Friday, December 2, 2016

Coffee Jars, 10 Uses for Your Folgers Empties

Finished enjoying your Folgers coffee jar don’t just toss the empty jar away. The clear plastic jar with the flip open lid can be put to good use in lots of ways. Peel of the label and wash out the empty jar. No need to add labels as the clear jars make it easy to see the contents.

Reusing coffee jars.

  • Store you lose nails and screws. You can see at a glance what’s inside the jar. Add a silica gel packet and it will help keep them rust free.

  • Use the jar as a dispenser for string and twine. Store a pair of scissors or craft knife in the jar too.

  • Use as a waste bin in the car. Ideal for candy wrappers, gum or apple cores.

  • Use in the garden to store your seed packets.

  • Store and dispense fertilizer around your plants, controlling the flow of the fertilizer with the flip top lid.

  • Slug pellets can be stored in the jars and spread easily where needed around your plants.

  • Take a jar full of water for your dog when you go for walks in the park.

  • Store dog treats in the car.

  • Fill with water and freeze use as ice packs, keeping your shopping cool. Keep your picnic cold and fresh. Have ice cold water to drink as it thaws.

  • Filled with water, marbles of stones, these jars are an ideal size and shape to use as weights in your exercise regime.


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