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10 Traits Present in a Healthy Family Dynamic

Whether your family is healthy or not is rather subjective, but there are certain traits that are present in all healthy family units. There are also some factors that can lend to a solid family dynamic. Knowing what these are and ensuring that they are incorporated will help to make your family stronger than ever.

1. Open Communication

Families with open communication are able to easily overcome disagreements and are able to solve issues without any lasting resentment. It is important to create a home atmosphere that promotes communication. Some topics are harder to talk about than others, but nothing is off limits when all family members feel confident and secure.

2. Constant Acceptance

Even within family units, each member has their own unique values and beliefs. It is critical that these are respected regardless of how different these values or beliefs are. It is also important to accept mistakes and work to turn these into a learning opportunity.

3. Get a Pet

Having a family pet helps to learn responsibility and a pet is something that the entire family can go to for togetherness. For example, feeding, bathing and playing with a pet is something that the family can do together. Culture can play a strong role in how pets are viewed within the family dynamic, but it appears that pets are always seen as a good thing.

4. Trust

Trust can be a very difficult thing to do, even within a strong family. Adult partners may have doubts from time to time, and parents may have difficulty trusting their children. These trust issues are very common, but it is important to work toward building complete trust in a family unit, as this ensures harmony.

5. Know When to Step Up

Some people are really good at holding feelings and a depressed mood inside. However, it is important for families to be able to recognize when one is distressed. It is also important to know how to help the distressed member. Some people just need a hug, while others need to be alone and come out to talk on their own time.

6. Goals

All healthy families have goals. These goals could be as simple as each member keeping up his or her chores, or something more complex like working toward moving to a new area. It is important that all family members have a role in reaching family goals. When each member contributes, each member will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when the goal is met, further strengthening the family bond. Goals involving a pet can also be helpful. For example, the family creates a goal to spend 20 minutes a day together talking and walking or playing with the family pet.

7. Respect for Family and Others

We see media reports everyday that showcase profound acts of disrespect. Knowing the importance of respecting others begins in the family unit. It is also commonly said that being handed respect leads to the person striving to respect others. Talking about respect and how to give and receive it is critical to a family unit.

8. Motivate Each Other

Every family member will have his or her own projects and goals and it is important that each member supports each other and motivates each other to succeed. Having a family that has each other’s back is critical in maintaining the motivation necessary to complete goals.

9. Playing Together

As was mentioned above, a family pet can help with this. Taking time to just get together and do something fun will help to build relationships within the family unit. Even simple things like heading to a movie or the beach for a few hours will allow the family to laugh and have fun together.

10. Creating Traditions

All families have unique traditions, be it for holidays or when celebrating a milestone. Some families have lavish parties and others go out to eat at a favorite family restaurant. It is important to have traditions and to stick to these because it helps to keep things constant and to strengthen family bond.

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