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10 Tips to Advertise Your Self Published Book

The hard work along with time spent researching and writing for your book has finally resulted in a completed book. The next step is to advertise your self published book. You may be wondering how hard it is to advertise your book. One thing about advertising is to make sure that you are advertising in the right area. Depending upon the subject of your book and other factors. Is your book non fiction or fiction? People love to read both. One of the greatest mistakes that people make in advertising is often not getting the right audience. You have to determine which individuals would be interested in buying your book. Here are the following 10 tips to advertise your self published book.

1. Find out the age range of the readers who would read your book. Is your book for young people or older people? How about both age ranges? It is important. If your book is non fiction then will it be interesting and helpful to beginners or experienced people in the topic? This is something else important. Once you determine that out then it will help you a lot.

2. Which Group Is Your Book Best For? We need to figure this out. Was your book written for people who are self employed? Was it written for those people who are beginning a business? Was it written for those who love golfing? These are all important to use later on when you advertise your self published book . Once you figure out the age ranges and the group that your book will be most helpful in then it will easy to advertise.

3. Write a good sales catch. When you create a ad then you need to write a good sales catch. Your sales catch has to sound interesting and grab the attention of people when you advertise your self published book. You need to give them a reason to click on the advertisement to go visit your book. You need to give them a reason to buy your book. Don’t make it boring. Almost everyone loves to see a memorable ad.

4. Answer Questions. When someone visits your book on the Internet then they need to see a answers to their questions. What makes your book different? Is the price reasonable? What does your book offer them? Why do they need your book? Why should they spend money to buy your book? What makes your book worth to spend that much money plus shipping costs? Answer all of these questions so they aren’t left with questions about your book.

5. Book Reviews. People want to see book reviews of other peoples books. They want to know peoples opinion about the book and what they loved or liked the best about it. They want to know what others think about your book and a more in depth summary of what your book is about. Book reviews make it look like people enjoy reading your book. Make sure that your book reviews also line up with the amount of sales that your book has had otherwise it looks like not many people are interested in your book.

6. Advertise Your Book In Newspapers. You can generate more sales for your book if you put some information about your book in newspapers. People love to read about new books. Put a few book reviews in there also. The more people know about your self published book and find where to purchase it then you have a higher chance of more sales.

7. Have Many Links To Your Website. Make sure to have links to your website so people can find more information about your book. The more links that you have directing people to your website the better. You want to get visitors as many as possible that will want to purchase your book. You can trade advertisements with other website owners. You can also purchase ad space on other high traffic websites to get more visitors to your website.

8.Share your expert knowledge with groups. On message boards and chat rooms along with a variety of other places on the Internet then you can share your expert knowledge with others. You can put a link to your website regarding your book in the signature link in message boards and guest books too. The more forums that you visit and show people that you are an expert then those people will be more likely to buy your book too. They realize that you know what you are talking about.

9.Get your name in search engines when you decide to advertise your self published book. Make sure that your name shows up in search engines. It is a good idea to put your information about your book at the end of every article that you write. Make sure that you do allot of book promotion that shows up in the search engines. The more articles people can find written by you about the topic of your book then the more people think you are an expert.

10. Make sure people can find your website in every major search engine. You want people to be able to find your book to purchase. Make it as easy as possible for them to find your book without having to search all over the Internet. Make sure that the keywords and meta tags in your website land your website in the top ten in search engines when people type in the subject about your book or your name.

When you follow these tips then you should notice a major amount of visitors to your website. You need to keep advertisements around on the Internet for your book. You need to always keep linking to your website on every message board that you post at. You want to make think that you are such as expert that you are the first person that they think of when wanting information about the topic of your book.

Don’t get discouraged about needing to promote your book. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere with promotion to get a few sales. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. If your book is excellent then they will tell friends and other people about it which will generate even more sales. Good Luck!

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