Monday, December 12, 2016

10 Tips to Becoming an Early RIser

Sometimes even the most diligent people need a few extra minutes to get things done in the morning. Whether it’s getting in a workout, a longer shower or simply not having to rush out the door, a few extra minutes could be the difference between an okay and a great day.

There’s something special about the mornings. Everyone has seen a beautiful sunset, but life is too short not catch a few more sun rises, and having that workout done before work cuts out all the excuses that inevitable arise during a busy routine. But in order to have that extra hour two it takes a little planning a lot of commitment.


1. It takes discipline. There are no two ways about it. Anyone who wants to start getting up early in the day will have to exhibit health doses discipline.

2. Look at sleeping patterns and find the best way to set up your day. Decide on how much time you want use versus how much you need. It’s not just about getting up early, it’s about hitting the hay early as well.

3. Set up a schedule for the first morning and know that the snooze alarm no longer exists. Many people have a hard time getting to bed early enough, but by the next night it won’t be a problem. An hour lost one night is worth the groggy feeling for the many hours gained during the week. If necessary, put the alarm across the room.

4. Set coffee makers to be brewing before waking. There is nothing worse than trying to become a morning person without a little help from the caffeine supplyers.

5. Get as much light as possible. The desire the sleep is hormonal, and if rising before dawn, the desk lamp on the night stand is not fooling the brain. Consider buying upgraded light bulbs and even an alarm clock that slowly lights the bedroom to aid in process of getting up.

6. Get something productive done. A lot of time is lost in the mornings for lack of motivation. Those wanting to learn to be an early riser should set up a little check list to reinforce why they are missing a little sack time and to help build a routine.

7. Get the exercise in. The body loves to get going, and when exercise is performed in the morning, there are not excuses for the rest of the day.

8. Take some time to get to know the morning and it won’t seem so bad. Go outside, look around, nature still thinks your late. Learn that the mornings are cool and crisp and are something that many people squander away.

9. Take on a new attitude. Early risers come in two forms, those who cant sleep, and those who embrace the day. Even when disgruntled, it’s important to remember, 4 a.m. isn’t different than 6 a.m. It may not be fun at first, but when thinking about the fact that the day is just beginning and that many of the little want to’s are out of the way, it’s easier to take on the have to’s.

10. It’s okay to go to bed a bit earlier if need be, but the body has to adapt to waking at a certain time, so a routine must be established and kept, and that means that Sunday sleep ins are out.

It’s great to get up and going. People are amazed at how much they can get done when they get up earlier because there isn’t a rush, and there aren’t any excuses. There are few parties, calls, friends or loved ones at the wee hours, but there is a substantial amount of ‘me’ time.

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