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5 Classic Dating Site Mistakes: Five Common Tips for Women Dating Men Online

As a whole the online dating sites arena is a strange one for both men and women. Unlike dating before the advent of the internet, people can develop very close bonds without ever having really spoken. Mature men and women can glance at a photo and make contact in hopes of building and online friendship, a quick fling, or true romance. What often times amazes me is the diversity of interest of most women that pursue online dating through websites. Men that pursue online dating through websites on the other hand are pretty much looking for one thing.

Men in general are principally focused on sex. There might be other items of interest and as men mature they tend to consider other focuses. However, as a whole most men will admit they consider sex very important. So when most men find out women are saving sex for marriage or practicing celibacy, men are likely to stop pursuit and move on to something more interesting and available. When men look to the online dating service most do so because they have something to hide or simply lack basic communication skills. Yet and still more often than not as I’ve found friends of mine that have done online dating do so because they felt the women were easy. As diabolical as most men sound, we are simplistic in nature. Men looking for a quickie in the online dating game are drawn to a few common elements of women’s profiles:

5) The women where not much interest has been expressed: Dating sites that tell you how many people are interested or have expressed interest in an individual concerns me. As a whole, men that are looking for a quickie search for the women that have very few interested individuals. I believe most men like to increase their odds of success with someone not many people pursue. A good friend of mine from Texas only use to date women whom nobody else showed interest in at all. He then proceeded to treat them however he wanted and they treated him like a king. From what he said, he liked the concept of simply conquering these women. When the conquest was done he had no more use for these women.

4) Women that accept men without a profile picture: Probably the shadiest of all men is the man that does not want to put his picture out there. They either fear getting caught or have something to hide. Men that do not put a profile picture up do this simply to be sneaky. I knew some women that developed relationships with men that they found attractive that didn’t put their profile up online or on their job. They actually were one of the few people on the staff that didn’t have a profile picture up on the site. As it turned out, the man that left his profile picture blank was both married and had children outside his relationship. He was both dodging his baby mama drama and trying to use other names to date new women. All the while he was supposedly trying to work thing out with his wife from whom he was separated. So as a whole, it’s a safe bet for women to stay away from men with no profile photo

3) Women that reveal insecurity quickly: All men and women have some issue that they are insecure about. Everyone has that little something that they would correct about themselves that would make them feel better. The men that deal with online dating primarily look for women with obvious insecurities that they can and do play on for their personal gain. I have one friend that told me in his online dating, that he was whatever the woman wanted him to be. If she looked old, he expresses how young she looked or said “my you aged so gracefully” If she was fat he would say “I love voluptuous women”. If she had children he would express his interest in his own kids. He ended up sealing the deal with 80% of the women he met offline from his online antics. In fact, most cases he met them and never really connected with them after the first night.

2) Women that state sex as a priority in a profile: Granted, I have a few female friends with as much interest in sex as most men. In fact the women I know that have a libido like men have a higher sex drive that men. In any event, most men look for women with the high sex drive. When a women state that sex is a 9 or more on a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the highest, the men simply take their shot in the dark at the opportunity. Again, another friend of mine met with a woman that stated her true sexual desires in the profile. He met her and the fulfilled their needs. Unfortunately for her, he wanted nothing more than that experience. She genuinely wanted more. They went their separate ways, and he is still looking for another one like her to this day. He said it was his best experience. I’m not certain what it was for her

1) Women that sends revealing pictures: Now this item can go both ways. Men and women on some sites have fun sending revealing pictures. Sometimes women and men are just extraverts. As a whole, I find nothing wrong with revealing pictures. However, I do find issue with someone stating that they are devoutly religious when they are half dressed in there profile and looking for sex. Men look at picture profiles as advertisement. If your profile is selling sex, men will buy it every time. If you are just looking for a little risqué fun, I see no issue with stating that up front. Just beware of the men looking for a little more than risqué fun when the visit your profile.

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5 Cleaning Secrets For Moms in a Time Crunch

Whether you barely beat anticipated guests to your front door, or your spouse once again invited a few friends to drop on by without mentioning it, speed-cleaning is the need of the hour (or less). Five lightning fast but effective housecleaning tips let you usher in your company to a seemingly pristine home.

Ban Living Room Clutter to the Bedroom

Company rarely — if ever — visits a bedroom. Friends, the minister’s wife and the new in-laws most likely recognize that the sleeping area is off-limits. Not surprisingly, this opens up an entire room to clutter, unfinished laundry-folding jobs, the science project and anything else that currently takes up space in the living room. In a pinch, go ahead and store kitchen clutter in the bedroom as well.

A Cooler Hides a Multitude of Dishes

Empty and reload the dishwasher to get rid of this morning’s breakfast bowls. Don’t have a dishwasher? Don’t have time to wash dishes? No problem! Get out the big camping cooler and load it with the dirty dishes. Hide the cooler — where else? — in the bedroom. Once the counters are dish-free, the kitchen looks almost presentable.

Wipe Down all Surfaces

All-purpose wipes are a godsend. Use them on plastic, glass, chrome, wood and anything else. Wipe down all surfaces in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and mudroom. Get rid of dust, cat hair, finger prints and crumbs.

Vacuum Floors and Rugs

Use the hose attachment to get rid of hair on the bathroom floor and in the tub or shower. Vacuum the living room and any other areas where the guests may spend some time. When coupled with the clean counter surfaces, this quick once-over gives the impression of a virtually spotless home.

Fool the Nose and Eyes

Flush the toilet and drop in a colored bowl cleaner. These — usually blue — tablets hide any evidence of sloppy bathroom housekeeping. Potpourri, scented candles or even the old standby of baking cookies in the oven will undo the smells of a not-quite-ready-for-primetime home.

The ultimate finale is the quick change of the bathroom and kitchen towels. Replace used items with the special hand towels you usually only bring out when company comes around. It instantly adds aesthetic appeal and makes it look like you have not just finished 30 harrowed minutes of speed-cleaning, but actually run a designer show room in your home.

By the way, do not forget to de-clutter your bedroom once your guests have left. I have learned the hard way that dishes, left in a cooler overnight, tend to develop a rather unpleasant smell.

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5 Clues to Look for to See If You Are Being Scammed

“Congratulations, you won $450,000 in the drawing you recently entered.” Wow, it looked like my mother’s dreams had come true! But wait and look at the details. Is it true or is it a scam?

Scam Clue Number 1. Tax Free or Tax Exempt:

The scam artist who phoned my mother said, “Tax free.” That was one of the first clues it was a scam. Uncle Sam is going to want his part of your pie. Money coming into the United States is taxable. There is no way to get around that little fact. Just think of the money being a different item that is imported. Say a pair of shoes. If you buy that pair of shoes at the store, do you still have to pay sales tax? You bet you do. That means anything and everything is taxable. Scammers try to get you to believe you will not have to pay any taxes. That is a clue you are being scammed

Scam Clue Number 2: What company is it?

The caller may identify himself by name, but how well does he identify the company he is calling from? Have you ever heard of that company before? If not, there is a good chance you are being pulled into a scam. If you really won a prize, ask for a phone number and then investigate the company and the phone number online. If the company provides a different phone number from the one your caller gave you, call them on the number you found online. This is a good way to verify what you were told. When I was finally able to nail down the name of the company, it was easy to locate their main headquarters. Guess what, the main office had been receiving 50 calls a day from people wanting to know if the offer was real. It wasn’t. Be sure an offer is real before you even consider talking in length to some random caller who got your name out of a phonebook and NEVER give out personal information.

Scam Clue Number 3: They need money from you to send you your prize.

If you win a legitimate prize, then you should never have to spend a single penny to get your prize. The scam artists who called my mother started out asking for $4,000 then found a grant for her, so she would only have to pay $500. Never pay for ANYTHING to receive your prize. Not for insurance fees, or registration fees, or anything. The United States actually has laws on the books that state you do not have to spend money to get your prize. You also do not have to cash the prize check and send them part of the funds back. Most likely, that particular scam is a bogus check to start with, and if you cash it, you will have to pay ALL of it back, including any portion to you sent to someone else.

Scam Clue Number 4: Mail Clues to a Scam

If you receive your notification through the mail, check to see how much postage is on it. Surely if a company is sending you your prize notification, they will cough up the price of a first class stamp. Only a scam artist would send out prize notifications using BULK rate mail. Yup, bulk rate, as in to a ton of people. To their way of thinking, sending out 10,000 letters may net them one or two bites that they can get money from. Do not be the fish who takes their bait in this type of scam either.

Scam Clue Number 4: Check the phone numbers

Use the internet to check out any and all phone numbers they give you. Be aware that some 800 numbers will actually have you calling expensive 900 numbers. By doing a search of just the phone number, you will be able to spot if it is a scam. One of the numbers I recently checked turned out for my mother turned out to be a fax number for a reputable company in Washington DC.

However, when the 800 number they also gave my mother was called to verify the winnings, the people answering the phone could not even say what the name of the company, though asked several times. They responded to my call with a cautious “Hello” and proceeded to transfer me to three different people. They wanted my name and phone number, but were not willing to disclose the name of their company, or where they were located, though the third guy would tell me his name. A third number given during the initial interview turned out to be a disconnected number in Chicago.

It goes back to the old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While it is wonderful to sit back and think about all the ways to spend that huge check you are getting, do not lose sight of that small fortune you are handing over to them. Be aware of anyone giving you anything. You are probably being scammed.

Fortunately, my 89 year old mother only lost $9.99 when she sent them a check to enter their contest. Personally, I wish I could have the State Cops waiting when they claim they will be bringing her money and to pick up her check.

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5 Comic Books for Adults

Comic books aren’t just for kids anymore. Sure, you could make the case that they used to be, but beginning in the mid-1980s comic book publishers began marketing their works to adults and this trend has only increase as time has passed. Walk into any comic book store today and you won’t see too many ten-year-olds, but you will see a lot of people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. Here are a few adult-orientated comic book titles that are among the cream of the crop.


Bill Willingham’s story of fairy tale characters that have come to live in the real world has a complex plot and very convincing characterization. It has had a long publication history starting in 2002 under DC’s Vertigo imprint. Highly imaginative and compelling, “Fables” will alternately make you laugh out loud and leave your jaws hanging open in amazement at its many plot twists.


Dark Horse’s adaption of Robert E. Howard’s famous barbarian is enthralling to read and quite often simply beautiful to look at. Beginning in 2004, readers have thrilled to the adventures of the title character as he traverses the lands of the Hyborian as a thief, sell-sword, swashbuckler, lover, and hero. Conan is true high adventure and continues to be a great monthly source of incredible tales.


Watchmen is writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbon’s masterpiece. Widely considered the greatest graphic novel of all time since it was first published in 1986, it is steeped in symbolism and proves that comics can and should indeed be considered art. It tells the story of middle-aged, retired, classical super heroes that become embroiled in a plot that may solve all the ills of society, but at a horrific cost.

The Dark Knight Returns

Frank Miller’s tale of a 50-something Bruce Wayne who dons the cowl once more to defend a horribly degenerated Gotham City is a gritty, fast-paced read. It deconstructs the character of the Batman and brings him back to his dark 1930s roots while moving him far, far away from the campy reputation he once had from Adam West’s 1960s TV show. This is Batman the way he was meant to be.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is, quite simply, the most brutally honest story of the zombie apocalypse ever produced. Robert Kirkman crafted a world where nothing is ever certain, no one is ever safe, and only the strong can possibly hope to survive. It questions the nature of humanity in the face of such utter disaster and dares to ask if survival is worth the cost in such a world. I cannot recommend this book enough.

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5 Common Traffic Tickets and How They Affect Your Insurance Rates

It is not hard to get a ticket. If you are running late, you cruise right on over the speed limit to try to make up some minutes, and you get a ticket. Roll through a stop sign when the police are watching. A ticket is on the way. Plenty of other scenarios play out to net you one of those annoying pieces of paper that come with a built-in fine. When it comes to your driving record, some tickets are harmless. Many will spike your insurance rates.

Reckless driving tickets frequently are given after an accident or some observed carelessness.

Sometimes a reckless driving ticket is attached to a speeding ticket or accident. These tickets are designed to say that you would not have had an accident if you were practicing better driving habits. In essence, they mean that you were driving in a way that a prudent driver would not have done. Insurance companies do not like this type of violation or the points that it adds to your driving record. If you get a reckless driving ticket, plan on a spike in your insurance rates until the points from the ticket are cleared from your record.

Speeding tickets are not all created equal.

While insurance companies take note of all speeding tickets, those that are awarded for small infractions at lower speeds usually do not ding your driving record too badly. If you are slapped for topping a 100 miles per hour in a 55 mile per hour speed zone, you will feel the pain of high insurance premiums for several years. Speed in a work zone and you may get to wave goodbye to your driver’s license for awhile. For these last two, you may see that the reckless and imprudent driving ticket added on to really bruise your insurance cost.

Driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs will get you some ugly fines and worse.

As much as insurance companies hate other tickets, it is these two that will really pile on the points against your driving record. Just one driving while intoxicated (DWI) ticket can get your licensed revoked. You will be shifted out of the normal insurance pool and will be able to buy only high-risk insurance at exorbitant prices. You can even have your driving limited to work and back and for real emergencies. Hopefully, you can stay out of jail. You may very well be paying higher insurance premiums for 3 to 5 years, as long as you have no other violations.

Failing to yield or failing to stop may not hurt your record too much.

Depending on the specific situation, either of these tickets are generally just going to get you a fine. If the action results in property or human harm, the stakes can rise quickly. If the ticket does not add a few points to your record or come when you are on driving probation for some prior reason, your insurance rates should not go up.

Parking tickets are not usually considered because they are not a moving violation.

Although parking tickets are probably the most common type of infraction, they carry very little worry beyond paying the fine. Your car is parked. This means that it is extremely unlikely that any physical harm will come from your action that caused you to get the ticket. Insurance companies universally ignore this type of ticket. You can get into some legal trouble if your pile of parking tickets grows too high, but your insurance bill should not suffer from them.

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5 Classic Family Games

This bad economy has many people and families staying home. Besides hanging out in front of the television and the gaming system you could play a game. Together! We’ve picked our favorites from the classics. Here’s our pick for the top 5 classic family games.

Pick Up Sticks

Cheap sticks in a can! But so much fun! Let everyone pick a color. Shake up the Pick Up Sticks and dump them out on a flat surface like a table top. The object of this classic family game is to pull your colors out without touching another color. It’s fun and challenging. This game is not very expensive and one you’ll want to play over and over again. It’s so simple anyone can play it.


Have plenty of batteries on hand because you’ll need them. This classic game is addictive. Take turns removing the vital organs of your pretend battery operated patient. But don’t trigger the buzzer. Remove the most parts without triggering any alarms or harming the patient. And you’ll be a winner! This game will test the steadiness of your hand and your coolness under pressure.


It’s a board game that brought us characters like Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet. Solve the mystery. Find the smoking gun, or rope or lead pipe. Track down the killer. Who will it be? You’ll play this game over and over. Kids love this game just as well as adults! You can buy it for about $10.


This game of dice play is so much fun. Put the dice in the plastic cup and give it a shake. Family members take turns marking off the dice combinations off the score sheets. Get five of one kind and you get a Yahtzee! It’s family time with a little competition! We love this game. It’s our absolute favorite! Yahtzee also teaches counting skills. It makes you think and plan your strategy.


Whatever you do win Boardwalk! This game requires players to purchase lots of lands and businesses. It’s capitalism at its finest. Kids can charge parents rent while parents can send their kids to jail. Play this game on a timer or you will be playing all night long. We don’t mind. We enjoy family time. This game is great for teaching kids about money and the cost of living. Not to mention competition.

Some other games that didn’t make the top five but are some of favorites are these. Twister, Candyland, Checkers, Chess and card games!

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5 Convenience Products that Actually Make Life Harder

Technology is supposed to make life easier for those who use said technology. However, not all products make life easier the way they are supposing to. The following are 5 convenience products that actually make life harder instead of easier.

Touch screen cell phones:

Touch screen technology is supposed to put information in our hands with just a touch of a button. However, this touch screen technology on cell phones can make life harder. For example the Samsung Flight has a mute button right on the screen. This feature makes carrying on a conversation on the cell phone very hard if you forget to lock the screen. Also should the screen get scratched it can render the cell phone inoperable.

Pay at the pump gas pumps:

It is nice when in a hurry to be able to slide a credit card and not have to walk into the gas station. While this aspect makes life easier this convenience does make life harder. When paying at the pump financial institutes will freeze more of your money than what the actual purchase was for. To know up front the actual amount a person has to call their financial institute in advance and this means time on the phone with customer service. Otherwise you can be in for a nasty surprise on how much of your much needed money is frozen for several days.

Computerized cash registers:

It seems that when trying to make a purchase that life gets harder when there is an error within the cash registers computer. If an item rings up wrong you can be stuck waiting at the check out for a manager to finally come over and do an over ride and fix the problem. In addition you have to wait for the cashier to locate the appropriate button for an item to ring up if it fails to scan. What happened to the days when the cashier quickly entered the amounts then gave you the total?

Credit cards:

Credit cards are another convenience product that can make life harder. First they make life easier by allowing you to quickly scan your card to pay for services or merchandise. Secondly they make life easier by allowing people to purchase services or products when you do not actually have the funds at that moment. However life is made harder by making it too easy for people to over extend themselves and find they are now buried in debt they cannot get themselves out of.


Prior to televisions being in almost every home people would have to go out to theaters to watch movies. Now people can watch virtually anything from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Life can be made harder when people spend too much time in front of the television and not enough time being active and socializing. Families that spend a large amount of time in front of the television are not as close as those who do not have a television or those who limit the amount of time in front of the television. This convenience product can be over abused and used to replace quality time with loved ones.

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5 Conversation Killing Cliches

We all have those expressions or clichés that just make us cringe whenever someone uses them in a conversation. These expressions can make our gut tighten up and our minds want to locate the nearest hiding spot, especially when they are said by a loved one. Don’t fall victim to these conversation killing clichés and advise all your family and friends to avoid them at all costs.

Cliché #1: Being Big Didn’t Save the Dinosaurs

Yes, dinosaurs were big but they had little itty-bitty brains. That’s what separates us from them. If you use this expression in a conversation then you are comparing our brain size and human capabilities to a bunch of mammoth animals who ate each other to stay alive (they also peed and pooped wherever they wanted). So if you use this phrase does this mean that your brain is the size of a walnut too?

Cliché #2: This Ain’t My First Rodeo

Chances are yes, it is, unless you are actually a bull riding, steer roping cowboy. Plus, this statement is just grammatically incorrect and if you are in a business setting then you will look like an idiot (unless you are wearing ten gallon hat). Plus, the images that I get whenever I hear this are not exactly PG-13.

Cliché #3:Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

If my eggs started hatching then they’d end up in the garbage (and I’d probably be screaming my head off) because apparently something went horribly wrong at the grocery store.

Cliché #4: What Comes Around Goes Around

This is true if you are a merry-go-round or a ferris wheel and by the time you get done with all that spinning then all you are is dizzy. Whenever someone says this all I can hear is that tinny carousel music and it blocks out whatever the person says next. Also, if you don’t want to sound like a vindictive wart then just avoid this expression completely.

Cliché #5: Don’t put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Again with the farm animals! What eggs and what basket? Every time I hear this I think of Caroline Ingalls going out to the chicken coop to get breakfast. There you go, I said it, my mind wanders with this expression and you are not going to get me back anytime soon because now I’m focused on my favorite Little House on the Prairie episodes.

But it’s a Dry Heat-This one is not really a cliché, it’s more of an expression but it’s just as annoying and nonsensical as the overused clichés.

I’m sorry but 110 degrees is hot regardless of the humidity (Note the use of regardless, not irregardless, which is NOT a word). Or you could just walk around saying, “Nah, nah, nah, na-nah nah, my 105 is cooler than yours!” You can find solace in the fact that heat makes you an equal opportunity sweater.

Clichés are out of date, overused conversation fillers. So in order to keep your friends and coworkers from rolling their eyes at you, please don’t demonstrate your ignorance and lack of creativity by resurrecting these expressions.

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5 Crafts to Use Up Those Seashells You Collected at the Beach

We don’t know why we do it. But every time we go to the beach, it’s our mission to collect as many of – and the biggest – seashells we can find.
Then we get home from vacation, and the shells collect dust in a box in the basement. What do you do with all those shells? Don’t pitch them out!

Here are five reasons you can go to the beach, have fun with the kids and keep searching for those shells. The following are some easy, fun, summery crafts to use up all those seashells you collected (and inspire you to go find some more):

1. Make seashell magnets

This craft can be customized in so many ways. For the easiest magnet, simply hot glue a thick magnet onto the back of your seashell (this works easiest with smaller shells).

For larger shells – or if you just want a colorful base – cut a colorful piece of posterboard, then glue the magnet and shell on. Or, use polymer clay to create a colorful base for the magnet.

2. Decorate a picture frame

Got a plain, boring picture frame that needs attention? ‘Beach’ it up by hot-gluing seashells all over the frame. This would be perfect to show off your beach vacation photos!

3. Create a necklace pendant

Even if you’ve never used polymer clay before, this craft project is so simple, and perfect to use up those tiny, colorful seashells you collected. Simply condition and roll a small-to-medium sized circle of polymer clay, then flatten slightly.

Press one or multiple seashells into the clay (center, or create an interesting composition). Use a toothpick to make a small hole near the top. Bake according to the clay directions. Voila – a new seashell necklace pendant!

4. Create a decorative border

Add some beachy flair to your bathroom, patio or other area of your home by adding a decorative seashell border. Depending on your desired outcome, you can simply glue seashells to a wall, or grout them in like tiles.

5. Decoupage a beach sign

I just love decoupage. To make this craft, I glued decorative papers onto a 5×7 board. Next, I cut the letters for “BEACH” from various magazines, in similar sizes and colors, and decoupaged these on top. The final step was to glue my shells in a row, under the word. I used up my non-prettiest shells, and they looked great when lined up.

These five crafts are guaranteed to bring some fun, summer style back home with you once your vacation is over. But remember – before you use your seashells in any craft, be sure to wash them to get rid of sand, grit, dust or bugs. Now, get back to the beach and start collecting!

In a crafty mood? Try reading:

– How to Set Up a Kid’s Craft Studio

– 8 Ways to Find Cheap Art & Craft Supplies

– Crafting for Charity: 9 Ways to Give Back

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5 Critical Microsoft Courier Details We Still Know Nothing About

The Microsoft Courier is being paired against the Apple iPad and seems to be winning. The iPad is loved and hated, but unlike the Courier, we have enough information to judge the iPad. These are 5 critical Microsoft Courier details we know nothing about.

Battery Life

The Microsoft Courier is often made to be the one-upper of the Apple iPad, but there is one very important detail that must be known before the iPad and Courier’s features can be properly weighed: battery life. The Microsoft Courier can have all the greatest features a tablet can have but without having information about how long the battery will last, all its features are known in vain. Battery life is one of the most important features of any tablet and even though the iPad only lasts 10 hours without being charged, we at least have information on how long it’ll last.

Media Playback

The Apple iPad features lots of media playback, including a web browser, ebook reader, music player, video playback and more, but the media playback features of the Microsoft Courier aren’t as well known. So far we have information about the Courier’s web browser, sketching, journal, and other features, but there is no information as to whether the Microsoft Courier will support video or music playback or what kind of ebook reading formats will be featured on the Microsoft Courier.

3G or Just Wi-Fi

To properly weigh the Courier against the iPad, detail for detail, it’s important to know whether or not the Microsoft Courier will feature 3G support. Apple has partnered with AT&T (once again) to bring 3G internet access to the Apple iPad for as low as $30 a month and it also features Wi-Fi support. So far, we only have information on the Wi-Fi accessibility of the Microsoft Courier. 3G is another important detail that’s left unknown for the Microsoft Courier and not only will we need every detail on the Courier’s 3G status, we’ll also need information on how much 3G will cost.


Price is the bottom line when it comes to purchasing a tablet and it’s one of the most important bits of information missing from the Microsoft Courier. It’s impossible to compare the Courier to the Apple iPad without knowing how much the Courier will cost. This one important detail will be the deciding feature for many as to whether they’ll buy a Microsoft Courier or Apple iPad. Until Microsoft decides to release pricing information on the Microsoft Courier in detail, we’ll only be teased by the Courier’s awesomeness.

Release Date

The Apple iPad will be in the hand of many consumers very soon, but we’re still a little uninformed as to when the Microsoft Courier will be released. Every day there’s new information being released on the Microsoft Courier, but the only detail we have on its release date is that it’s rumored to be released Q3/Q 4 of 2010 or maybe not even in 2010 at all. This sketchy detail makes the Microsoft Courier nothing more than an idea until we have information on an actual release date.

For more read The Microsoft Courier is the IPad for Business Professionals, 5 Reasons I’ll Buy Microsoft’s Courier Instead of the IPad, and 5 Boring Features You’ll Use Most on the Do-it-all IPad.

Check out my blog for the latest in tech news.

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5 Common Questions Concerning Bankruptcy

With foreclosures on the rise, and the economy striving to survive, it’s no wonder bankruptcies are also on the rise. Bankruptcy is when a person is financially unable to pay there legal debts like loans and debt collectors, and ask the courts to forgive the debt or to simply postpone the debt. There are two types of bankruptcy that you can file, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, but which is right for you? There is many factors that go into considering which to file as well as many questions. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common questions.

What is The Difference in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?

The main Difference between the two Chapters depends on your Assets. Chapter 7 allows the debtor to be forgiven all or most of his owed debt, usually by returning the property that is owed on. Where Chapter 13 will postpone your debt for a later time and allow you to keep most or all of your possessions.

Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect my Credit Score?

In short, Yes. Bankruptcy will be placed on your credit report and remain there for ten years. Chances are if you already owe creditors money, your credit is already bad. However since Bankruptcy wipes your old debt out, it is likely to lace you in a better position to restart and rebuild your credit.

Will I ever own Anything again?

Of course you can. If you choose Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and relinquish your property, your debts will be wiped out which gives you the opportunity to rebuild your credit and stabilize your financial situation. Once you are “back on your feet” creditors will be glad to issue credit to you once again.

Am I going to need to go to court?

Yes, after finding an attorney to help you fill out all the necessary paperwork, and discuss all of your financial situations. You will need to appear at what is called “meeting of creditors” which will be determined by your lawyer based on what debtors are owed.

How Can I find a Lawyer to help me file?

The Internet is a good source for information, which in part is also a great place for scams. Be sure to do your homework before choosing any Bankruptcy attorney. When the Internet options is exhausted you can try to talk to friends who may have hired an attorney to handle there cases, or check your local yellow pages for Attorneys in your area.

Bankruptcy in short, is not the end of the world. There are Pros and Cons to every situation and every case is different due to the debt and asset ratio. As mentioned Before, do your homework and get as much information as you can before deciding which Chapter is right for you.

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5 Completely Useless Tech Gadgets that Nobody Should Own

One of the best and worst things about geeks is that we’ll buy anything, provided that there’s a good enough concept behind it. This means that in the tech world, there’s always a market for nearly useless gadgets. Here’s a look at a few of the geekiest, weirdest, and most useless tech toys out there.

1. The Portable Watermelon Cooler – CrunchGear brings us this Japanese monstrosity which cools your watermelon for you. Wait, what did you expect it to do?

I guess that the portable watermelon cooler is meant for geeks with extremely large amounts of money who absolutely, positively hate the prospect of a warm melon. Personally, I like my watermelon a bit on the warm side, and if I wanted a cooler watermelon, I’d just put the thing into a refrigerator for a while. But then again, I’m not Japanese and psychotic.

2. Giant Wenger Pocketknife –This pocketknife from Wenger weighs a solid 2 pounds, and costs a mean $1.4K. It packs in 87 implements and performs 141 functions, although it doesn’t really perform any of them well, since it’s far too large to do anything other than sit there. It’s too large to fit in most pockets, which kind of defeats its purpose. Wenger made this pocketknife as a sort of tribute to how awesome they are, and they don’t really intend for it to become a household item. Still, it takes a special kind of hubris and maybe a good deal of male insecurity to make a pocketknife this big.

3. Humping USB Dog – This plugs into your USB port, and it is shaped like a dog. It then humps your computer. Honestly, I could have done this whole article about weird stuff from Japan.

4. Can You Imagine Wearable Pocket Plasma –What is wearable pocket plasma? It’s a giant light, that, uh, you can wear. And you can wear it anywhere. The light reacts to sound, I guess, if you want it to. Look, getting any amount of fun out of this thing is up to you. I can’t think of a time in my life where I thought, “man, this situation would be a lot better if there was giant ultra-bright light flashing a bunch of colors on my pants.” Well, once at a funeral, but that was kind of a one in a million thing and it’s hard to explain.

5. Excalibur Beverage Buddy – Dammit, Internet, you got my hopes up with this one. It’s an RC car which brings you the beverage of your choice–such as an RC Cola, for example. But you still need to put the stupid beverage in the car in the first place, which totally defeats the point.

I was sure that this “tech gadget marvel” was going to be a little robot buddy that brought me beer, but it’s identical to every other RC car on the planet. I guess I’ll just have to adopt a kid to have ice-cold beverages brought to me 24/7.

Do you know of any great, ridiculous tech gadgets? Post in the comments section below.

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5 Considerations When Adding a Deck to Your Home

The old concrete patio is starting to look old and dated. You are confronted with a choice. Chisel up the concrete and start over with a new patio design or add a deck. The deck will raise your entertainment space off of the ground and onto the same level as your door. It will also provide space underneath for storage if you want or need it. The decision to add on a deck seems to feel right.

You have to choose between building it yourself or hiring a contractor.

This is more than a money issue. If you lack the skills to construct an attractive, safe, and durable deck, you need to choose the contractor option. However, if you have the skills, building it yourself will cost less than half of what most contractors will charge. If you are uncertain about which way to go, get some bids from contractors. Next, price the materials at the building supply center. Consider things like cost, skill, building codes, and subdivision requirements. Do you have the time to devote to this project to do it right and not have it drag out for a year or more? After you have evaluated this information, you can intelligently decide whether it will be a do-it-yourself project or to hire a contractor.

Either way, you need to make some additional choices.

Since it is your house and your yard, you will need to decide on the size, type, and shape of deck to be added. If your backyard is small, you may want to limit the size of your deck to allow some usable space to remain in the yard. If you have a pool, you might choose to let the deck adjoin to the pool to serve as an easy access to it. For decks that will be 8 or 10 feet off of the ground, a choice has to be made regarding whether steps will be installed. In some instances, a multilevel deck may be wanted to accent a morning coffee area and a larger entertainment space on a different level.

Always use treated lumber.

By using wood that has been treated to withstand rot and the elements, you will assure a deck that should last for many years and require very little maintenance. Even treated lumber can be painted if you do not like the brown or green color of most of this wood. However, once it has been painted, you will have to maintain the finish every few years to keep it looking nice.

Hire a contractor that can show you other decks that prove the contractor’s skill level.

Anytime that a contractor is hired, viewing a sample of the contractor’s previous work is wise. It is also a good idea to get at least 2 or 3 bids. The contractor should be able to provide proof of insurance and furnish you with lien wavers from the suppliers. Do not pay for the project up front. You can work with a contractor to provide partial payments as the work is completed or materials are purchased. Do not make the final payment until the deck has been completed to the agreed standards.

If you choose to build it yourself, purchase plans or even a kit to be sure that the deck will be strong enough to support your use.

Unless you are an engineer or architect, it is best to use plans that have been designed to hold up under the stress of constant use. A deck should be overbuilt to allow for overcrowding of people onto it. You do not want to build a deck that falls down under the weight of your family and guests. Use high quality materials to construct the deck for these same reasons.

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