Saturday, December 10, 2016

10 Tips to Help Your Cheerleading Arabesque

In the sport of cheerleading an Arabesque stunt is a beautiful stunt if it’s done correctly. Here are some tips to help you hit your arabesque:

1. Practice it on the ground – Start by practicing your stunt on the ground first. You can get a spotter to help hold your waist so that you can get a feel for the stunt and clean it up before it’s put up in the air.

2. Stretch often -Make sure you stretch prior to working on the stunt so that you have enough flexibility for the stunt, so that you avoid as much movement as possible, and so you avoid possible injury.

3. Lift your leg -For an arabesque your pulling leg needs to be parallel to the ground if it’s lower than parallel then you need to lift the leg up more.

4. Point your toe – For a clean look to the stunt, make sure that your toe is always pointed. An easy mistake to fix all you have to do is be aware of it.

5. Pinch in the back – If you don’t feel a pinch in your back while you are pulling your stunt, then you are probably doing it wrong.

6. Get your hip up – At times an arabesque will fall because the flyer’s weight is forward due to their hip being dropped. A flyer must open up their hip so that it will be easier to pull their leg up and so the flyer’s weight will be centered.

7. Chest up -Don’t drop your chest. Your chest needs to be straight up. It makes the stunt look better and it keeps the weight over the flyer’s foot.

8. Get your Chin up – Keeping your chin up will lift your head, will help keep your weight centered, will help keep your chest up, and will make your arabesque look better. Just try to focus on something just above visual parallel when trying to keep your chin up.

9. Hold your weight – When stand in the stunt, make sure you keep your weight on the inside of the foot you are standing. This will help keep your weight center and it will move less.

10. Hit your motion – Hit a perfect “T” motion. Make sure it’s slightly in front and not straight out to the sides. If it’s straight on then it’s going to look awkward (like it’s behind you) and it will be more difficult to keep balanced.

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