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10 Types of Companies Who Don't Always Have Websites, and Should

If you’re anything like me, you want to be able to take care of everything online. I can’t tell you how much more I love a company when they have everything I need on their website. Whether it’s to order a pizza online, make an online appointment, see scheduling availability, prices or even just hours of operation, all I want is the information without (sadly) having to talk to anyone. I typically need most of my information after work hours, and honestly, after a long day at work, the last thing I want is to here “can you hold for a second?” Or, even worse, “our hours of operation are from 8:30AM-5:00PM, if you’ve reached us before or after these hours, please leave a message and we’ll call you back.” Then, I’m thinking “Perfect! I’ll just have to go ahead and leave a message and hope someone calls me back to schedule my appointment? Yea right!”

In my travels, I’ve come to notice certain types of companies who either don’t have a website, or have a website, but with the bare minimum amount of information available. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the top 10 companies who don’t always have a website, why they should, and how One27 Studios can help create positive solutions for these companies.

1. Hair Salons ‘” . One27 Studios has tools and the ability to place a scheduling application and a detailed online menu of services to make the life of any scheduling employee a bit easier, as well as allowing more time to handle other business related tasks. Along with creating less work for employees, there may also be an increase in customers due to the easy use of the online applications.

2. Landscapers ‘” Believe it or not, landscapers are on a similar page of needs as hair salons. They’re both cutting things and taking appointments. During the summer seasons, landscapers mow up to 50 lawns per day, or even more. The difference with landscapers and hair salons is that the timing isn’t based off of the customer’s schedule. Really, the landscapers can map out their plan for the day, and hit house by house, which sounds easy. Although, when it comes down to planning a route, it can become very tedious. One27 Studios can create a list application to help track what houses that are on the schedule for that day, the house’s location and the amount of time needed per individual house. The use of the application will result in a strategic plan for the day, allowing more daylight hours, and equaling an increase in profit.

3. Catering Companies ‘” There are a lot of catering companies who do have websites, and a lot that don’t. I’ve noticed through my own personal experience, that when I am able to find a website for a catering company, it only contains the vital information (i.e.: phone number, e-mail address, street address). If I’m in a rush to place an order, none of this really appeals to me. We can easily create a custom menu application to tie into your website that will allow customers to pick exactly what they want, how much of it they need and when they want it. There’s also the option of a shopping cart add-on which could allow the customer to pay for their order resulting in a simple delivery of what was ordered. This saves time and steps for the catering company, as well as time and aggravation for the customer.

4. Contractors ‘” A small amount of contractors actually go through the trouble of having a website built for them. Contractors might be thinking that there is little to showcase on a website with their line of work. While, pictures might not be a huge selling tool with contractors, online tools might be a huge asset. Having One27 Studios build a custom appointment setting tool, or to see what types of services are offered and what hours are being worked would be an enormous help to the helpless home owner who desperately needs a leaky roof fixed.

5. Florists ‘” Florists do have sites more often than some of the other’s on this list, but their sites consist of galleries. Galleries can be a huge selling point, but when there are hundreds of florists in your area, it might be hard to choose from. Therefore, a florist might be able to utilize a tool where they can customize they’re bouquet online, by picking from a list of flowers the shop has, specifying how many of each flower and in return, receiving an online quote right then and there. It saves time for everyone, and makes for a simple pick up at the end of the day for the customer.

6. Cafe’s ‘” Don’t you always want to view a menu before you go anywhere to eat? All cafe’s should have a website to display their top foods or drinks as well as a potential online ordering system to make for an easy pick up for “to go” orders.

7. Bakeries ‘” Bakeries can use a website as a portfolio of their finest creations, and also an online order form for customers that will give them information on how much their order will be and when it will be available for pick up.

8. Tailor ‘” Want to know the status of those pants your getting hemmed? Tailors should have a website for not only informational purposes of hours and costs, but also to show estimates on how long their wait potentially would be for hemming and altering. One27Sudios can also offer a tool that will allow them to give customers a log-in so they can check the status of their item being worked on.

9. Daycare ‘” There are thousands of in-home daycares and very little that consider having a website. Great reasons to have a daycare website are to show potential mom’s and dad’s what the daycare looks like, what a schedule for the day might look like, certifications the daycare provider has, rates, and hours. In addition, One27 Studios has a tool that will allow parents to have personalized log-in onto the website with the ability to see their child’s daily progress report, which would updated by the daycare provider. This will help the daycare stay organized as well as the parents always being informed of all daily activity.

10. Doctors offices ‘” Doctor’s offices probably don’t really consider the need for a website, but having an advice page, a scheduling application, or a direct question/answer tool that will send a question directly to your doctor, will in turn allow the doctor to be able to directly message you back. This could potentially save an unnecessary office visit, and the patient from sitting on hold for an hour or so.

In conclusion, if you are one of the companies listed above, and you don’t have a website, but should, go visit One27studios ( to see how they can help your company boost sales, increase available time, and minimize some overhead expenses. It’s so easy to not be on this list!

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