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5 Easy Steps to Starting Your Own Sewing Business

I received my first sewing machine as a high school graduation present. After many little basic skirts and slip-on shorts, I tried my hand at drapes and bed skirts, Halloween costumes and fleece blankets. I ventured into quilts and flower girl dresses and my obsession was born. I am sure that many of you are just like me, sewing projects around the house and making the occasional baby gift. Well, it is time to put that machine to good use and make some money.

1. Decide what it is that you like to sew the most. This is important because it is easy to put off doing something you do not like to do and that makes it hard to get your work done on time. For me it is drapes and Halloween costumes. If I take a job for say a flower girl dress I think is tedious and frustrating I am liable to charge way to much for my time and not do half of the job I might making something I love.

2. Create a list of basics and assign prices to your time. Remember that your time is valuable…even if it seems like you are doing something you love to do anyway. I charge a base of $5 a stitch line. For instance a lined drape panel has 6 stitch lines, (2 hems, 2 sides, 2 lines for the rod pocket) so I charge $30 for the sewing of a lined panel. Many times I have a customer who wants a two color drape…by setting such a simple base I am able to add $5 for the extra color and so forth. Costumes are a different story I charge by the approximate time it takes to make it. A simple poodle skirt will take about an hour so I charge $10. A princess gown
runs $35-50 and so on.

3. Set some parameters in writing.If you do not lay down ground rules people can take advantage of you. Make a list of things that challenge you and add fees to those items. I charge a surcharge for trim that is 6″ or longer because I like to baste it down first so it doesn’t get caught up in my machine. I also charge a fee for fabrics like some silks or embroidered sheers that are harder to work with. Any lengths over 109″ get an extra $5 laid on them as well. As your business gets off the ground you will most likely add more exceptions to your rules.

4. Make some business cards. This is key because people cannot come to a store and buy your product. They need to have a reminder of your name and number. Check Vista print for specials. My first set of cards ran me just the cost of shipping. Remember to explain what you do on your cards. Something like budget-minded custom interiors or perfect custom-fit prom dresses.

5. Promote yourself. Leave those cards anywhere you can. Once a month I go up to the local fabric store and drop off cards. Put them on any bulletin board you find, at the grocery, pediatricians office, school. Keep the cards in your purse at all time as you never know when a girl scout mom needs a patch sewn on. Add a note to your neighborhood or church newsletter. Donate yourservice to a local charity auction.

Always have fun with what you are doing. Never take on a project you doubt you can do. Never sew for nothing even if you charge $1 for the sewing of a boy scout badge or $5 for hemming of pants, your time is valuable. Good luck and happy stitching.

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5 Easy Ways to Lead a Healthier Life

Let’s face it – the idea of dieting and exercise is not enjoyable to most of us. If it were, there wouldn’t be so many of us overweight or obese. However, we can make small changes every day that will help us on the way to a healthier life. Little by little you will start to see improvements.

1. Turn off the TV. The average American watches around four hours of TV per day. That’s 28 hours per week. I know some people who double those numbers. I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch TV at all – just turn it off once in a while and do something active. Walk to a friend’s house, work in your garden, clean your house, or find a new hobby. Just find something else that you enjoy doing that will get you moving.

2. Drink water. Water helps fill you up and is needed by every part of your body. It helps flush out toxins, helps keep your organs healthy and working at their peak. Lots of people have problems with this one because they just don’t like the taste. Instead, they drink sodas. The problem with this is that regular sodas have a lot of calories. Diet drinks aren’t really any better. They contain artificial sweeteners that also provoke an insulin response, just as if you had sugar. If you can’t get your 8 glasses of water in without some flavor, try adding some real fruit to it. Many people put lemon slices in their water. I’m not much of a lemon person myself, so I like orange slices. Experiment a little. Try freezing your favorite fruits and using them as ice cubes. Strawberries and raspberries are especially good for this, and you don’t get the chemicals you find in flavored waters.

3. Drop the junk food. This was a hard one for me. You don’t realize how reliant you are on fast food and vending machine snacks until you try to go without them. Junk food adds a lot of calories with very little nutrient value, so all it gives you is more weight to carry. If you are really craving those chips, indulge once in a while, but not every day.

4. Check the portion size. A serving of cheese is usually one ounce. Cereal is usually ½ cup to 1 cup. Try measuring out your servings and see how many calories you are really consuming in a day. The answers could shock you.

To make portions easier, try using divided plates. Some are made specially for portion control, but I use the plastic ones I bought at Wal-Mart. Use the largest section for your vegetables – they have the lowest calories and you can load up on them. The next largest slot should be your protein, and the smallest is for your carbs. This is a good way to help take the guesswork out of portion control.

5. Exercise on purpose. This doesn’t have to be a long, arduous task. Start by making small efforts every day until it becomes a habit. If 30 minutes a day is too much for you, start smaller. Try 20, and if you can’t do that, try 5. Just make the commitment to do it every day. Maybe you could start your day with 15 minutes of walking. Maybe you could do 10 minutes of stretching every day before bed. Or, maybe you could do jumping jacks before watching your favorite show.

It’s not that hard to get on the right track, but you have to be consistent. Make the effort every day, and soon, it will be second nature. Soon, you will start to feel better and may even drop a few pounds in the process.

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5 Easy Steps to Baby-Soft Skin He'll Love to Touch

Soft, supple skin is one of the most sought-after physical qualities any woman can possess. Soft skin feels good to the touch, shines with a healthy glow, and maintains a lovely, youthful appearance. Obtaining smooth, healthy skin is as easy as following a few simple tried and true steps:


Thoroughly shave the parts of your body that you normally shave. This can be done in whatever way you prefer. Personally I like to use a depilatory cream such as Nair or Veet, but a razor or waxing treatment works just as well. Keep in mind that excess hair removal beforehand is not absolutely necessary to achieving soft skin, but it does significantly improve results.


Use a salt or sugar scrub to thoroughly exfoliate the skin. Take a palm-full of the scrub and vigorously rub it back & forth over the surfaces of your skin, taking careful to avoid sensitive areas like the genital region, face, and neck. The first time you take this step immediately after shaving, go light on the pressure you apply to your skin with the scrub. Monitor your skin for 24 hours after following these steps to be sure that your skin does not become irritated. Exfoliating can be done with or without shaving first, but again, removing hair beforehand will significantly improve results. Once you know that you can take a good scrubbing, feel free to apply as much pressure to the skin as you can handle. If you really want to intensify the scrubbing process, wear an exfoliating glove while applying the salt or sugar solution. This combination, in my opinion, gets the very best results.


After thoroughly scrubbing your skin, use a bath glove or loofah to apply body wash. Cleanse the skin as you normally would.


After you step out of the shower, while your skin is still wet, rub about a palm-full of oil into your skin all over. Make sure you apply the oil on every surface of your skin, again taking care to avoid sensitive areas such as the face and genitalia. A little oil on the neck is okay in this case. A number of different oils including baby oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc can be used in this process. My own personal favorite is olive oil for its natural properties, earthy scent and super-rich texture. After applying thoroughly, use a towel to wipe the skin clean of oil and moisture.


Liberally massage a nice thick lotion into the skin after drying. This step seals in the moisture from the oil and water. For this step, any lotion you prefer can be used. Personally, I like Jergens Original formula. The cherry-almond scent in it is great. Keep in mind that no matter what lotion you choose, it may not immediately absorb into your skin because you’ll already be pretty well moisturized after the oil. For this reason, I recommend delaying putting on a lot of clothing immediately after the bath. Underclothes or less are all you’ll need to wear for about twenty minutes after completing the process.

Following these steps consistently for a couple of months will result in noticeably softer skin. Keep in mind that it will only be necessary to do the scrubbing step once a week or so. The oil and lotion routines however, should be done each and every time you bathe for best results. Thanks for reading, and enjoy your new, healthier glow!

Sources: Personal Experience, Certified Esthetician

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5 Easy Steps to Making a Homemade Engagement Ring Using a Coin

There are plenty of different reasons out there why one might be interested in making their own custom homemade engagement ring using a coin. Some people might be interested in the idea of giving an aesthetically pleasing homemade engagement ring crafted by their own hands. Some people might not be able to afford a real expensive engagement ring and would prefer to save some money and make something themselves. Another reason for making a homemade engagement ring might be that your partner is allergic to most metals.

Whatever your reason for making your own engagement ring, the time and effort you put forth should only be seen as a reflection of your dedication and commitment to your partner rather than as a way of being cheap.

Here is a quick and easy guide on how to make your own custom homemade engagement ring using a coin in 5 easy steps.

Step 1 – Choose a coin made before 1964

You will want to choose a coin that was made before 1964 because it will contain 90% silver which is much more ideal than using a coin of today’s materials which consist mostly of copper. If you are looking to make a men’s coin, you will likely want to start out with a 50 cent piece and if you are making a woman’s coin you might want to choose something a bit smaller.

Step 2 – Hammer down the edges of the coin

Get a hammer and rotate the coin as you hit the edges. This is going to flatten the sides out a bit and get rid of the notches or indentations of the side of the coin. The wider you would like for the surface of the coin to be, the more you will want to hammer the edges down.

A tip at this stage is to have a couple other coins available to use to compare against often so that you can maintain the roundness of the soon-to-be homemade engagement ring.

Step 3 – Sand and polish the surface of the homemade engagement ring

You will want to drill a hole in the very center of the coin. Failure to choose the precise location may result in frustration from realizing the difficulty of buffing and polishing a coin spinning lopsided at ridiculous speeds. Once you have a hole drilled in the very middle of the ring you will want to get a smaller drill bit than you used to create the hole and get your duct tape.

Wrap the duct tape around the drill bit with the sticky side facing out. The idea is to get enough around the bit in order to snugly place the bit inside the middle of the ring so that you can spin the engagement ring fast enough so you can use a stationary piece of sandpaper or buffing material to get a nice shine on the ring’s surface.

Step 4 – Begin removing/shaving metal starting from the center

This is the important part where you remove enough metal from the coin from the inside out in order to create the ring’s size. If you have something handy that is the exact size of the finger in which the ring will be placed, it is perhaps more ideal than constantly using the finger itself. For one, it is less annoying for the recipient of the homemade wedding ring and it is also safer.

There are plenty of different ways in which you can remove the metal to create the hole in the ring. Perhaps the most easy method is to use a dremel tool. If you do not have a dremel, you can continually increase the size of the drill bit you are using until you can fit a sanding or dremel bit into the middle to continue shaving away. You can also use what is called a uni-bit to increase the size of the hole.

Step 5 – Polish, Polish, Polish

This is the point after you have essentially created the structure of your homemade engagement ring and now it’s all about looks. Just because this ring cost you 50 cents doesn’t mean you don’t want it to look good. Well, hopefully anyway…

You will want to get a dremel polishing bit for your drill so that you can polish the inside of the ring so that it’s comfortable to wear. If you have made any small cuts or shavings on the ring’s surface, now is the time to buff those out too.

If all is done properly, you will end up with a cheap aesthetically pleasing engagement ring made out of a coin in 5 easy steps. For more, check out the images of the process in which this article details.

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5 Easy Tips for Clean Indoor Air

Typically, the air inside the home is far more polluted than that outdoors due to the fact that concentrations of pollutants, including dust particles and allergens, are greater and the fact that there is less ventilation. In areas of high population density, oftentimes people breathe alarmingly high levels of polluted air for the bulk of their day.

Furthermore, many of us add to the pollution in our residence, often in very bad ways, without realizing the impact we’re having. For instance, store-bought air fresheners and household cleansers contain a range of dangerous airborne chemicals that become especially toxic when introduced to an area where contamination is high to begin with, oftentimes due a lack of fresh air.

Fortunately, there are five easy steps that you can make to ensure clean air inside your home. And thankfully, you can do so without expending a large amount of money, time and energy. The indoor air quality in your house could transform overnight regardless of how high pollution levels are in your local area. As a result, your family will breathe much better, live healthier and you may also discover a reduction in symptoms from allergies, asthma and other breathing problems.

1. Use a HEPA air purifier.

We saved the most effective tip for last: The most basic yet most remarkable result you can have on your indoor air quality is to invest in a quality room air purifier, and use it at all times. A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is a specially designed filter that removes a minimum of 99.97 % of all particles that are 0.3 microns in size or larger. Just what this means in practical terms is that if you have a HEPA air purifier large enough for the residence, that system alone could provide you with optimal air quality even if you live in an area with very poor outdoor air quality.

2. Clean your breathing environment with houseplants.

Do not underestimate the organic power of the houseplant, which is nature’s air cleanser. Managed correctly, houseplants not only filter your air of harmful substances, they serve as an all-natural air freshener. They additionally beautify the residence. The one danger with houseplants is mold. Mold and mildew exists long before you smell it, and even a small mold spore count can have a negative impact on the total overall quality of the air. Consequently, make certain not to overwater plants, which is the primary cause of mold and mildew. Great houseplant selections consist of Aloe Vera, Boston fern, and English Ivy.

3. Avoid furniture made with halogenated fire retardants.

Most furniture produced nowadays contains halogenated fire retardants, which are chemical compounds containing bromine, chlorine and fluorine to prevent the propagation of fire. These chemicals, also known as PBDEs, are often used in commercial and consumer products to meet flammability requirements. PBDEs can release chemical fumes into the air, in some cases for years after the furniture was purchased. These chemicals are highly toxic to human health as they bio-accumulated in the body and can lead to reproductive, thyroid, and neurological problem to name a few. If you do buy furniture consisting of polyurethane foam, decide for a version where the foam is well insulated. Better yet, invest in furniture that is made of all natural, non toxic ingredients.

4. Remove shoes before entering your home.

Removing the shoes before entering the residence has long been a part of Japanese and other cultures, but Americans have actually never embraced this technique. That’s a shame because pollutants, including feces, pesticides and lead, are tracked inside by our shoes. This can have a substantial impact on our interior air quality, and have a negative impact on our family’s health. All you need to do to prevent this is to make sure that everybody removes their footwear upon entering your home to ensure that toxins are not tracked in from outside.

5. Vacuum frequently, and use a superior HEPA vacuum.

When it comes to being healthy, vacuuming is a necessity in order to provide a healthy home environment. Most individuals do not do it sufficiently, however it’s a good idea to vacuum every other day, especially areas where your family members spend a majority of their time. Normal vacuuming is not enough. Regular vacuums tend not to be able to trap the smallest, most dangerous particles, and oftentimes release them back in to the air, frequently making the situation even worse than it was previously. A HEPA vacuum, on the other hand, prevents that from happening.


Breathing clean indoor air is necessary for having a healthy home environment. Understandably, we all lead busy lives, and obtaining it takes considerable effort. To conquer that challenge, involve the entire family: develop a timetable and delegate tasks. By minimizing the work to small activities that the family executes daily, you’ll make this obligation far more manageable. You can also lessen the long-term worry by meticulously vetting all the products brought in to the residence.

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5 Entertainers Who Should Not Be Famous

1. Carlos Mencia

Let’s pretend for a moment that Carlos Mencia has never stolen any material. You will likely notice that he is still a horrible comedian. With a delivery style akin to that of a self-proclaimed 7th grade “class clown”, switching awkwardly between laughing at his own louder than necessary joke and breaking out his mediocre at best impression of a retarded person. Mencia got rich and famous simply by marketing himself as edgy and offensive. Apparently if someone goes on stage insisting he is offensive, people will come to believe him. His stand-up routines are repetitive and sometimes contain one or two legitimate jokes, but just about everything he says could be considered filler. His show was his stand-up with props. Now stop pretending he doesn’t steal jokes and think about how miserable a comedian he truly is.

2. Ashlee Simpson

A case could generally be made that the majority of recent pop stars turned actors turned fashion designers turned whatever else should never have been famous in the first place. Producers and marketers are the only reason their music sells in the first place, and non-music gigs that follow rely solely on their recognizable names. Most of these stars, however, have at least one stand-out quality that gets them to the top, whether it be looks, voice, originality, etc. Ashlee Simpson has nothing but her sister’s last name, and that fact earns her a spot on this list.

3. Brittany Murphy

Almost ruined one of my favorite movies of all-time, Sin City, with her laughable overacting. End of story.

4. Jimmy Fallon

Everyone complains about him laughing during SNL sketches, but people forget that those were the funniest things he’s ever done. His movie roles have made audiences cringe more than laugh, and his talk show is downright painful to watch. He will never be funny on his own, and sitting in the background of SNL sketches laughing was possibly the luckiest gig any bad comedian ever landed.

5. Joe Jonas

I was going to list “The Jonas Brothers” here, but then I googled them and found out Joe is dating Taylor Swift. The Jonas Brothers are terrible musicians. They put out generic rock music, make it sound dramatic by adding whiny sounds at the end of every word that is sung, and are somehow rich and famous. Their one redeeming quality up to this point in my eyes had been the fact that everyone excluding the 10-14 year old girl demographic realized that they were a complete joke. Apparently that isn’t true now, as Taylor Swift so kindly reminds me that selling out entirely can get you just about anything.

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5 Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned from Shark Tank on ABC

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is Shark Tank on ABC. If you are not familiar with the show, the premise is that hopeful entrepreneurs pitch their business idea to millionaire investors looking to secure a deal for their company. Over the years there have been some incredibly good and bad ideas that have been on the show. As a hopeful entrepreneur myself, I have learned many lessons from watching the deals that take place on Shark Tank. Here are a few things that I have learned over the past 4 seasons:

All it Takes is One Good Idea

Over the first 4 seasons one thing that always amazes me is that all it takes is one idea and you can be a millionaire. More often than not many of the ideas are something that makes you think “why didn’t I think of that?”. The best ideas have always been ones that solve common problems such as the dishwashing tool “Scrub Daddy” which has become a huge hit.

Know Your Competition

One of the most commons things that I see on the show is that the hopeful entrepreneurs really do not know what they are up against. A common question by investor Kevin O’Leary is “what keeps the large companies from squashing you like a cockroach?”. This is a very valid question. O’Leary always wants to make sure that your idea is proprietary. That is, you own the patent and can control the competition that you will face for your product or service.

Don’t Over Value Your Idea

Another common problem is that many of the people come in and just ask to much from the investors. As an investor the Sharks are most of the time only interested in what the company is worth on that day. They do very little speculation. Sometimes they will think outside of the box but more often than not you better have sales to match your evaluation of your company.

Likeability is Very Important

During their pitch the entrepreneurs who have charisma and likeability consistently do better at securing deals. If they are nice, pleasant people the Sharks are much more likely to offer them a deal. Working with people that they like is a very important factor to each of the investors. That is except for Kevin O’Leary who only cares about money and could care less how it is done.

Discipline in Investing

Another thing that I have taken from the show is that it very difficult but important to separate your emotions from your money. Often times the hopeful’s on the show will have a sad back story and really need the Sharks help to get through a difficult time in their lives. The Sharks keep it together though and regardless of the background will try to make the most educated decision on an investment.

So there it is, 5 lessons that I have learned from Shark Tank. If you have never watched the show I would recommend you tune in one Friday at 9:00 EST on ABC.

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5 Essential IPhone Utilities

Whether you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you won’t want to leave home without these essential utilities.

Free Wi-Fi

As many people have painfully found out, 3G service is not available everywhere. In times like these, you don’t really have a choice except to use free WiFi. Unfortunately, it can be a very daunting task to find free hotspots. This is where the Free Wi-Fi app comes in handy. Before you leave, just enter in the location of the place where you’ll be. The app will then give you a list of all locations in the area that give have free WiFi. Free Wi-Fi is free in the App Store.


You don’t always know where the road will take you, so in that way the Free Wi-Fi app is useless. This is where WifiTrak comes in handy. It offers a much better user interface and a lot more features that the iPhone’s built in Wifi finder. One key factor is that WifiTrak can be set to automatically be set to connect to open networks. There is a free, ad supported version and a $0.99 ad free version availible from the App Store.


When you need a lot of knowledge fast, Wikipedia is a great resource. The Wikipedia app brings the website’s power and knowledge right to you fingers. It offers a very nice user interface and is much easier to use than the web version. The Wikipedia App is free in the App Store.

PS Mobile

Photoshop is the industry standard in photo retouching and manipulation. All far less featured than its bigger brother, the PS Mobile app is very powerful and provides almost every feature an iPhone user requires. You have the ability to some highlights of app are to colorize, crop, rotate, and apply many effects to your photos. After you finish editing, you can save the picture of upload it to You can’t beat the price – PS Mobile is free in the App Store.

Google Mobile

If you have a Google Account, this app is a pure necessity. If don’t have a Google Account, this app online makes it worth making one. With this app, you not only have the ability to quickly search Google, but you also have quick access to a beautifully designed mobile version of all of their apps. A few essential apps that this includes are Reader, Docs, News, and Book Reader. This is also free in Apple’s App Store.

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5 Essential Things to Look for in Wrinkle Cream

Let’s face it. High quality wrinkle cream at an affordable price is pretty hard to find. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible however. Your best bet is to shop online and buy cream from companies that prioritize research and development of the best ingredients and products versus big brand companies that prioritize spending money on marketing and advertising. Here are 5 important things to look for in a wrinkle cream so you know whether you’ve got the real deal or not.

1. When reading reviews on wrinkle cream, make sure to only take completely natural products into consideration. Only buy skin care products that have signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics because that means they have vowed not to use any toxic ingredients in their products. To find out whether a wrinkle cream is really natural or not, determine whether it is edible. This is important because when you apply a cream to your skin, it gets absorbed and enters your bloodstream so you are effectively eating it.

2. In order to effectively treat face wrinkles, a wrinkle cream must contain a high concentration of active ingredients. This means at least 50 percent of the product should be made up of active ingredients. Many big brand products only contain small traces of active ingredients, meaning that you will experience little to no effects.

3. When reading reviews on wrinkle cream, make sure that the products you are interested in contain the latest anti-aging ingredients. The most effective anti-aging ingredients will get to the root of the leading causes of aging which are the loss of collagen and elastin, the breakdown of hyaluronic acid, and the damage caused by free radicals. Three ingredients that are scientifically proven to get the job done are Cynergy TK, Nanolipobelle H EQ10, and Phytessence Wakame.

4. If you want to get rid of face wrinkles, make sure that any anti wrinkle cream you buy does not contain an SPF factor. SPF factors are made with chemicals that can actually cause cancer rather than prevent it. Natural ingredients like Nanolipobelle H EQ10 and Phytessence Wakame use the power of nature to protect your skin from harmful UV-A rays without causing any side effects. SPF factors should be avoided because they are dangerous.

5. When you read reviews on wrinkle cream, make sure that the products you use are fragrance free. The word “fragrance” can refer to up to 4,000 toxic chemicals that can irritate your skin or even be carcinogenic. Big companies add fragrances to their products to cover up the bad smell of low quality ingredients.

Your next step? Use this information to aid you in finding the best anti wrinkle cream out there. Face wrinkles aren’t an inevitable part of aging, or at least not this soon. You can effectively get rid of wrinkles by using the right wrinkle cream. Use these tips and start shopping online to find a cream that will make you look and feel younger and above all, make those unsightly wrinkles disappear.

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5 Easy Ways to Save Hundreds of Dollars!

There is a lot of discussion whether the country is heading towards a recession. Regardless of your opinion, we all would like to have more hard earned cash in our pockets, right? Right! By following the steps below, you can save hundreds of dollars. The best part is, it will only take a few minutes of your time!

Cable bill:
Most Americans have cable in their homes and this can get quite expensive. Consider consolidating your phone and internet with your cable service. Do you notice your bill getting higher and higher each month? Cable companies are notorious for raising their rates and adding extra surcharges. Once you have been a customer for at least 6 months, retention becomes very important to cable companies. I recently called my cable company and asked them for a reduction in my monthly bill. I had to hold on the phone for about 10 minutes but then they reduced my monthly bill by $25. Over six months time, this will save me $150! When this offer ends, I will simply call back and get a new one. Don’t feel like you have to accept whatever the cable company wants to charge you!

Electric bill:
Did you know that you can save between 3-5% just on lowering your temperature in your house by one degree in the winter? I turn down my thermostat in the morning before heading out to work and at night I set it to 64 degrees! That sounds quite chilly, however, you will be very toasting with a couple extra blankets on your bed!

Credit Cards:
Hopefully you have good credit and faithfully pay your bills on time. If you occasionally make a payment late, you know how painful that $30 plus late fee is! If you simply call them, explain the circumstance, most credit card companies will take the fee off for you. This is especially true if it doesn’t happen very often. Also, there are so many credit card companies out there and they are always struggling to stay competitive. Don’t just accept the interest rate that they want to charge you. If you threaten to close your account, many times they will reduce the rate several points! It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask!

Do you have lots of clutter sitting around your house but it’s too nice to donate? Consider using services such as Ebay or Craigslist. I recently bought a new washer and dryer and was wanting to get rid of my old one that was 10 years old. I put the listing on craigslist and received many responses. In fact, I sold it for $150 and it was picked up the same day that I listed it! That sure helped to take the sting out of the cost of the new washer and dryer. There are no fees associated with Craigslist so it will cost you nothing!

Grocery Stores:
There has been a lot of research by groceries stores on what makes people spend more money when they are in their stores. Have you ever wondered why it is so cold in there or paid attention to the types of music they play? All of these tricks are to entice you to spend more money. Have a clear objective and a grocery list to stay on track and you won’t be so surprised when your bill is totaled at the end!

I’m convinced that all of these tips work and I have saved hundreds of dollars by utilizing them. You work hard for your money so enjoy it and don’t throw it away when you don’t have to!

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