Saturday, December 3, 2016

10 Unique Christmas Tradition Celebration Ideas

Not feeling the traditional holiday spirit? Want to create a unique celebration for yourself and your family? Here are some ideas for getting creative this year. Create your own unique Christmas soundtrack. Not into traditional winter holiday music? You aren’t alone. Make your own personalized mix of music for the holiday season by choosing non-traditional songs like “Merry Christmas from the Family” or find ones that represent what this time of year means to you.

Write a letter to yourself or someone else as a time capsule that will be opened at a future Christmas celebration. This is a fun and unique tradition to use with children especially, because they change so much from year to year.

Hide all of the kids’ gifts throughout your house on Christmas Eve. When they wake up in the morning, they aren’t allowed to open anything until everyone has found all of their presents. I got this idea from a mom who did it with her kids, and they loved participating in this unique Christmas tradition. Just make sure you remember where everything is hidden! Put presents for little ones in more obvious places, and use different wrapping paper for each child.

Some of us are getting tired of the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story on TV every year. Find another movie that can represent your own unique Christmas tradition. If you’re really into flicks, consider starting a movie marathon tradition with your family. You can either watch the same ones every year, switch it up with themes, or rent your family’s list of the best movies from the previous year.

Celebrate Christmas with extended family on another day so that you can spend the actual holiday relaxing at home. This might be difficult to arrange, but it lessens the stress of running around to different events on Christmas day.

Use Christmas as an excuse to pamper yourself, especially if you won’t be spending it with family. Booking yourself at a spa, indulging in takeout, or reading a good book are unique Christmas celebration ideas that will cheer you up if you’ve had a rough year or don’t enjoy the holiday season.

Spend some time doing outdoor activities. This is a wonderful unique Christmas tradition, because places that are normally crowded will be completely empty. Go for hike in the woods, go skiing, take a walk, or whatever you enjoy doing in nature. Take a camera along to document the first year of your new tradition.

Buy a new ornament for your child each year as a unique Christmas tradition. Pick ornaments that say something about who they are, like a favorite activity, or that represents something they’ve done during the past year. You’ll enjoy looking at all of them during future holiday celebrations.

Make a point of giving to strangers. This might not seem like a unique Christmas tradition idea to some people, but many don’t do it. Tailor this celebration to your family by choosing a cause you care about and doing something unusual. Buy a holiday gift for the homeless person on the street.

If you have family or friends that live far away, find a unique container for the Christmas present you send them. Buy a special box, decorate it, and mail your gift. Ask them to add more decorations and send it back the next year. It will be fun to see how it changes over time.

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