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10 Tips to Decorate Your Pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving

Fall is the season for pumpkins! Pumpkins are among of the most commonly used accessories for decoration from Halloween through Thanksgiving. A pumpkin’s color gives a vibrant feeling to an otherwise start of a “depressing” season as the leaves start to fall from trees making way for the winter season.

Although putting a group of plain pumpkins on your front porch is oftentimes enough to give your home a “fall look”, it would be a good idea to add decorations to a plain pumpkin to add whimsy and life and give it a more festive look.

1) Carve out shapes on your pumpkins: Probably the most common way to decorate your pumpkins is to carve out shapes, especially if you are putting candles inside the pumpkin so that the holes will show the glow. During Halloween, people would carve out eyes, nose and crooked smile giving a face which is traditionally known as a “Jack-O-Lantern”. Aside from this carved out face; you can carve out different shapes on your pumpkins. For example, a large pumpkin full of small star-shaped cut outs can be very festive when you line them up in a row along your pathway, with the candle glowing in the dark of the night; it looks like the stars are dancing along your pavement. Carve out shapes like circles, squares, triangles, and swirls on one big pumpkin for a playful effect that children will love to look at.

2) Paint your pumpkins with caricatures: A great project for the whole family, especially children, is to create caricatures. Bring out your left over paint that you used for your home, or use acrylic or craft paint. You can paint eyes, nose, and mouth in different colors and shapes. Give your pumpkins characters, one can be painted to look like a boy and another can be painted to look like a girl. Another idea is to paint a representation of each member of the family- this can make for good conversational pieces for visitors and neighbors passing by.

3) Stencil your pumpkins: Add whimsy using acrylic paint or different shades of crayons and markers to stencil your pumpkins. Use paper doilies to stencil the lace patterns. Use stencils of birds, bugs, bats, and spiders for Halloween. You can stencil pretty much any shapes using any color on your pumpkins.

4) Decorate pumpkins using words: Using thick colored markers you can write the words: “BOO”, “Happy Thanksgiving”, “Trick or Treat”, or “Happy Halloween” to convey the season and festivities.

5) Decorate your pumpkins with ribbons: You can use a hot glue gun to attach different colored ribbons along the lines of the pumpkins. Use vibrant colors like red, deep purple, dark green to pop against the orange color of your pumpkins. Group several sizes of pumpkins together with different colored ribbons each for a colorful effect.

6) Embellish your pumpkins with craft materials: If you have a collection of buttons of different colors, shapes, and sizes, why not use them to embellish your pumpkins? Another idea is to use two big buttons to be used as the eyes, and then add a spool of thread to be used as the nose, then add a zipper to be used as the mouth- you will have a crafty version of a “Jack-O-Lantern”. These pumpkins would surely show the personality of a crafter living in the house. Another idea is to use pins around the top areas on small pumpkins then line them up on your mantle.

7) Add candles to your pumpkins: Candles can be added to decorate your pumpkins, not only outside but inside your home. You can carve out a hole on top of the pumpkins with a size enough to put a candle on. Smaller pumpkins can be used to hold long taper candles for your dinner table center pieces or can be placed one on each side of the fireplace mantle. The bigger pumpkins can hold wider candles that can be arranged inside an unused fireplace or can be added to your tablescape.

8) Add potted plants and flowers to your pumpkins: A nifty idea is to carve out the inside of the pumpkins then cut out the top and put potted plants and flowers inside. You can use the pumpkins as your planter for the fall season. Make sure to puncture holes at the bottom to let the water out when watering. Use them to decorate your front porch or entrance. You can use the smaller pumpkins inside your house to be used as a flower vase.

9) Add sweets on your pumpkins: A great idea to greet guests is to embellish your medium sized pumpkins with candies. Put a pumpkin on your console table by the foyer or entrance of your home. Then keeping the wrappers on, stick each candy on the pumpkin using scotch tapes. Each time your guests leave, offer them the candies, have them pull as many as they like. Kids would surely enjoy picking out their favorite candies while visiting you. This is not only good during Halloween but during Thanksgiving dinner as well.

10) Make a pumpkin wreath: This is for smaller sized pumpkins, whereby they become the focal point of the wreath. You can make a wreath using branches with fall colored leaves that you can pick from your backyard or during nature walks, and then add a number or small sized pumpkins. This would look great hanging on your front door or above your fireplace mantle.

Hopefully these ideas can spark your imagination in giving more life to your fall decorations by using pumpkins.

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