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10 Tips to Lose Weight Now

We have gotten used to immediate results in today’s world. Whether it is good or bad is open to debate. There are no real instant weight loss programs. With the current technology and scientific understanding of the human body, instant weight loss is impossible unless you have a liposuction operation. However, there are small things you can do right now that will help you lose weight.

1. More H2O

This one is easy. If you are not getting adequate amounts of water, your body will hoard more water which adds to your overall body weight. Bodybuilders prepare before a competition by removing as much excess water from their body as possible so that they will look exceptionally defined. Their regiment is rather complex and probably not a good idea for the average person.

You can easily emulate what they do by drinking more water. Eight cups of water is recommended but, you won’t die if you drink twice as much. There might be more trips to the bathroom but, you’ll live. I’ve heard stories of people “drowning” themselves by drinking too much water. Maybe it is a rumor; I don’t know. Regardless, you will have to a drink an enormous amount of water for it to become harmful. The more physical activity you undergo, the more water you will need. There is plenty of water so you don’t need to ration it.

2. Eliminate Liquid Sugar

You’ll be surprised how many calories you consume in liquids on a daily basis. Any drink that is sweetened is likely to have a hundred calories or more in sugar. Diet and sugar free drinks should be safe. The average person drinks 20% of their total daily calories. The drink isn’t going to make you feel full for any lasting period of time because your body isn’t counting calories. Eliminate the sugary drinks and you’ll reduce your daily caloric intake by 20%.

3. Don’t Fear Fat

Low-fat diets used to be popular but now, we know it doesn’t work. If you’ve ever tried going on a low-fat diet, you’ll know that it doesn’t work. Some people will blame their lack of dedication or self-control. Man was never intended to live off a diet of bread and salad. One of the worse thing you can do in any diet is to avoid fat. You need to eat fat to lose fat.

Fat has this great property of keeping you feeling fuller longer. You obviously shouldn’t over eat on fatty foods but, don’t avoid it like the plague. Fat keeps you satiated so that you’ll end up eating less.

4. Replace a Meal

The easiest diet to maintain and follow is a meal replacement diet. You replace a meal with a liquid meal known as meal replacements. They are usually in the range of a couple to a few hundred calories and should have an optimal blend of carbs, fats, and proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. These meals are designed to be low in calories and make you feel satisfied.

You can buy an over-the-counter meal replacement product in the form of ready to use cans or powders that you need to blend. You can also make your own with the ingredients that you want. The latter is most complicated unless you know what you are doing.

5. Eat More Often

This is the popular diet mantra today and it works. However, the idea is not to eat gigantic meals. This is easiest to accomplish when you use it with the tip above about meal replacements. You want to eat five to six meals or more a day instead of three. Each meal will be smaller but, you will keep your metabolism running in high gear all day long.

A high metabolism will allow you to burn fat while you are doing nothing more than sitting around. You could be at work in front of a computer or watching TV on the couch. A high metabolism will help you burn more calories while doing the least physically taxing activities.

6. Don’t Starve Yourself

Some people use the strategy of starving themselves for a few days to dramatically lose weight. I try to make sure I never feel like I’m starving. It isn’t a pleasant feeling. What’s worse is that while you starve yourself, your body is breaking down muscle to use as energy. It is not breaking down fat.

In the long run, you will end up gaining weight. Muscle increases your metabolism because it takes energy to maintain. Breaking down muscle means you are losing muscle. While your weight will go down so is your metabolism. Once you return to eating as usual, the weight will come back with a vengeance.

7. Sprint

If you are like most people using a cardio machine at the gym, you are aiming for the “optimal fat loss zone”. That is all nice and dandy if you are going to be running no where for the entire day. If you are only going to spend twenty to thirty minutes on that thing, there is nothing optimal about what you are doing.

You want to employ the idea of high intensity interval training–HIIT. All you need to do is to add sprints to your cardio routine. Instead of going a steady pace for twenty minutes, you’ll sprint for 30 seconds and then go at a slower pace for a couple of minutes and then sprint again for 30 seconds and so on and so forth.

It’ll be a lot more fun and it won’t feel like twenty minutes. The concept here is that sprinting will keep your resting metabolic rate higher for the rest of the day and beyond. You will burn more calories all day long and end up burning more calories than you would have if you ran at a steady pace the entire time.

8. Want the Muscle

Most guys want to be somewhat muscular. We might not all want to look like a bodybuilder but, we also don’t want to have twig sized arms–I hear it isn’t very attractive. Most girls fear weights because they think they’ll get big. The only thing you need to know is that you should lift weights. The guys who are afraid they’ll turn into Arnold are dreaming and the girls who think they’ll look like Chyna–former female wrestler–are misinformed.

It takes an immense amount of work and “help” to achieve bodybuilder-like results. A woman is pretty much incapable of becoming huge because her body was not designed for it. Estrogen has the natural gift of making sure muscle growth is kept in check.

There is nothing more useful for losing fat and looking good than a healthy dose of muscle. It fills out clothing better and you look more human! Use the weights at the gym to put on some muscle. Every pound of muscle will help you burn about 50 calories a day by just existing. Don’t aim to be a stick figure–they don’t look good in art or real life.

9. Cheat to Stay Consistent

Although not good advice in a relationship, it is great for a diet. Give yourself a meal a week for anything you want. It won’t matter what it is or how many calories it is. You won’t destroy all the progress you’ve made with your diet. It will be completely guilt free.

The cheat meal will help you stay consistent by satisfying an urge on a recurring basis so that you won’t toy with the idea of forgetting this whole diet thing altogether. As long as you are consistent with your diet, the results will come. Being extremely strict and thinking that you can maintain it indefinitely is a losing battle. You’ll only end up caving in and never returning to the diet.

10. Snack of Celery

I’m not the biggest fan of vegetables but, celery has the great property of taking more calories to digest than it contains. So eating celery can be equated to eating negative calories. How awesome is that? Of course you’ll have to forgo the dip and anything else you might add. Celery is also supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Why not snack on it?

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