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5 Easy Ways to Teach Your Children at Home

If you are looking for ways to teach your children at home then you will want to read this article. I will show you five easy ways to teach your children at home. After reading this article you should be able to teach your children at home with confidence.

Video or DVD
You can use videos to explain concepts that you find difficult. There are a ton of subjects available on video and or DVD. Just about anything you can imagine is on video nowadays, from English, math, art, and history to dance. I like to use videos to reinforce something that I have taught my children. For example, when we learned about earths atmosphere, I rented a DVD that actually took us on a tour of the earths atmosphere from outer space. The kids got to see what the atmosphere really looks like, this helped them to remember what they had learned.

Computer Programs
I find computer programs especially helpful when teaching my children subjects such as science, math and foreign languages. Children need very little help with the use of computer programs, which is nice when you have more than one child you are trying to teach. The programs help teach them step by step, and they cant go on until they master those steps. You can also use computer programs to help teach them things such as first aid and typing skills.

A lot of children prefer to use books for learning, as this is what is most comfortable to them. You can get electronic books but most of the time children prefer to read when off the computer. The computer can be hard to read at for long periods of time, and very uncomfortable to sit by when trying to read. You can take a good book with you anywhere and get comfortable. The local library is a good place to find books, as is your local bookstore.

By doing things with a hands-on approach, children seam to grasp concepts a lot easier than when just reading about something out of a book, or hearing someone talk about it. This gives them a chance to put into practice what they have learned and to experiment with different outcomes. This is fun for kids of all ages, not just the little ones.

The internet is another good way for kids to learn, a lot of times this too can be done on their own, which means more free time for you. There are many sites online that offer distance education, and there are even some charter schools online that offer classes for free. K12 is one such school. They provide all the supplies needed for your home school year and even a computer for those who need one. Time for Learning is another good school, they offer online classes for children in grades k-8, with animation and interaction. The internet can be a wonderful place to learn and study, as there is so much information out there to be found.

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5 Effective Trouble Shooting Tools in WIN XP

Msconfig: A command-line tool (one that you can run from the Command Prompt or using the Run dialog on the Start menu) that opens the System Configuration Utility, which you can use to troubleshoot and resolve startup errors and resolve unwanted prompts by third-party applications.

Use Msconfig when troubleshooting errors that occur during the startup process, to rid the computer of third-party software prompts after startup, to discover and resolve problems with running services, or to resolve errors regarding the boot paths configured on multiboot computers.

To use Msconfig to open and use the System Configuration Utility, follow these steps:

1. From the Start menu, select Run.

2. In the Run dialog box, type msconfig and click OK.

Msinfo32: A command-line tool that opens the System Information window, which provides detailed information about the computer system configuration

Use Msinfo32 when you need to obtain information about the local or remote computer’s hardware configuration, computer components, installed software, or drivers (signed or unsigned); or when you need to get information about the BIOS version; verify that memory is installed and available; check product activation status; determine hardware conflicts; and more.

To use Msinfo32 to open the System Information window and to browse through the available data, follow these steps:

1. From the Start menu, select Run.

2. In the Run dialog box, type msinfo32 and click OK.

Chkdsk :A command-line tool that creates a status report of the integrity of the hard disk and corrects errors on the disk.

Use Chkdsk (Check Disk) to view the file system type (NTFS or FAT) and to verify the integrity of the disks installed on the computer. By adding the appropriate parameter (/F), you can also fix errors on the disk.

To use Chkdsk to check the integrity of the hard disk and automatically fix any errors it finds, follow these steps:

1. From the Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and select Command Prompt.

2. To see all of the Chkdsk parameters, at the command prompt, type chkdsk /?

3. At the command prompt, type chkdsk /F to run Check Disk and automatically correct disk errors.

Disk Defragmenter: A program included with Windows XP that analyzes hard disks and locates and consolidates fragmented files and folders.

Disk Defragmenter looks for and consolidates fragmented files, those that are saved in various areas of the hard drive rather than in one place. Opening defragmented files takes less time than opening fragmented ones because the information is stored together on the disk rather than haphazardly. Use Disk Defragmenter when the user complains that the computer seems slower than usual, when the user has not used Disk Defragmenter in the past or does not use it on a regular basis, and when no distinct problems can be found for the slowdown.

To use Disk Defragmenter, follow these steps:

1. From the Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, point to System Tools, and select Disk Defragmenter.

2. To analyze the disk to see whether it needs defragmenting, select the disk from the top pane, and select Analyze from the bottom.

3. To defragment the volume, select Defragment.

SFC /Scannow A command-line tool that scans and verifies all protected system files on the computer and replaces any missing files.

System File Checker (SFC) is a command-line utility that allows a technician or user to determine whether any protected system files are missing. Missing system files can cause problems with the boot process or problems when operating system components are opened.

To use the SFC /Scannow utility to determine whether there are any missing files and to replace them, follow these steps:

1. From the Start menu, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and select Command Prompt.

2. Type SFC /scannow (note the space after SFC) and press Enter or Return.

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5 Essential Benefits of Trading the Currency Markets

Currency trading involves the buying and selling of different currencies. It works on the theory that is similar with share market. As we all know that to make a good amount of profit, you have to buy at lower price and sell at higher price, or we can also sell at higher price first and buy at lower price. But this is not as easy as it sounds. You can actually earn profits in currency trading by studying certain market conditions. All you have to do is to analyze the foreign exchange market in a correct way and then enter into a good trade.
But the question that arises is why to go for Foreign exchange trading? There is an alternative to invest in stock market also but here are a few important advantages of currency trading over stock market.

1. Twenty four hours continuous trading: Currency trading is done on twenty four hours basis. This market is open throughout the day and night as somewhere in the world, there might be this buy and sell trading that is going on. Traders involved in foreign exchange trading strategy can always get that first hand information and can act accordingly. The currency rate is actually run through telecommunication all over the network of banks twenty four hours a day from 00:00 GMT on Monday to 10:00 pm GMT on Friday. There are ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks) which bring the buyers and sellers together on continuous basis.

2. Increased liquidity: There is a superior liquidity in the market as there are always buyers and sellers to purchase and sell foreign currencies. Foreign exchange trading market size is many times bigger than the average of all the stock markets of the world taken together on a given day and the liquidity of such large market ensures price stability. Also Forex trading stop orders could be carried out more simply. This makes Forex trading signal more liquid and permits Forex traders to take benefit of trading opportunities as they happen rather than waiting for the market to open the next day.

3. 100:1 high leverage in currency trading: 100 to 1 leverage is commonly available from online foreign exchange dealers, which substantially exceeds the common 2:1 margin offered by equity brokers. This gives them a huge leverage in their trading and presents the potential for huge sum of profits with relatively small investments. Leverage can also go the opposite way and may lead to huge losses if you are not careful.

4. Currency trading transactions have no commissions: Foreign exchange brokers can earn money by fixing their own speculation between what a currency could be bought at and what it could be sold at. In difference, Forex traders have to pay a commission fee or brokerage fee for every futures transaction they come in to the view. The currency market is so large that no one individual, bank, mutual fund or a government body can influence it for a long period of time. In forex trading strategy, you can trade between seven currencies but not everyone trades in all.

5. Good online support: There are certain trading signals that give indications to the trade. These forex signals are delivered by email, instant messenger or direct to your desktop. Some services even offer auto-trading, allowing you to auto-execute their trading signals direct into your broker account.

Thus it can surely be said that currency trading is becoming immensely popular amongst traders and investors in the modern times due to vast profit potential over traditional forms of investment.

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Buying groceries can be one of the most expensive things you do each week. In fact, if you’re not careful, a single trip to the grocery store can take a huge bite out of your monthly budget. Fortunately, bringing your grocery bill under control is easier than you think. By following a few simple, money-saving tips, you can stick to your food-shopping budget while keeping more of your hard-earned dollars where they belong — in your wallet.

Here are 5 easy ways to save money on groceries:

1. Shop at several stores instead of just one
Beyond traditional grocery stores, many other retailers now sell groceries, too. These include big-box stores (like Wal-Mart and Target) and discount warehouse clubs (like Sam’s Club and Target). Every few weeks, do your grocery shopping at one of these alternate stores to take advantage of discounts, in-store sales and other offers.

2. Skip the big names and buy the store’s brand
An easy way to save at the grocery store is to avoid the more expensive name brands and buy the store’s brand instead. Or better yet, go with generic. When you compare the nutrition labels of all three, the differences are usually very small. Why pay more for fancier packaging? From now on, skip the name brands when you can.

3. Look for sale items, and then buy in bulk
Another way to curb your grocery spending is to buy your regular items only when they go on sale — and then buy them in bulk to maximize your savings. Don’t have enough room in your pantry to store the extras? Create more storage space by adding a new shelving unit or two to your garage, basement or guest room.

4. Buy frozen fruits and veggies instead of fresh
Frozen foods offer several advantages over fresh. First, many frozen foods are flash-frozen, which preserves the flavors and nutrients present when the foods were still fresh. Frozen foods also cost less and keep much longer than fresh, preventing waste. From now on, ignore the produce aisle and stock up in the frozen section instead.

5. Make your own beverages from concentrate
It’s likely that a large portion of your grocery bill goes toward beverages like bottled water, sports drinks, coffee, tea, soda, orange juice, and more. Switch to drinking your own filtered tap water, and buy concentrate. You can save hundreds of dollars each year by making your own beverages.

Today’s retailers offer shoppers more ways to save money on groceries than ever before. By following the five easy steps outlined above, you can stop overspending on food, stick to your budget and bring your grocery bill back under control. You’ll be surprised by how much money these simple tips will save you over time — and your wallet will thank you!

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5 Easy Ways You Can Stop Damaging the Planet

1. Compost! Millions of tons of rubbish are sent to landfills while you read this article. Landfills are detrimental to the environment in many ways, including using valuable property, contaminating local water systems, and displacing wildlife. They also release toxic gases. The less you send to the landfills, the better it is for the environment. It is easy to begin composting. You can buy a special plastic compost bin to put in your garden/yard. Ours cost about £20, but prices depend on the size and style you choose. Using a special compost bin will prevent rats, flies, and other pests from flocking to your compost, and so is worth the investment. I have a small bin (trash can) in my kitchen that I empty regularly into the bigger compost bin outside. And it’s easier than ever because you can buy bin liners (trash bags) that are compostable! Good things to compost include: leftovers and other food scraps, tea bags, garden waste, and paper towels. Do not put in anything with chemicals that could be harmful to the environment.

2. Use less electricity! We don’t think about it, but we waste huge amounts of electricity in our homes. For example, turn your appliances off rather than leaving them on standby. A study showed that over £10 million worth of electricity was wasted each month in the UK alone just because people kept their TVs and VCRs on standby rather than turning them off! You don’t have to change what you use, just turn things off when you’re not using them. Unplug your mobile phone chargers when they’re not charging; turn off lights in empty rooms; use energy saving light bulbs. For more good ways to save energy in your home, see

3. Reuse shopping bags! Experts estimate that 750 billion plastic shopping bags are used each year. Although many stores do have recycling schemes, most people just throw them away and they end up in landfills. They create a lot of pollution in their production, and are bad for the environment after they’re used. They’re also annoying, and quickly fill up your kitchen drawers and cupboards. Avoid this hassle by using reusable bags. You may already have canvas bags you can use, or you can buy them cheaply at most supermarkets. They are more practical and better for the environment.

4. Eat Green! A government report in the UK released in July 2007 estimated that £9billion a year was spent on food transportation. The food transport industry has a huge carbon footprint. If possible, buy locally produced foods. Not only is it better for the environment, it will support your local environment, and food that has had less transport time is healthier for you too! Living in southern England, I obviously have to buy imported bananas if I want them with my breakfast. However, I buy most of my vegetables (potatoes, corn, parsnips, swede, carrots, onions, etc.) from a local farmer. They are cheaper than buying from the supermarket, and the quality of the food is much higher. Another huge way our eating habits impact the environment is by eating meat. If you eat meat, eat less and try to buy local meat. It takes 78 times as much fossil fuel energy to produce the same amount of beef as soy. The meat industry produces 8% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the UK (just in the production; more is released by transporting the meat from producer to consumer). Goingvegetarian is best, but it can make a huge difference just to cut back. For good resources about how are eating affects the environment, check out these websites:, and

5. Conserve water! This can be as simple as turning the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth. Just try to cut out unnecessary water use. Plant your garden with plants that are indigenous to the area and your climate. If you live in a dry area, don’t plant flowers that will need watering every day to survive. When you do water your outside plants, water them at night so that the water used will be most effective. Never waste water on your lawn. Grass will survive whether or not you water it. Even if it goes slightly brown during the summer, it will be fine and it is a huge waste to use water on it.

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5 Examples of Core Values: How They Can Improve Your Life

A persons core values or personal values are strongly held beliefs about themselves and the world around them. How you perceive yourself will ultimately determine how you relate to others and the rest of your world. Our assumptions, about ourselves form in us the expectations that shape our lives. The value system you hold is all about what we think ought to be true for others and ourselves. We have a notion of how people ought to behave, speak and perform and when this does not hold true we are frustrated and angry. This is especially true with concepts such as honesty, integrity and openness.

Here are five of the most common personal values and a brief example of how our belief about each can help or hinder our personal growth.


The number one core value for most humans is love. How you expect people to behave in love however can cloud the issue and make love a miserable thing. You have all different types of love and the heart has the capacity to love beyond our expectations. Putting restrictions on love can be bad for you and the ones who care about you. love should be freely given and just as freely received. When we allow others to love us we sometimes make it harder by coloring their expressions of love with our own personal concept and core beliefs of how it should be. This causes friction. Expecting others to conform to your beliefs can make love a miserable time for you both. On the other hand if you are loving others and allo0wing them to love you without expecting them to adhere to your belief system it can be a beautiful thing. They will also have the core belief system expectations so it is important to know what your are and to communicate your needs one to the other in order to get them met in a civilized manner.


Yes, fun is a core belief, some people have a belief system that is all fun and still others are the extreme opposite. It is important to have a balance in your life. Time is short and to live life constantly striving to get ahead and to keep up with the Jones’s will leave very little time for fun. All work an no play, as the saying goes has been the reason for many heart attacks, strokes and ulcers.


Freedom is a value that people feel so strongly about that they are willing to die for it. When freedom is endangered by anything or anyone the first response is one of frustration and anger. Freedom can be had by all even in the confines of interpersonal relationships. Rules believe it or not are a part of freedom. Freedom to be yourself is not hindered by having to responsible to and for the people around you.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to be authentic in today’s “cookie cutter” world. How many times have you heard or even said to someone “Why can’t you be like “, this is not fair to that person. Individuality should be prized above all else. Every where you look you see the sameness of people. This even permeates how you perceive yourself. We all have to dress and think and talk alike to be accepted. In the search for your core values you will also find that authentic person you have left behind. Learning to embrace and celebrate this person will be the challenge of your lifetime.


A life without growth is stagnate and boring. Your values should inspire you to want to be better today than you were yesterday.

There is a website that has a tool that is free to use that will help you to sort out what your five most important core values are. Once you know them you can begin to rearrange the way you relate to your world.

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5 Extremely Useful Marketing Ideas for Non-Profit Organizations!

Good marketing strategies can greatly benefit your non-profit organization! Well-done marketing increases consumer participation and satisfaction, empowers donors, staff members, and volunteers, and tangibly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the non-profit’s services, creating an overall stronger organization.

Here are five strong marketing ideas that will quickly increase the strength, efficiency, and value of your not-for-profit organization.

1) Develop and Distribute Marketing Materials.

Design and create eye-catching marketing materials that visually transcribe the services, benefits, donation opportunities, goals, and values of your non-profit organization. Your organization’s name and logo should be clearly visible, and all written information shared on your materials should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. These marketing materials can include brochures, flyers, business cards, postcards, counter displays, wall posters, pens and notepads, etc. Depending upon your printing abilities and available funds, you can either create these materials in-house or have them created for you by a local or online printing service.

Once you have developed these materials, begin distributing them locally. Give stacks of flyers and counter displays to willing business and eateries. Post flyers in public places, and hand distribute or mail flyers, brochures, and postcards throughout the surrounding communities.

2) Create and Maintain a Professional, Eye-catching Website.

A creatively developed, well-built website satisfies any non-profit’s modern-day need to maintain a strong web presence. Your website will likely become the center of interaction between your non-profit organization and its current and potential members, volunteers, and donors. The organization’s cause and mission, goals and values, activities, and all other useful information should be properly placed, well showcased, and easily accessible to the viewers. The website should also be kept timely up-to-date with news, event information, blogging links, recent photographs, etc.

3) Reach Out to Your Constituents Through Social Media.

Using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, and Yelp is a low-cost, extremely effective way to reach out to current and potential members, volunteers, and donors. Use the media outlets to make direct connections between your organization’s internal staff, and those who are equally as passionate about the causes or services that the organization values or provides. These media platforms should be used to share current events and goings-on within your organization, and should provide potential members and donors easy access to in-depth information about opportunities offered by the organization, should they want to participate or donate.

4) Communicate with Current and Prospective Constituents.

The age-old adage “Communication is Key” stands true. Your constituents rely on communication with the organization for empowerment and encouragement to further their efforts with and within the organization. Conversely, your organization must rely on communication with your constituents to determine the overall value of your organization and the goods or services it provides. Are consumers satisfied with your goods or services? Are organization staff members and volunteers satisfied with what they are receiving in exchange for membership and engagement with the organization? Are donors satisfied with the value and levels of service being provided in conjunction with their generosity? Research and maintain prospect and customer databases, and use them to find the answers to these questions through special mailings, surveys, follow-up telephone calls, etc.

As you gather the answers to these questions, do not remain idle! Use this valuable information as a resource that leads to organization improvement. See where services can be fine-tuned or diversified, where service or good quality can be improved, where constituents can be reached easier or quicker, where organization alliances can be made, etc.

5) Publicize and Emphasize the Importance of Patrons’ Efforts

Everyone enjoys a little recognition. Make known the importance of your constituents’ efforts and donations, and your gratitude towards them for these efforts and donations. Doing so provides to your patrons a sense of trust and appreciation, and motivates them to remain engaged with the organization.

All non-profit organizations are astutely aware that its target consumers must be actively involved in its efforts to accomplish its goals- make sure that the target consumers and constituents understand this, as well. Every so often, distribute and publicize messages of gratitude and encouragement. Both the non-profit organization and its patrons will be better off because of it.

In conclusion, remember that not-for-profit does not mean that your organization mustn’t gain any profit at all. The fulfillment of your organization’s goals and missions, especially when due to a strong marketing strategy, is a large profit in itself.

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5 Fab Android Apps

I remember that glorious day as if it were yesterday. What day you ask? The day I received my android smart phone, the HTC Incredible. It is the phone that ushered me into the smartphone arena. It changed not only how I do many daily tasks but it amazed me with its features, and for me redefined what a phone is capable off.

When I first got the phone I downloaded dozens of apps (it’s fun isn’t it?) and then as the months went by I uninstalled many as I found myself using a select few apps consistently. Here are 5 apps that made the cut and are worth checking out:

1. Dropbox

Ever heard of cloud storage? If you haven’t heard about it or used it before, you’re in for a treat. Dropbox is a company that provides free and paid cloud storage to the public. You can sign up on their site ( and get 2GB of storage space for free. You then download their software which places a “Dropbox folder” on your computer’s desktop. When you place a file (any kind of file) in that folder, it syncs to Dropbox online effectively making it available anywhere. This is really cool! You no longer need to carry a flashdrive with you. Things get even better when you get the free android app available on the android market. With the app, you can upload pictures you’ve taken with your phone to your Dropbox account instantly – I use the app for this all the time to upload and share pictures without having to use a USB cable to transfer the files to my laptop. It’s very fast and convenient, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

2. Catch

I’m a creative guy, and my head is always buzzing with all kinds of ideas, often when I’m out and about. I wanted a notes app that I could use to store ideas that I have on the go, as well as simple things like lists and things to do. Enter “Catch”. This is a free app that gives you the ability to take different types of notes, such as text notes, camera notes, reminder notes, even voice notes! You can set it so that every time you add a note it will sync to your Catch account that is available online so your notes are available anywhere you have an internet connection. Never forget that next great idea ever again!

3. Tapatalk

I’m a forum junkie. Their are several forums I frequent, and having a smartphone allows me to view and post in threads while on the go when I want to. The problem is that viewing threads in a regular phone browser is not intuitive. You often have to zoom in, or the text won’t format nicely for proper reading. Tapatalk is the answer to this. You can save your favorite forums and threads for fast and easy viewing, and of course, publish posts. Get your read on.

3. Gasbuddy

I’d now like to introduce you to my new little friend, his name is Gasbuddy. Gas prices continue going in one direction (hint: it rhymes with yup), and this is having a large impact on many drivers. Wouldn’t it be nice to save some money at the pump during these difficult times? Enter Gasbuddy. Gasbuddy is a free app that uses your phone’s GPS and data connection and provides you with local gas prices. You can organize the list it gives you by price per gallon or by distance. Gas prices are typically updated every few hours both by other Gasbuddy users or by the gas station themselves. Drive by that gas station smiling, knowing that just a few blocks away is another station with much cheaper gas. You’re so smart.

4. TuneIn Radio

I love music of all kinds and this is one app I use almost everyday. It’s free and gives you access to thousands of radio stations, both in the U.S and abroad. You can set your own station pre sets by browsing stations via the app. One thing I like about this app is that you can search by country, it’s a great way to discover new music. Did I mention it’s free?

5. JuiceDefender

As much as I love my android phone, the battery life was just terrible. It was especially bad when I first got the phone as I was constantly downloading new apps and exploring its features. I didn’t want to change out batteries or use a larger battery that would take away the slimness of my phone. The solution? JuiceDefender. This fantastic app (free version available) has built in battery saving profiles (balanced, aggressive, extreme, custom) that you can put into effect with just a touch of a button. Click the profile you like (I suggest starting with balanced and then go from their). The app optimizes the battery usage of your smartphone giving you HOURS of extra juice. After installing this app, I was shocked at how much more battery life I was getting. Truly remarkable, try it and see the results for yourself.

So their you have it, 5 great apps that I use all the time that I’m sure you’ll love too. Give them a test run and let me know what you think in the comments. I plan on doing a part 2 with more great android apps so stay tuned! Till next time.

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5 Factors Influencing the Cost of Tattoo Removal

When it comes to the price of removing tattoos, there is no single answer that can summarize how much such a thing costs. Why isn’t there a simple answer for how much it costs to remove a tattoo? Simply because not all tattoos are the same! In fact, the biggest factors related to the expense of removing tattoos are precisely those unique factors relating to the tattoo itself. So what are these attributes? Let’s take a look at them right now.

The first factor influencing tattoo removal cost is the size of the tattoo. This is an obvious one but it needs to be noted. In the simplest terms, the bigger the tattoo, the more treatments it takes, and thus, the more treatments involved it drives the cost up. The reverse is also true of course, with very small tattoos, such as those on the wrist or ankle, costing much less to remove.

The second factor is the tattoo inks used – specifically, the color of the tattoo ink. Black ink is easier to remove than colors such as green or blue. However, thick solid areas of black ink present a unique problem as well in the sense they require more treatments to remove.

A third factor influencing the cost of tattoo removal is the age of the tattoo. Tattoos that are more than a decade old are likely to have gone through some natural fading over time, which makes them easier to fade away entirely. Conversely, a brand new tattoo will costs more to remove than an older one of the same size and design.

A fourth factor relates to how the tattoo was done. If it was created by a friend using some cheap tattoo equipment, it’s likely at the wrong skin depth. This may make it easier or harder to remove, thus driving the cost up or down.

The fifth and final factor we’ll look at today is the method used to remove the tattoo. Whereas rejuvi tattoo removal and laser treatments cost about the same, dermabrasion usually is a more costly procedure. At the other end of the spectrum, shady methods such as TCA cream peels or tattoo removal creams cost much less, but typically don’t work very well at removing tattoos.

Check out this site on cheap tattoo removal prices for more information on how such an expense adds up, how to finance professional tattoo removal services instead of trying a cheap method which doesn’t work very well, as well as a guide to all other tattoo removal techniques and their associated costs in one handy reference chart.

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5 Excellent Nintendo 3DS Games with Crippling Flaws

The Nintendo 3DS has an amazing library, but some of the finest games for the console have crippling flaws. These great 3DS games just narrowly dodged perfection. Just what is it that caused these otherwise AAA games to fall short? While some gamers might disagree, these are the main flaws that held back each of them.

Tetris Axis

Gamers were doubtful there could ever be a handheld entry in the series better than Tetris DS. While Tetris Party Deluxe did disappoint, Tetris Axis does nearly everything perfectly. The 3D effects are very impressive and the gameplay is just as addictive as ever. The cartridge is packed with twenty-plus variations of Tetris and a great soundtrack. What is it that places Tetris Axis on this list?

Many gamers lament the inability to use the Circle Pad, but this isn’t the only issue at hand. While it is disappointing that you’re forced to use the D-Pad, an even bigger problem is the overabundance of clone game modes. In order to fill out the package, the developers slightly retooled several existing modes leading to many disgruntled gamers. Had these two issues been addressed, Tetris Axis might have outclassed Tetris DS.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

The 3DS launch lineup was filled to bursting with amazing third party offerings. Nintendo came to the table a little light with its three games- Nintendogs, Steel Diver, Pilotwings Resort, but Koei stepped up to the plate for a homerun. Just what makes Samurai Warriors: Chronicles so impressive? Fantastic gameplay, a treasure trove of content, and visuals that impress from the moment you turn the console on. The friendship system’s use of dialogue trees and affinity bonuses will keep you replaying stages to befriend and unlock new characters.

Many portable games are fleeting experiences- Koei made certain this would not be one of them. So what’s the problem? The lack of English voice acting is almost a deal breaker for this otherwise perfect game. Chaotic levels require multiple undertakings to fully catch the subtitled dialogue and to complete tougher missions. Failed an ambush? Lost your supplies? Let a defector escape? I bet you wouldn’t have if you were warned in English.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

There isn’t much to say about Natsume’s latest Harvest Moon offering on the Nintendo 3DS. It is, without a doubt, one of the finest portable HM experiences thanks to its focus on customization, gameplay tweaks, and abundance of content. The game isn’t plagued by glitches like its predecessor and the controls are far more polished than previous efforts. What earns it a spot on this list?

The game is famous for throwing out the ‘old rule book’ in order to have a ‘new beginning,’ but in the process it lost some of its charm. In an overextended effort to draw in new buyers, many long-time fans were left feeling left out by the simplified gameplay and focus on customization over exploration and lifestyle simulation. If A New Beginning committed a crime, its stealing far too much from Animal Crossing.

Skylanders Giants

Who would have thought Spyro the dragon could manage such a comeback? How many gamers would have guessed that Spyro would deliver so amazing an experience at this late, dark point in his life span? This follow-up to the equally amazing Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure is a must-have game for fans of both platforming and RPGs.

Although it improves on the original in practically every manner, it stumbles in one major area. The game’s performance leaves much to be desired with frequent lagging and stuttering. While it doesn’t plague the gameplay at every turn, it does trigger some cheap deaths and uneven boss battles. Activision really should have polished this return to Skylands.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance

It’s amazing what a difference 3D visuals, excellent voice acting, and finely polished gameplay makes on a portable Kingdom Hearts title. While Birth By Sleep and Re: Coded struggled, Kingdom Hearts 3D surpasses even the excellent, Organization XIII flavored Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The inclusion of a world based on The World Ends With You is the only the start of this fantastic follow-up’s successes.

The atrocious card battle system is nowhere to be found and Sora’s new voice does a far better job than his predecessor. Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance squeezes a home console KH experience onto the Nintendo 3DS. While you are granted all the blessings of a console KH game, you also receive the curses. The game’s length leaves much to be desired as the game mostly succeeds in leaving you wanting much more. We can only hope that Square Enix is smart enough to grace the 3DS with a follow-up that serves up more content.

Tags:5 Excellent Nintendo 3DS Games with Crippling Flaws

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