Friday, December 2, 2016

10 Uses for Clear Nail Polish

You knew clear nail polish would make nails shine, but did you know that it could also remove warts, fix cracked eyeglasses , tighten loose drawer knobs, scuff-proof new boots and do six other remarkable things? Neither did I, until I put the product to the test and discovered these 10 uses for clear nail polish.

Remove Warts

Apply a thick coat of clear nail polish over a wart every day for a few weeks (mine took four weeks). The polish will create an invisible airtight seal over the wart, suffocating it and causing it dry up and disappear.

Fix Cracked Eyeglasses

A simple crack in eyeglass lens can be temporarily fixed with a swipe of clear fingernail polish. Seal the crack by applying a thin coat of polish over the crack, as the polish dries it binds the broken lens together.

Tighten Loose Drawer Knobs

Got a drawer knob you have to re-tighten every few days? Most of us do, but you can put the screw driver away if you apply clear nail polish to the loose screw next time you fix it. Remove the drawer knob and screw, apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to the screw then replace knob and screw into drawer and tightly secure into place. As the polish dries, it will glue the screw threads to the inside pull hole to prevent it from becoming loose again.

Scuff Proof New Boots

To prevent ‘driver’s heel’ or other predicable scuff marks from defacing your new boots, apply a coat of clear nail polish to those predicable scuff-mark-prone areas. Feather out the edges of the clear polish and re-apply as needed.

Prevent Clothes Hanger Snags

Expensive wooden hangers develop small nicks and jagged edges with use. But even those small blemishes can cause big problems on some clothing fabrics. Prevent snags by applying clear nail polish over the nicked and jagged spots on the wooden hangers. The polymers in the polish will smooth out the rough edges and keep garments looking flawless.

Wear Costume Jewelry Again

If wearing pretty and inexpensive costume jewelry cause your skin to rebel (crusty, itchy earlobes or red, blotchy wrist) a coat of clear polish will prevent the allergic rebellion. Apply a thin coat of polish to earring posts and backs and any other piece of jewelry that cause your skin to break out. The polish will prevent the metal (usually nickel) from coming into direct contact with skin.

Protect Faux Pearl Buttons

Faux pearl buttons often found on sweaters lose their luster over time and ruin the look of the sweater. Protect the shine on the faux pearl buttons by applying a thin coat of clear polish to prevent dulling and peeling.

Prevent Frayed Ribbon Ends

The cut end of ribbon has the tendency to fray, a little clear polish prevent the fraying before it start. Just brush on a little polish to the cut ribbon ends.

Cut Back on Salt Usage

This is a simple trick for those of us on restricted salt diets or for those who have the tendency to over-salt foods – Remove the salt shaker lid and use clear nail polish to plug up some of the holes. Apply polish on inside of lid and allow to dry before replacing lid.

Stop Late Night Snacking

Keep a bottle of clear nail polish beside your favorite TV watching chair. When your tempted to have a late night snack while watching your favorite TV program, apply a coat of clear polish to your nails. The wet nails will prevent you from reaching for a snack until the urge passes plus the scent of polish diminishes the urge to eat.


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