Monday, December 5, 2016

10 Tips for Your Successful Audition on American Idol

American Idol is a popular singing competition hosted annually by Fox TV. The winner of the American Idol gets massive TV publicity and a recording contract. As a result, thousands line up for auditioning on American Idol that occurs in July and August every year. Below are some tips to help you get a successful audition on American idol.

1. Be prepared! Know the date, time and locations of the audition. It is extremely unlikely that an audition for American Idol will occur where you live. You will probably have to travel to the nearest auditioning location.

2. To get a successful audition on American idol, you should know your own voice, its strengths and weaknesses, and how best to show off its strength. The best way to do this is not to sing to your family and friends and then ask them for their opinion. The best way is to practice with 5-6 songs, record yourself on tape, and then play it back to yourself and to a few discerning music-loving friends.

3. Choose 1-2 good songs and rehearse extensively. Do NOT start at the beginning of the song. Choose the 15 seconds of the song that best show off your voice and do that over and over.

4. Wear something that will show off your best features. If you have nice legs, wear a short skirt. Do not wear a funny costume. You want to be memorable, but your clothes alone will not win the American Idol judges over. Choose something which can be worn in the summer heat for hours without becoming uncomfortable.

5. You’ll be waiting for hours before you get auditioned. Bring an ipod to revise your songs. This also prevents you from hearing what other people are singing, which prevents you from locking onto their key and going off-key with your own song.

6. Before the audition, you’ll be ushered into an auditorium to film crowd scenes for the show. The producers of American Idol may want the crowd to sing a few songs. DO NOT SING AT THE TOP OF YOUR VOICE. This is NOT the audition; protect your voice so that you can sing later during the real audition.

7. In the audition on American Idol, you’ll be screened in groups by low-level producers first. Every person has about 15 seconds to sing. Sing your heart out in 15 seconds.

8. If by some miracle you make it through the screening process and appear before Paula, Simon and Randy, the 3 American Idol judges, be polite. When asked questions, answer them sincerely and truthfully, and stress how much you really really really want to have a chance on the show. Believe it or not, sincerity and talent is the best way to get through to the judges. And also, you will be fact-checked if you pass the audition.

9. When asked to sing in the auditioning, take a second to inhale and close your eyes, and then sing like your life depends on it. Emotion should drip from your song.

10. If you get rejected, do not pout or throw a tantrum on tape, unless you want to be immortalized on TV as the crazy guy/gal on American Idol. Politely thank the judges, and walk away.

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