Saturday, December 10, 2016

10 Tips for Your College Laptop

There is so much involved in getting a child ready to go to college. Between sending in college applications, applying for financial aid, and buying essentials, there seems to be no time left. It is important not to forget about the lap top that will be going to college. Make sure your student’s lap top is college ready.

1) First make sure your lap top can handle the duties that will be required of it. An old lap top that is old, or one without enough memory will not do the job. A new laptop might be in order.

2) Check to make sure all Microsoft programs are installed. Your child will need Microsoft word, Power Point, and Excel. They should already be on the computer, but if not, should be installed.

3) Make sure the laptop has the latest versions of all Microsoft programs. If the program is outdated, it may not open files that a professor sends. An updated version of Microsoft programs will open any program, regardless of the date

4) Ensure that the lap top has the latest and best anti virus programs installed. Also, sometimes a college will have additional virus programs for the student to use if they are connecting to the university’s computer system for any class assignments.

5) Check the lap tops modem. Nothing like an outdated modem when trying to do college work.

6) If the laptop does not have an internal modem. provide your student with a wireless network such as Verizon wireless Internet .

7) Check the lap tops USB ports. Make sure there are at least three. Your child may need a USB port for a mouse, a printer, and a flash drive.

8) Don’t forget to buy a good printer for the lap top. Many students think they can just download their work on a flash drive, and print it on a college computer somewhere on campus. While this might be the case, it is simpler to have a printer in the dorm room.

9) Purchase extra computer supplies just in case. An extra mouse, flash drive, and cables might be needed. Also don’t forget to send plenty of printer paper and ink cartridges with your student.

10) Make sure your child’s computer lap top bag is large enough to carry all computer parts, except of course for the printer. Some bags are somewhat small, while others have compartments and extra room for essentials.

By making a list of what your lap top needs, having extra supplies, and checking hardware and software, your child’s lap top can be as ready for college as she is.

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