Sunday, December 4, 2016

10 Tips to Write an Expository Paragraph

1) Use simple language
Use simple language to convey the message straight.
2) Main idea and supporting details
Focus on your main idea and choose appropriate supporting details.
3) Subject verb agreement
Check for subject verb agreement in the sentences.
4) Parallel structure
Parallelism error can spoil the flow of the language. Write everything in present tense.
5) Run-on sentences
Too many ideas in a single sentence create run-ons. Every idea must be written in a separate sentence.
6) Fragments
Fragments lead to incomplete sentences. Check if the sentences have proper subject or verb to avoid fragments
7) Punctuation and capitalization
Use appropriate punctuation and capitalization.
8) Use ‘such as,’ and ‘including’ in the place of ‘like.’
An expository paragraph provides information. It is better to use ‘such as’ and ‘including’ to convey the appropriate information.
9) Most important to least important
The ideas are arranged in the order of most important to least important or least important to most important
10) Heading
Write an apt heading that reflects the topic sentence. The heading must tell what the paragraph is about.

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