Thursday, December 8, 2016

10 Tips to Help You Put Baby to Sleep

Getting your baby to sleep can be an overwhelming task at times. These 10 tips should help you get your baby to sleep.

1. Figure out when your baby sleeps the best.
If you are having trouble keeping to an exact schedule figure out when your baby sleeps the best. Try putting them to bed when they usually sleep the best instead of trying to force them to sleep at times they have trouble with.

2. Make the bedroom a quiet zone.
Don’t let other family members and pets roam into the bedroom and make sure everyone in the house knows that the baby is sleeping so they keep the noise level low.

3. Play soft music such as classical or piano.
Music can help soothe baby to sleep. Make sure it’s quiet and calming music.

4. Block all sunlight out.
Keep the room dark when it’s time for sleep. If your baby can’t handle complete darkness keep a nightlight on but make sure there is no direct light shining onto baby.

5. Let baby tire them self out.
Have baby play, and crawl around. Even try putting baby in a jumper swing. Have them use enough energy so it will tire them out.

6. Be understanding that your baby is having trouble getting to sleep.
Don’t get angry or frustrated at your baby. Make sure the whole experience is calming so they won’t develop sleeping problems when they are older.

7. Feed but don’t overfeed.
Sometimes a baby will sleep better with some food in their stomach. Do not feed too much so that your baby will be uncomfortable but just feed enough so their stomach isn’t empty.

8. Keep a normal schedule throughout the day.
Try maintaining a certain schedule of getting up, eating, and sleeping every day. Over time your baby will get used to the schedule as they get older and expect the same schedule every day.

9. Take a warm bath.
Giving your baby a warm bath should calm and soothe them. Dress them in their sleeping clothes after the bath so they know it’s time to sleep.

10. Wear certain clothes only for sleeping.
Whether your baby is wearing sleepwear already or is just being swaddled have certain clothes for sleeping only. That way baby will associate those certain clothes with sleeping.

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