Friday, December 2, 2016

10 Unique and Different Ways to Quit Smoking that Really Work

Well, the New Year is here and you have decided to quit smoking. Good for you! Even if you have attempted to quit a few times in the past with no luck, do not despair. It simply means you just haven’t found the particular method that will work for you yet.

Below are 10 unique ways to quit that you should try. They have relatively high success rates and there is a very good chance that at least one of them is the answer you have been looking for.

1. EFT

EFT stands for a process called the Emotional Freedom Technique. It is similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles. It is something you can do for yourself, it is easy to learn and best of all it is free. The idea is to tap certain meridian points on your body while focusing on the unwanted habit or emotion that you are experiencing. It works amazingly well. You can see a video of the technique itself here and find the precise words to use in regard to smoking at this site here.

2. Hypnosis

There are a few different options of hypnosis you can undergo. You can have a one-on-one consultation with a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotist in your area or even purchase a CD program if you would like to try self-hypnosis on your own. There are quite a few of these programs available. Simply go to Google and type Self Hypnosis for Smoking.

3. Laser Therapy

This is a technique my husband used to quit and he has been smoke-free for almost 8 years now. A pain-free laser is used on certain acupressure points of your body. (The technician my husband used focused solely on different parts of his ear.) This technique stimulates and releases “feel-good” endorphins which makes the body feel as if it is getting the “high” of still smoking. However, it also takes away the physical nicotine withdrawal craving, which as many of might know, is really half the battle. Your local directory or a quick search on Google should be able to point you to an expert in your own area.

4. Auricular Therapy or Acupressure Magnets

Similar to the technique above, but no visit to a professional is required. You can purchase a kit that contains two bio-magnets. You place one magnet on each ear (the directions specify the exact location of placement). Similar to the option listed above it eliminates your desire to smoke. Zerosmoke is one brand you can use and should be easy to find online or in your local drug store. From what I understand however, the Laser Therapy technique mentioned above is more effective.

5. Observe the Act of Smoking

This is a unique exercise that is free and easy to do. Many people smoke unconsciously. In other words, they do it while in the process of focusing on something else such as being on the computer, talking on the phone, watching television, etc. Therefore, they smoke more often than they realize. The point of this exercise is to solely focus on the entire act of smoking while you are doing it. Put everything else down and focus on every move you make while smoking. Focus on lighting the cigarette, focus on each inhale, focus on what your hands are doing, etc. Surprisingly, you will find yourself getting turned off very quickly to the idea of smoking. You will start wondering to yourself, “What am I doing? What is really the pleasure in this?” The most important thing is to not let your wind wander to other thoughts. Keep bringing it back to the act of smoking and be sure to do this every time you light up. You will find yourself naturally getting turned off by the idea as each day passes.

6. Try a natural cure

Swing by your local health store and purchase some Avena sativa (oat) extract. One study found that taken at 1 millileters four times a day, it helped habitual tobacco smokers significantly decrease the number of cigarettes they smoked. There is also a product called Smoke Deter that is supposed to be an all-natural spray that will help you kick the habit. (As with all natural remedies however, please be sure to check with your doctor or inform your doctor if you are taking other medications to be sure that they will interact well).

7. Stop Smoking Aids

Nicotine Patches, gum or lozenges can work very well in reducing the physical withdrawal symptoms you might experience when quitting smoking. Many people are hesitant to quit simply because of the side effects they are afraid they will experience when withdrawing from nicotine. Such as anxiety, trouble concentrating, irritability or actually craving nicotine. The products listed above work well to reduce all of these symptoms by slowly weaning you off the nicotine until you are completely smoke free.

8. Prescription Drugs

Luckily new products are coming out on the market all of the time that can help make quitting easier. While they do require a quick doctor visit for a prescription, they are also extremely effective in helping you quit. Two such medications are Zyban and Chantix. They have as high as a 44% to 50% success rate.

9. Stay Inspired.

There is no better way to keep yourself on the non-smoking path than positive reinforcement. There are a few websites that can help you feel truly inspired to keep it up by telling you fun things like how much money you are saving on a daily basis, how much healthier you are getting week by week, etc. One of the sites you can try is Quit Smoking Counter or if you would like to find others you can search on Google with the term “Quit Smoking Counters”.

10. Cigarette Alternatives

If you are not completely ready to give up cigarettes there are alternatives that can at least get you one step closer to quitting.

Ruyan E-Cigarette – The Ruyan E-Cigarette is an electronic device that atomizes purified, liquid nicotine and produces a vapor that, when inhaled, satisfies a smoker’s craving for nicotine.

According to their websites product description:

“Tests done on the Ruyan prove conclusively that: It does not produce anything harmful to bystanders and it does not produce tar or carbon monoxide. Additionally, since the product does not contain tobacco or create smoke of any kind it can be used where smokers cannot smoke and where they would not smoke.”

While I don’t know anyone personally who has tried this procedure you can find out more about it at this website

Cigarette Filters – You can purchase cigarette filters that will lower your nicotine dependency in gradual increments while you are adjusting to the idea of quitting. A product named One Step At A Time is one of those products. Again if you type “Cigarette Filters” into Google you can find many others.

So why not give some of these unique ideas a try? You can be smoke-free before you know it.


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