Thursday, December 1, 2016

10 Ways to Beat Holiday Loneliness

There are a lot of lonely people during the holidays, and one can choose to sit around and feel unhappy and alone, which can lead to even more loneliness, or nip it right in the bud, and enjoy the holiday season to it’s fullest. Let’s take a look at ten great ways to stop being lonely, and start having fun during the holidays.

Share The Holidays with The Elderly-

There are many places you find the elderly who are alone during the holidays. They are in nursing homes, assisted living homes, and maybe even a neighbor, and they would love someone to visit and share the holidays with them. When you reach out to someone else who is lonely, it lessens your loneliness as well.

Volunteering at Shelters-

Volunteering to either serve holiday dinners, or passing out presents to kids who wouldn’t have a special holiday without a charitable organization, can help lessen your loneliness, and truly help you understand just how fortunate you really are. The happiness you see on their faces, will help to wash away your feeling of loneliness quickly.

Visiting Hospitals-

Arrange with your local hospital to be able to visit some of the people who are stuck in the hospital during the holidays. You can read holiday stories to children, or read to other patients that are unable to read for themselves. You can also just visit and spend time listening, to those who would like to talk about their fond memories of holidays past. Just knowing someone cares means a lot. This will take the focus off yourself, and what you may be doing without.

Holiday Parties-

Don’t be afraid to attend holiday parties by yourself. Being around other people and celebrating the holidays, will help take the edge off your loneliness. You would be surprised just how much fun you can have if you just make a little effort.

Holiday Activities-

Try and get out and do as many fun holiday activities as possible. Dig out the old ice skates, and give it a whirl. Take in a funny holiday movie at a movie theater. Don’t stay at home and watch it at home alone. Laughing with and enjoying the movie with a whole bunch of other people will do more for you than watching it at home alone. Take in a holiday concert, go shopping in the stores, not on-line. You want to do everything possible not to isolate yourself during the holidays.

Visit Family Members-

Having family around during the holidays is usually plus for most people. There’s nothing like sharing the love and joy of the holiday season with those you really care about, to help beat the loneliness a single person feels during the holidays.

Decorate for The Holidays-

One thing I have found in common about people who are alone during the holidays, is they don’t make the effort to decorate. I guess they figure there’s no one else there to enjoy them. Well, you are, and that means everything. So, don’t skip the decorating, this just adds fuel to the fire that you are either alone, lonely, or both. Decorate like you matter. You would be surprised at how different it will make you feel.

Spoil Yourself-

When you focus on doing nice things for yourself you are less likely to focus on being lonely. So, make that special holiday meal, bake those cookies, take that luxurious bubble bat, whatever makes you feel special, do it. I bet you will feel so wonderful spoiling yourself, it will be hard to remember why you ever felt lonely.

Call Old Friends and Catch Up-

You know I have some dear friends I have known for many years, and every year during the holidays we talk for hours, catching up on what happened all year long. What fun this is! You will never feel lonely when you reach out to old friends that you have shared many good memories with.

Adopt a Pet-

I know some people say you should never adopt a pet during the holidays. I agree in some instances that may be true, but certainly not in all. What better way to feel less lonely, then to share your love and companionship with a pet that may have had to spend the holidays in a shelter. It’s pretty well known that pets can add much happiness, and improve the lives and health of those who have a pet to love, and a pet who loves them. I adopted my my last two dogs, and have never regretted it. They bring much joy to my life all year long, and especially during the holidays!

Well, there you have, ten ways to beat holiday loneliness. Now, if you can do all ten, chances are you will be way to busy to think about being lonely. If you can’t do all ten, do a few of your favorites. Focusing on others, and sharing the holidays with others, is a sure fire way to ever forget you even thought about being lonely. Happy Holidays!


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