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5 Best Plus Size Halloween Costumes for Women

Halloween is my favorite time of year and as a plus size woman, I know that my weight isn’t going to stop me from dressing up. There are several costumes that you can wear that can flatter your figure. This article will give you details on the five best costumes to consider buying for a plus size woman this year. They are all available online so you don’t have to go store to store to find the perfect costume to wear this year.

#1: Viking Princess

You’ll be a stunner in the Viking Halloween costume from Woman The costume is made to flatter and it comes with a gown, headpiece, necklace, cape and fingerless gloves. The corset part of the gown comes in a beautiful orange color with the skirt piece in ivory. The cape is in gold. The Viking Princess costume comes in 2X and 3X. It retails for $136.99.

#2: Witch

Witches are in this Halloween. Halloween Costumes 4 offers buyers a plus size witch costume that will fit sizes 16 through 20. The costume is knee length and is black and orange with gold accents. It comes with a dress and hat. You will need to buy your own shoes and witches broom. The hat matches the dress and has a buckle. It sells for $24.30.

#3: Buccaneer Beauty

Be a Buccaneer beauty this Halloween. Pirate costumes are one of my personal favorites so you’ll be sure to have a lot of fun wearing a pirate themed costume. Woman Within has a Buccaneer Beauty costume that is available in sizes 2X and 3X. The costume comes with a dress in black, cream and brown that falls just below your knees, a waist sash, scarf and belt. Boots are not included so you’ll want to pick up a pair and perhaps a neat faux sword. You can buy the costume for $79.99.

#4: Snow White

Every woman should get to be a Disney princess at least one point in their life. Anytime has a plus size Snow White costume that comes in XL (18-20) and XXL (20-24). You get the familiar Snow White gown that is ankle length and also a detachable cape and red headband. Shoes are not included so you’ll want to pick up a pair that will go with the dress, a wig if your hair color isn’t the same as Snow White’s and an apple to carry around all night. It retails for $67.99.

#5: Tina the Target

Want a costume with a more humorous approach? Plus Size Costume Super offers buyers a Tina the Target costume. The costume consists of a short white dress that has knifes sticking out of it. You’ll receive a head piece that has two feathers with an apple right in the middle. It will look like someone was trying to get the apple on your head but got you instead! Shoes and stockings do not come with the costume so you’ll want to pick up your own. Tina the Target will fit women’s sizes 16 through 22. You can buy it for $47.99.

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5 Best Sexy Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

The 5 best sexy games to play with your girlfriend will spice up your sex life. Some men get bored with sex after a while. How do you change this? You play sex games with your girlfriend. This will bring variety to your sex life.

1. Fishbowl Fantasy Sex Game
One of the best sex games to play with your girlfriend.




Give each partner 10 pieces of paper. Have each partner write down 10 role-playing fantasy scenarios. Use examples such as teacher and student. Make sure each partner does not reveal what they write on the paper. Fold each piece of paper in half and place in a bowl. Every night, or when you want to do something different, draw a piece of paper and act out the fantasy that is written on the paper.

2. Hide-and-Seek

Material Needed:

An object you can hide and a list of sexual treats


You will want to draw straw to see who will go first. The partner that will do the hiding will take the item and write a note about what the sexual treat will be if the seeker finds the item and hides the item. The person finding the item has one day to find the item and reap the sexual treat.

3. Blind Seduction– definitely one of the best sex games to play with your girlfriend.


A blindfold and items such as feathers, silk, etc.


You will need to think of a prize before playing. Draw straws to see who will be blindfolded and who will be the teaser. Place the blindfold on the partner. The partner who is blindfolded needs to feel 10 objects and figure out what they are. Make the objects fun and sexy. If they get 4 out of the 10 objects correct, they win the prize.

4. Dare-Me


A pair of dice


Figure out a number combo that equals a sex act. For example, two sixes

will equal intercourse. Then one person will roll the dice and get the sex act that equals the number rolled.

5. Strip Anything


A deck of cards


Play an easy game of cards such as Go Fish. The person that loses a round gets to remove an item of clothing.

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5 Best ROM Hacks for the NES

As the prices of video games sky-rocketed many video gamers had to get creative about how to enjoy video games without spending too much money. At first these gamers turned to Emulators of old video game systems that would let users play old NES, SNES and Genesis games. Eventually they got tired of that and took an even bigger creative leap into the world of Rom hacks.

Basically video gamers started hacking ROMs, the file that plays a video game on an Emulator, to alter a classic video game. For any gamer out there that has not yet discovered hacked ROMs then these are 10 of the best hacked ROMs to check out.

Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom
The title is pretty self explanatory. Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom is a hack of the original Mega Man ROM that is altered to make the world look like the Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario Bros. There are bricks to break, coins to collect and pipes to climb up and down.

Metroid Deluxe
Metroid Deluxe does not combine two games like the previous Mega Man ROM. Metroid Deluxe is just a completely altered version of the original Metroid. Any gamer that has played the original Metroid on the NES will get to enjoy a completely new Metroid game because all the items are moved to new places, the puzzles are changed and remembering the old NES version will do no good.

The Legend of Zelda Outlands
This is the best Legend of Zelda ROM hack and is similar to Metroid Deluxe. This hacked ROM will look just like a normal Legend of Zelda NES game but everything has been changed. The items are different places, secret passages are in different places and the graphics of most of the monsters have been changed.

Mario Adventure
Mario Adventure is the ultimate Mario ROM hack from the NES. The amazing thing about this hack of Super Mario Bros. 3 is that the author did not just change graphics or the placement of items but he completely changed the game engine. The author came up with completely new enemies and new abilities for Mario.

Mario Fantasy Adventure
Mario Fantasy Adventures is another mash-up of two games like Mega Man in the Mushroom Kingdom ROM. This ROM hack combines Mario with the world of Final Fantasy. A typical battle in Final Fantasy will have the heroes on the right with the creatures on the left but in this version you’ll see Mario and friends on the right and common Mario enemies like Koopas and Goombas on the left.

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5 Best Sondheim Musicals

In the history of musical theatre, there are names that have become legend. Rodgers and Hammerstein usually ring bells for even the casual audience member. Stephen Sondheim was a student of Hammerstein and learning at the hands of a master helped turn Sondheim into one of the most complex musical theatre composers ever. His shows test the usual constraints of what many are used to seeing and hearing in musicals. Let’s take a look at five of his best musicals.

5. “Sunday in the Park with George” (1984) Inspired by a painting, this complex musical follows an artist as he works on his masterpiece. Sondheim served as both lyricist and composer.

4. “Assassins” (1990) Always toying with edgy characters, Sondheim turned many famous assassins throughout history into a musical. Sondheim both composed the music and wrote the lyrics.

3. “Company” (1970) A concept musical, “Company,” really showed Sondheim’s willingness to take chances. It bounces around in time and follows a guy named Bobby as he balances wives and girlfriends and friends. Sondheim wrote the lyrics and composed the music.

2. “Sweeney Todd” (1979) A complex, operatic musical, “Sweeney Todd” soars in a terrifying way. It follows a demon barber who seeks revenge. Sondheim wrote both the music and lyrics.

1. “Into the Woods” (1987) Sondheim wrote the music and lyrics to this beloved musicals that turns well known fairy tales on their head and shows what happens after happily ever after ends.

Stephen Sondheim has many incredible shows not on this list, but I think this is his top five best shows that he created both musically and lyrically. Definitely, check out these amazing shows!.

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5 of the Best Vegan Cheese's on the Market

Earlier this year, I went on a vegan diet for 21 days. This meant giving up milk, cheese, meat and other animal by-products. I really didn’t want to give up cheese. I love cheese. It is one of the best foods ever made, in my humble opinion. Instead of giving up cheese for the vegan diet, I was encouraged to find substitute cheese’s that would qualify for the vegan diet. Here are the 5 best vegan cheese’s on the market today and where you can get them. You might want to try them even if you are not vegan!

Daiya Shredded Vegan Italian Cheese
This is the best of the best when it comes to vegan cheese. It comes in two versions, cheddar or Italian. The Italian is perfect for pizza or lasagna dishes. The cheddar melts perfectly and is a great compliment to vegan tacos, nachos and burrittos. Daiya’s vegan cheese rates at the top of the list because it is a great cheese subsitute for those with allergies. What’s important is what it doesn’t contain… soy, gluten and nuts. Visit Daiya to find a store near you that sells this brand or visit Vegan Essentials to have it shipped to you. ½ lb bag retails for approximately $5.25.

Parma by Eat in the Raw
Parmesan cheese compliments Italian dishes, salads and so much more. Eating in the Raw created the Parma with just a few ingredients and it takes just like real Parmesan cheese. Raw organic walnuts, nutritional yeast, and Celtic sea salt make up Parma’s very short ingredient list. Parma goes for $4.99 for a 3.5 oz bottle or a larger 7oz bottle goes for $7.99 at Vegan Essentials.

Organic Soy Feta by Sunergia Soyfoods
Feta is a great crumbly cheese perfect for Greek salads and Mediterranean dishes. Sunergia Soyfoods created a blend of organic and natural ingredients to make a vegan version of Feta cheese. Sunergia Soyfoods also makes a blue cheese version but as I am not a blue cheese fan I can’t say how good it is. Organic Soy Feta by Sunergia Soyfoods can be purchased at United Natural Foods, Albert’s Organic’s and Nature’s Best.

Vegan Cheese Singles by Galaxy Nutritional Foods
Personally, I’m not to fond of the vegan American cheese’s out there but Galaxy Nutritional Foods did a pretty decent joby with there Vegan Cheese Singles. They are perfect for putting on a quick veggie sandwich or topping off a veggie burger. An 8 slice package retails for $3.99 through Vegan Essentials but this brand can also be purchased at regular grocery stores with an organic section.

TEESE Vegan Nacho Cheese
Perfect for dipping Nacho’s TEESE is the vegan answer to traditional nacho cheese sauce. This is makes it to the best vegan cheese list because you can use it to make sauces, cheese spreads, dips and toppings. Add herbs to make dips and cheese spreads for your favorite vegetables. TEESE sells for $4.99 for a 10oz package. You can purchase this vegan cheese at almost any whole foods store or through Vegan Essentials online store.

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5 Best Wedding Photographers in Grove, Oklahoma and Nearby Surrounding Areas

The wedding day is the most important day in a bride and groom’s life. A professional wedding photographer should handle capturing the special moments in your perfect day. There are several photographers to choose from in the beautiful Grove, Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Grove is located on the breathtaking Grand Lake of the Cherokees in a four state area with Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas close by.

Studio 31 Photography -“Making Moments into Memories”, Studio 31 is located in downtown Grove, Oklahoma. Cheryl Evans, the principal photographer of Studio 31 Photography, has a very unique eye for detail and beauty. Cheryl captures the moments in your special day by keeping the wedding photos natural, elegant and beautiful. A beautiful gallery of wedding photos and a listing of rates are available online.

Photography by Katherine is located in downtown Grove, Oklahoma. Katherine’s wedding photos are beautiful and fun. Katherine’s wedding photos have a natural and real feeling to them, capturing the special moments as they happen. Photography by Katherine offers a wedding photo gallery available for your viewings online. There are comments also available on her blog site that expresses Katherine’s clientele’s happiness with her photography skills.

Artistic Expressions Photography and Design located in Joplin, Missouri, approximately sixty miles from Grove, Oklahoma, features photographers Angela Spieker and Deb Anderson. Angela and Deb are a mother and daughter team who have a real passion for photography. They have a combined number of years of experience being creative and unique but still staying with traditional methods of photography that produce quality photos. Artistic Expressions and Design have a gallery on display at their website of wedding photos and samples.

Briscoe Photography is located in Miami , Oklahoma approximately thirty minutes from Grove, Oklahoma. Briscoe Photography uses state of the art equipment to keep your “Life’s moments – forever captured”. Briscoe’s offers wedding packages to fit any budget.

Patty Jessee Photography is located in Columbus, Kansas approximately an hour drive from Grove, Oklahoma. Patty Jessee has been taking photographs for over twelve years and brings twenty-six years of experience teaching secondary art. Patty Jessee is a member of Professional Photographers of America and Kansas Professional Photographers of America. Patty Jessee continues to keep up to date with advances in photography by attending seminars to produce the best quality photos. Patty has a gallery of her wedding photos online for viewing.

This list will assist you in finding the best wedding photographer that fits your style and budget to keep your wedding memories special for the rest of your life!

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5 Bible Verses that Have Made a Difference in My Life

I have been a Christian for over 40 years, and during that time I’ve found reading the Bible always brings encouragement and hope to a heavy heart. Even when times are good, it is inspiring to learn more about the wonderful God we serve. Listed below are 5 of my favorite encouragement verses and how they have impacted my life.

Safe In the Palm of His Hand
John 6:37Every person the Father gives me eventually comes running to me. And once that person is with me, I hold on and don’t let go. (The Message)

This verse is a beautiful picture of Jesus closing his hand around us, holding us firmly and safely in His palm, and protecting us from the things which would drag us away from Him. It’s empowering to remember that anything that would harm us must first pass through His grasp before it ever touches us. It’s a wonderful reminder that nothing can pull us away from His love-not even our own actions.

I became a Christian as a teenager, and I immediately wanted to be involved in my church. Hoping to channel that enthusiasm, the church leaders put me on the committee which was planning the promotion for the church’s building fund. The adults were working on a brochure, which I was supposed to help them write. It was exciting to be performing an important service, and to be working along side a group of mature Christians-or so I thought.

After the first meeting it was clear that these “mature” believers were more concerned about whether or not to have an air conditioner in the new sanctuary than they were about spiritual matters. They argued and fought through the entire meeting. I got my eyes off the creator and onto the creation, and it was discouraging. For 6 years after that day I refused to go to church, read the Bible or even consider anything relating to Christianity. “If that’s what Christians are like, why would I want to be one?” I reasoned.

During those 6 years I made some terrible choices and ended up with a lot of problems. I married an alcoholic, had a child and then had her stolen away from me. That was the lowest point in my life, and I feared I would have a nervous breakdown. But in the midst of my misery I found unexpected strength from an unexpected source. I wasn’t facing the future alone. The God I had rejected and turned away from was still there beside me, helping me cope with the devastating loss, ready to forgive and heal. Jesus held me safely in the palm of His hand and never once let me go, even when I gave up on Him. How amazing to think that, as Max Lucado puts it, “The one who holds all the aces holds your heart.”

Chosen For God’s Sake
Isaiah 43:25“I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more. (New International Version)

Fulton Sheen once said, “God does not love us because we are valuable. We are valuable because God loves us.” That’s the essence of this verse, and the essence of the entire Bible. God chooses to love us just because He wants to, and not because of anything we do to earn His love. It’s the reason he called an unknown man named Abram from an obscure town in ancient Mesopotamia, and the same reason he made a little Jewish girl named Esther a queen. It’s the reason he made a young girl from a little town in Pennsylvania a Christian, and it’s the same reason He has called you.

When I turned my back on Jesus, I spent 2 years studying the great religions of the world, trying to decide which was true. Every one of them stressed works as a means of progressing in faith or attaining a god’s favor. All religions were people reaching up, trying to touch the face of God. Only the Bible spoke of God reaching down, seeking to touch the hearts of people, willing to forgive their lack of love for Him.

When I returned to the faith of my youth, God forgave me even for deserting Him! It is reassuring to know that, since there was no sin in my past too great for Him to blot out, there is none in my future too big, either. The more I learn about Him, the more confident I am in His love and acceptance.

Because He chooses to adopt us into His family, we can relax and be ourselves, use the gifts He gave us, and love others fully. There is no measuring up required, no penance to be paid to earn His love. We don’t have to “do good” just to keep our standing with God.

He held on to me despite all my efforts to run from him. This verse reminds me daily that I can stand strong in my faith having the assurance that God loves me not because of who I am, but because of who He is. That will never change.

Blessed Beyond Belief
Malachi 3:10Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it. (New International Version)

When we become part of God’s family, we also become part of the outworking of His plan for the earth. We are the hands He uses to do His work here. If He has given us the job, then surely He will also give us the means to do the work. Many times we have specific needs, but we don’t take them to God because we think they aren’t important enough to bother Him with. But God says to ask for everything we need, and if it is truly a need, He will help. I experienced this first hand in the context of my stained glass business.

A few years back we were having a very slow summer and the business was really lacking funds for many of the supplies we needed. Since I sell my work online, I use a lot of packing and shipping materials to complete my transactions. It had been an especially bad week, and I had a few orders to fill but no packing materials. I got so down I finally whined to God that He wasn’t helping me at all. “I don’t even have bubble wrap to ship my suncatchers,” I cried.

Feeling better after getting the problem off my chest, I turned to other duties. Soon I was taking a bag of trash to the shopping center’s dumpster, no longer thinking about my need. There on the top of the dumpster, not touching any trash, was the biggest roll of bubble wrap I have ever seen! It was just there, and no one was anywhere around. I laughed out loud. There could not have been a better answer if God Himself had opened heaven and handed it to me. Later in the week my neighbor came to my house with a pile of bubble wrap and asked if I could use it. Since then, I have received bubble wrap from a number of sources, all of it free. Now every time I wrap a suncatcher to mail I think of this verse and thank God.

Don’t Focus on How Big Your Problem is, Focus on How Big Your God Is
Ephesians 3:20God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. (The Message)

In the “Hebrew Names Version” of the Bible, the terms used are “able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think.” I love this verse because, as a writer, I have a big imagination. I can think of some pretty wild situations, and come up with unusual ideas at the drop of a hat. But this verse says that God can even outdo me. He is the one who plants our creativity within our hearts. He is the one who gives our lives purpose and supplies the tools we need to accomplish His goals for us.

But the second half of the verse is even more encouraging. God doesn’t force us to do His will. He doesn’t send lightning bolts from heaven when we disappoint Him. Instead, He is that still, small voice deep within us that whispers encouragement when we make right choices, and directs us away from temptation. He nudges, and we respond. My prayer is that I always feel those gentle nudges and follow that gentle leading.

God took one of the greatest tragedies in my life, the loss of my baby girl, and used it to help others. As a mother who had experienced having a child taken, I was able to reach out to other mothers in the same situation, and offer them hope and encouragement. Only God could imagine a way of using something so awful in my life to bring hope into the lives of others.

God Carries Us Through Our Trials
Isaiah 43:2“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; And through the rivers, they will not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched, Nor will the flame burn you.” (NASB)

This verse is another precious assurance that God is always with us. In fact, He never promises to keep us from troubles or fears, but He does promise to walk through them right along side of us. God knows what is best for us, and He only allows things to happen which will shape and mold us to His purpose. No problem will come our way without His purpose, presence, and permission.

When Hurricane Charley rampaged across our area we had just purchased a stained glass store. It is located about a mile from the Gulf of Mexico, and was at definite risk for the immense storm surge that weather experts predicted that day. We spent hours preparing the store for the hurricane, taking panels out of the window, covering machinery with trash bags and getting everything off the floor in case of flooding. We fully realized that the storm could quickly blow out the windows, lift off the roof and destroy everything we owned. Ditto for our home located a few miles away. We were at the mercy of the oncoming storm.

It was frightening to think of the storm coming ashore just north of us as the weatherman predicted, but when we learned it had taken a sudden turn into Charlotte Harbor and increased to a Category 4 hurricane in minutes, we thought it was all over for us. The eye of the storm hit 10 miles from our home, and we huddled in the scant shelter of our bedroom listening to the winds and rain roar all around us. At that precise moment, when fear threatened to overwhelm me, I suddenly realized nothing that really mattered in my life had changed. God was still in control of all I was and all I owned. If He had allowed us to buy this store to use in His service, He would either preserve it, or provide a way for us to replace it. I prayed a prayer of thanksgiving, turning the properties and our lives over to Him, and immediately felt a surge of relief. It was like an ocean wave flooding over me. I was at perfect peace while the storm raged around me.

Charley proved to be a rapidly moving storm, and it was gone far sooner than we expected. Our home had weathered the storm with virtually no damage. With power lines down and debris littering the roads, we couldn’t check on our store, but when we turned on the local radio station, the on-air reporter was driving down the very road where it was located. He reported there was no damage to signs or buildings he passed, and we had yet another assurance that God had protected us and our possessions.

There is no “chance” or “act of nature” for a Christian. Our God is fully in control and He will never abandon us. He walked through the hurricane with us, and He will walk with you through the storms of your life if you let Him. The Bible tells us over and over that our Father delights in us, His children. Nothing touches us that has not first passed through the filter of His love.

Quotations designated (NIV) are from THE HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION® NIV®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 by Biblica.

New American Standard Bible Copyright © 1960, 1962, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975, 1977, 1995 by The Lockman Foundation, La Habra, California.

THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language copyright 2002 by Eugene Peterson. All rights reserved.

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5 Best Wii Games for Kids at Discount Prices this Christmas

Learn how to find Nintendo Wii games for Christmas this year, that are suitable for children. You will obviously need to buy the Wii system before you start buying games, go to for a cheap Nintendo Wii system. Once you get the console, now I will guide you into finding bargains on Wii games. When buying games for young children, there is no need to buy brand new games for 50-60 dollars. Kids 10 and under most likely would rather have a lot more games instead of a few new ones. There are many sources where there are discount Wii games being sold for nearly nothing. Make your dollar last this Christmas, while still getting really nice presents for your children. In this article there is a list of the best Wii games for kids and the price, that you can get for Christmas this year. Also you will learn where to find discount Wii games for kids.

5 Good Wii Games For Kids This Christmas

These games are in no order, it is just a list of good and discount Wii games for kids. Also includes the price of the game and a short description of the Wii games.

1. Carnival Games for Wii is a great game for younger people. You can find this game for around $35 new or find a used copy to get it for half that. In Carnival Games allows you to enjoy all the great carnival fun. It’s very fun for youngsters because it allows them to go around the carnival and play a bunch of fun games. The best thing is no waiting in the lines or going out in the heat. It’s a fun game, that probably can be found if you search for discount Wii games for kids. It’s a multi player game so all the kids at home can be involved, maybe even the parents because this game is load of fun. It’s just like a real carnival and you can collect prizes and many other great features.

2. Hannah Montana: Spotlight World Touris a great game to grab this holiday season for girls. This game is usually around $25 brand new and probably $5 for a used copy, if you can find a used copy. In this game you take the stage as Hannah Montana and get develop fashion skills and your musical skills. If you buy the Wii remote controller and the Wii Nunchuk (Accessories for Nintendo Wii) then you will be able to dance along with Hannah Montana in order to build your fan base. This game will let you shop in many different places for your concert wardrobe. This is an awesome Wii game for kids and can be found for a very cheap price and it will be what they really want for a gift. Be the cool parent this holiday season and try this game out, while saving a good amount of money for other games on your child’s Christmas list.

3. Mario Kart Wii is the top Wii game for kids and pretty much any age, it is very fun. Although this game runs about $65 because it comes with the Wii Wheel. Although this game is so much fun for any age. If you want to buy the game with an extra Wii Wheel it will probably cost you roughly $150. This is truly one of the best Mario games for the Wii console. You can’t go wrong buying this game. It is a great Wii game for kids, but it will cost a little bit more for this game. You can race all of your friends in this game and it is fun for the whole family, so don’t look at it as an investment for the kids but a family gift.

4.Rayman Raving Rabbids is a very fun game that can be a good discount Wii game for kids. This game is a great game for kids that are 10 and under and can be found for $20 new. Rayman has to save his world from demonic rabbits by getting help from magical creatures. You are Rayman and you must save his world that is threatened by demonic rabbits. It’s a very kid friendly game, so don’t worry about the “demonic rabbits,” it’s a nice game for younger kids.

5.Ice Age 2 is another popular game that can be found at a discounted price for this holiday season. It can be found for about $25 to $30 brand new. In this game you get to be apart of the great adventure and you get to do it all with the Ice Age pals. Help them escape from the rising water in this action adventure that kids will enjoy greatly. It goes along with the new Ice Age 2 movie, so if your kids liked the movie they will flip over this game. Great Wii game for kids that can be found pretty cheap.

Where To Find Discount Nintendo Wii Games For Kids

Finding cheap Wii games for kids for Christmas season this year will be easier than you think. Find bargains on your games and get your kids a bunch more games, rather than paying the retail price. There are many places to find discount Wii games for kids. In your local area, go to places like Walmart, Meijer, Gamestop, EB Games, Software Etc., Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, and other department or video gaming stores. Browse through the used games and get your kids some used games for Christmas, they play just as good as a new game. The stores wouldn’t except used games if they didn’t work, so don’t think used games are a bad thing. However the cheapest way to get Wii games for kids is probably online. There are tons of websites where you can find discount Wii games for kids. Try going to and see if there are any good ones for sale. A good site to get cheap Wii games is Best Wii Games For, it also has access to many other kinds of games and accessories, not just kid games. Although you will need to create an account to order anything, but you can do some research on games and their prices there. Next try to go to and browse through there wide selection of Wii games for discounted price. There are some websites that claim you can download Wii games for free online. I probably wouldn’t trust these sites unless you know they have a good service. I’m sure you still have to pay to download the Wii games. There are the places that you will find the best discount Wii games for kids.

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5 Big Sports Comebacks

Note to my readers: This article was first published on Urban Daily.

It’s official: Michael Vick’s back, y’all.

After dazzling performances in Week 1 and Week 2 of the young NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback got the nod last Sunday ahead of Kevin Kolb, who was inked in as the No. 1 QB at the beginning of the year.

The resurgent Vick delivered under the pressure and bright lights in last Sunday’s game against the Jacksonsville Jaguars. The three- time All-Pro quarterback went 17-for-31 for 291 yards and 3 TDs in the Eagles’ romp in Jacksonsville. He also ran one in for a score.

After serving a 23-month federal sentence for his role in an illegal dog fighting ring, most thought Vick would never return to his electrifying self on the Gridiron after he was released from federal prison in March 2009. Through three games, Vick’s proved the haters wrong and if he keeps it popping this NFL season he appears on the verge of perhaps completing the biggest comeback story in pro football history.

However, Vick’s not the only former sports superstar to surprisingly regain his glory and old form after missing significant action during their beloved careers. Here are four other big comeback stories in professional sports throughout the years. Please enjoy and drop a comment.

Mike Tyson (boxing). After serving three years for raping beauty contestant Desiree Washington, Iron Mike initially came back knocking out dudes. He first beat Peter McNeely by disqualification (Round 1), then KO’d Buster Mathis, Jr. (Round 3), then KO’d Frank Bruno (Round 3) to win the WBA heavyweight championship, then KO’d Bruce Sheldon (Round 1) for the WBC title. And then … he met Evander Holyfield.

Ted Williams (baseball). This is my oldie but goodie on my list. Not once, but twice one of the best sluggers in baseball history left the sport to serve in the U.S. military as a Marine pilot. Williams, a two-time American League MVP, snagged his second Triple Crown in 1947, one year after serving three years in War World II. Then in ’58, five years after serving 15 months in Korea, the “old man” led the league in hitting (.328 average) at the age of 40.

Michael Jordan (basketball). To the astonishment of NBA fans, No. 23 bounced from the game on Oct. 6, 1993. But he gloriously returned on March 18, 1995. It took a quarter- of-a season and summer break for the five-time league MVP to regain his full magic, but once he got it back he torched the league and led the Chicago Bulls to its second three-peat of NBA titles (1996, 1997 and 1998). M.J. was great before that comeback, but he became the NBA’s greatest after it.

Muhammad Ali (boxing). “I got nothing against no Viet Cong,” Muhammad Ali said notably about the possibility of him fighting in the Vietnam War in the 1960s. “The Greatest” was bold for standing strong for his beliefs, but he was stripped of his license and couldn’t box for over three years. Once reinstated, he beat down heavyweight bruisers like Ken Norton and Joe Frazier and eventually capped things off by KO’ing George Foreman in the historic, thrilling “Rumble In The Jungle” in 1974 to regain his world championship belt.

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Sources for my 5 Big Sports Comebacks:

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5 Blogs About Fantasy Football

With football season starting this weekend many fans will be going online to bet or participate in Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football gives fans a chance to pick their fantasy team or make picks of which team they think will win a certain game. If you’re looking for the best, and most thorough, blogs on the Internet for stats and best players or teams to pick for your Fantasy Football league these top 5 websites are the best places to look before starting your league, or to find leagues already established you can jump into. –

Listed as one of the top online Fantasy Football blogs offers tips, which teams to pick and which to avoid, studs and duds and the best players for your fantasy football team. The blog site stays up-to-date pretty regularly during the football season up to the Superbowl and during the NFL Draft in April.

Currently the New Orleans Saints are riding high on their 2010 Superbowl win and many fantasy football leagues have them in their top picks again for this season. Check out the forums on to find other football fans and fellow fantasy players ready to join your league.

NFL Fantasy Blog –

The official fantasy football blog of the NFL , you will find pre-game and post-game blog updates, player stats and who’s playing who and the final scores for both teams. You will also get picks for the weeks best players you can use for your following weeks picks in your fantasy football league. Whether you are playing for the fun of it or you are betting on a football team for real money, this should be your first stop for official news and information from the NFL.

The Fantasy Football Geek –

This is another great place to visit for interacting with other fantasy football fans as well as get up to date information about teams, stats and football players. You can also get to through here where you will not only find football best bets and tips for the upcoming weeks, but also for other fantasy sports leagues like Baseball, Basketball, World Cup and U.S. Open games.

This blog site is pretty user friendly and encourages discussion in a non heated environment. You will need to register to use the site, but the tips, insider information for your team and cheats are the best for your fantasy football league.

Razzball –

Razzball offers fantasy football advice through their blog which is updated frequently during the football season. The information on this blog is pretty informative and will help you determine which teams or players you should pick weekly for your team based on the previous weeks games.

You will find football schedules, weekly rankings, a podcast, an App for your iPhone or Droid and multiple teams you can join based on playing for fun or betting weekly for the entire season. You will also find the best strategy’s for choosing your picks.

Camel Clutch Blog –

Offering stats, post-game results and previews of upcoming games, Camel Clutch is a great blog for fantasy sports leagues of any sporting events. You will find the best and worst players to have on a league, or the best and worst teams to bet on for the 2010-2011 season. You will also find blog posts like Deflating Brett Favre’s Ego and the latest news and updates for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and WWF.

Camel Clutch also allows users to sign up and meet other users to form fantasy leagues and teams through other off-blog sites and through the blog forums.

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5 of the Best Wedding Photographers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

You’ve chosen your wedding dress, set the date, got the engagement ring sized, and bragged to your single friends. Now it’s time to decide on the wedding cake, find a florist, and, of course, book a wedding photographer. Here are a few of the most talented wedding photographers serving the Milwaukee area.

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer #1: Jessica Quist

Jessica Quist is a gifted photographer who would be happy to capture your wedding memories. She has a degree in art, and has more than ten years of wedding photography experience. Glance through her online gallery and you’ll notice she is passionate about her work. On her website she states, “Capturing timeless moments that illustrate love and sincerity in life is my passion. As each love story unveils through my lens, my photography is romantic, creative and fun.” Glance through her website and if you think she might be the wedding photographer for you give her a call at (414) 747-1479.

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer #2: Dale Mueller

Another gifted photographer in Milwaukee is Dale Mueller. Just take a look at his online portfolio, and you’ll see he provides his clients with crisp, vibrant photos. Visit his website and you can read through some of his testimonials from happy brides. He adds a creative touch to your photos for sure. Iif you think he might be the one for you, give him a call at (414) 429-2448.

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer #3: Erin E. Photography

Another photographer that will do an outstanding job is Erin Gebhart. She has a degree in Fine Arts. In her website bio, she states she is “understanding and easy-going”, has a “quirky style” and “fun attitude” but takes her work very seriously. View her online portfolio and you’ll see she captures the little details you don’t want to to forget. If you like her style, give her a call at (414) 687-0332.

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer #4: Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson will leave you with vibrant, crisp wedding photos of your special day. She can truly work magic with her camera. If you take a peek at her online gallery, you’ll notice that photography is definitely her gift. She capture everything about the day, from you applying your lipstick, to the flower girl asleep on under the wedding reception table. She will take a variety of color and black and white photos. Emily can be reached at 414-708-7441.

Milwaukee Wedding Photographer #5: Reminisce Photography

What can be better than having two talented photographers, working diligently to capture your wedding memories? Miranda and Adam, a husband-and-wife team of Reminisce Photographer would be thrilled to photograph you wedding. Miranda has two fine art degrees. On their website they write, “Our acute perception of the beauty in the world is showcased by our photographs. We capture the pride your family feels, watching you walk down the aisle, and the wonderment and whimsy in your children’s hearts.” If you visit their website, be sure to check out the “kind words” section. If you think Miranda and Adam are the photographers you want, give them a call at (414) 405-6693.

These are just a few of the most skilled wedding photographers in Milwaukee. For tips on selecting a wedding phtographer read How to Choose an Amazing Wedding Photographer and Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer. You might also read “Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer.”

Congratulations! Best Wishes as you plan the special day!

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5 Best Wedding Photographers Around or Near Agoura Hills, California

Here are the 5 best wedding photographers around or near Agoura Hills, California:

1) Blue Shift Productions. One of the best wedding photographers around or near Agoura Hills, California is the Blue Shift Productions which specializes on also on various photography engagements such as commercial production, wedding videography, actor reels, graphic designs, photography for special occasions, training videos and others like medical videos.

The wedding photography packages of Blue Shift Productions ranges from $800-$2,500 depending on the client’s needs and customizations.

All proofs from Blue Shift Productions are can be composed of both standard and high definition depending on the client’s specification.

The Blue Shift Productions can be reached through phone at 818-804-5350 or through fax at 818-804-5356.

2) Andeamo Wedding Photography. The Andeamo Wedding photography is also one of the Best Wedding Photographers around or near Agoura Hills, California with its more than 16 years of photography experience, and is founded by John Strand. The Andeamo Wedding Photography combines both professional service and modern styles for optimum satisfaction.

The following are the wedding photography packages of Andeamo Wedding Photography:
The Bronze Package. The bronze package costs $1,800 and includes 4 hours of photography and digital editing.

The Silver package. The silver package is worth $2,800 which includes 6 hours photography and digital editing for photo enhancement and removal of photo blemishes.

The Gold Package. The Gold package costs $4,800 which includes 8 hours of both color and black and white photography and digital editing for photo enhancement and removal of photo blemishes.

The Platinum Package. The platinum package is worth $7,500 and includes unlimited hours of wedding photo coverage and digital editing for photo enhancement and removal of photo blemishes. It engages 3 photographers and also shoots the engagements session anywhere you want.

The Andeamo Wedding photography can be reached through phone at 866-399-2834 or through email at for more details on the wedding photography packages and further information as well.

3) Jason Christopher Photography. One of the best wedding photographer around or near Agoura Hills, California is the Jason Christopher Photography. “The photography of Jason Christopher has been compared to the French painter Degas and the Italian master of artistry Leonardo Da Vinci for the way he uses clean, classic lines of the body resembling a piece of fine art. Combine these qualities with his edgy, sharp lighting and you have the recipe for photography that anyone can appreciate and identify with, oftentimes finding a part of them in each of his photographs.” (

For more details on Jason Christopher Photography packages, you can call at 818-889-9559 or email at

4) Pixel Planet Studio. Also one of the best wedding photographer around or near Agoura Hills, California is the Pixel Planet Studio. The Pixel Planet Studio can be reached through phone at 818-222-3898 or 818-222-3886. The studios’ address is located at 23962 Craftsman Road Calabasas, California 91302.

The Pixel Planet Studio wedding photography packages are the following: the Sapphire Edition which includes 1 photographer for 6 hours of wedding photography coverage, proofing online with slideshow and albums and prints; the emerald edition includes 2 photographers for 8 hours coverage, and online proofing, and albums and prints; the ruby edition includes 2 photographers for seven hours wedding photo coverage, with online proofing and slideshow, and albums and prints; and lastly the diamond edition which includes 3 photographers for 9 hours coverage, with online proofing and slideshow, and albums and prints.

5) Stephen’s Video Productions & Photography. Also one of the best wedding photographers around and near Agoura Hills, California is the Stephen’s Video Productions and Photography which is owned, directed, and managed by Stephen Bigilen, a 24 year experienced photographer.

The wedding photography packages of Stephen’s Video Productions and Photography includes the capture of all the memories in your best day and also includes montage of photos as well as photo slideshows with music overlays in DVD form.

Wedding photography packages in Stephen’s Video Productions and Photography starts at $595 on its first three hours, and additional $200 for the succeeding hours. All jpeg files of the photos taken are saved in a disk.

For more details on Stephen’s Video Productions and Photography, call 818-703-0336 or 800-945-8433. You can also email at for further additional information.

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