and homosexual relations of priests in the Catholic church. While the plot seemed merely sensational by description, Priest actually dealt seriously with religious, ethical, and emotional issues in the church.

Law & Order‘s own Linus Roache plays the young priest who has a relationship with another man, Graham, played by Robert Carlyle (Stargate Universe, The Full Monty). At one point in the film, Roache’s priest is confiding a dilemma about confession in church with angst–and suddenly Graham asks if he wants to go back to his place. You’d expect the priest to be mad, but instead he tenderly cradles Graham’s face in his hands and then snogs the heck out of him. Religious crises never looked so good. AfterElton includes this gay kiss and all the love scenes of Priest in its list of groundbreaking gay sex scenes, applauding the couple’s “genuine connection based on love as well as attraction” and the way “their sex scenes show that connection powerfully”.

Brokeback Mountain

You can’t have a “best of” list without this beautiful film starring the late Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. The two actors took their roles seriously and created two gay characters who loved each other fervently, alternating breathlessly between aggressive and tender moments. The story of Brokeback Mountain would never have worked if we couldn’t see the love and passion of these two so vividly.

While there are several great gay moments in Brokeback Mountain, the best is the reunion kiss when they take turns slamming each other against walls as they try to nearly inhale one another. It was a shocking moment for Ledger’s shy character, and an exhilarating moment of lust and hunger. Amongst its many accolades and awards, Brokeback Mountain also was awarded a “Best Kiss” award at the MTV Movie Awards. People magazine reported Jake Gylenhaal’s acceptance speech: “This is a real honor, not just for me and Heath but for all of you, that you picked this movie and this kiss over all the other ones.”

Y Tu Mama Tambien

Americans who are used to tame or lame sex scenes in films will be shocked by the graphic and matter-of-fact nature of the sex scenes in Y Tu Mama Tambien. With two horny teenage boys on a road trip with an older woman who’s letting go of her former life, there are plenty of opportunities for frank talk, nudity, and passion.

While there is plenty of homoerotic tension throughout, the boys, played by deliciously sexy Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, don’t make any meaningful sexual content until almost the very end of the film. The sensual Ana (Ana Lopez Mercado) and a healthy dose of alcohol lure the boys into a late night threesome. As Ana drops down out of frame to pleasure them both, the overwhelmingly aroused boys seem almost hypnotized into a passionate gay kiss. It’s a powerful and extremely erotic scene that helped make Y Tu Mama Tambien such a popular movie.

In & Out

In & Out is just too much fun not to mention. In this comedy from 1997, Kevin Kline plays high school teacher Howard Brackett, who’s about to get married when a former student outs him during an Oscar acceptance speech. Hilarity ensues as Kline tries to assure all of his family, friends, and himself that he’s definitely Not Gay. As evidence starts to pile up to the contrary, Tom Selleck’s gay TV reporter arrives to finally convince Brackett of the truth.

In & Out hit theaters many moons before Brokeback Mountain, and the subject matter alone was considered groundbreaking for a mainstream comedy film. I saw this movie on the big screen, and when Tom Selleck (Magnum P.I., for goodness sake!) planted one on Kevin Kline, the whole theater gasped in unison. This gay kiss isn’t graphic, but it’s long, and Kline’s frantically waving arms and leg as he reacts to the smooch makes it both funny and sweet. The entire conversation leading up to the kiss is also comedy gold as Selleck’s character describes his family’s reaction to his coming out: “But you’re so tall!”

Brokeback Mountain, A Home at the End of the World, In & Out, Priest, and Y Tu Mama Tambien at

Keith, Christie. “Gay Sex Scenes That Made Movie History.” After Elton, June 27, 2007.

Silverman, Stephan. “Jake, Heath Win ‘Best Kiss’ Award.” People, June 5, 2006.

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5 of the Best Direct Sales Companies for Women

Search for a reputable direct sales company? Wanting to work from home as a direct sales representative? Want to make some money part-time selling products at parties, craft shows or online? Just looking for a legitimate work at home job? If you are motivated, and can sell products, then direct sales might be the option for you. Here are five of the best direct sales companies for women.

Top Direct Sales Company for Women #1: Close to My Heart

Do you love to scrapbook? If so, you might make a fantastic direct sales representative with Close to My Heart. They have been in business since 1989 and sell scrapbooking and card kits, stamps and accessories. The consultant kit is $99 and the commission is 22 to 36%. Scrapbooking items are sold through parties, craft shows, in person and more. Check out the website here if you think you’d like to be a direct sales representative for a scrapbooking company.

Top Direct Sales Company for Women #2: Scentsy

Scentsy is a fairly new but successful direct sales company with thousands of representatives. Scentsy representatives sell wickless candles, scented room sprays and more. They make great gifts and are products that most people will enjoy. Direct sale reps with Scentsy will sale the product through home parties, online, in person and at craft shows. It’s $99 for a consultant kit and you earn 20 to 20% commission. Read “Meet a Successful WAHM: Scentsy Wickless Star Director Laurie Ayers” to learn more about the company.

Top Direct Sales Company for Women #3: Discovery Toys

If you think you’d like to market toys to moms, grandmas and anyone who buys for children, then a direct sales opportunity with discovery toys might be for you. On their website it states, “For over 30 years our educational toys have helped teach, play and inspire.” Not only can you earn a part-time (or even possibly a full-time) income, but you can earn reward vacations as well. You can earn 20-40% commission and the consultant kit costs $125.

Top Direct Sales Company for Women #4: The Greeting Cake Company

One unique direct sales opportunity is to cute microwaveable cake kits. You can mail these to a friend, and voila! in a just a few minutes they’ll have a yummy cake to enjoy. This is perfect for military wives, as these can be mailed in care packages (well as long as the soldier has a microwave), or anyone who is looking for something unique to sale. They sell every kind of cake ranging from back to school to wedding shower favors to new baby cakes. And, of course they sell plenty of birthday cakes as well! The kit to become a consultant is just $40. You can make up to 45% commission on each sale. if you think you’d be interested in this direct sales company, view the website here.

Top Direct Sales Company for Women #5: Mary Kay

This article would not be complete if Mary Kay was not included. Mary Kay is one of the most well-known and reputable direct sales companies. Consultants sell high quality make-up and beauty necessities. Products are usually sold through parties and in person. Consultants earn 50% commission on each sale. The consultant starter kit is $100. They claim to have over one million representatives. For more information check out the Mary Kay website here. You also might read “Tips for Mary Kay Consultants: How to Find New Customers and Recruits for your Mary Kay Business.”

These are just five terrific direct sales opportunities. For more work at home job details, read Legitimate and Scam-Free Work at Home Job Ideas. You also might check out “Fantastic Home Based Jobs and Business Ideas.” You might also read “Best Forums, Message Boards, and Online Support Groups for WAHMS.” Another great article to read is “More Work at Home Forums for WAHMS.” Good Luck!

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5 Best Movies for a Date

Taking someone special out to a movie should be an event that should be considered pleasant and unforgettable. It would be prudent for you to find out what type movies she would prefer before you impose your own preferences.

Taking someone out to some of the best movies for a date is important for first impressions and I have outlined some basic guidelines before you even start looking for one.

Considering date movies you need to find out what you date really likes. What kind of movies are they comfortable with? Hopefully both of you are on the same mindset of movie drama so that both of you can enjoy it.

I have listed some of the best date movies that have proven to strengthen or at least impress that your movie selection is up to par.

Movie #1 When Harry Meets Sally. Movie can be purchased at

Not much plot here but just an enjoyable movie to watch. A rather feel good movie and even though it’s not a spy thriller it accomplishes the task at hand. This movie is about how a relationship evolves into something very long lasting and sweet.

The movie starts out in the course of a party where Harry clunks into Sally. Since Harry, like the rest of us on that occasion, is looking for love he professes it right off the bat. But the main theme here in the beginning is how men and women cannot be platonic friends.

The issue of physical intimacy always gets in the way of a true friendship between a man and a woman. This is the premise of the movie and the audience has to figure out whether it’s true or not.

The movie is intertwined with unexpected events and leaves the audience wondering what’s going to happen next.

A very enjoyable light hearted movie to watch.

Movie #2 Twilight. Movie can be purchased at

This is definitely material for a cult following. This movie is a love story surrounding vampires, werewolves and a naive young girl. In fact that’s probably why this movie is so attractive because every young teenage girl would be able to connect to that character.

This movie becomes very complicated in a love triangle of sorts where the girl, Bella, is attracted to a vampire and a werewolf. Both the vampire and the werewolf are adversaries and Bella must choose which one will hold her attention longer.

Movie #3 The Proposal. Movie can be purchased at

This movie is a funny and easy going romantic comedy that will make a lasting first impression for your date. The story line is on the line of Sandra Bullock, the editor in chief of a publishing house, being a hard driven publisher. She works her employees at a frantic pace but then comes to reality that she may be deported back to Canada.

She works out a deal with an up and coming hard worker Andrew, Ryan Reynolds, who is bucking for a promotion. The deal is to forge a relationship destined for marriage in order to keep her place in the country so that she doesn’t get deported.

The movie goes all out to entertain the audience and most certainly lives up to that expectation with encounters from Andrews parents to the people at the Immigration Office.

Definitely a keeper in having this for one of the best date movies to keep under your belt.

Movie #4 Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince Movie can be purchased at

Who hasn’t heard of the Harry Potter series? This is a great movie if both of you are into fantasy. Romantic it isn’t but entertaining it qualifies for an academy award.

This movie just lets your imagination soar because this movie favors ambiance over any type of true meaning. This movie allows you to just go with the flow of the moment and forget about the destination. Throw in some atypical villains and going through life as a teenager we can only imagine what it would be like.

No deep meaning into this movie but just really entertaining.

Movie #5 Casablanca Movie can be purchased at

This movie makes my top 5 best date night movies because of the main actors Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. For a classic romantic movie based as a 1942 Oscar winning script this one takes them all.

These classic movies required the actors to be on their toes and give their best performances. Based on the backdrop of World War II both actors show how emotionally charged they are about each other with a various number of backdrops. From the smoke filled, emotionally charged exploits about the conflicts that Rick, Humphrey Bogart, has to choose between helping the husband of his former lover Ilsa, Ingrid Bergman, and doing the proper thing for the country becomes heart wrenching.

This is a great movie to watch if you’re into classics.

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5 Best High-Quality Shaving Creams for Sensitive Skin

Most shaving connoisseurs will agree that the most important component of a perfect shave is the shaving cream, especially if you have sensitive skin. A high-quality cream will help lubricate and hydrate the skin so the blade glides across your face, reducing irritation and preventing your face and neck from breaking out in dreaded razor bumps.

So what kind of shaving cream should you choose? More than likely, extremely sensitive skin will respond negatively to harsh fragrances, so ideally you want to look for unscented products. However, not all fragrances are irritating, so if unscented products are unavailable, look for mild, skin-friendly scents, such as rose, lavender, and cucumber.

Also, look for glycerin-based creams. Glycerin is a compound that provides the lubricating and hydrating properties that are important in a shaving cream. It reduces the friction of the blade on your face, as well as keeps the cream from drying out and becoming hard.

Need more guidance in figuring out which products are best? Now, before we get started, be warned that the prices may knock the breath out of you for a moment. “$30 for shaving cream?” you may gasp. Yes, these products are not cheap, but you must consider this. A tub of any of these creams will more than likely last you at least a year, even if you shave every day. This makes the prices comparable to going through a few $5 cans of low-quality goop.

So, let’s take a look at five top-selling sensitive skin creams that may work for you:

1) Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Unscented Shaving Cream

As you will notice as we go through this list, London is the world’s undisputed champion of shaving products. Truefitt & Hill is the world’s oldest barbershop, founded in 1805. They have been making quality products for over 200 years and is considered by most create the finest shaving creams. The Ultimate Comfort Unscented Cream is arguably the best sensitive-skin cream available. Its alcohol and fragrance-free blend is soothing to the skin and provides unparalleled comfort. The 5.8 oz. tub retails for $30.

2) Taylor of Old Bond Street Rose Shaving Cream

Another London-based company, founded in 1854, Taylor of Old Bond Street produces some of the best high-quality creams. The Rose Shaving Cream is one of the most popular men’s fragrances, as it is very light and soothing to the skin. This is an extremely moisturizing product, and hydrates the face well. TOBS creams are fairly dense and are sold by weight, not volume. A 5.3 oz. tub retails for $25-30.

3) Geo F. Trumper Rose Soft Shaving Cream

The third of London’s “Big Three”, Geo F. Trumper has been in business since 1875. Trumper’s Rose Shaving Cream is comparable to Taylor of Old Bond Street’s, but not as dense or hydrating. Still, it is a very high-quality cream. The rose fragrance makes it suitable for sensitive skin and the formulation Trumper uses is very lubricating. A 200g tub retails for $30.

4) Nancy Boy Cucumber Replenishing Shave Cream

San Francisco-based Nancy Boy, Inc. has created a product that rivals the London juggernauts. Their cucumber-based cream uses actual steam-distilled cucumber extract to cool and replenish sensitive skin. It leaves skin feeling smooth and soft following after shaving. Another advantage is the price. A 6 oz. tub retails for $18, virtually half the price of other big name products.

5) Art of Shaving Unscented Cream

This U.S. brand was founded in 1996 in order to attempt to bring quality shaving products to America. They succeeded with this unscented, glycerin and coconut-oil-based cream. The formulation produces a rich, moisturizing lather that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. A 5 oz. tub retails for $22.

If red, burning skin has you dreading your daily morning shave, try one of these products. Your face will thank you.

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5 Best Kid Characters on Primetime TV

Kid characters are often reduced to plot devices in dramas, usually troubled teenagers or kidnapped children, and one-liner joke providers in sitcoms. At their worst, these kid characters become annoying and ruin our favorite shows. Fortunately, some TV writers know how to give us kid characters that are just as engaging and entertaining as their adult counterparts. These five shows give us kids we actually look forward to seeing each week.

Alexis Castle (Molly C. Quinn) — Castle

The hit drama Castle generally rises above its cliches on the strength of lead actor Nathan Fillion’s charm. While we enjoy the quirky mysteries and the banter between Rick Castle (Fillion) and Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the bonus is the series’ focus on the Castle family. Castle’s daughter Alexis is not your typical angsty teenage presence. In fact, she’s the opposite of angsty. As intelligent and witty as her writer father, she may be the more responsible one of the pair.

Setting more strict curfews and rules for herself than her father does, Alexis is an honor student and true good girl. Though there’s plenty of teasing and clever banter between Alexis and Rick, the true beauty of this kid character is that she also loves and admires her father. She’s interested in his work, wants to be a part of what he’s doing, and comes to him for advice with her own problems. Amidst the sea of TV kid characters that think they’re smarter than their parents and treat them like the dirt on their shoe, it’s refreshing to see the healthy and respectful relationship between Rick and Alexis.

Ariel Dubois (Sofia Vassilieva) — Medium

This long-running series focuses on Allison Dubois (Patricia Arquette) and her psychic abilities that help her solve (and prevent) murders for her local district attorney’s office. Medium is also about how Allison balances her worklife with her homelife, where she has a husband and three children. Her oldest daughter Ariel has progressed over the series run, from typical perfect blonde girl and occasionally angsty teen to a young woman struggling with randomly emerging psychic abilities.

Sure, the Dubois daughters can argue about regular annoying stuff like who’s taking too long in the bathroom, and sometimes Ariel is too stubborn about keeping stuff to herself instead of asking for help. Like mother like daughter, however, as we could make those same criticisms of stubborness about Allison herself. Later in the series, Ariel is not feeling conflicted about lipstick colors, however–she’s got heavy stuff on her plate like nightmares of murders, preventing a school friend’s death, and seeing her own life flash before her eyes. How Ariel handles these perils with both terror and fortitude and a desire to do what’s right is compelling to watch. Generally episodes that ignore the main character and focus on one of the kids can be a mistake–with Ariel, it can be one of the most interesting episodes of the season.

Manny Delgado (Rico Rodriquez) — Modern Family

The sort-of mocumentary comedy hit Modern Family focuses on a blended, extended family that covers all the bases of character backgrounds and types. Little Manny Delgado is son of feisty Latina Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (Sofia Vergara) and stepson to Pritchett patriarch Jay (Ed O’Neill). Manny has the complex upbringing of a doting and unconventional mother and a sarcastic father with traditional ideas of how boys should be raised.

As Entertainment Weekly notes, Manny is “played with uncommon adroitness by Rico Rodriguez…as a precocious, articulate kid who can hold a mature, advice-filled conversation with, for example, his step-sister Claire (Julie Bowen).” Manny gets hilarious and heartfelt plotlines in Modern Family, like the episode where his Internet playdate showed up to the house, and turned out to be a lonely adult woman who found Manny’s innocent romanticism more appealing than the usual jerks she’d been trying to date. Obviously mom Gloria put a kibosh on any dating, but was sympathetic enough to the woman to commiserate with her and let her absorb some of Manny’s ever-positive view of life.

Manny has identifiable struggles of fitting in at school that everyone can identify with, and it’s fun to watch the family rally around him, each offering their own particular brand of advice. Through it all, Manny remains clever without being disrespectful, amusingly smitten with his teenage cousin Haley, and gets some of the best lines in the series.

Travis Cobb (Dan Byrd) — Cougar Town

Travis could be one annoying mess, considering his wine-loving freewheeling single mother and surfer dude dad who lives in a boat up on blocks in a parking lot. Luckily, Travis learned to deal with sarcasm instead of vandalism, and makes his way through life with his fingers in his ears going “la la la” whenever his parents are too embarrassing to believe. What makes it work even better is that Dan Byrd has perfected the look of hilarious teenage horror whenever he catches his mother at something a son should never see.

While Travis has a lightning tongue and acerbic wit, he also has a lot of love for his dysfunctional parents. We feel for Travis as he gamely rides around town on his father’s golf cart, even using it as an almost too-slow getaway vehicle when they attack a guy who hurt his mom’s feelings. Travis is clever, funny, and occasionally devious, but he’s fun to watch because he never forgets he’s part of a family and that once in awhile this motley crew of crazy adults might actually have a thing or two to teach him about how to be a decent human being.

Tucker Bryant (Ezra Miller) — Royal Pains

Another product of a dysfunctional upbringing, Tucker Bryant makes a distinct impression every time he appears on USA summer hit Royal Pains. Living in a multi-million dollar home with any physical object money can by, Tucker is unmoved by the material and more interested in having a father figure in his life. A hemophiliac, Tucker makes a dramatic entry to the series when he collapses in his home after a minor car accident. The funny thing is that concierge doctor Hank was actually called to treat Tucker’s hypochondriac girlfriend, who has far less to worry about than Tucker himself.

Tucker is fascinating to watch, a teenage boy with a man’s droll delivery and intelligent dark eyes that demand he be treated as an adult. His relationship with Dr. Hank is one of the series’ highlights, as Hank tries to provide fatherly advice without stepping over the line and taking the place of Tucker’s real, and typically absent, father. Tucker is a refreshing kid character on TV, with typical kid issues hiding in a defensive, intellectual, man-like exterior.

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5 Best Moments from the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes is an award show that recognizes the best in film and television. There have been many memorable moments at these shows but here are the 5 best moments from recent Golden Globe Award shows.

Peter Dinklage telling everyone to google ‘Martin Henderson’ during acceptance speech.
Winning an award can be quite nerve-racking. Many celebrities get up to the mic and tend to be overwhelmed with emotion and sometimes accidentally leave someone out of their thank-you speech. When Peter Dinklage won the Golden Globe in 2012 for his work on ‘Game of Thrones’ he made sure the speech wasn’t all about him. When his speech came to an end he told everyone to google ‘Martin Henderson’. Martin Henderson is a dwarf tossing victim that became paralyzed when he was attacked outside of a pub. Just by Dinklage mentioning Henderson in his speech it brought international attention to a horrific problem that many people have fallen victim to recently. Good for Dinklage bringing this issue up.

Tina Fey telling Taylor Swift to “stay away from Michael J. Fox’s son”.
During the 2013 Golden Globes comedic duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler had hosting duties. Towards the end of the show when they came on stage they were pretending to be “drunk” and started throwing out some comedic punches. One of them was directed towards Taylor Swift, given her past history of dating celebrities, breaking up with them, then writing break-up songs. Tina Fey was not shy to tell Taylor Swift to back off. It was very comedic and for anyone whoever wanted to say something about Swift’s song-writing tactics this was a wish fulfilled.

The “tu-tu” Lara Flynn Boyle wore in 2003.
The Golden Globes tends to be a little less glamorous than the Oscars but it’s still an event for celebrities to dress their best. In 2003 actress Lara Flynn Boyle wore a very interesting “tu-tu” outfit that raised eyebrows. This was a shock to see because it was very ill-fitting and not flattering at all. It did grab the attention of the viewers though which is why the outfit is still talked about 10 years after it was first worn.

Jodie Foster’s speech when accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2013.
Jodie Foster was chosen to accept the Ceil B. Demille Award during the 2013 Golden Globes. During her speech she opened up about her private life, a life she has kept very private for the most part. She went on to talk about privacy while being in Hollywood and being in Hollywood for a long time. Foster started out as a child actress and now that she is past 50 has received many awards and recognitions. She’s a very hard worker in the entertainment industry and deserved the award. It was nice seeing such a heart-filled speech that really emphasized the privacy celebrities can lose.

Ricky Gervais triple-year hosting duties.
Ricky Gervais is an English comedic actor that hosted the Golden Globes 3 consecutive years in 2010, 2011, and 2012. The first year was so outrageous many thought he’d get in trouble. He didn’t hold anything back and made the most highest A-listers uncomfortable at times. It was so different and edgy no one would have expected him allowed to come back, let alone come back two more times to host again! The next year was calmer but it still brought the viewers in because everyone was waiting to see his next punchlines. The third year was great because he ended up having total control on the jokes without worrying about censorship. It was a riot and made the Golden Globes more fun and enjoyable to watch again.

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5 Best Perks of Being a 90s Kid

Driving down the road the other day, jamming out to my radio, I was almost forced to slam on my breaks. I could have gone into a severe state of shock when I heard a Pearl Jam song being played on a Classic Rock station. I tune into this station in order to listen to bands such as Led Zeppelin or Lynard Skynard, but surely Pearl Jam is not old enough to be considered a classic. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. They are over twenty years old. Since recently turning twenty I had never felt old or at least like I was becoming older until that moment. My generation’s time is passing. We no longer share in America’s teen beat. When movies and t.v. shows are made about high school students, they no longer portray us. They will depict a group of kids who do not remember cassette tapes, N*sync, or even Beanie Babies. I guess everyone has to grow up sometime, but when we look back on our childhood these will be the 5 best perks of being a 90s kid…

5. Fanny Packs: While fanny packs are often used in the stereo type of a nerdy persona, you cannot lie. You had one as a kid. Boys and girls could use them. You could play all day without having to worry about losing it, because it was right there around your waste. Best of all, it was so easily accessible to store your Pokemon cards and Pop Rocks.

4. Old School Hip Hop: While most genres of music has clean and explicit content, in today’s music it is hard to find clean rap. Growing up in the 90’s, we had an array of artists willing to put out clean music appropriate for children. We were allowed to “Jump” with Kriss Kross, attempt to mimic MC Hammer’s moves with “U Can’t Touch This, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince related to our childhood angst with “Parents Just Don’t Understand.”

3. AOL Instant Messaging: In these times it is almost as if you cannot have a physical social life without having an internet based one. While I enjoy using Facebook and Twitter, I look back on the days when it was just AIM around town. There was not near as much drama with seeing what friend was online and having a nice chat with them. You didn’t have to worry about someone tagging you in a picture you do not want your grandma to see, because she probably has an account now too. You also did not run the constant threat of being cyber-stalked by a stranger or even worse… an ex.

2. Gigapets: We were prepared for the expectations of parenthood with a pocket-sized digital pet. These aggravating black and white screened toys required us to feed, bathe, and nurture whatever unrealistic animal we may have had. Gigipets taught us a very important lesson: Someday when you have a kid, if you do not feed them, they will bark until they die even if you turn them off.

1. Non-educational television children’s shows: I give all the kudos in the world to Disney and Nickelodeon for trying to give children the ability of various comprehension skills by the age of 3, but I would not trade my childhood t.v. viewing experiences for the world. The shows we watched took us to such a magical world or cracked us up until we cried. Every child of the 90s fantasized of that glorious moment of being slimed. We secretly hoped the Coyote would finally catch the Road Runner. Rather than deciding what way should we go and waiting forever for a cartoon to pretend like they can hear us, we tried to guess who was the pesky costumed villain before Scooby Doo caught him.

Well there you have it! My opinion of the most nostalgic things from our 1990 era childhood. Someday our grand kids will think we are absolutely ancient for being born before the 2000s.

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