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5 Different Decorating Theme Ideas for an Orange Bathroom

Want a few different decorating theme ideas for an orange bathroom? No fruity themes here (well maybe just one) but oranges still abound in these great bathrooms. Put some fun in the sun into your life with these sun-kissed ideas.

1. Tiger Lilies: Tiger lilies are beautiful flowers. To incorporate these into this room for a contemporary look, paint the walls a fresh crisp white and add a few black accents here and there. You can put a fresh bouquet in the room for inspiration or buy single bud vases and added a few stems in a unique arrangement. If you’d like to grow your own, learn more at A Gardener’s Guide to Ferocious Tiger Lilies

2. Tigers/Lions: Tigers and lions are beautiful and graceful animals. Add them to your room for instant wild appeal. Using these big cats, you can create a wild fun safari scheme or add a larger print to black accents for a more polished modern feel. It’s all up to you. If it is a kids space, you could even base your room around fictional well-loved characters. Read Top 10 Fictional Tigers and Lions for inspiration.

3. Famous Cats: Speaking of fictional cats, another great different decorating theme idea for an orange bathroom would be the other orange striped feline friends that have graced the TV for generations. Garfield, Heathcliff and Morris are just a few that would add more fun to the themes in bathrooms filled with oranges. Fun for kids and adults alike!

4. Sun: No one can think of orange and not think of fun in the sun. A beautiful sunset or sunrise painting would set off this room perfectly. You could also go the whimsical route and purchase some of the abundance of smiling sun decor that is available. Tailor it to your tastes and the style of your home. Want to create a personal touch? Read Create Sun Catcher Window Clings with Your Computer to find out how to cover up a window in a new trendy way.

5. Tropical: Taking the fun in the sun idea even farther, a tropical oasis may be just what your morning routine and evening relaxation needs. Read How to Create a “Tropical Island” Theme Room and Tropical Decor for some great tips! No need to add the fruit, unless you want a true hotel feeling!

Hope these five different decorating theme ideas for a orange bathroom has helped you decide how to add some fun in your home. Sun-kissed themes, filled with brilliant oranges, will delight your family and visitors alike!

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5 Different Things to Do with Hand Lotion

How many different bottles of lotion do you have lying around your house? If you are anything like me then that answer might not be so simple. I have tons and couldn’t tell you how many I actually have. Have you ever wondered what you can do with all these lotions? Looking for some way to get rid of the 100 bottles that you have lying around without wasting all of them. Here are 5 great ways you can get rid of the lotions without throwing them away.

Tip #1- Hair Frizz- How many of you have hair that frizzes up no matter what you end up doing to it? I can purchase just about anything on the market and there is still no end near. Add a small amount of lotion to your finger tips and gently rub your hand through your hair. This will cut down the amount of frizz by a lot. Make sure you place the lotion on your hands or your fingers tips first or you will end up looking like a ball of grease which will create a whole new problem for you.

Tip #2- Shaving- Instead of buying expensive shaving creams and then applying the lotion when you’re done. Start shaving with your lotion. Simply apply the lotion to your legs and where ever else you may shave and shave the area. This will save an entire step in the shaving process and eliminate the extra cash that is being spent on expensive shaving cream.

Tip #3- Leather Shoes-Next time when you need to polish your leather shoes, try using lotion instead of the messy shoe polish. Simply apply a small amount of polish to a white cloth and buff your shoes like you would normally do.

Tip #4- Pantyhose- How many times have you put a pair of pantyhose on and the static cling is just too much to bear? It sticks to your legs, everything sticks to it and you can’t seem to get your skirt to stop clinging to it. Simply place a small amount of lotion on your hands and rub your hands over your legs on top of your pantyhose. Your skirt will not stick anymore.

Tip #5- Makeup- As long as you have hand lotion that is fragrance free then this will work great for you. Simply apply a medium size layer of lotion to your face, don’t rub it like you would normally do, and then take a damp wash rag and wash your face. Your makeup will come off and your face will feel soft and smooth. If you do this every night before bed you will notice your face looks a lot healthier in the morning time.

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5 Documentaries That Will Inspire You to Go Vegan

It took me twenty one years to stop eating meat. After being vegetarian for about 6 months, I watched the following documentaries, and it didn’t take long for me to decide after watching them that transitioning to a vegan lifestyle was the only true way to be happy and make a difference in the world. The following 5 documentaries inspired me to go vegan, and I think they just might inspire you too! Either way, I highly recommend you at least give them a try. Each film is extremely educational and truly eye-opening. Your life will never quite be the same.

1.) “Earthlings” Directed by: Shaun Monson
Released: 2005

“Earthlings” is an award winning documentary film directed by Shaun Monson and narrated by actor and vegan advocate, Joaquin Phoenix. It is one of the few vegan documentaries that you can actually watch entirely, for free online. Probably because its message is more important than anything else. Going far beyond just the food industry, this film uses hidden cameras to capture some of the most eye-opening, powerful, and vegan inspiring footage I have ever seen, including what really goes on in slaughterhouses and the torture and abuse countless factory farm animals experience on a day to day basis. Watch (if you can stand it) as “Earthlings” reveals the dark and painful truth about factory farming and animals being used as entertainment. This documentary features scientific research and valuable knowledge for all. Narrator, Joaquin Phoenix describes the documentary as being one of the most influential films he has ever done. For me, it was the most influential film I have seen thus far, and the main component that inspired me to go completely vegan.

2.) “Supersize Me”
Directed by: Morgan Spurlock
Released: 2004

“Supersize Me” was actually one of the first documentaries I watched that made me want to reconsider the way I eat. Already vegetarian at the time, it made me look back on my meat eating/fast food loving past and cringe. Director Spurlock became widely known after the release of this documentary, as it was one of the first mainstream food documentaries ever released. “Supersize Me” follows Spurlock as he unravels the American obesity epidemic by interviewing experts nationwide and subjecting himself as an experiment, as he chooses embark on a journey, eating nothing but McDonald’s everyday for a month. By the end of the film, Spurlock develops many health issues associated to his new diet of epic portions, including increased cholesterol level and gaining 25 lbs. This documentary can also be watched online from beginning to end, for free.

3.) “Vegucated”
Directed by: Marisa Miller Wolfson
Released: 2011

“Vegucated” is bound to inspire even the most stubborn meat eater to reconsider their diet and lifestyle choices. One of the more comical and light-hearted documentaries concerning veganism, watch as it follows three New Yorker’s who agree to go vegan for six weeks on their remarkable and sometimes difficult journey. As many of them become convinced that being vegan is the right thing to do, they face challenges that make it more difficult to maintain. Most surprising to many who are not vegan and watch this film, however, are the scenes where the three New Yorker’s go shopping for vegan items. You the viewer will be just as surprised as they were to find out that there are many items on the market today that are already accidentally vegan. (Gasp, you mean being vegan isn’t as hard as it seems?) Think, snack foods like Oreos, and many canned frostings, all vegan. Perhaps one of the most memorable moments in this film for me, was when one of the participants involved in the vegan challenge, Ellen Mausner, calls a well known organic company and asks them all sorts of questions that most would not be willing to answer. Surprisingly, the company was willing to share all the gory details, loud and clear on speaker phone. For those individuals who insist that cage-free eggs, etc. are a wise choice, this scene is a must see! It is yet, another scene in a documentary film that made me decide to transition from vegetarian to completely vegan. It wasn’t even a question anymore after seeing this film.

4.) “Food, Inc.”
Directed by: Robert Kenner
Released: 2008

“Food, Inc.” is another eye-opening documentary that showcases some of the most inhumane and environmentally unsustainable practices prevalent in the food industry, today. This documentary thoroughly examines food production and sheds some serious light on what its like to be an animal in a factory farm. After the release of this eye opening documentary, many larger food companies responded on their websites by refuting claims made by the film. Looks like this documentary struck a guilt chord… or several. America’s food industry is making a killing– and this film is out to prove it.

5.) “Forks Over Knives”
Directed by: Lee Fulkerson
Released: 2011

“Forks Over Knives” links many ailments directly to the consumption of meat. Nothing inspires veganism like the proven conclusion that in order to reduce the number of illnesses and reverse the damage to one’s health one must switch to whole foods and a vegan diet. This film can save your life — literally.

Additional Documentaries:
Be On The Look Out: “Earthlings” director, Shaun Monson to release second film, “Unity”, for Nation Earth. Unity will pick up where “Earthlings” left off. Written and produced over the past six years, it is set to be released this year, 2014. The subject of the film will focus on “humanity’s propensity for apathy and empathy”. Rather than focusing on animals, the film instead explores “man’s dualistic relationships with each other”.

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5 New Documentaries Worth Seeing This Fall 2011

The FreeStyle Life’s 5 Docs to see this Fall 2011

  1. Black Power Mixtape – With footage shot by Swedish filmmakers in the 1960s and 70s documenting The Black Power Movement in America, Goran Olsson’s extraordinary documentary provides a revealing and powerful look inside an important and turbulent time in American History. Release Date is September 9th.
  2. Pearl Jam 20 – With footage shot by Swedish filmmakers in the 1960s and 70s documenting The Black Power Movement in America, Goran Olsson’s extraordinary documentary provides a revealing and powerful look inside an important and turbulent time in American History. Release Date is Sept 20th.
  3. Tabloid – Beauty Queen, Kinky Sex, Religion, Mormons, Kidnapping-There’s something in it for everybody. Errol Morris’ latest doc tells the fascinating & bizarre story of Joyce McKinney, the former Miss Wyoming at the center of an int’l sex & kidnapping scandal. Release Date is Release November 11th.
  4. The Man Nobody Knew – Documentary examining the life, career and mysterious disappearance of controversial former CIA director William Colby. Directed by Carl Colby. Release Date is October 14th .
  5. Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of Toynbee Tiles – Hundreds of tiles containing cryptic messages have been showing up on the streets of major cities in the US and South America for over 20 years. Toynbee Tile aficionado Justin Duerr and director Jon Foy seek to unravel the urban mystery in this doc.

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5 Drug-Free Cold Cures for Your Baby

Keeping your baby healthy is a top priority for most parents, during the cold season many parents turn to natural cures to help their baby when they are sick. Natural cold cures are a great way to avoid expensive and potentially harmful medication to the baby, but should only be used on minor colds where antibiotics are not needed. As always, ask your pediatrician before using alternative methods to help your baby when they are sick. This article will look at five drug free cold cures for your baby.

1. Steam shower

When the baby in congested they will become fidgety and downright unpleasant, and how can you blame them? Bring your baby into the bathroom and turn the shower so that it is hot enough to create a good amount of steam. The steam will clear out the baby’s sinuses and relieve congestion pressure. The steam should loosen up the built up congestion, which will have to be removed by you.

2. Avoid common allergens, such as dairy

Allergens are a common reason that babies become ill, wait to introduce your child to common allergens, especially dairy and soy before they are at least two years of age. Mistaking a common cold for an allergic reaction is quite normal, and nothing that should be alarming. If possible, make an appointment to get your baby tested for allergies to know what food triggers can cause an allergic reaction.

3. Don’t avoid sleep

Babies that do not get enough sleep are susceptible to illness and infection much more than babies who sleep enough.

4. Honey for cough and sore throat

Babies that are over one year of age can take honey to ease their sore throat and cough during a cold. Honey, unlike throat lozenges, is all-natural and carries virtually no choking risk. Your child will appreciate honey as a cold remedy because it not only tastes good, but it works.

5. Don’t forget to drink

Babies who do not get enough adequate fluids are more susceptible to bad colds and severe discomfort during those colds. If the baby is old, enough make sure they are getting plenty of all natural juice and water, but if they are newborns then make sure they are getting plenty of milk. The liquids help force out congestion and mucus, which makes drinking fluids one of the easiest ways to treat a cold without drugs.




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5 Diet Plans You Can Stick with Over the Holidays

Even though this year’s New Year’s resolution is drawing to a close, all your hard work from the rest of the year could disappear after too much indulgence at the holiday buffet table. Instead of waiting until January 1 to renew your weight loss commitment, why not get a head start and pick a diet plan that can take you through the holidays instead? With less stress about what to eat or how to burn it off, you may even lose a few pounds before the New Year begins! Here are five diet plans that are designed with enough variety and choices that can help you get through the holidays with ease-and even shed a few pounds in the process:

1. South Beach Diet. It’s the plan that’s been touted as one of the best for weight loss, and is especially appealing to those who don’t want to joint he Atkins craze and count every carbohydrate. The South Beach Diet allows you to enjoy a variety of foods-including carbs-just in different proportions. You’ll find plenty of holiday-frinedly meal ideas with the South Beach Diet recipe collection including Grilled Salmon with Rosemary, Sirloin Tips wtith Mushrooms, and a festive Berry Vanilla Parfait in the dessert department!

2. Glycemic Impact Diet. This is an ideal match if sweets and chocolate are the root of your what-to-eat dilemma over the holidays. The meal plans allow for meals and snacks throughout the day with a 40-30-30 ratio of nutrients. It’s an easy diet to stick with when you know how to eat the right sources of protein (it’s how you’ll keep your blood sugar stable), and allows you to enjoy your fair share of carved meat during holiday season.

3. Mediterranean Diet. If you enjoy wine and seafood during your gourmet dining ventures, the Mediterranean Diet plan is just what you need to stay healthy. This one allows you to enjoy a glass of red wine most days of the week, and is rich with healthy oils, fish, and whole grains. This is an easy plan to stick with if you don’t enjoy red meat, and holiday treats of gourmet cheese and fruit are allowed.

4. Bill Phillips’ Eating for Life Plan. This plan allows you to eat up to six times per day to shift your metabolism into high gear, and you can enjoy a variety of protein choices, including red meat. This is the plan to take part in the holiday buffet with very little guilt; as long as you know which proteins and carbs to choose from, you’ll be well on your way to weight loss success. Plan on a few intensive weight workouts each week for strength building and toning up with this one.

5. Blood Type Diet. This is based on the book Eat Right 4 Your Type by Peter D’Adamo, and offers a sensible weight loss solution if you want a plan with lots of variety. Both seafood and white meat are allowed on the plan, but you do need to be vigilant about food groups that are best for your blood type. Some required reading is necessary before jumping in, but it’s a workable plan with recipes and food combinations that can be adapted to holiday fare when needed.

Holiday season is the prime season for entertaining, dining out, and enjoying decadent meals with friends and family. It’s also the season of rapid weight gain and can be particularly challenging for anyone who’s on a diet. Take charge of your health before New Year’s rolls around and adopt a diet that you can stick with through the festivities!

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5 Different Decorating Theme Ideas for a Yellow Bathroom

Want a few different decorating theme ideas for a yellow bathroom? Read on to put some sunshine into your morning, no matter what the weather is like outside!

1. Sun/Stars: When you think about yellows, you always picture the beautiful sunshine of day or the romantic stars of night. You can mix and match the two for the celestial look that is becoming more popular in bathrooms or you can pick one or the other of the themes to decorate with.There are accessories widely available for any way you choose to go.

2. Flowers: Roses, Daisies, Sunflowers…just a few of the choices that you have. A romantic, traditional or contemporary style can be achieved with floral design. No other decorative accessory will be as classic, as timeless, as universally loved, as flowers are. No matter which way you go, don’t forget the fresh bouquet that needs to be center-stage.

3. Bumblebees: A cute way to go, bumblebees make everyone smile. Another one of the different decorating theme ideas for a yellow bathroom; you can just add black around the room with accessories, towels and a shower curtain for an abstract feel. Throw a neat print or a few pictures of the furry little fliers above the toilet to to really drive the theme home. Or you can go crazy with wind chimes in the windows, decals on the mirror and a bumblebee border. It’s all about how far you want to go!

4. Ducks: Another popular favorite, rubber duckies have been around forever. You can collect these bath time toys and display them on shelving thats hung around the top of the room for a custom border. Or you can have a special display shelf put up for the purpose. There are many duck shower curtains and accessories available, so you will not lack the finishing touches.

5. Happy Faces: Who doesn’t remember the pleasure of receiving one of these little guys for doing something well? Smile back every morning by incorporating them into your grooming space. There are clocks, posters and other accessories everywhere that sport these smiley little guys. If you have trouble finding them you can always make your own by using those well loved happy face stickers as decals to make your own. Just buy a few plain accessories and have fun making your own decorative statement!

Hope these five different decorating theme ideas for a yellow bathroom gave you some fun inspiration on how to decorate the bathrooms in your home.

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5 Easy and Important Car Maintenance Tips

There are several easy things you can be doing to help extend the life of your vehicle, and prevent costly repairs. Here are five simple things that you can do, (without needing any expensive specialty tools) to maintain your car or truck…

Check oil ~
Oil is the lifeblood of your car. You need to have enough, and it needs to be clean. Oil needs to be changed because tiny shards of your engine are literally wearing off, and then getting mixed into your oil as it circulates through the engine. (Picture grains of sand in a glass of milk. You won’t notice a few grains today. But a few new grains everyday for a month or so will really get gross!) You should check your oil every week, to be sure you don’t have a leak, since running without oil can severely damage your car’s engine. Every 3 months of ‘average’ driving (1000 miles/month) so need to empty out your oil and replace it with new oil.

Check Tire Air Pressure ~
Not only can you save a bunch of fuel cost by having your tires properly inflated, by you can also affect the safety performance of your vehicle. It’s not enough that your tires are ‘not too squishy’. You need to get a tire pressure gauge and check them regularly. Tire gauges are cheap, grab one at the dollar store and keep it in your car. Your tires were designed to work properly at a specific pressure. (It’s written on your tires, by the way.) Add or remove air as needed to keep your tire performing at their safest. While you’re out there, check for tire tread wear. Put a penny headfirst into the tread. If it doesn’t cover any of President Lincoln’s head, it’s tire for new tires.

Wiper blades ~
Everyone forgets about wiper blades. It’s hard to remember them, because you only think about them when it’s raining, and by then it’s too late to change them. You need to put ‘replace windshield wiper blades’ on your to-do list (do it *now*, while you’re thinking about it!), so that you don’t have visibility problems just when it’s most important to see well.

Vacuum ~
Vacuuming is a quick and easy way to improve your car’s looks now, and it’s resale value later. If you don’t feel like dragging your home vacuum and an extension cord out into the driveway, there’s a solution for that too. Most car washes now have vacuum stations. Look for them off to the edge of the parking lot. For a quarter or two, you can use their long hoses vacuum, and not have to be the one to empty it afterwards. They usually have a trash can in that area too, so you can unload all those fast food bags and cups.

Wash underneath ~
If you live in a locale that has snow, your city or county probably de-ices the roads with a gritty salt solution. As you drive, your tires propel that mess up unto the underside of your car. It’s corrosive!! That salty slush will eat away at all the important mechanical stuff under your car, so need to get it off. You can do it at home with your garden hose and a sprayer attachment, or you can go through a carwash labeled as having an ‘undercarriage’ wash cycle. Remember to do it at least once a month during slush season, and once after the season is over to get the last of it off.

Please click on the author’s name (above the article) to read more of her work on Associated Content.


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5 Easy Recipe Ideas for Add Vegetables to Make Healthier Toddler Food

Young babies who are introduced to vegetables before fruits will be more likely to keep vegetables as part of their daily food intake when they grow into toddlers.

Even children who are not accustomed to eating vegetables can be fed an increased amount of vegetables, when parents learn some sneaky tricks for creating healthy meals for their kids.

Use these easy recipe ideas to make healthier toddler food.

5 Easy Recipe Ideas for Add Vegetables to Make Healthier Toddler Food

1. Juicy Juice Harvest Suprise

While juice intake should be kept to a minimum, one healthy juice that you can serve to kids and increase their daily intake of vegetables, is Juicy Juice HarvestSurprise. This “fruit” juice comes in fun flavors like grape and orange mango, and contain vegetables like carrots and sweet potatoes.

2. Squash Pancakes

Make silver-dollar size pancakes with the added nutrients of vegetables. Adding vegetables like pureed squash or pumpkin can make for some tasty and colorful pancakes. This is one way to make healthier toddler food.

Adding vegetables to pancakes for kids is one way to make healthier toddler food with added vegetables. Pancakes make with pureed vegetables will also have a natural sweetness, and can be served without syrup. Pancakes made with vegetables will also be moist, and you can skip adding any oil to the batter.

3. Tasty Ginger Stringbeans

Stir fry some frozen or fresh green and yellow string beans with some fresh ginger and a touch of Teriyaki sauce. You may be amazed at how the chidl will eat this healthier toddler food. Even older chidlren will enjoy this healthier side dish.

The whole string beans are fun to eat because they can be held as finger-food and the child can munch away on them.

4. Rename the Vegetables

One parent favorite trick for making healthier toddler food and getting kids to eat their vegetables is to rename the vegetable to something more fun. Your toddler may not eat broccoli, but he or she may start asking for “trees.”

5. Baked Cinnamon Sweet Potato Fries

Stop feeding children french fries and instead bake them up some cinnamon sweet potato “fries.” Slice the potatoes into their favorite french fry shape – wedges or sticks.

Toss the potatoes with some cinnamon (as long as the child has no cinnamon allergy) and bake them up on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with a healthy cooking spray.

Sweet Potato fries are a great source of energy and vitamins. Baking the potatoes rather than serving them fried potatoes is also healthier.

These are just some ways to “sneak” vegetables into a child’s diet, helping you make healthier toddler food.

Who knows, these ideas may work for you, too!

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5 Easy Solar Recipes Cooked in the Car

Making food in your car is easy just by using a jar. In order to learn more about solar cooking with a re-sealable glass jar in your car, consult the article: “Solar Cooking: Eat like a King in Your Car”

A Courier’s Breakfast or Lunch on the Dash

Next to instant soups, breakfast oatmeal made with old trail mix is the easiest dashboard recipe around. Simply add the correct amounts of water and instant oatmeal to your solar camping jar. Put in some of the old trail mix you have that is going stale. After a few hours in direct sunlight, you have delicious and warm oatmeal ready to eat for lunchtime.

4×4 Dried Fruit Compote

Everyone loves to grab trail mixes and dried fruit at the gas station when they go camping. By adding your favorite dried fruits with some fruit juice (cranberry, apple, or orange juice work best), you can have a warm and tasty sweet desert cooked in the dashboard window of your campervan. Keep in mind that it can over expand. For this reason, only fill the jar up halfway for your first compote experiment.

Semi-Tractor Trailer Dried Rice Recipes

Pre-cooked dried rice that cooks in minutes is great for adding to beef jerky and dried refried beans. This makes a jambalaya style recipe if you add some chili powder and thyme. You can also make “fried” rice by adding a couple of bullion cubes and a can of Veg-all to your dried rice solar meals.

Mexican Night In the Car

When it comes to campervan recipes, the lifestyle surrounding it is also important to eating like a king. Camping for long periods of time means your closest grocery store is a gas station. If you can find access to a grocery, one of the best meals is making a full Mexican dinner.

To make hot refried beans, plan ahead and use your solar cooking jar. You can also make Mexican style rice by adding a jar of salsa to quick cooking rice and sealing that up in your solar cooker.

RV Shepherds Pie

Advanced solar chefs put canned biscuits in a jar and cook them in their dashboard. For this reason, there is a variation on shepherd’s pie that takes a little bit of practice to make perfect. Instant mashed potatoes, tinned beef soup, and canned biscuits is all you need.

Make sure to put the biscuits in first and let them cook for a couple of hours. When they are hardened, add the other ingredients. You will want to put enough mashed potatoes in to absorb the extra juice from the soup. After three more hours in direct light on the dashboard, the pie is complete.

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5 Easy Southwest Christmas Decorating Tips

Even if you live in an area famous for freezing temperatures and snowy Christmases, you can warm up your décor with a southwestern Christmas.

Southwest Christmas Decorating Tip #1: Luminaries

Nothing could be easier than creating simple paper bag luminaries to line your driveway, your porch or your fence line. Lunch size paper bags with a pound of sand in the bottom and a plain short candle stuck in the center will stand up to already-fallen snow and slight winds. If there’s too much weather in your yard to make them work, place a couple of them on either side of the front door or inside the front windows.

Southwest Christmas Decorating Tip #2: Mix it Up

Southwestern Christmas decorations-like Southwestern style and decorating in general-is a mix of the Mexican and Native American cultures. Think bright and bold colors reminiscent of Mexican decor, terra cotta and texture, Native American earth tones, suns, turquoise detail

Southwest Christmas Decorating Tip #3: Handmade Ornaments

Ancient native people were great artisans and were masters at creating beauty from simple resources and with simple designs. For example, the God’s eyes that are characteristic of Mexican decorating are easy to make and excellent Christmas tree ornaments: simply cross two thin sticks like an X and wind yarn over and under the sticks starting from where the two sticks cross. Many people change yarns every so often to create a bull’s eye type pattern or the ‘eye’ shape. For more intricate directions and suggestions on patterns, check out How to Make Ojos de Dios.

Popular Native American Christmas tree decorations for a southwestern Christmas include Kachina dolls and Pueblo Indian ornaments. Intersperse these with the God’s eye ornaments and use straw instead of tinsel for a southwestern Christmas tree.

Southwest Christmas Decorating Tip #5: Chili Pepper Lights

Rather than Christmas lights along your roof or on your Christmas tree, opt for the bright red chili pepper lights. They literally look like chili peppers and are a bright Christmas red so you can use them to add a touch of the southwest to your Christmas or to pull together the various Mexican and Native American elements in your décor.

Southwest Christmas Decorating Tip #4: Make it Last All Winter Long

Southwestern Christmas is unique in that it isn’t as specifically Christmas-y as the more typical European style of holiday decorating. You can keep your southwestern Christmas decorations up through March to continue to brighten the season. The color tones and texture characteristic of Mexican and Native American art can warm your whole winter as well as your Christmas holiday.


A Southwestern Christmas – Luminarias and Farolitos

How to Decorate for the Holidays Southwestern Style

How to Make Ojos de Dios

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5 Drinks Every New Year's Party Should Have

New Year’s Eve parties have to be handled right–they’re the biggest parties of the year. Here are five drinks that no respectable New Year’s party should be without.

1. Keg of Any Beer But Milwaukee’s Best –

Cheap beer is a staple of every party. It’s good for drinking games, because it’s terrible if drank slowly. It gets one drunk. All in all, beer is a party’s best friend. The one exception to this rule is Milwaukee’s Best, a vile concoction invented as a prank by Vikings that clubbed baby seals to death while driving SUVs all over the ozone layer. Yeah, that’s right, I’m onto you.

2. Jungle Juice –

This is basically vodka mixed with juice. Many girls prefer jungle juice to beer, and some guys do, too, because, well, it tastes better. Of course, it also causes a New Year’s Day hangover so intense that it can actually be viewed from outer space, as the sugar binds to Hangover Molecules which travel directly to the portion of your brain that controls not vomiting and not hearing every sound 5000X louder than it actually is, and disables it. Still, you’ve got to have a big vat of Jungle Juice around so that everyone has something cheap to drink, and you can mix some up with just a bunch of Kool Aid, some Popov vodka, and that tub that you use to give your dog a bath.

3. Shootin’ Whiskey And Vodka –

Not super cheap, but not really expensive, something like Canadian Club for the whiskey and Schmirnoff for the vodka. Everyone needs something to shoot, because you’ve got to celebrate your beer pong win, and you can’t do that with more beer unless you’re of extremely low mind. Plus, after the big New Year’s Eve ball drops, you’ll need to continually toast out the new year, and after a few minutes you’ll want to move to some vodka or whiskey. Tequila, however, should be avoided, as it’s crazy juice.

4. Cheap, Cheap Champagne –

Barefoot Bubbly is a good choice, as is any other champagne that points out that it’s bubbly on the container. You don’t want to spend much on champagne, because 1. everyone at your New Year’s Eve party won’t know the difference, and 2. when the ball drops, people are just going to spray it all over the place. Wouldn’t it suck if you’d paid $20 per bottle, when you could have paid $4? And by this point in the night, nobody will be sober enough care. It’s a new year, dammit!

5. Fruit Juice –

Because your body’s going to get rocked on New Year’s Eve, have some fruit juice ready to replenish all of those yummy minerals and vitamins that the booze is going to suck from your body. Contrary to popular belief (and somehow the movie Rocky), a raw egg will do nothing but make you question why, in fact, you continue to live your miserable life, but fruit juice is a great early attack on a hangover, along with a few glasses of water during/immediately after your night of drinking. Stock up on some grapefruit juice or OJand you can start the new year in a fairly stable state.

What to you drink at your new year’s party? Post in our comments section below.

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