Monday, December 5, 2016

10 Tips to Save Money While Living on a Budget

The Need to Save Your Money

Money is always on everyone’s mind. Many people need to watch what they spend. If you are not careful it can be easy to spend what you have and be left with very little. Young professionals, college students, and people younger, especially, have to watch what they spend. Having something in your savings account is important to your financial security. Here are 10 tips for easing some of the stress on your budget.

10 Tips to Start Saving Today

1. Make your own jewelry.

Check out craft stores where they sell beads and other items for making your owns bracelets and necklaces. It takes a little creativity and time but you can really create your own look this way.

2. Carpool when possible and combine errands to save on gas money.

3. Buy clothing that is easy to mix and match.

You can take your wardrobe a lot farther by being able to create new looks with just a few articles of clothing.

4. Use your local library, or school library, for your reading.

If you read a lot the savings will add up by doing this.

5. Check out movies from your local library instead of renting them. Your library is already paid for with your taxes, so, why not use it!

6. Order from the healthier side of the menu at the chain fast food restaurants.

You can eat healthy while still saving a buck.

7. When going to the coffee shop order tea, iced tea, or a regular coffee.

These are some of the least expensive options on the menu. Your savings can be $2.00 or more per beverage.

8. Ditch cable TV.

You can get your news online. You can also watch some of your favorite shows online through iTunes or even the network’s web site. You can, also, go with broadcast TV, as available in your area. You will need to purchase an antenna and will also need a digital converter box if you have an older analog TV. Aside from the low equipment cost it’s free to watch and you can usually get the major networks. You will not have all of the channels that are available to you on cable. If you are not a big television watcher then broadcast might be for you.

9. Frame and hang your own photography or artwork instead of purchasing them.

This will save you money and will add a personal touch to your home.

10. Buy store brands rather than using coupons for the name brands.

You will have to read some labels, but in many cases store brands have the same ingredients as the name brands. Clipping coupons takes a lot of time and you can save just as much, and sometimes more, by purchasing the store brand. If the store brand is the better product and you cannot do without it, then, go ahead and clip that coupon.

Small Savings Add Up

These tips will be a great start to conserving your income. It’s good to always look for ways to save. It’s not always about saving the large amounts. Sometimes it’s the many small expenses that eat away at our budget. If you can find many ways to save a little in a lot of areas you will find that the savings really add up. Good luck and enjoy your savings!

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