Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10 Tips to Keep You or Your Child Safe During Halloween

Halloween is a fun time of year, and Trick-Or-Treating is a Blast. Here are 10 tips to keep you and/or your child safe this Halloween:

1. Wear bright colors – You need to wear bright colors as much as possible so that cars driving by can see you. If you have a Dark costume, then try wearing a couple strips of white to make you stand out at night.

2. Use a flash light – Use a flashlight even in well lit areas for safety, so that you can be seen my vehicles, and so that you can see where you are stepping at night.

3. Use glow sticks – Glow sticks are fun, safe, will make you seen, and can be incorporated with your costume. Look for glow sticks that look like wands, or make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, etc.) for you to wear.

4. Go to familiar areas -Try to stay away from foreign territory and trick-or-treat in familiar areas close to home. Again you never know who’s going to be standing behind that door, and don’t trust them no matter how nice they are.

5. Scout the sex offenders database -Scout the local sex offenders database if it’s available in your area. If you do have it, it’s a great and safe tool for you and your family.

6. Go in a group – It’s always fun, beneficial, and safe to be with a big group of peoples. It also makes it easier to go up to each door and say, “Trick-Or-TREAT!”

7. Always have an adult with you – For your own child’s protection even if they are older, it’s a good idea to have an adult with them. Even if you stay in a car and watch from afar.

8. Stick to well lit areas – Even if you are in your own neighborhood, it’s always good to stay in well lit areas. You never know who’s going to be hiding in the bushes.

9. Drive – Driving a car (or golf cart) to each location will not only make it faster to get from one location to the next, but it will also give your group a safety location or get you to a safety location if needed.

10. Check your or your child’s bag – And of course one of the biggest tips is to check you or your child’s bags for BAD treats. Things like homemade items, opened candy wrappers, holes in candy, etc. are things you need to keep a watchful eye on this Halloween.

Play safe and have a Happy Halloween!

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