Monday, December 5, 2016

10 Tips for Talking to Teens About Sex

Talking about sex to a teen can be a very nervous experience but there are some things parents can do to make the session less heralding.It would be easier if the child or children had discussed sex with the parents before their teenage years but if not these tips should help.

1. Remember that your teen is not a child and yet is not an adult either. So your mental approach is important.
2. Choose a time when you and your young one are both most relaxed.
3. Speak in appropriate terms for the age of the teen and in a dignified manner. Use dignified terms of sexual lingo and not what is most popular amongst
teens. Do not belittle the young person as if he were a pre-teen even a toddler.
4. Conversations are two way not a monologue. So allow the teen to express his or herself while you listen intently.
5. You may have his favorite dish or a light snack while you talk.
6. Avoid reacting hysterical about something the teen may say that disturbs or upsets you. Remember the conversation is also a nervous one for him too. If
you react adversely you may stifle the youth from willingly approaching you whenever he may really want to about a troubling issue.
7. Make it a private affair between you, the parents, and the teen alone. Avoid making the situation more nerve recking by discussing it before others.
8. When appropriate make the conversation somewhat relaxed and light hearted.
9. Share with the teen how you felt when you were young and how you feel now about him and the subject as a parent. Make sure it is a point that will be
beneficial toward your objective in the discussion.
10. Finally, Keep the conversation at a reasonable length (not too short where your point is not gotten across and not too long that the attention of your teen
goes on a year long vacation to Alcapoco. If after discussing sex at a moderate length and you need to talk still further, do so at another appropriate time in
the future.

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