Saturday, December 10, 2016

10 Tips to Becoming a Better Team Leader

Here are 10 ways to help you become a better team leader for your crew or employees. Use these 10 tips to become a better team leader.

Being a Delegator

When you are able to delegate tasks on any job or project, this can lighten the load of the person in charge. It also gets the team involved on aspects of the position they were hired for they may not have realized was vital to the operation.

Being a Disciplinary

Disciplining people is often the hardest part of any supervisory or team leader role. I never liked doing this part of the job, but it needed to be done when those you leave tasks with don’t follow through, are late to work more often than on time, or any other situation that needs corrected when it happens. Deal with it promptly, privately, listen to why they are having whatever issue they are having, and look at the whole picture of their overall job performance before deciding on the consequences of their actions.

Personal Attention to the Job

Even as an employee, one thing you can do is give each task at hand your own personal attention until the extra task or main task is finished. Even if you run into a snag, talking it over with your boss may help both of you figure out a better and prompt resolution to make the job easier for all involved. Even if you think your part in the workplace is the only part that keeps things flowing, there are often people in the background you may not realize your task can help or include them.

Be Positive

When you are seen with a positive attitude, it will rub off onto your employees. When the boss is happy and positive, it makes the workplace a more product place to work. This type of management style should include acknowledging your employees with a smile on your face,


Both employees and team leaders need to show consistency on any job. Without it, the cogs in the machine, the team, will start to break down and cause a total breakdown of working conditions.

Improve Yourself

This is another area both employees and team leaders can help improve on themselves. When you improve on skills you lack, this helps everyone involved and also conditions in the workplace. When you know which areas you need to improve upon, your boss or employees will follow your lead and work on improving the work skills.

Treat Workers as you want to be Treated

Being a ruthless leader, you can’t win people over by intimidating them into doing more than they may be able or willing to do. Not only that it kills the morale of the workers and they will lose respect for you and your position.

Playing Favorites Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Keeping the favorite workers motivated through any situation can be the most beneficial thing to the team. Don’t deny it, you have a favorite employee or even a boss you would rather work with. When you keep them motivated and happy, they can in return help with other team members to keep them going.

Training Is Key

Training every employee can help them grow and become a better employee. This area of being a good team leader can help an employee grow their skills in areas they may have not realized is vital to the job they are doing. Everyone wants to learn something new. The new skill can be used over and over again to help others learn how to do their job efficiently too.

Communicate Clearly

Communicating clearly the instructions to any task is imperative to all jobs. When an employee understands what they are required to do with the job they are being given, they will be able to finish it without little to no problems.

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