Thursday, December 1, 2016

10 Ways for Children to Help Lower Your Energy Bill

1) We can start off with the most simple: Turn off the lights when you don’t need them. This is the most commonly said, but also the least commonly followed.

2) Encourage your kids to do things that don’t require electricity. Tell your child to forget about TV and come play Cranium Cadoo with the family. If you provide a fun alternative, you can keep the TV off for possibly a couple hours.

3) Make sure your kids don’t leave the fridge open. This is a huge energy waster that adds loads of unnecessary money to your bill

4) If your child has friends over and they want to play video games, try to encourage them to participate in a large in-house all lights off hide and seek game. The kids will have a blast and will want to keep doing this for a long time. With everything off in your house, this can provide quite a bit of money savings.

5) Provide your children money for helping lowering the bill. Heres a reccomended technique:

Look at your bill right now and see how much you have to pay. Tell your child that you will pay him/her half of how much they deduct from the next bill. So if your bill is $1000 right now, and your child agrees, and he lowers it to $980, that’s twenty dollars saved, then give the child 10 of those dollars, and you make a net saving of 10 dollars. This will encourage your child to save even more energy.

6) Sign them up for sports. Not only is this healthy for them, it also provides something for them to do rather than just sitting at the house using all the electricity.

7) Get more sandwich items. Stop promoting the use of the microwave to make food. Sandwiches require no energy to be expended, but taste delicious.

8) Make a fun game out of taking quick showers. Whoever can get the most clean in under 5 minutes gets a prize!

9) Teach them to turn off the Power Strips in you house.

10) Keep all the things in your house fully charged. If you have to constantly recharge something then that is a waste of energy.

I hope these tips helped!


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