Saturday, December 3, 2016

10 Twitter Tips for Beginners

First there was Orkut. It took you a long time but you finally succumbed to ‘orkutting’. But just as you were getting the hang of it, everyone started talking about MySpace. You had a look at the website but it seemed far too daunting, and only your longhaired hippie friends seemed to be on it. So you decided to pass it up. Then one day you asked your colleague for a client’s email and he said he will ‘Facebook’ it to you. You blinked in confusion and he blinked in amazement when he realized you weren’t on Facebook. You scribbled the client’s email into your diary as your colleague shook his head in pity.

You will not stand for it anymore. You do not want to be the technological retard. Twitter is big and you want in. But you have no idea where to get started.

Here are ten tips for beginners on Twitter. Follow these tips and you will fit right in!

There are three types of messages in Twitter: Tweets that include someone’s name, Tweets that are a reply to someone else’s message, and direct messages. The first two are public, the third can only be seen by the user the message is meant for.

There are different styles of Tweeters. Some people use it mainly to talk to their friends and family. Unless you know the person, you probably won’t find their tweets very interesting. Some people are there mostly to market their products and services. You will come across many more types. Pick whatever type you want to be.

If you want your Tweets to be followed, you need to Tweet about something that matters to someone. Be it latest developments in your chosen field of expertise, information about the latest product line your company is launching, or the birth of your first grand child, it has to be of some interest to someone.

Start out by following established Tweeters in your area of interest. Use the Find tool to find well-known people who share the same passions as you, then follow them. A number of them will follow you back.

Over time, reduce your list of people to follow to the most interesting ones.

Retweeting is a great way of making new friends on Twitter. If you like someone’s post, go on and spread the word. Preface a retweet with RT and do not forget to include the person’s Twitter name.

Tweet frequently enough to be seen as someone worth following but not so often hat you are seen as loud, intrusive, or a bore.

There are directories that list Twitter users by what their interests are. List yourself on these directories under the keywords that best describe your interests and very soon you will have a following.

Share pictures. Pictures make your Tweets more interesting. A number of add-ons let you upload pictures and post them directly to Twitter.

And finally, Go mobile. Once you have familiarized yourself with using Twitter on your computer, start using your phone or mobile device to Tweet. You can use text messages to Tweet though it is much more convenient to download a mobile client for your phone if the device supports it.

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