Friday, December 2, 2016

10 Unobvious Things Guys Do that Appall Women

Girls are truly unique beings that men have a difficult time fully understanding. In our minds, we see them as beautiful people who need a constant reminder of how beautiful they are, continuous compliments, and random caressing all at our convience, when in reality they desire a more modest, less tactile approach when hanging out. After maintaining several close friendships with numerous girls over the past six years, I’ve compiled a list of ten “rules” few guys consider that will either weaken or strengthen a friendship/relationship with a girl.

1) Making Excuses – The easiest way to turn-off/annoy a girl is make excuses for something you know you’re already in the wrong for: “but I had to…, because they were…, but I was…” Granted, life emergencies such as a health issue in your immediate family or something work-related is acceptable, but you can’t justify why you didn’t make the dinner reservation or arrive at her house on time because you had to see how the episode of your favorite TV show ended.

2) Too Many Compliments – This might come as a surprise to most guys, but it’s true ‘” too much of a good thing makes it a ho-hum thing. Modesty is the key here and downplaying the obvious is an astute tactic. Pretty/hot/beautiful girls already know they’re pretty/hot/beautiful because coworkers, customers, cashiers and other friends already tell them how good they look on a daily basis, so your constant compliments are borderline annoying. The best approach: during the course of your hang-out session comment on how good she looks once or twice at the most. Try a unique compliment such as “I like your style” or “cool dress” rather that “damn you look hot” or “you are the most beautiful girl in the world.”

3) Unintimate Touching – This can result in the ultimate turn-off for your lady friend if you’re not careful. Sure, in bed, lounging intimately on the couch during a movie, scratching her back or stroking her hair jives well, but when you’re making dinner or looking through photo albums keep your hands to yourself. Surprisingly, this “hard to get” tactic will actually make her want you to touch her more when an intimate situation surfaces.

4) Excessive Bragging – If you really want to get with a girl, let her do the bragging. Girls could care less/lose their attention when you tell her how “you had the fastest car in high school” or “how many friends you have on facebook” for example. Not only does she not care, but this might make her feel somewhat insuperior. If you feel the conversation heading in that direction, act coy about it, and steer the conversation into her telling you how many friends she has on facebook.

5) Forgetting Important/Personal Facts – You generally have about a month to memorize important and personal facts about her because if she has to repeat them after a month it proves you are a bad listener/weren’t focused on her conversations and girls hate a bad listener. If she has to repeat something more than twice after a month, such as “how she likes items in her refrigerator organized” this results in a major disappointment in her eyes. When she speaks to you, she explains these details about her for a reason and expects you to remember that “she doesn’t like sweet foods” and “not to talk to her within the first 30 minutes of waking up.”

6) Never Having Any Money – This is, for the most part, self-explanatory. Even if your girl has a good job and makes more money than you, don’t make plans to hang-out with her if you secretly expect for her to pay for everything. Sometimes it’s more about the gesture than the money. Keep in mind it’s okay to let her pay for drinks/lunch on occasion, but don’t adopt the impression that just because she has lots of money she isn’t flattered when you offer to pay for gas/outings/etc.

7) Dissing Her Friends – A girl’s girlfriends are often the most important people in their lives (next to family members). Her girlfriends have been with her for many years and helped her through difficult times in her life. For you to make a negative comment about one of her friends, such as “she talks too much,” is actually an insult to the girl you’re hanging-out with. If you do personally assess something negative about one of her friends, keep the thought to yourself. If she does bring up something you’ve already thought about, then it’s okay to perpetuate the conversation as long as the friend is not around.

8) Excessive Talking on the Phone/Texting/Facebooking – The girl your with wants to be the center of attention, not your phone/computer. Often times ignoring a ringing phone might make you appear more mysterious, especially if you don’t tell her who’s calling and play it off as if the call is not important. If you find yourself around a computer, let her show-off her facebook page, and explain that you’ll check yours later. This will reiterate that you care about her life and friends, and avoid a potentially awkward moment if your facebook page is full of pictures of other girls.

9) Losing Track of Important Dates – Since girls have several people in their life besides you, multiple days throughout the year hold special significance to them. Parent’s anniversaries, the day you met, sibling’s birthdays, etc. need to be honored on your end. When these significant dates approach, and you want to really shine in her eyes, offer to buy a card or small gift for birthdays, or honor the anniversary of the day you met by taking her out somewhere special.

10) Arriving Late – Guys might have a preestablished mentality that showing up late to a girl’s house translates to “fashionably late,” when in reality it’s the drastic opposite. If a girl sets a time for you to show up, say 7:00 pm, be there at 7:00 pm! There actually is about a 30 minute window, but if you’re certain you’ll be later than 10 minutes, call and make her aware. If you show up 30-45 minutes later than planned you practically ruined the whole night.


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