Thursday, December 1, 2016

10 Ways to Find Balance in Your Life

Pressure from everyday can overwhelm us. If you feel as though your life is spinning out of balance, here is 10 ways to try to focus and bring back the balance.

Have a mantra

A mantra is the main focus of meditation, a word or a phrase that you use to center your mind, bring calmness to the body, and assist with concentration. Use whatever word or phrase that bring you to meditation, and use it throughout the day to gain more control and feel calmer.

Maintain rituals

A routine is something you do habitually, like drinking a cup of coffee in the morning or sit quietly in your favorite chair. Ritual or routine keeps your emotions in check, and convey the balance on a regular basic.

Do one thing at a time

We become experts with multi-tasking these days. Try to do just one thing at a time. Carefully pay attention to what you are doing, and where you are at the moment. When you feel panic, ask yourself what one task has to be done first.

Just say thank you

Keep a gratitude journal will give you a better self-esteem, more energy, and felt more alert. Write down three things that you are grateful for every day, and make it a habit to say thank you to someone you admire, love, or has done you a favor.

Practice acceptance

Acceptance means peace, and also means you are willing to face it without reacting or blaming, or getting angry. When you feel annoyed or irritated, try to connect with yourself, and then the other person. Practice acceptance to feel calmer.

Do something for others

Kindness acts give us a deep feeling of purpose. When you do something nice for other, you have a sense of connecting to that person, and it does wonder for the mind.

Do something for yourself

You will not be able to take care of anyone or anything else in your life if you’re burned out or run down. Have at least 15 minutes every day to do something pleasurable just for yourself.

Learn to say no

It is challenging to say no on the spot. If you have a hard time saying no, then just tell them the famous phrase that we’ve heard all the time: “Let me get back to you.”

Tune in to nature

Spend time listening to the sounds of nature, bird singing, leaves rushing, rain drops, ocean waves, wind blowing to alter out the noises of modern life.

Clean up your surroundings

Simplify your desk, kitchen counters, or any other spot in the house that collect clutters. You will have more time to do what you love, less stress if you are not overwhelmed with your environment.

Try it out, even if you just do one of these suggested ideas, you will feel better. For example, when life throws you a lemon, take a different approach of looking at it by counting your blessings and giving gratitude to what you already have. Doing this will keep you focus on the positive things in life rather than drowning in sorrows.


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