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5 Easter Games for Children

If your church has special services during Easter you might want to plan some activities for kids to play. Here are 5 Easter games for church that children are sure to have a blast playing.

Easter Game for Kids #1- Egg Roll

This is a very easy game and does not require a lot of preparation. All you need is an egg for each child. The eggs can be plain or decorated, but you want to make sure they are hard boiled in case one breaks. Set up a starting line and finish line for the game. If you are outside on concrete you can do this very easily by using chalk. Instruct the children that they have to roll their egg to the finish line by only using their nose. The first one across the line without using their hands will win.

Easter Game for Kids #2- Bunny, Bunny, Hop

This is a variation of Duck, Duck, Goose. Since it is a game most children know you probably won’t have to do a lot of explaining and you really do not have to buy anything to play this game. Everyone will sit in a circle. The person that is “it” will go around the circle saying “Bunny” until they get to the person they want to pick and then they will say “Hop”. Instead of chasing each other around the circle they will have to hop making it much more silly and fun.

Easter Game for Kids #3- Spoon Walk

For this game you will need a spoon and an egg for each person. The eggs can be boiled or not depending on the amount of mess you are willing to clean. You will set up a starting line and a finish line. Each person will place their egg on the spoon and when you say go they will race to the finish line without having the egg fall off of the spoon.

Easter Game for Kids #4- Easter Pictionary

You can make your own game of Pictionary with words or phrases that you associate with Easter. Some of the words you could use would be cross, Easter Lilly, rabbit, chocolate, eggs, or any other word that you associate with Easter.

Easter Game for Kids #5- The Classic Egg Hunt

It is hard not to include an egg hunt in this list. You can use real or plastic eggs for this hunt. If you use plastic eggs you can fill them with candy as a treat for the children.

These are five great Easter games that you can play at your church event. Be creative and combine some of these games for a relay race that the children are sure to love.

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5 Easy and Cheap World Cup Decorations

If you’re throwing a party this year, perhaps you’ve been planning food, decorations, and invitations even though its not till June. Even though your guests might eat you out of house and home, you can always save a little money decorating. Here are 5 very cheap (and easy!) ways to decorate without breaking the bank.

Hanging World Cup Mascot

This year’s mascot is Zakumi, a green-haired leopard whose main goal, according to the World Cup website, it to “show the thousands of international guests the warmth and spirit of the African continent.”

Items needed:

Printer (or be good at drawing)
Printing paper
Old cardboard
String or Ribbon
Duct Tape
Thumb tack

Print out a picture of Zakumi. Change the “printing options” on your printer so that the image fills up the whole page.

Cut out the image including under the arm and between the ball and head.

Place over cardboard and trace lightly with a pencil. Cut out cardboard, and glue picture on to cardboard, being careful to match up the spaces correctly. You need 4 of these.

Lay 4 Zakumis face-down touching each other. Use 2 strips of duct tape to attach them all side-by-side. Stand up and bring together the first and last side, so that a box is formed with Zakumi’s facing out. Tape the last corner together on the inside

Attach ribbon to the inside of each side, and bring all 4 ribbons together. Push a thumb tack through where the ribbon overlaps and hang from ceiling.

To make a centerpiece, leave off the ribbon and set at table. Put a plant, large candle, etc in the middle.

Soccer Stadium Tablecloth

I green paper tablecloth
White painting pen
straight edge

Lay tablecloth out on table in the same manner it will be used.. Using a white painting pen and straight edge, mark the tablecloth in the manner of a soccer field. Let dry. (Don’t forget the Zakumi centerpiece!)

World Flags Chain

4 sheets blank white printing paper

Tape the 4 sheets of paper end to end so you have a long banner.

Fold accordion-style (like a fan) in 2.5 inches wide increments.

Cut in half short-ways so you now have 2 accordion-style booklets.

Make sure the top paper flap has its free side on the left and fold on the right.

Draw a flag extending from the outer edge of the free side to the folded side, and half a flagpole extending to the bottom. Flag should be about 1.5 x 2.5 inches, pole ½ cm wide.

Do this to the second paper booklet and cut both of them out.

Open and you should have 2 chains of flags with poles.

Draw your country’s flag, or world flags to celebrate the World Cup.

Hang with tape along tables, ceilings, or wherever you like.

You can see from the picture an example of my chain half-finished. Its hanging from my TV!

World Cup Pinata

You will need:
Flour – about 2 cups
water – about 4 cups
Old newspaper, torn into strips
Large balloon
printing paper

Mix the flour and water together in a bowl until it is a thick pasty consistency.

Cut or tear the newspaper into strips

Inflate the balloon until it’s the size you want, and tie.

Dunk the newspaper strips into the paste until well covered, and pat them onto the balloon until it is covered with one layer. Let dry, and repeat twice more until you have 3 layers on the balloon.

Cut a flap in the top of the pinata to put items in. If the balloon hasn’t popped, pop it.

Use your imagination to decorate the pinata like an Official World Cup soccer ball. Or you can print this official logo and affix it to the pinata using the flour/water paste.

Fill the World Cup Pinata with items. (candy, mini soccer balls, mini trophies, etc)

Open the Flap and lay the twine across it. Close the flap and tape down over string.

Hang up and enjoy your world cup pinata!

*Tip. You can stuff layers of newspaper or crepe paper between layers of candy so it doesn’t all fall out at once.

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5 Easy Rules to Make Sleep Easier

Here are the five rules I always follow:

1. Always try your hardest not to drink any caffeinated or sugary drinks before or near bedtime. Also try to cut out on the sweet deserts if you’re going to try to go to bed right after. And make sure you had something to eat before you sleep, because you can’t sleep on an empty stomach. Don’t drink alcohol though, because it may let you lightly sleep, but there is barely any dreaming or repairing, making the following morning harder than it has to be.

2. Looking at bright screens or listening to loud music right before you go to bed is another thing that may keep you up for quite the while. Whether it be T.V, a computer, and sometimes a cellphone, remembering brightness(even though you may not think of it) might keep you up. And loud sounds, not soft ones, will ring in your head as you try to sleep.

3. Try to stop your work an hour or more before bed so your not thinking about it when you sleep. Also, turn your alarm clock to where you can’t see the digits so it eases your stress not worrying about the time. Remember to go to the bathroom too, otherwise, you may wake up once you already are asleep.

4. Once in bed, try your hardest to keep the cold off your body. It’s proved from numerous tests and studies that its easier to sleep when your warm. That’s why it’s always so cold in test taking rooms and other classes. It’s to keep you awake! Also, some people prefer their pillows cold. I do too, so it’s ok to have your neck cold(not ice cold, just chilled),as long as the rest of your body is warm, not hot. If you feel smothered in heat, take off that blanket and put a thinner one on.

5. Try not to stay tense, ease your eyebrows if you scrunch them together. If your teeth are clamped down on each other, or just touching, move them apart. Also, if your hands are in fists, open them up. Try to be relaxed. Also try to ease your state of mind. For instance, think of imaginative, stupid things. Example- a bunch of sheep floating down a waterfall, or racing someone you know on three legged cows, just something abnormal and random.

Those are the rules I’ve been following for 7 years and they worked out greatly for me, I hope they hope they do for you too!

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5 Easy Running Tips for Women

Running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise for women; plus it does not require a specific time commitment like attending exercise classes do and is also a low cost form of exercise.

Running helps women to achieve their weight loss or weight maintenance goals, helping to keep the body strong which is essential to women with their busy lifestyles.

Many women tend to be under a lot of stress in today’s society with trying to juggle home life and work life, plus the other myriad of things women have to do. Running is a great stress reliever and can give a woman a natural high and help to give the added energy that is so often lacking.

Running also helps with high blood pressure, heart disease and many other high risk factors.

Here you will find 5 easy running tips that every woman runner could benefit from:

Running Tip for Women #1: Dress Comfortably

Nothing can stop a runner’s enjoyment of the sport faster than being uncomfortable or in pain while running. Make sure to wear clothing that you are able to move about in easily, and 100% cotton or cotton blend clothing works well as it will soak up moisture from the body. A bra that holds the chest in place firmly but without restricting to the point of pain is essential and shoes that are specifically made for running and fit properly are the best way to get maximum results from the run.

Running Tip for Women #2: Warm Up the Muscles

The last thing you want to happen on a run is to hurt yourself; so many depend on the woman of the house to take care of things so any type of injury can really affect the household. One of the biggest mistakes people make when taking a run is not warming up first by doing stretches and increasing the heart a bit before the run starts, even if you are short on time make sure to take at least a few minutes to do a warm-up.

Running Tip for Women #3: Start Slow

Building up running endurance is not easy and does take some time. Make sure to start out with short runs, especially if you are not at your top physical condition and gradually work your way up to longer and more challenging runs such as up inclines. Taking it slow will also better the chances of you sticking to a running routine as you will not be pushed to the point of exhaustion or worse yet, illness.

Running Tip for Women #4: Find a Running Partner

A great way to stay focused on the running routine is by finding a running partner that can help you stay on schedule and visa versa. Women also need that quality time to talk with another woman and talking while running is a great way to socialize while also making the time go by faster.

Running Tip for Women #5: Locate a Safe Running Area

Make sure to always run where it is well lit and if possible, with people very close to the area. Also make sure to try and find an open area as opposed to a wooded area where someone with not-so-good intentions could easily hide. Safety for a woman runner is of the utmost importance.

Following these easy running tips for women will make the exercise more enjoyable and safe plus you will feel better about yourself and look great too!


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5 Dumb Things Guys Do to Attract Women

Guys do a lot of dumb things to attract women. It is part of being a guy. I am sure most guys can say they have at least a couple of the dumb things on this list. Perhaps it is built into the genetic code of guys. The sad part is that these tactics usually simply do not work. At best these 5 dumb,sad and pitiful attempts at attraction serve as reminders of what “not” to do.

Getting a Tattoo with Her Name on it: Do you know what the difference between a tattoo and a marriage is? A Tattoo is forever. No matter how infatuated you feel getting a girls name tattooed on your body is a bad idea. The only girls that any reasonable guy should think of getting should be MOM and perhaps any children. Life is to short to spend the rest of it going around with the name of some girl you dated 20 years ago displayed on your bicep.

Fighting Over a Girl: Busting out your best MMA move on some hapless sucker who happens to look at your girls butt really isn’t impressive. A confident “alpha male” attitude can help to attract women, but going to the lengths of getting into fights doesn’t impress. It is a lose-lose situation. If you lose, you look bad. If you beat the crap out of the other guy, you look like a bully.

Drinking too much: It helps some guys to have a few drinks to loosen up. A couple of drinks to boost confidence and to relax a guy. The problem is the drop-off from relaxed to sloppy can be quick and nasty. Confidence slips quickly into stupidity. Getting the fights because you’re drunk, puking on her shoes and talking a melodramatic fool are just a few of the consequences of a sloppy drunk.

Dressing like a Fool: Some fashions look foolish in hindsight. Dressing in the current fashion if you are a young guy is perfectly acceptable. But an older guy trying to seem, “cool” by wearing the latest in cool fashion trends often comes off as simply looking pathetic. Standing out is strutting around like a peacock will not help you attract women it will simply allow you to attract laughter. There’s nothing wrong with dressing very fine and nice clothes. For a 21 year old those fine close can be whatever is popular and trendy. The same close on a 41-year-old guy often looks sad.

Lying like a rug: So you save a kitten drowning on your way to the FBI Academy. Being the only kitten saving, double PhD, FBI agent, who was once an astronaut sounds really impressive. It doesn’t take a lot of sense to see that your lies will be seen through. If it is best to be relatively open and honest with the women you meet to ensure your best chances of success

Guys really do a lot of dumb things to attract women. Hopefully the guys out there will realize that simply being yourself or at least a more confident version of yourself is simply the best way to attract women.

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5 Easy Tips for an Eco-Friendly Landscape

With Global Warming, sky-rocketing gas prices, and air pollution going green and being eco-friendly is an easy way to do our part in reducing these concerns. Creating an eco-friendly landscape is an easy way to give back to the environment while adding beauty to your lawn, saving money and enjoying the outcome. Here are 5 easy ways to create an easy eco-friendly landscape.

Eco-friendly Landscaping Tip #1: Be Chemical Free
Using chemical free products is a great way to help the environment with out cutting out anything. Simply switching your fertilizers and pesticides to natural or organics products can go a long way. By doing so you are preventing dangerous chemicals from going into the ground and you are saving your family, neighbors, pets and wildlife from these dangerous pollutants. Sometimes you will find that natural or organic products can be cheaper and some even made at home. For instance, instead of using a pesticide for getting rid of spot diseases on roses, you can use a home made solutions that is made by using 1 cup of dish liquid to 1 gallon of water. Mix and spray. Not only have use just saved money, you have also just prevented chemicals from going into the earth.

Eco-friendly Landscaping Tip #2: Save Energy and Save the Earth
Solar powered energy was a wonderful creation. By using solar powered lights in your landscape you can cut down on power usage saving you money and prevent pollution and other not-so-eco-friendly effects caused by power companies. In addition, think of the money you will be saving. Simply use solar powered lights outside. These days you can find lights to line your drive way, flood lights, and door lights. If you were to convert your landscape lights to solar powered lights you would save on money from street lights, front and back door lights, and any other lights you may have outside. In addition to saving money solar powered lights ad a dramatic effect to any landscape.

Eco-friendly Landscaping Tip #3:Compound Your Own Compost
Each year Americans spend millions of dollars on bagged compost from local nursery companies and department stores. Go green and create your own compost. Not only will you save tons of money over the years you will help to reduce waste, reduce the need for fertilizers that pollute the earth and help plants grow healthier. Creating your own compost isn’t hard. Pick a spot in your yard. It only needs to be a few square feet. You may choose to pile it or to dig a small hole to hold the material. Simply add organic materials such as left over fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds, teabags, grass clippings and left over potting soil and mix often. Simply using this compost will save on using chemicals, fertilizer, potting soil and the plastic required to package these items. Not to mention your pocket book will love you for it. You plants will too!

Eco-friendly Landscaping Tip #4: Water with Sense!
Or should with say water with out cents. There are several things you can do to help the earth and save money when it comes to watering your lawn. Watering your lawn after the sun begins to set will help to reduce water evaporation which will insure more water goes to your plants and less is required. Also, leaving buckets, barrels and containers out will catch rain water. This will reduce money spent on water your landscape, reduce water run off and will help to insure healthier plants.

Eco-friendly Landscaping Tip #5: Reap What You Sew
Or eat what you grow! Growing a garden is not only eco-friendly but is a great way to save money. If you love planting flowers in your landscape you will love gardening. Gardening is a great way to save on food bills and be able to prosper from the fruits in which your plants bare. Planting fruits and veggies is a great way to do your part in being eco-friendly. Also, don’t forget to use those left over fruits and veggies in your compost pile!

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5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. The key to losing weight and keeping it off is to make healthy choices without even having to think about it. Here are five simple things you can incorporate into your daily life that will allow you to shed some pounds.

  • Park far away. Every time you pull into a parking lot, park at the far end of the lot. This will give you an extra minute or two of walking each time you go somewhere. That may not sound like much, but think about all the places you go in a typical day; your workplace, the grocery store, the mall, restaurants. Add up all those minutes over the course of a year and you could lose several pounds or more. As an added bonus, you will never have to sit and wait for someone’s parking spot.
  • Take the stairs. Another way to get more exercise is to take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. If you live in an apartment building, this should be easy as this can be several trips per day. You may also be able to take the stairs at your workplace, hospital, or library. Wherever you may be, skip the elevator and head for the stairs for easy weight loss.
  • Don’t drink your calories. Replace high calorie drinks such as soda, beer, and coffee with cream and sugar, with lower calorie options. Choose iced tea with lemon, but skip the sugar. If you drink beer, go with Sam Adams Light or Guinness. Both beers taste great and you’ll save around 50 calories per bottle compared to regular beers. Try Earl Grey or breakfast blend tea instead of coffee, or at least cut down on the cream and sugar. Of course, try to drink as much water as you can since it has zero calories and is also free.
  • Buy Smaller plates. Replace your big dinner plates with smaller salad plates. You won’t be tempted to fill your plate too full if you just don’t have the room for it. You will feel just as full after the meal as you did before but you’ll have saved yourself from eating an extra 100-200 calories.
  • Split a plate. When you eat out at a restaurant, split a meal with somebody at the table. If that’s not an option, then have the waiter bring out a box right away and put half of the meal in there before you even start eating. Restaurant portions can be big and are often high in calories, so this is an easy way to save several hundred calories (and a few dollars) without having to give up the pleasure of eating a good meal.

So there you have five easy ways to lose weight and stay in shape. Make these tips a part of your daily routine today and reap the rewards for years to come.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Money with Your Computer

Everyone could use a little extra money. Maybe you want to buy a new computer, video games, or something else. However you just can not afford to spend money for what is not a necessity. Maybe you do not earn enough money with your current job, or you do not have a job period. If you are like me, you waste a lot of time on the computer and the internet. Why not use some of that free time to earn some extra money?

Here’s 5 ways you can make money with your computer:

1) Join an affiliate program, promote their products/services, and earn commissions when make a sale through your affiliate link. Affiliate marketer is a very common way of making money on the internet. A lot of affiliate programs are free to join. Some ways you can promote your affiliate link are through pay per click advertising, setting up a website or e-mail marketing.

2) Start a blog on a particular subject. Pick a subject that people would be interested enough to keep coming back to your blog to read more information on. Keep your blog focused on your topic, and update with new information and articles on a consistent basis. With your blog, you can promote and review affiliate products and/or make money with a program such as Google Adsense. You can start a free blog with a service such as Blogspot.

3) You can make money purely on Google Adsense, or another pay per click ad program. You can set up a site with useful content about a certain subject, and drive traffic to your site. Place Adsense ads on each page of your site. Be sure to follow their terms of service. When people click on those ads you make money, so a lot of traffic is crucial.

4) Another way you can make money with your computer is through internet auctions, such as eBay. Millions of people search eBay daily looking for any kind of product you could imagine, and there are millions of transactions through eBay daily. There are people who make fortunes just from selling on eBay. One way to make money is to buy items at wholesale price and sell them for profit on eBay. However there is much, much more to learn in order to make money from online auctions.

5) Creating your own informational product and selling it through the internet is yet another way to make money with your computer. Information has got to be the most common kind of product sold on the internet. Research what kind of information is in high demand in the market, and write an ebook report on it. Perhaps you know information on something that a lot of people do not, and people are willing to pay for that kind of information. A similar method is to obtain the master resell rights for a product, and sell the product for yourself.

These are only a few ways to make money with your computer. There are many more ways that you can explore and research. Find something that suits you best, and commit to that so you make money.

For more ideas to make money with your computer, visit Dan’s site for an online home business opportunity. Learn even more about how to make money with your computer.

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5 Easy Steps for Social Media Positioning

Small business is competitive these days, whether you are a professional, a tradesman, or a working stiff. What do you do to be noticed by clients, customers, or your potential employers? You can set yourself up as a subject-matter expert through blog posts and articles. You can also write for others to create business opportunities coming at you, instead of going to them.

The word is positioning. Make yourself visible to your prospects and they will come to you. Rather than troll for them using industry resources, you can advertise yourself as a great prospect for them.

The simple way to do this is to follow an easy 6-step procedure to professional positioning:
1. Find your venue
2. Write good stuff
3. Promote yourself socially
4. Make them want more
5. Have a sustainable stream of material

1. Find Your Venue
Blogs are important if you get in the appropriate ones.

. Google your topic and blogs that have big followings will appear
. Use a site like Technorati to find blogs for your category or topic

Then, review the blogs you like. Find out their submission guidelines and procedures or write to the editorial contact to help you decide whether they accept contributed content. Next, organize your list of blogs by the topics you write about. At the end, you will have a list of possible publication sites to contact with proposals or pitches each time you create a blog piece on that topic.

2. Write Good Stuff
Your posts need to be informative and easy to read. Yours pieces have an improved opportunity at publication if they inspire awe, so use interesting stories that support your argument. Is your topic or subject not funny, or inspiring? Try to make it an objective “evergreen” piece that will be read repeatedly.

3. Promote Yourself Socially
Promote your blog posts on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn Groups, and so on. Many bloggers do, but most do not. Making the links to your blog as visible as possible is part of marketing yourself. The byline in your posts is the big part, it gives others a way to get to your site. Well-positioned hyperlinks in the article, while promoting the other person’s blog, raise the visibility of you as a subject matter expert, as well. This process will make a sizable difference in your click-through count, just from the byline links to your site and thus, on your ultimate visibility level.

4. Make Them Want More
Include a website URL as a hyperlink to your website. It gives an avenue for the reader to find out more about you on your site. It also gives a bit more page rank for your endeavors.

Write a short tagline at the end of your piece. A tagline gives the reader more immediate contact data. It can also set a tone for your future communications if you include a positioning statement.

These two items, the website URL and the tagline, give the reader a link to your site for future reference. They can be leads for others to link to you, even if you do not hear from them immediately, or directly. The opportunity here for their future business raises interesting possibilities.

5. Have a Sustainable Stream of Materials
Every week I try to write one to two blog posts. Doing this creates a cumulative material database that shows my experience. It takes a bit of work, but by using this material, you can create other versions of these pieces, parts that address only one point in a post or several. These pieces can be endlessly re-written for different audiences and reading levels. The key point, though, is to make each subsequent piece unique to the Internet world. There are a number of article spinning tools around, but these are only crutches for those who cannot write in the first place and their results generally end up as gibberish.

The best way around the dilemma of re-using a blog post is to hire a virtual assistant. The virtual assistant, with a writing skill set similar to yours, can take a few of your articles and re-craft their ideas into more articles.

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