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10 Tips to Keep Your Children Healthy During Summer Vacations

A great vacation consists of fun for all and no sick children. Here are 10 tips to help you plan for a healthy time traveling during this summer:

Breastfeed your infant

When traveling internationally (with infants), the best way to prevent diarrhea is by breastfeeding them. According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), diarrhea is the most common illnesses in infants and small children and is the cause of severe dehydration. To keep your children safe, make sure to keep them hydrated be providing them with plenty of fluids.

Visit your family doctor

Small children need a little extra care when planning a vacation overseas. Visit your doctor to see what medicine or vaccines they may need while in a different country. Some vaccines can protect your children from illnesses like malaria and other viruses. If your child takes any medication, make sure to pack enough of it with you for the duration of the trip. Don’t forget to pack an emergency kit with you, that includes band aids, antibiotic cream, aspirin, thermometer, etc. Be aware that some of the items (like scissors), you may not be able to carry on a plane. When traveling with children make it a point to learn where the local clinics, pharmacies and hospitals are located.

Stay away from insect bites

If camping with your little ones during this summer, make sure the tent has a screen that keeps insects out. Don’t let your children roam around in wooded areas without you, as they can get bit by mosquitoes and other insects that can shorten your vacation. Place your tent away from stagnant water and clean the brush around it, if this is not a regular camping ground. Also do your homework and learn about what insects and other animals live in the camping vicinity and how you should protect yourself. Always keep food away from any animal reach. This way, you and your family are safer while camping.

Keep your children safe while traveling by car

According to CDC, “Car crashes are the leading cause of death in children who travel, and drowning is the second-leading cause of death.” The best way to keep them safe is by making sure that they ride in car seats that are approved for their age. Don’t let your children ride in the front seat and without the seat belt on. Another way to keep your children safe in the car is by not allowing them to snack while riding, as they can choke and you will have to pull over.

Always wear life jackets while around the water

When vacationing near a lake, make sure to always supervise your children and never allow them to get in the water without a life jacket. Taking some swimming classes at the local YMCA would also benefit you and your children.

Keep your children away from animals

Children love to pet animals and you have to watch them when approaching someone’s else pet or wild animals. Don’t allow them to pet a wild animal as they could have rabies. If your children get bit by a stray or wild animal, visit the doctor as soon as possible. Before petting someone’s pet always ask for permission. This way, thy can get the animal prepared to know that they are about to be petted by a stranger and they will not be taken by surprise. If you take the children to a zoo or petting farm during your summer vacation, always follow the rules. There is a reason why there are rules, to protect you.

Flat tire on the highway

This is unfortunate but can happen while vacationing this summer. To keep your children safe while changing a tire, move them to a safe location, away from the car. Also pull the car off the road as much as possible before working on it. There are drivers who are distracted by your unfortunate event and they may run into you if not careful.

Healthy eating

When vacationing, it is important that children eat properly to avoid constipation and other health issues. If you camp and are away from any restaurants, a cooler with fresh foods and snacks is a necessity. If cooking burgers, make sure they are well done before eating to avoid food poisoning. Always wash everything and have children wash hands with clean water.

No drinking from rivers

You can never carry to much water with you while hiking and camping. Don’t allow children to drink form rivers as they can get harmful bacteria in their systems. Before hiking, know how long the trail will be to avoid running out of water.

Always supervise your children

As parents, we should always supervise our children, even on vacation. Don’t depend on others to watch for your children. Hold hands when crossing the road, stick together in crowded areas, sit besides your children on planes or buses, always wash hands, etc. More than anything, use common sense.

Prepare for your summer vacation ahead of time so that you and your family will be safe during your traveling. Never assume that your children are old enough to care for themselves. As long as they live with you, they are never old enough.


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